I agree, it is afforable

9 out of 10 patients in B1 wards paid between $23,654 and $27,659 for the hospital bill. Assuming an average of 10 days stay, it works out to $2.300/$2,700 per day. The ward charge is about $160 and the rest must be professional fees and medications. I think this sum is still affordable. For that is all I can afford to empty my Medisave Account for one admission. People shall not grumble as they are paying for world class services and treatment. But when the money is spent, then how if another admission is needed? Don't worry, compulsory medical insurance may be the answer. No matter how expensive our medical fees are, Singaporeans will be able to afford them one way or another.


Anonymous said...

On way or another when you fall sick, the hospitals will empty your medisave or the insurance companies will do it because when hospitalisation charges paid by insurance becomes more and more expensive, insurance premiums are sure to go up, up and up. There is only going to be one loser and two winners out of the three players - the hospital, the insurer and the patient.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

seriously, how many people can afford to pay $5k for a hospital admission?

these people are thinking that all singaporeans have money flowing out of their ears.