Why all the big fuss?

Boon Wan has briefly suggested how the new Mean Testing is going to work. Basically simple, practical and flexible. Ok, he has taken all the comments and reservations in msm and cyberspace into consideration. Good that he is listening. Mean Testing is not going to be an easy task. It is very difficult and would require a lot of manpower, effort and resources to make it effective. Then there is the demeaning and humiliating aspects that is quite inhuman in a way. So we are going to have a simple system. What for if it can't do what it should do? Why the effort for something that can hardly work? Would it be better not to have it if it is only to be so wishy washy? The old wisdom is that if it is not going to do a good job then don't do it. Is that so difficult? Why must there be this dogged commitment to carry it through? If it is a bad idea, it is a bad idea. Mean testing is going to go the way of the proposed compulsory scheme. Both won't work but will still be made to work. One is unnecessary and the other not going to work. Why all the fuss?


Speedwing said...

Read the papers and from what was in the ST it seems you have a very workable system. Give it a chance to do what it is meant to do before you rubbish it. Who know in a few years time it might be hailed as the best policy ever.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

my position is very simple. it is the duty and responsibility of the govt to provide medical care to the different groups of singaporeans, the rich, not so rich and the poor. let the ministry put out the different classes and subsidies for the people to choose.

it is the right of the people to choose what they think suit them. it is not the right or duty of the govt to decide how people should spend their money. i am worried about the money in the medisave after seeing the same idea used to deplete the cpf savings in buying hdb flats.

this basic right to choose to spend your own money and the lifestyle you want must belong to the people, not the govt.

Speedwing said...

The Singaporeans have always depended on the govt to decide what is best for them, so why change now?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

we cannot be sheeple forever right? there is a time to grow up when the pain is hurting.