Why so many complaints about MRT?

It is unbelieveable that there are so many complaints in the msm today on the MRT. Too crowded, overcrowding, smelling people's body odour, people breathing down your neck, etc etc. How can there be so many complaints about our world class transport system? And they had just collected several years of fare hikes to improve the system. I think all these complaints are unjustified. Our trains, compare to some other countries, are so comfortable. At least not as crowded as in Tokyo or having to hang outside the train or sit on the roof. And we have been told that the trains are only 80% capacity. We can squeeze in 20% more people. Singaporean commuters are too much. Can't they appreciate that standing close to each other will be a great opportunity to strike up a conversation and get to know the other person. Perhaps they can make more friends as well. It is great for socialising. For the ingenius salespeople, it will be a good occasion to sell more deodorant. And the services must have improved tremendously after all the fare hikes. Imagine if not of the fare hikes what will be the condition of travelling in the train. Singaporeans just do not know how good this paradise is.


Lost4ever said...

Perhaps we should request that SMRT or LTA send some people to look at the BART system in the San Fransico Bay Area.

MRT may be better, but the BART system is definitely more comfortable.

Please increase the frequencies, and increase the number of seats, than to remove seats. And have designated areas for the disabled, the disadvantaged, and those with bicycles or have lagguages.

We are so dependent on the MRT now, soooo... please improve it...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Bay Area BART system is also frightfully expensive. And S'pore's MRT is definitely more frequent than the BART trains.

Trains in the western countries do share many common characteristics blatantly absent from s'pores 'esteemed' M.R fucking T.

For example, those people on electric carts and wheelchairs can use the Rapid Transit Systems better than they can in S'pore. For starters, using a wheelchair in many MRT stations is just impossible.

S'pore govt will never allow bikes on the trains, becauase they're fucking selfish insensitive cunts.

Lost4ever said...

My point is... dun compare with inferior systems... yes, the BART & even London or New York Tube is inferior the MRT, but they are more friendly to the commuters

If we have the best, then why:
1. pack sardine like tokyo or hongkong, when their populations is so much bigger
2. no special space for the disadvantaged (old age, pregnant, kids, disabled)
3. no special for bikes (to cut down more fossil fuel)
4. no better seats after 20 years
5. lesser seats to provide more standing rooms... its exploitation.. paid to stand pack sardine style in a fast moving train.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

like i said before. what are the objectives of a good MRT? we must define what is good for us. raymond said we must put commuters' interest first. that's a good start.

but some asses will want to put money and profit first. how to reconcile the two? why should we allow a public service to be monopolised and run for profit for a small group of shareholders?

Lost4ever said...

Raymond only do lip service lah, ERP also increasing, does that imply more will switch to MRT...

Conclusion... the fruit is ripe for the taking... the cow is full and ready to be milked... NO HORSE RUN... perfect scheme to milk stupid singaporeans....SIGH