Celebrating Singaporeans - AgriFood and Veterinary Authority

This is the organisation that keeps Singaporean fed without having to worry that the bottle they drink or the canned meat they eat could be poison. And they have done such a good job over the years that their words are as good as gold. They said you can eat means you can eat. We just take anything from the shelf and know that it is safe. Thanks to AVA. The AVA has reached such a high standard of quality control and consistency that Singaporeans should not only be grateful to them but also be proud that such an organisation exists. The latest case of food poisoning at Prima Deli is the outstanding proof that the people have great confidence in AVA. Once AVA said clear and business is back to normal. No fear that there will be a repeat. No doubts at all. That's how good AVA's reputation is. We have good people in the right places to make this island ticks.

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