It is too early to tell

Election is too far away. And people are easily won over by a few goodies near the election. And why are the taxi drivers making so much noise? It is too early to tell. The fare hike just started for a few weeks and they are complaining. They did not know how much effort and studies were put in to come out with this fare hike to help them earn more. All changes takes time to work. Give it another few months and things will settle down. Once the people get use to the high fare they will have to accept things as they are. Those travelling on business and company expenses will continue to do so. Those they cannot tahan the jam in the MRT and buses will turn back to taxis, just like the ERPs. Taxi drivers should have no fear. The passengers will come back and their income will soar. There is no need to resort to giving discounts. But they can be assured that if things do not work out, they can do anything they want. The official view is that 'cabbies are essentially their own businessmen...It is their prerogatives to give discounts to their customers should they so desire.' Now when passengers are not coming back, they can go back to the olden days of 'par hong chia' and do away with the meters as well. They can negotiate with the customers for the fare. Would that be possible? Ok, maybe not using the meter is not allowed. Then be like A.L. Tan and paste an A4 paper stating the discount on the windscreen. Liberalising the trade huh? PS: This view is to please the believers or else they will attack me for pouring cold water on such a well conceived fare hike.

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