Renewed interest in Redbeanforum

Hi bloggers, I have two forumers who have decided to stay away from YPAP forum and post more in Redbeanforum. I hope you people can also post more there as the format there is easier to follow. Cheers


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


One shouldn't worry. All spontaneous phenomena are in flux, constantly. And ANALysts are too often WRONG. (yeah baby, it's really difficult to predict the future - and The FACTS that you are using now to predict the future may change! This keeps life very interesting indeed)

Anonymous said...

Ha~ And that Lao Xing Zhou complained about me, making me like in the league of Nolefac somemore~?! Hahahahaha...

Nay, can't be bothered anyway. You can't talk cock having an agenda of gaining popularity.

There are so many forums nowadays. But Lao XZ could be happy to know that I am staying at YPforum. :-D