Salma Khalik chastising some mean Singaporeans

While Boon Wan was trying to be as generous and not mean, some Singaporeans are urging the minister to be less generous and more mean. This has made Salma to write a piece to question the generosity and compassion of these Singaporeans for their less well off neighbours. Now, Salma has gone soft. And this is bad. Those Singaporeans who cannot afford to pay for the medical bills do not deserve to be warded in the first place. With ample opportunities in Singapore for everyone to make millions and live a life of plenty, and if these people are still stretching their hands out for subsidies, then they should be told off. Face the brutal truth. If they cannot afford it, just too bad. How can they keep asking for charity and welfare? Now this tone of mine should please the two paid bloggers in my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Redbean, there you go again, trying to stir up trouble.