Born, age, sick and die

These changes the life of Gotama Buddha, the prince. Suharto’s images on TV is a grim reminder to everyone that this is their fate, especially in this paradise. It would not happen to many elsewhere. But here, everything is possible, especially when you have a lot of money to spend in your dying days. It is not cheap to have all the tubes hooked on you and running out of your nostrils and mouth and whatever part of the body they deemed fit to attach them.

If I have a choice, I would not allow it to happen. I rather have my $30k in my Medisave be locked away and then pass on to my children. Not much money though. Unlike Suharto with his millions and billions and everyone waiting to snatch it back for one reason or another. Looking at him in his helpless and pathetic state, who knows what will happen to his children’s wealth.

Matilah would say let the show go on and for everyone to enjoy it. It may be a tragedy waiting to happen.

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Anonymous said...

Death is still the leveller, rich or poor. Death is still a certainty, rich or poor. The rich just have the means to prolong life, but not necessarily less painful. Some cancer patients suffer much pain even after going through surgery and it is debatable whether it is better to die or to live a little longer.