Million dollar dilemma

What's that? Not me. I have not struck Toto yet. So no million dollar to worry about. But many people are facing the million dollar dilemma. Many have accepted the branding that they are real super talents. This is no longer kopitiam talk anymore. They have accepted the real monetary packet that comes with the title. They are now walking around wearing a million dollar price tag. The brand is better than Gucci or Prada or Prata or whatever there are in the market. What does this means to the million dollar specie? The ignorant or act dumb type will go on as usual as if nothing has changed except that money is being poured into their pockets. Life is just a bliss. Who cares as long as they can continue with their wine parties and karaoke every night. Then the sensible and those with a higher sense of conscience would start to worry. What am I going to do to justify the million dollar I am getting? Do I do something worthwhile, worthy to deserve that kind of money? The people that I am shaking hands with are going to ask, how much is this handshake cost? This group of talents will be stimulated to do something more. They need to come out with brilliant ideas, decisions and policies to let people know that they are not just a tooth. They are real stuff. They can't be walking around talking nonsense and doing nonsensical things. Their time are very expensive. So we can expect brilliant policies and ideas coming from such talents. Definitely not stupid ideas that Ah Beng and Ahmad can think of. Then they will be no difference. The people must all be waiting eagerly to see some great ideas coming through. Still waiting, I supposed.


Anonymous said...

What more you want? They do give us good policies like - compulsory annuity, $700K HDB flats, 2% hike in GST, new taxi fare scheme, new mean testing for hospital etc etc etc. Are you jealous other people are earning so much and you are not? Shame on you.

redbean said...

what's there to be envious. as long as i know that i am earning 10 times what you are getting i will be very contented.

want me to employ you as my assistant?

Anonymous said...

you only among the top 10% earners in SG, how could you employ the top 5% earner as your assistant?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:11, if you don't already know, this redbean is a delusional and presumptious twit with a red bean for a brain, hence the moniker. He is also so insecure that he has to pull his one and only trump card, the top 10% earner hogwash everytime he gets cornered into a situation he can't weasel himself out.

Anonymous said...

Good policies?? That is new!

Compulsory annunity - keep your hard earned money and give bit by bit back

$700K HDB - forever debted to the banks

2% GST hike - increase your cost of living

Taxi fare hike - make life hard for passenger and taxi drivers

Means testing - squeeze the middle class

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, the millionhairs are splitting hairs.

Anonymous said...

This is anon 8.13. ALL policies fron govt are good for the Singaporeans. Redbean brain is only jealous. I do not need to be your assistant. I already have a good master, the SG govt.

Anonymous said...

I said it is good, but I never said it would be good for you peasant-class losers. If you don't have the itnelligence to even make that inference, then you don't deserve to share in the spoils of us elites. Get the fark out of my uncaring elite face you lowlife scum.

redbean said...

thanks for the joke : ) top 5% earner.....hahahahahahah

redbean said...

to all the anonymouses,

please indicate a d or a e on your post so that we can get a clearer picture of who is saying what and the discussion can be more coherent.

at the moment it is very confusing. i am sure you are not ashame to give yourself an id even if it is just a d or e right.

many thanks

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, Redbean is only trying to stir up trouble. Most of his posts are without substance and often harp on the same few issues, his favorite being the one on means testing. Shut up about that, and lets move on.

redbean said...

hahaha, if i write with too much substance both of you would be able to comprehend and won't be here.

anyway, thanks for helping to chalk up the counters. keep coming back for my nonsenses. they are specially posted for your consumption : )

troop-miner said...

OMG! Redbean is stirring up troubles with his blog posts. Quick, quick, report it to the police. I am sure that the police got a lot of time on their hands, since there is no assembly of more than four persons lately.

Maybe, we should also inform that minister too. Yeah, the one in charge of the committee that counters the online critics of their policies.

Anonymous said...

we can understand your O levels standard, dun need to worry abt that one.

Anonymous said...

dear anon jan 17 4:10pm

means testing issue by no means closed. a lot of people are fed up.

here's a comment from the ex-CEO of NTUC Income on the issue, extracted from his blog. Plse note he is not a nobody, like perhaps you. his opinion carries a bit more weight.

"Monday, January 14, 2008
Means Testing
Mr. Tan,

What are your views about means-testing?


It is a lot of work, all lot of uncertainty, for quite negligble savings. The Minister for Health said that the subsidy will be reduced from 80% to 65%. The savings to the government is only 15%.

Most people who uses the C wards are likely to be the older and poorer people. Those who are affluent are most likely using the A or B wards. Those covered by employers will use the higher class wards anyway.

I hope that the Minister will drop this idea. It is not worth the trouble.

Posted by Tan Kin Lian"

Anonymous said...

means testing issue by no means closed. a lot of people are fed up.

Whenever the affluent minority are uncomfortable with policies that affected their well endowed members, they tend to voice and project their dissent on the medium effortlessly; the majority may be relatively quiet, that doesnt mean they are fed up. why shoudl they?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, don't blame you for being confused redbean since your brain is only the size of a bean. Still have the cheek to proclaim to the world you are top 10% earner. Yeah right, top 10% earner among toilet cleaners perhaps. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.01, TKL is ex-NTUC CEO, so he is now a nobody. When you are no longer a somebody in Shittypore, your views are ignored even if you once used to be a somebody. Case in point our former President the late Mr Ong after he stepped down from the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

anon jan 17 11:28

ah, until there's concrete statistical analysis, there's no hard evidence to suggest that the silent majority is NOT fed up either.

From the MSM, everybody appears agreeable. For the real response, go to the ground.

also, it usually takes a small minority to take the lead and to unravel the situation further. the minority may not necessarily be rich, but just thoughtful.

the majority of S'poreans, like yourself perhaps, has surrendered this precious thought process to the elites.

Anonymous said...

anon Jan18 8:31

he's still sbdy if people still read his blog and seek his opinions and advice.

sure, he may not be a famous politician or a surgeon or a lawyer.

but what matters is his opinions make sense. u may disagree with him, but his reasoning is sound. don't forget, he has spent years with NTUC Income and his experience count for something.

Anonymous said...

> but what matters is his opinions make sense.

Not to the elites, it doesn't. If it doesn't come from one of them, it is not worthy of consideration. So what if people still read his blog. people also read this blog, but does that make beanie a somebody.

Anonymous said...

A blogger doesn't have to be somebody to make people read his/her blog. What is important is whether the topic written is of interest to the reader, nothing more nothing less.

redbean said...

a thinking person will look at the reasoning and the logic presented. an unthinking person will look at the name, the title, the money and power behind the words.

heard of this, 'his father is so and so you know.' 'or he comes from a very rich family' or 'he is a big shot.'

people who see things this way will not be interested in logic and will be too lazy to think. they just accept the words of whoever they want to believe.

if i am consistently talking rubbish and incoherent in what i post, i am sure all of you will leave this blog except for two : )