The incongruence of intent and purpose

There is a new Singapore in the making. Singapore will be transformed in a world class city with world class facilities for world class people. We are inviting all the rich and famous to our shores. They are going to be greeted with world class universities, medical facilities, recreational and entertainment facilities, world class transport system, world class housing, in short everything world class. And we all know that we have to pay world class prices for world class servicesand facilities. It has to be. It is going to be better than the Swiss standard of living. It is what every Singaporean is dreaming off. How many can afford to live this dream? For the lower income wage earners, inflation is soaring and eating into their petty income. Not only that they are getting not enough, it is dwindling. And we are going to keep their wages down, to remain competitive. With low income and shrinking income, how are these people, the majority of the Singaporeans, going to pay for their dreams? The only way to live their dreams is by dreaming. The reality is too harsh and will not be attainable to them. And many are agreeing that their wages should be kept low. It was reported in the ST, 'Deputy president Philip Lee, 51, said his union(SISEU) would not push for higher wages because economic prospects were uncertain. "If jobs are not coming in, employers may retrench workers," he said.' He has his point. Job security is important. Meantime we have full employment to the extent that more foreign workers are being brought in to cover the shortages. And more foreign workers and foreign talents will find employment here while Singaporeans are worried of losing their jobs and competitiveness. The best part is that we cannot stop the inflow of foreigner workers. For they are here to help the Singaporeans and to provide jobs for the Singaporeans. Low income Singaporeans would just have to bear with their low pay jobs. Better to have jobs than no jobs...and keep dreaming of a world class lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention world-class hypocrisy by world-class multi-millionaires hypocrite ministers.

50 years ago, it was Majulah Singapura. Now, it is Mati lah Singapura.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

if there is hypocrisy, the people will know. this kind of truth cannot be hidden away for long. you can hide it for a while. but sooner or later it will be under the bright sun.