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$890k for a 5rm HDB flat

This is the best news today. All HDB hardlanders may find life not so hard after all. 4 rm flat should be around $700k and 3m may be $500k soon. Hey, who needs compulsory annuity with so much money in assets? Just liquidate and live the last few years in an abundance of money. Singaporeans are really lucky. So rich!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, Singaporeans are wallowing in wealth. Soon everyone will be a millionaire with million dollar flats. No wonder they have to put in place means testing first to prevent all the potential millionaires from taking advantage of the healthcare subsidies. Makes sense doesn't it.

redbean said...

now that's what proactive means. planning ahead.

Anonymous said...

BTW the generous donors who buy the flat at the obscene price are also eligible for subsidies at public hospitals, since they now own a HDB 5 room flat.

some problem can never really be solve equitably. why overhaul something if it ain't broke...!

redbean said...

this guy has foresight. yes, he will enjoy the subsidies.

Anonymous said...

When they give subsidies like utility-save and some others they go by flat types, so don't be too sure that after implementing the means testing for a while they will not change the criteria according to HDB flat types too to qualify for subsidies at public hospitals. We have seen too much of fox's tail over the years.