Another way of looking at the taxi issue

The fare hike has achieved its objectives, partially. At least the commuters are now happy and cheering. When they raised their hands, several taxis will zoom in. That is what paying more for service is all about. You pay more, you get the service. And for those in emergencies and needed to rush to hospitals, the taxis will now be faster than the ambulance, and cheaper too. Just a little catch. For the poor hardlanders who may not be able to afford the new fare and if they skip taking taxis, a life may be put in danger. We don't want to hear people dying because they could not afford the taxi fare to rush to hospitals don't we? And they have done this with only a 30c increase in flag down rate. I was recommending a $10 flag down rate to make it effective. Singaporean taxi passengers are misers. The taxi fare here is one of the cheapest in the world. They should be more willing to pay them for the luxury service they are getting. Just like our flats, they are very cheap compare to other big cities. There are more room to raise them higher. After all Singaporeans are rich and can afford them. And they are all getting bigger pay checks and bigger bonuses. Singaporeans can look forward to a future of plenty. Would there be a recession, or would Singaporeans price ourselves out of the competition? Have no fear. We are the best and all the big MNCs will be hear to provide jobs for us. If not we can depend on our govt and GLCs. We have a lot of money to pay out. Long live the golden years.

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