ERP coming to your HDB carparks.

Well, ERP gantry is now at Lor 6 Toa Payoh. So if you think of escaping the Expressways, fat hope. Wherever you try to sneak away from paying, the ERP will come to you. Eventually the gantries will be erected in front of HDB car parks. And that will be the day when all the car parks will be turned into warehouses for brand new and expensive cars. Move out of the carpark you pay. Car ownership will still be a privileged. And driving around will be a bigger privilege. Paradise is looking beautiful where people will spend their time strolling along free walkways and enjoying the beautiful landscapings around their estates.


Anonymous said...

ERP charges and Car Park fees are still very affordable in Singapore. If you can afford to drive a car in Singapore you should be able to pay the ERP and parking fees. 50 cents here a dollar there isn't too much, considering the convenience and the security of all car parks here. I think the ERP and parking in Singapore is good and fair.

If you think these charges are too much, then by all means use public transport - one of the best is the world.

Anonymous said...

Yes... More ERP, higher costs for cars and less tar please!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi zikke,

welcome to the blog. i understand your first two points. but why less tar?

indeed we have a fairly decent public transport system at the price we are paying. if the price keeps going up and the squeezing keeps increasing, then they may need to pump in oxygen into the train cabins.

Anonymous said...

The grand plan is for you to buy your car and keep it in the car park and keep paying them the parking fees and move around using the MRT (eventually the buses will only provide links to the MRT stations) and then the price of MRT travel will keep on going up and you have no other choice. But of course MRT travel will still be cheap and affordable lah compared to Tokyo, London, New York and Paris.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I agree with anon 1158.

S'pore is still alright, compared to say, Sydney. Actually compared to Sydney, S'pore is CHEAP.

Although cars cost less to buy in Australia, using it in a city like Sydney will add substantially to your monthly expenses.

Parking in the city is around 50-60 bucks a day, and using the tunnels are 3 bux (more if you drive a heavy vehicle) (SGD 4) a pop.