Why we need FTs

FTs are needed here, definitely. We need the really good ones at the top, in top management especially. My years in the corporate world have exposed me to the presence of many non performers in top management, being there for all the wrong reasons. Their only interest is self preservation, and the classic strategy is not to rock the boat. Just hope and pray that everything is normal, no changes, no trouble, so that they can live through their golden years in peace and collect all the gold and bonuses along the way. I have seen bunches that just go through the routine everyday, or carrying out instructions and implementing them like robots, right or wrong, ethical or unethical, morally devious also no matter. Just do as was being told. They were practically a post box. And better still, doing it quietly, especially the unethical or unprincipled ones, and hoping that no one will come to know about them, like ostriches with their heads in the ground. How could such foul policies or regulations go unnoticed when they affect the staff concerned? Often the staff only knew about them too late when they hit them in the face. They will ask, when did these come about, why no one thinks it is necessary to tell them? The management would simply keep quiet. Don’t say anything is the smartest thing to do. If anything to open their golden mouths, stuffed with gold, it is for some routine and insignificant or irritating stuff. And this is still going on in many organisations. There are management like no management. Management is actually transparent or appears only to threaten the junior staff with their positional power. Yes we need FTs to replace such good for nothing management.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you are jealous again. Top management in Singapore is one of the best in the world. Our govt sees to that. They are in control and doing a nice job at that. So, Redbean, just write what you know, not just speculate. OK?

redbean said...

i write what i know from personal experience of real cases.

Anonymous said...

A few cases you know of do not paint the whole picture for Singapore. Be thankful you live here. Stop picking faults. Just say thank you.

troop-miner said...

Redbean, there you go again. I have to remind you that what our world class people want to hear are the good news only.

Real world cases are for you and me - the peasants to know. They do not want to hear the details of the cases, only the percentages.

As long as it is within their acceptable limits, we are world class all over again.

I say, thank you for the world class show.

redbean said...

yes, yes, thank you, thank you. can i have some of whatever you are getting?