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Secrets of Success - Raising fees or charges

This is another efficient and well tested formula. Whenever there is a need to raise fees or tariff rates, just offer a 3 month or 6 month rebate. This can be done right at the beginning or quarterly over a year. The customers will feel grateful that they have a rebate, a subsidy mentality, and actually feel good. They will forget that for a few months of rebates they will eventually pay the new rate for the rest of their lives.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same as the handouts just before elections??

Anonymous said...

And isn't that the same as the GST rebates to cover the first few years and after that all will be well and forgotten and the collection will continue even after you are dead and buried.

Anonymous said...

Well that is what we Singaporean have to face, the real harsh truth.

We deserve all these because majority of us Singaporean are too cowardice to voice out. We have no choice but to slog and work hard to make end meets so that our kids have have a decent childhood, at least for they well deserved.

Anonymous said...

continue...sometimes I have tell my 2 lovable boys age 3 and 4 that daddy cannot spend much time with them cos daddy got to work hard to support the family.