ERP needed in MRT stations

While there is this push to get the richer Singaporeans to take public transport, the people who are so used to the comfort and privacy of driving their own cars, more thoughts are needed to make sure that travelling in MRT and buses are up to their expectations. At the moment taking public transport is a filthy, smelly and unhealthy experience. The trains and buses are clean, but not the commuters. Despite all efforts to make the facilities world class, spick and span, the commuters will stride in in their dirty and smelly working clothes and to rub them against your clean while shirt or expensive blouses. They take great pleasure in doing that. Then the smelly ones. You have to exchange your Colgate Mint breath or your expensive mouth spray breath with their smelly breath. You breathe out, they breathe in. They breathe out, you breathe in, at close quarters, exchanging breath. And of course the sick, those with flu or whatever, sharing everything they have with everyone in the confined space of a train or bus. How would the richer Singaporeans tolerate such stuff when they are used to some personal hygiene and cleaner air and better smell? Maybe the first one or two train carriages should be cordoned off with ERP gates and commuters having to pay extra to get in. This will provide some separation for those who wants a little space and comfort. Such segregation is not new. The airlines, trains, hospitals, express buses etc are doing it. But just don't call it first class or any snobbish name. Maybe call it express trains or ERP, Express Room Passengers! It is unthoughtful to force the richer Singaporeans to take public transport but failing to provide a higher level of service to them. It is unthoughtful to provide a world class service standard to all commuters knowing that now all can or would want to pay for it. Have a standard service and a better service for those who want to pay more. Huh, paying more sure rings a bell.

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