Complaint Choir

What kind of performance is this? Complaints, complaints, complaints! Why don't they sing praises? Do they think that just because we are opening up, getting looser, foreigners can come here and sing about complaints? Complaints about Singapore are only for Singaporeans. Foreigners can sing or joke about our complaints outside of Singapore. Then we can shut our ears to them and we will be alright, and they will be alright too. The complaint Choir can only perform by Singaporeans only. I think this is something understood by all. Sometimes people also not happy if I make negative comments about Singaporeans and they tell me to shut up or shift out too. We are really uptight aren't we? We cannot joke about ourselves or complaint about things that we are not happy about. For doing so is just like telling lies. We need to sing more hymns and praises and everyone will be happier. Can't we just hear the good stuff?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In a world which is "free" (not "free" in terms of cost, but "free" in terms of freedom to engage in peaceful activity), the individual has a right to do stupid things - like believe in religion, political ideology, smoke carcinogenic plant material, marry the "wrong" person for all the "wrong" reasons, sing karaoke - pretending to be black, dye their hair blond (especially if they're Asian), speak with a fake "mat salleh" accent (especially if they're Asian), do up their cars like some "obiang" from the movie Fast and Furious, pierce their body and adorn it with metal ornaments; and a myriad of other really fucking dumb things modern human beings can choose to do.

Similarly, if a bunch of people want to fly thousands of kilometers, rehearse for weeks, and slave over writing material with the objective of performing this (seemingly) stupid nonsense, they should not be stopped by The State, specifically the POLICE.

Tax payers money is not to be used for "regulating human stupidity and silliness", unless of course this type of human behaviours physically interfere with the lives and property of other peaceful people.

Clearly this a capella ensemble of howling whingers should be left alone to do whatever it is they do. They are peaceful. They are not forcing anyone to listen to their wailing.

The tax-funded police force are sadly filled with craven cowards who will not stand up for themselves, and instead choose to be the pawn-thugs of S'pore's politicians.

SPF - shame on you all. You are supposed to defend peaceful people, not bully them.

Anonymous said...

Is the Police an extended arm for our esteemed government, or is it the party. I am not sure here, I get confused, some said they are not the same.

But, one time, a policeman openly said that the government is equal to PAP in an open court.

Sigh, nowadays, things are getting less transparent.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

you mean things are getting clearer?