Two most caring and hardworking ministers

Boon Wan and Eng Hen are the two most outstanding ministers working very hard to improve the life of Singaporeans. Boon Wan is cranking every ounce of his brain juice to bring down medical cost and improve the quality of B2 and C wards. Eng Hen is trying to make sure that all Singaporeans who live past 85 will still have money to spend. I was thinking of putting up a scroll for Singaporeans to sign and show their appreciation for the hard work they have put in, and to thank them. The Singaporeans felt it in their heart that all these works are good for them. But what I would like to suggest to them is not to work so hard. Take a break and go for on holiday. Let the Singaporeans take care of themselves and their lives. I think Singaporeans will greatly appreciate them for it. In the case of hospitals, no need to further improve the quality of B2 and C class wards. The present quality is very good, excellent. The wards are more comfortable than the homes of many Singaporeans using these wards. So no need to agonise over richer Singaporeans wanting to stay in these wards when they are made better. Better spend effort to improve the B1 and A wards so that the richer Singaporeans will choose them as a matter of choice. As for Compulsory Annuities, no need lah. Those who can afford to pay for them, don't need them. And they will probably say, don't waste time. Those who need them would not be able to afford them. And making it compulsory will make their lives more miserable and their pockets more empty. They will end up cursing and swearing. Those in between will say the amount will not be enough and be quite meaningless. So my best suggestion is not to do anything. Take note that the people appreciate their good intention. Go for holiday and make everyone happy.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they need to prove their worth. Once they have have done so, staying on in the cabinet and access to plush remuneration will be iron-clad.

Still wondering what Means Testing is going to accomplish that the present system has not already taken care of. As more details are revealed about this whole new wonderful approach, it seems that the end result are the same. Whether it's Means Testing or the current system, it appears different people will benefit and/or lose out, but the overall net-net result seems the same.

A really simpler solution would have been to review and adjust the current subsidy system. But no, we must move mountains and heavens instead.

Anonymous said...

With the million dollars pay packets, they must appear to do some major revamps of things. It does not matter if they have to mess up the existing reasonably sound systems.

They are hard working alright. Working hard at turning things upside down.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

have you seen anyone engaging a team of architects, contractors and steam rollers to level his 30 sq m garden?