Notable quote II by LKY

'This way you are not passing the burden (of caring for the elderly) to the next generation.' Lee Kuan Yew LKY 'defended Singapore's CPF scheme and argued against pensions for the elderly, which have to be supported by tax revenues...The CPF scheme, he said, helps Singapore to remain competitive, saying it aims for "minimum tax rates and maximum self sufficiency".' The above was part of his conversation at the Silver Industry Conference Exhibition and is reported in the ST.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If there is one thing I agree with the Great Dictator, it is the fact that we both KNOW that a welfare state would demolish S'pore.

However, after he's gone, you can BET that a welfare state will creep its way into the politics.

...and as I predict, S'pore will Mati-lah within 2 generations.