Starting wars and creating conflict is the USA's main agenda for world dominance

I must congratulate the Americans for lighting another fire in South American and on the verge of starting another major war in the scale of the Vietnam War. In Venezuela, they have brought in an unknown young punk in the name of Guaido and told the Venezuelans that this is their new dictator, supported, financed and armed by the evil American Empire. This boy dictator, and there are many all over the world that would jump on such an opportunity to become a leader of a country, supported by the American Empire, would not care a hoot about the many lives that would be killed, that the country would be plunged into an endless war with its people suffering great harms and lost of lives and properties. He is only interested in his self glory and ambition to become the dictator of Venezuela. Let there be mercy for the Venezuelans and not allow the evil Empire from destroying them and their country.

In Iraq, under fabricated news of WMD, they invaded Iraq and destroyed the country and its economy and the lives of Iraqis. Until today, they refused to leave. In Syria, under the pretext and guise of fighting ISIS created by them, they moved into Syria. Today, with ISIS practically being wiped out by the Russians, the Americans refuse to move out but instead built several military bases in Syria, including airfields. The AmericanEmpire has invaded Syria and occupying Syria.

The evil Americans are not stopping at Venezuela. It is now promoting another ideological war with China while it is confronting the Russians in many fronts with potential of starting a third world war. This is what the American intelligence chiefs have just fabricated.

'The annual Worldwide Threat Assessment released by Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats instead said China is seeking to propagate "authoritarian capitalism" to counter Western liberal democracy, in an echo of the decades-long Cold War.

"Chinese leaders will increasingly seek to assert China's model of authoritarian capitalism as an alternative - and implicitly superior - development path abroad, exacerbating great-power competition that could threaten international support for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law," it said.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/us-spies-elevate-china-rivalry-to-war-of-ideologies-11198142

What China is doing in Africa and many parts of the world that were colonised and impoverised by the West is to bring in finance and development in those neglected countries. And this is bad for the American Empire that thrives on wars and instability. The Americans main agenda is to create instability and war all over the planet in order to control these countries by subjecting them to continuous warfare and destruction and spending their limited resources in weapons of wars and destruction.

The African countries are not stupid. They know what is good for their countries, ie development, economic growth and trade. And these are exactly what China is bringing to their countries.

In the same report above, this was also mentioned,

'"This is more than just economics," said James McGregor, chairman of China business consultancy APCO Worldwide.

"Now that China is so successful, there is an ideological battle for which system works best," he told AFP.

"There are a lot of poor and developing countries which have looked at what China has accomplished with awe and admiration, and they are wondering if that system will work for them."'

Even the American scholars have to admit the success of China's economic and infrastructure development in the developing countries but this is intolerable to the evil men in the American govt. They must stop China from helping the developing countries from development and prospering in peace and stability. And they are again using their myth of human rights, democracy and rule of law to con the suckers that theirs is a superior system for the developing countries.

The above American statement should be read this way to reflect the truth and realities,

'"Chinese leaders will increasingly seek to assert China's model of authoritarian capitalism as an alternative - and implicitly superior - development path abroad, exacerbating great-power competition that could threaten international support for fake democracy, abuse of human rights, and the rule of outlaws," it said.'

By the way it is China's policy of non interference in another country's domestic affairs and China never intend to assert any forms of authoritarian capitalism on any country. The people of the respective countries chose their own forms of govt. China would work with any govt chosen by their people in infrastructure and economic development and trade.

China does not conduct regime change or to destabilise countries and start wars like the evil American Empire. In every part of the world where there is instability and war, the Americans are there and have a hand in it.

It is not China, not Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela or any other demonised country that is threatening the Americans, it is the reverse, the evil American Empire is threatening every country in the world. The Americans are a threat to world peace. The Americans are the most evil and dangerous people in the world. No need to be polite to just blame it on their leaders. Deep down, they want to control and rule the world and hold everyone in disgust. This is the true American deceit and wicked intent.

They kept demonishing every country as a threat to world peace when they are the biggest threat to world peace. No, they are not threats but already engaging in wars of destruction and destabilising the world daily for the last 70 years, non stop.


Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn so true I don't know what to say

b said...

Just like the papiest loh. They are the threat but always say opp are the threat. Its just human nature to do that.

Anyway, its not all uncle sam fault. IF china buys F35 from uncle sam, uncle sam will be happy and everyone will be happy. Many countries are involved in making F35 parts. Unfortunately china wants to build own F35. Thats when the tension starts.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam has become the scourge of humanity. It has brought untold sufferings and destruction to many countries. It all began in the 19th century with the Monroe Doctrine which Uncle Sam used to justify in asserting its power to replace Spain and Portugal as colonialists in the western hemisphere. A new phase of imperialism began with the end of WW2. Uncle Sam interfered in elections of foreign countries, instigated coups against legitimately elected governments, conducted assassinations, sabotage and espionage. All these were done in the name of promoting democracy.

Uncle Sam has no conscience, no compassion and no compunction. Its hands are stained with the blood of millions of innocent children and women killed in Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The western media are in cahoots with Uncle Sam and turned a blind eye to the slaughter and carnage taking place every day and everywhere.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ann, the savagery started much earlier, beginning with the Doctrine of Christian Discovery and followed by American Exceptionalism. When they invaded the Americans, they were depicted as innocent migrants raiding the land and massacring the natives in self defence in Hollywood movies. They were the good guys, the natives that lost their land and lives were the bad guys.

In Vietnam and Korean, they massacred the Viets and Koreans as if they were not humans, bombed and burnt them to extinction. If that were not enough, napalmed them, sprayed chemicals on them, purple rain, Agent Orange. The people of the rest of the world were not human beans, sub human beans, to be conquered and killed or ruled.

See how they destroyed the Middle East and the lives of the Arabs and Muslims for so many decades, and still on going. Now next target, Iran and Venezuela, and Russia and China also in their cross hair.

Virgo49 said...

My brother-in-law's Son in law (confusing is it?)was awarded an SAF Scholarship to one of the Camp in USA for what's Master Degrees.

Back now as Full Colonel.Not Coconut Kernel.

My brother in law with spouse visited and stayed for nearly three months with them in their luxurious homes with the American Armed Forces Officers.

Resort Style bungalows with sea fronts. The Americunts Servicemen and Women were treated with special privelleges when they donned their Killing Fields Uniforms. All sorts of benefits to them.Kept as War Dogs to invade and create chaos in other countries as MAIN SOURCE of Revenue.

One fine night, they were issued with a RO that they must kept all noise to a minimum as their War Dogs from Afghanistan are back for their R & R before they are back for their Killing fields again on their Second or Third Tour of duties.

See how they have all these Mafias purposely to silence and put fears on others.

Armed Services special privelleges even extend to commercial businesses. Special free deliveries without postage charges and discounts to them. You order any Online products from the US and they will have an discount column for their Servicemen.

They are just pampered and trained to be War Dogs to kill and invade the weaker nations.

Now even Dotard crafting Protection Rackets extorting protection monies like our 50s and 60s gangsters.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...


The white men who sailed to the New World tried to escape persecution and seek a new life of liberty but ended up massacring the natives.

Today, it is on a crusade to consolidate white supremacy. Only China and Russia are capable of stopping a bloodthirsty savage and MASA. (Make America Sane Again).

Anonymous said...

Russian also white mah. Lucky ideology diff if not gang up with USA China toast liao

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> "Starting wars and creating conflicts <<

I don't agree with the "creating conflicts" bit. Yes, occasionally they do, but mainly the strategy is to capitalise and exacerbate existing conflicts by supporting one side, supplying it with resources. Sometimes they flip sides 🤡

Conflicts are already there --- plenty of opportunities e.g. N vs S Vietnam and Korea, Taiwan vs China, Syria vs Iran, Israel vs Palestine, NATO vs Russia.

The shit already hit the fan in South America lah. All the USA is doing is bringing more shit and a bigger fan to Venezuela --- never allow a crisis to go to waste.

A small minority of powerful and wealthy people expect LARGE RETURNS for their investments in the "Defence Sector" aka War Stocks. World Peace, lousy for business. In fact, world peace will kill the "defence" industries; people will lose money and all those highj paying jobs will disappear. So you have to consider the "self interest" support drivers in play: keeping a certain level of conflict is GOOD FOR BUSINESS in the Defense Sector.

Many US senators and congressional members are vote in by their constituents because they believed to deliver job creation and prosperity for their voting, taxpaying constituents. The defence sector delivers high value, high paying, massive capital investment into a state. So "peoples' power" is also a strong driver to maintain the relevance of the Defence Sector.

War has been vilified as an evil thing. This is a one-sided view, and terribly biased. There are BENEFITS to war. Unfortunately, folks like RB cling too tightly to this idea that "world peace good, war bad". This is a shallow and unexamined view, and appears to me to be "lazy thinking" from the N P C crowd, parroting each others views.

Interview with Prof Ben Ginsberg author of a fairly recent book: The Worth of War.

War is bad, but not that bad and does have benefits. Prepare for war. ...and...

SELL ALL your war stocks!

Virgo49 said...

Russia and China as Socialist Nations are proving to the World's FAKED democracies that they are conning their masses.

That's why see the Elites harping in USA that they are not going to be Socialists.

The Elites like in Sinkieland been sponging on the Blood and Sweat of the Masses and they wants Status Quo.

So Sama sama what's nonsense those War Stocks investors who are destined for HELL with their greed.

Anonymous said...

"The African countries are not stupid.
They know what is good for their countries, ie development, economic growth and trade. And these are exactly what China is bringing to their countries."
- redbean

What about Singaporeans?

Do we know what is good for our country, ie development, economic growth and trade?

Do we know exactly who is NOT bringing these (development, economic growth and trade) for our Singaporeans." ??

b said...

Its all about divide and rule (aka profit) lah. Still cannot understand. Thats all they teach in business schools - maximise profits aka maximise division. Its never about white or yellow or brown or black. Its all about growing the wealth!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Every new POTUS entering the White House is aware that Uncle Sam's coffers are empty. The support of corporate Titans is essential to run the country. The military-industrial complexes need wars to remain viable. Although Uncle Sam can no longer win easily, it has not hampered its imperialistic ambition to dominate the world. Its recent loss in Syria has already been written off. Trump is itching to start a new war adventure in Venezuela.

Russia and China have warned Uncle Sam to mind its own business. That may not be enough to deter Uncle Sam. To save face, it may be forced to deploy boots on the ground. Meanwhile Uncle Sam is saddled with a myriad of problems. The Ukraine, Iran, North Korea and trade war will cause Uncle Sam to spread itself thin. Its dominance on the world stage is slipping away.

Anonymous said...

...it is the reverse, the evil American Empire is threatening every country in the world.

But why the world allow the evil American Empire to threaten them?

Just as why the Sinkies allow PAP to win big every time during election and cause some, not all lah, Sinkies to suffer from money no enough?

b said...

""Russian also white mah. "" 1101am.

- Fully agreed. Long already con china to its side and made many chinese killed chinese under the red revolution. If china not so stupid to join russia, russia will long ago already kena rip. Left or right, China is just being used.

b said...

If there is no commie russia, no jap war, China will still be a republic. Its a trap all along.

Anonymous said...

See how they destroyed the Middle East and the lives of the Arabs and Muslims for so many decades, and still on going.
RB 9:43 am

But why the Arabs and Muslims allowed their lives to be destroyed by the Americans? Maybe not smart enough?

Just like Najib not smart enough to allow Goldman to destroy (or cheat rather) Malaysia through 1MDB?

Why the Americans did not destroy the lives of Sinkies?

Need to be smart in order not to allow others to destroy your lives lah. And don't blame others who destroy or are out to destroy your life.

If cannot resist or fight them, at least need to know how to siam (avoid) them lah.

Just like smart Sinkies siam the PAP by not joining the Sinkie opposition to fight PAP. LOL

Anonymous said...

Good, south america will be new Cold War playground for US, China & Russia to play their proxy wargames as well as live tests of their special forces & covert strikes (including cyber & orbital/near space).

More bang for my war stocks!! LOL!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ War Profits good for our Nation Building:

So far, no mention of the fact that Singapore did very well out of the Cold War. How much money do you reckon Chartered Industries (SingTech Kinetics, SingTech Engineering) made from Vietnam? What about the suppliers of logistics & supplies like petroleum products?

At present, Singapore is one of the world's most active buyer and seller of defence tech.

I, of course, encourage all who are feeling guilty about having some of our economic history written in blood, to feel "less guilty" by selling and shorting all their war stocks. 🤣

Then you all can congregate at Hong Lim or any void deck and sing "Give Peace A Chance" with zeal and commitment to your flakey pacifism. 😜

P.S. In no way does my apparent pro-war stanch change my views on the MV Pedoman Affair. Don't start wars, you as a small cuntry have to fight. There are only LOSSES in that choice, no profit at all. For war to be profitable it's most profitable to be the SELLER, not a combatant.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The stupid will participate in wars and become heroes, dead or alive.

The smart will just encourage the stupid to keep on fighting and selling them more weapons.

Virgo49 said...

The Capitalists in so-called "Free Democrazies" are just Hypocrites.

They afraid of the Socialists Systems where they are tying to make all more equitable

The Capitalists Elites had their Strangle Hold on the masses of peasants.They had their Inner Circles and will try to fortify their circle by their connections to enclose their circle.

Sinkies, vast majority are just too daft thinking they would try to penterate into their Circle by what's metrocrazy.

What's Bullshsits metrocratic they offering and helping you?

Their own connections to their Alma Mater of their choices of all educational institutions. In jobs opportunities, you think they will give first priorty to their own or you.

Fat hope.Those who managed to go in to their circle by sucking or carrying their balls would in turn be the same.

So, the Daft Majority should vote their own in instead of voting the parasites to still strangle you.

That's why they had to finish off the Barisan Socialis deeming them as Communists and blaming them for all the riots and strikes.

Americunts had what's their Veterans Community that spend bullions on their welfares after their hideous killings of those innocent peoples when they themselves are maimed or killed in their crimes.

The farking Americunts had their retributions when these War Dogs and Mongers returned to start killing their own.

For, they cannot stop killing and must have action and aggressions.

Karma indeed. The Sins that they inflicted on Others.

Virgo49 said...

Many returned INSANE.


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Commie Russia and Commie China are best of friends today. Russia has been ostracized by the white men for not being a true blue European country which suits China. Russia has greater affinity with the Asian People's Republic of China than with the European white. It is therefore not surprising that Russia considered itself as the only Eurasian country in the world.

No Russian Cossack will consider himself as a pure white. Russia and China together will bring the curtains down on Uncle Sam's Evil Empire.

Anonymous said...

The gross violation of simple law is stupefying: venezuela constitution states that the President of the National Assembly (Mr. Quaido) will assume the role of Interim President of Venezuela, if the current president dies, incapacitated or is insane. Whilst Mr. Maduro may be a bad guy, it is still unconstitutional and illegal for Mr. Quaido to snatch the role from .a living, healthy and sane existing President. It is inconceivable, despicable and plain dirty for nations like France, UK, and Canada to immediately support a totally illegal stand, and worst still transfer billions of dollars to an unauthorized person with no legal standing to the Presidency!
Unfortunately (fortunatelly?) few people seem to be protesting, perhaps because they know everybody are crooks in venezuela anyway. Mr Maduro, unlike Mr Gadafi or Mr Assad simply isn't competent and his IQ is also much below the latter leaders.

Anonymous said...

Singapore did not tell the Americans and the Europeans to obey the rule of law.

Why huh? This is a matter of principle and Singapore did not say a word. Scare of the Americans? No principle?

Can the Americans next time support a puppet that is not elected to be the PM of Singapore against the PAP if they are not happy with the PAP?

Anonymous said...

9.40pm, definitely can lar if they piss them off. Why asked an obvious question?

Anonymous said...

Ya he is just trying to be funny Lor so need to be sodomized kakakakakakaka

Anonymous said...

Someone said upstairs that singapore ought to bang table and tell the americans as a matter of principle that they are breaking law.
Well first lets look at american investment in singapore as % of total investments in 2016
United States 20.6%
British Virgin Islands 8.7%
Cayman Islands 7.8%
The Netherlands 7.5
Japan 6.9
United Kingdom 5.3
Luxembourg 4.8
Bermuda 4.0

The us, uk, jpan, netherlands, they are all part of the american gang. These investors are the drivers of Singapore GDP, every year we happily hear the news that our singapore GDP grown is +3% etc. IT is nothing but a reflection of the growth of foreign companies, because, put simply, real singapore companies production contribution to our GDP, you can guess how miserable the number is.
The impact of foreign investments is very simple. It keeps our Singapore Dollar in demand and therefore we have a good exchange rate to buy anything foreign. And we HAVE to buy foreign things, cos we produce NOTHING but daft citizens and lazy politicians, and fake property price bubbles.
Try doing anything to rock the boat, drive out the foreign investments, we are sunk. Our Singapore Dollar will be worthless banana currency. We cannot survive.
So stop all this patriotic nonsense, we are a gone case. Any country without local production and 100% dependent on foreigners, have to do what the master tells us. That, is the Hard Truth.