Silver Hair Biz

With Singaporeans greying rapidly, and all very rich, at least with a big chunk of money in their Medisave, and maybe in annuities, the best business to look at is to provide life support machines to them. Many would be needing them if they are longing to live to 100 years old. The service is very simple, just plug them into the machines when they are no longer conscious, like in Matrix, and let them hibernate for as long as there is money left in their savings. When the money dries up then it is time to switch off the machine. Added service will be in the form of highly qualified medical professionals to do their rounds and make sure hibernators and machines are working beautifully. This will be additional cost of course. Looking at it, a room can easily hook up 6 to 10 bodies on triple deckers. We can call this expensive network of machines as the Sago Lane Matrix.


Matilah_Singapura said...

"The Sago Lane Matrix" -- outstanding!

Better add an explanation about Sago lane for the benefit of the young ones and foreigners. Sago lane today is "hip" and "happening".

A visit to the Sago lane of old, and up the stairs of one of those shophouses will stay in your consciousness forever.

redbean said...

yeah, all the grand old men and ladies waiting to be called to paradise.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The young and the foreign are unaware of the really "fucked up bad old days". Remember, we used to have tuberculosis in those days, and you can bet it was rife in the crammed and squalid conditions in the Death Houses.

Makes you wonder... all these fuckers these days complaining about "Life in Singapore". Arseholes! They've never experienced hardship any harder than the type: "Why is my life so hard? I can't afford to upgrade to the lastest model handphone. I feel so ashamed".