A better and more popular alternative

Why not have a non citizen class or all not citizens pay the full rate? After all they are all talents and should be quite capable of paying for world class medical bills. And PRs will only be admitted to B1 and A wards. The increase earnings can then be used to subsidise citizens under the present system and forget about the mean testing. This may give more votes to the party too or at least the people will be less angry.


Anonymous said...

Why dun the government try to increase the income of the citizens who really need to, they are not un-willing to work.

170 000+ jobs created, then why people still struggling???

Importing on the cheap will not solve the issue. It will just open the gap further.

Perhaps a revolution will help.

The problem must be solved at the root, not such cosmetics like mean testing & increasing fares... only makes it worse for the middle & lower income.

How much more can we tighten the belts when its down to bones....

Why crap about all the big bonus and high pay when at the other end, people are suffering... do we really need to go to the edges and beyond????

Anonymous said...

Stop talking cock redbean. All non-citizen pay the full wack when they get ill in Singapore. They are not entitled to any subsidy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

my apologies, my apologies. i forgot that PRs are also citizens.

thanks for enlightening me on this.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.20, is that you Ling How Doong ? :-)

Anon 4.13, can you also stop talking cock. Where are the so-called strugglers ? All I see around is prosperity and abundance. If these strugglers cannot make it in such good times, then are truly a lost cause which the government is doing well in not pandering to their whines about FTs. These strugglers are truly losers if they cannot even compete with foreigners from 3rd world countries with 3rd world qualifications on their own home ground.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

right man, let's start the culling process. we need a new kind of mean testing. strugglers or stragglers should be strangled or they migrate to somewhere else.

we need such tough policies so that only the best and talented have the right to be in this paradise.

i heard in the other paradise only the poor and strugglers that have no money can go.

if you are rich and successful, you remain in this paradise island or you go down.