ERP is a big success

The recent addition of more ERPs and higher toll rates is a huge success in terms of effectiveness and acceptance by the motorists. About 70% of motorists and motorcyclists polled would rather pay more for a smoother ride. The poll was conducted by The Sunday Times on a sample size of 200. With such a high rate of acceptance, the LTA should give themselves a pat on the back for being proactive and for being able to read the minds of the people. It is a tough decision that the people know is coming and will accept it as they know it is good for them. There were some grouses of course. A commuter complained that MRTs are too packed. A shop owner complained that business has dropped. A cabbie complained that he would lose out if he pays for the higher tolls but could not pick up fares. But all these are a minority and they will get use to the new changes. And they will soon appreciate the goodness of the ERPs and be thankful for it. Things will die down and be normal again. As for the MRT jams, I think this will be resolved when the circle line comes in in 10 years time. Not to worry. Time will solve all problems.


Anonymous said...

Now another ricidulous argument is that even when there is no jam they have to put up and operate the ERP gantry first and not wait for traffic to slow down. What a forward thinking idea. Might as well put up what they want to put up at one go ie ERP-ied the whole island. Forget about rationality. The idea is to make sure that come 2010 when the circle line is completed it will be fully utilised. And then they will increase fares at will because it will be expensive to drive. It is all about making money. Oh yeah, the next ten years will be great, so says the mental one. For who?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

the erp was a good thing, just like any good measures. but when implemented to the extreme for the wrong purpose or reason, it will become a liability.