Prepare for more parking hikes in CBD

We are cheaper than London and Sydney. And Sydney is charging as high as $1000 pm for parking in the business district. What we are paying, about $300, is way too cheap. Gear up motorists, there are plenty of rooms for higher parking fees. How can the operators be short changed when they can charge more. And we are not even the most expensive city in Asia. We need to be number one. Then we can brag about how good we are for people willing to pay number one prices to be here. It is a sure measure of a great city.


Mockingbird said...

If season parking in CBD ever reaches $1,000, i bet lots of people who don't earn that much would stop parking in the office car park unless their company fully reimburses them for such expenses :p

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

it should be ok for those who can afford it. and lesser cars on the road. but pity those commuters in mrt and buses. the big squeeze is coming.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry about the big squeeze. They will then compare with Tokyo, where they need to employ specialist packers to pack people into trains.