Privatisation plays a major role in Singapore's success

Any public or govt organisations that is not performing or inefficient, privatisation will make them more efficient and more profitable. We should go ahead and privatise all govt hospitals, LTA and ERP operations. And all can be listed in the stock market.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, privatise the CPF board, MAS, and of course the whole cabinet. We can definitely get cheaper ministers say, from New Zealand and less corruptible at that.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I've always held the notion that the entire planet would be better off if it were privately owned.

Privatisation would indeed be fantastic for S'pore BUT ONLY if it was TRUE privatisation - i.e. with total exposure and no 'protection' from competition, especially foreign competition.

The S'pore govt's idea of privatisation is total bullshit: they convert their govt entities into "private" corporations which are totally protected by govt and probably owned (majority shareholder) by Temasek.

And the problem with Temasek is that it is not public. If it was, ordinary S'poreans could own parts of it, and that would pave the way to a truly PRIVATELY OWNED territory with all its assets. Majority shareholders: The People.

Privatisation would encourage the people (owners) to moderate their behaviour so as not to threaten the value and profitability of their assets.