Comprehensive changes to improve transportation

It is a major overhaul of the road system and the changes are very well thought of and should make our roads freer not from no need to use but unable to afford to use. For those who still need to use the car, they will just have to pay more. For the casual drivers, they can jolly well park their cars at home. For those who really need to drive for some reasons but cannot afford to pay, just too bad. This point may hit hard on essential driving and casual driving for those who can afford to pay. Got money can travel, even for the fun of driving everywhere. Maybe the Raymond may want to consider allowing a $10 upfront free usage for all motorists as a kind of gesture for those who may need to drive on some important or urgent matters. A second point that raised my eyebrows is the provision of electronic info for carparks 400 metres away. This is a sheer waste of public fund and technology. When use in a car park it makes sense. Putting such information on the road at quite a distance is, to put it kindly, rubbish. How would it help when 20 cars see the info and rush for a parking lot? One development from all these changes is that many will have to park their cars at home. That will provide a new opportunity for car parking business. HDB car parks can be spruced up, carpet the carpark, cameras to allow owners to view their cars in their homes, car washing facilities in every floor, private lots for owners to print their names on the floor etc etc. Aircon the carpark so that owners can read books sitting besides their $100k cars. These additional services will allow owners to happily park their cars at home. And a small circuit can be provided for the owners to drive their cars in circles to warm up the engine. Otherwise there will be starting problem from lack of use. Car parking business will be changed dramatically.

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