Who's views matter?

Several letters gone to the msm and a few were published in Today discussing why views from certain people from the establishment meant more than kopitiam talks or the masses. They took offence that the people's right of expression as entrenched in the constitution was poof poofed away. This reminds me of a Hokien song called 'kim pao ghin.' It means that only certain people's words are meaningful and certain people will only get into trouble when they open their mouths. That's life. This simple process is also very selective.


Anonymous said...

Of course the words of mere mortals cannot compare with the views of sages and immortals. Sages and immortals can think ten years ahead while mere mortals think only about daily survival and how to make ends meet. I wonder why with all the sages and immortals looking after the country we are still also suffering from the ills of globalisation like everybody else in the world.

Anonymous said...

Reddie, the Today coverage of this topic is rather misleading in my views.

I think there is a misunderstanding over the gahmen's 'tolerance' over what are perceived as anti-establishment talking because Today is doing something like over-generalising and putting political thinking in a very straight and rigid manner.

I actually read this article 3 times... and I was quite smiling all the way.

It's a rather weird summing up of 'political tolerance'... from a political point of view. It gives me the idea as if that the local politicians are probably just uncles and aunties on the streets.

This is a topic too chim for Singaporeans to be placed out by a few paragraphs.