Discussion is good - Tony Tan

Tony Tan said this in response to concerns raised regarding GIC's investments overseas. His position is that if the concerns raised were not discussed and allowed to build up, they may lead to some form of financial protectionism. Would Tony's comment that discussion is good applies to other fields, especially domestic issues? And would discussion is good also applies to cyberspace or only to some select groups? Is discussion good or no good on some issues?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Tony Tan is a bit of an enigma. On many occasions he is (being a successful businessman in his own right) unapologetically LAISSEZ FAIRE - i.e. a free-market capitalist, and on other occasions he is protective of The State's hegemony in certain areas.

Discussion is good. Action based on what the people want is better.

Anonymous said...

Tony Tan seems like a nice guy. But, I wonder why he liked to be among the wolves. The old man seems to have a soft spot for him.

Anonymous said...

watch what they do, not what they say!