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Money nobody wants

Believe me, money on the floor and no one wants to pick them up. I was in town and walking past a shallow drain, the type that is less 10cm deep, just a little below ground level. And there were 3 coins in it, 2 ten cents and 1 twenty cents. And the drain was dry and clean. Everyone just walked by without bothering to pick them up. Now I know why beggars are asking for $2!


Speedwing said...

Redbean, did you pick up the coins and put them in a charity box somewhere?

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Everyone just walked by without bordering to pick them up. <

Did you border to pick the money up, or did you instantly tell yourself "no"?

Just curious...

redbean said...

oops, corrected that.

i didn't pick them up either. too tedious to bend down to do it. i wanted to. money is money even if a few cents.