Taiwanese voters wised up

The heady days of blindly following Ah Bian are over. The Taiwanese voters have decided to take the future of Taiwan into their own hands. They decided to vote for the best man to lead them into the future. They paid no concern to party loyalty or whether Taiwan is independent or being a part of China. What the Taiwanese want is a better future for themselves and their children. Can Singaporean voters emulate the new ethos of the Taiwanese and vote for good men to lead them into the future instead of voting blindly? This is a test of the maturity of the electorate.


Anonymous said...

FEAR will ensure that aunties will continue to vote PAP.

Ignorance will ensure that female voters will vote PAP.

Brain-washing thru the education years will ensure first time voters voting PAP.

Only those who has been thru bashing by the autorities and competitions with FT will vote other than PAP.

So NO CHANCE for changes. Change the country if need to.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i think it is the lack of good candidates standing up to offer a good alternative. the old aunties and uncles have gone. we are seeing a new generation of votes that don't feel indebted to the party and are quite cynical of things that are not right.

Anonymous said...

All rational voters will vote according to the alternative visions/policies offered. So, hence once the Alcibades of Taiwan is found to be flawed, well, they will choose the best economic managers.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi wang,
yes, that is what voters should do. vote for the best men to lead the country. no good, change.

unfortunately we do not have an able alternative. our system is not allowing it to happen.

so we have to live with the one eye jacks.