Another insensitive and stupidity has no cure event in NTU

The Nanyang Technological University‘s (NTU) Japanese Appreciation Club has drawn flak for hosting a Japanese Cultural Festival, which was touted to be the student club’s biggest event, on 18 Feb – the same date that saw the horrific Sook Ching massacre unfold, 77 years ago.

The Sook Ching massacre was a systematic purge of perceived hostile elements among the Chinese in Singapore by the Japanese military during the Japanese occupation of Singapore and Malaya. The operation was overseen by the Imperial Japanese Army’s Kempeitai secret police.

The devastating genocide, which took place from 18 February to 4 March 1942 at various places in the region, occurred a mere three days after the British colony surrendered on 15 February 1942 following the Battle of Singapore.

Thousands of Singaporeans died in the purge. While Japan officially said that fewer than 5,000 deaths occurred, Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew has said that “verifiable numbers would be about 70,000”.

In 1966, Japan agreed to pay US$50 million in compensation, half of which was a grant and the rest as a loan. They did not make an official apology....

The above is posted in theindependent.sg. Shaking my head. What is the root of NTU? Singaporeans must know their history, the good and the bad, to know how far they have come. Do not forget your past.


Anonymous said...

RB if I am not mistaken, ntu is now run by a black ant so this type of stuff not important to them unless it's a black ants massacre. If I remember correctly the black ants were draft by the Japanese to invade south east Asia so from that perspective the black ants may have taken part in the killing as well. Would any historian correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of ironical that the university built and paid for by the Chinese is now run by a black ant. I still remembered attending the ntu opening as a kid with my Grandfather who was one of many who donated money to ntu 😰

Anonymous said...

For all you know the club may also run by overseas black ants so they may not be aware or could not careless about it.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Total Defence Day falls on 15th February and commemorates the capitulation of Singapore by the British to the Japanese Imperial Army. The brainless NTU students are clueless about the Japanese Occupation and the Sook Ching Massacre. The Civilian War Memorial near City Hall contains 606 urns holding the remains of thousands of unknown civilians slaughtered by the Japs. Electing an ex-Kempetai Indian as President of Singapore was a sacrilege. NTU students are adding insult to injury. The authorities need to act. The victims of the Sook Ching Massacre deserve some respect from posterity.

Anonymous said...

The event hold at locals uni NTU by the Japs is an insult to the Chinese here. If this were to be happened in China, there will be protests and unrest. These Japs held it here thinking that the local Chinese r toothless & dunno their roots, the truth will be out one day if it continues like this. The Blank ants r in cahoots with the Japs to bring insult to the Chinese, justice will prevail one day.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad, especially for an institution with strong Chinese roots.
Does NTU still know its history?

Anonymous said...

Aftermath of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore
Following the end of the Japanese occupation, the INA were viewed with great pride and reverence in India as stories of their struggle for India's independence spread quickly.[1] However, the same could not be said for the former INA members in diasporic Singapore.[1] In Singapore, Indians particularly the ones who were associated with the INA were treated with disdain as they were “stigmatized as fascists and Japanese collaborators”.[27] However, many of the members of the British re-occupation forces were made up of Indian soldiers and this at the very least offered some amount of physical protection for many of the Indians living in Singapore....

Many scholars have claimed the INA's story, is an integral part of the history of Indians in Singapore.[1][2] In 1995, the Singapore government erected an Indian National Army Monument at the Esplanade Park to commemorate the 50th anniversary of World War II. It was one of the 11 monuments constructed as part of this initiative.[31] However, there has been little focus on the INA in the post-independence historical narrative of Singapore.[1][4][32] The INA is only very briefly mentioned as an anti-colonial force in much of Singapore's post-independence historical narrative. The Singapore government often chooses not to allow war commemorations to be along ethnic lines.[33] These accounts often omit the information of the INA soldiers fighting for the Japanese forces, under whom the Chinese population had endured great hardship.... from Wikipedia.

This monument was erected in Elizabeth Walk, the sea front facing the Marina Bay to honour the INA. If by any chance the INA and their Indian Kempetai were involved in the Sook Ching Massacre of Chinese, it would be a great shame.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Indian National Army was formed in Singapore by the Japanese and fought on the side of the Japanese. There is very little information about their activities in Singapore, intentional or otherwise, and not sure how were they involved in the Sook Ching Massacre where tens of thousands of Chinese were killed by the Japanese.

Yes, many Indians were working with the Japanese Kempetai.

Anonymous said...

Only wet behind the ears unthinking Indophiles would think it wise to erect the monument for INA. If INA was involved in the massacre of Chinese, how would they face the victims of the massacre?

Virgo49 said...

Many who had lost their loved ones wept at the Civilan War Memorial yearly in memory of the Sook Ching Massacre.

NTU formely as NANTAH celebrated their joyous Japanese Cultural Festivial.

Previously, also want to name a Musesum as "Sanoyan".

Sinkie Chinese are just like the China Chinkees with the USA Imperialists Dogs and their running skunks and cronies just kept prodding and jabbling them and kept smiling.

If we were to just hurt others trivial feelings, ALL HELL will broke loose.

Yet, our Bananas Leaders just also kept their MUM.

Big bros and sis majority must always give way and scracifice to their younger siblings in Chinese upbringing.

But, HE as big Bro do not practise what's his parents taught him.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The Japs slaughtered innocent Chinese civilians in Singapore to vent their anger on the Chinese and avenge the Japs killed in China. The MPAJA (Malaya People Anti-Japanese Army) was formed with British support to retaliate against the Japs. Chin Peng and his followers hid in the jungle and fought a guerrilla war against the Japanese occupation forces till the end of WW2. Many Chinese from Singapore joined the MPAJA to settle a blood debt in the aftermath of the Sook Ching Massacre. NTU students should not make light of the thousands of ancestors of Singaporeans killed by the Japs.

Anonymous said...

Bananas know little about history. They follow the thinking of the whites. They may not even know who their ancestors were. They probably think their ancestors were whites.

How else can we expect? Even before the whites set foot here, there were already natives settling here. Were those not the people who discovered this place? Why must history just record that this rock was discovered by a white man who came maybe centuries after?

In fact during the 15th century, Admiral Cheng Ho already visited the countries of South East Asia, which is well before Raffles came.

History was written by the Whites, suck up by the rest of the world as the whole truth and passed on generation after generation. I thought humans can think. I was wrong!

Anonymous said...


I said many many times already.....

Sg is like that liao......

Bo cheng hu....can do anything you want....

The citizens oso bo chup......

Whole country Vv messy.....

SG is like that liao........

Bo cheng hu and ABC All Bo Chup.........

Cheers $)$$$$$$$$$$$$!$$$!$!!!

Anonymous said...

Other than traitor who worked for the Japanese during WWII,
there is SOKA Members that are mainly of the Chinese Race.
Japanese Culture Appreciation Club whose members are mainly non Japanese.
Those that suffered from the Japanese Atrocities must be turning in their graves.

Anonymous said...

....What is the root of NTU?....

Root? What root?

NTU is now a world ranking university is precisely because PAP did not care too much about root. To hell with root, if need be.

Just as Sinkieland is now so developed and prosperous is because PAP don't care too much about real Sinkies. To hell with real Sinkies, if need be.

Root or not or what not, majority Sinkies will still vote for PAP, correct or not?

Anonymous said...

...majority Sinkies will still vote for PAP, correct or not?
11:00 am


But then why majority Sinkies will still vote for PAP?

Can smart and wise RB analyse and write a piece on it?

So as to also educate the Sinkie opposition on what they most importantly need to do to win next election? Not much time left, I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Eh hello 11.00am, it is you lah that belong to 70% dump sinkies that voted PAP. Talk so much. Bodoh.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1107am

It's opp va the 69.9% at the next GE!

Not vs pap!

Pap can klkk and tcss


Anonymous said...

Yes, many Indians were working with the Japanese Kempetai.
RB 9:37 am

But many people of Indian ethnic origin are now also PAP ministers what.

We had 2 ex Presidents who were Indians,

1 ex DPM and 1 current one who are Indians,

Chief Justice is an Indian,

NTU President is also an Indian, but from America.

Almost all foreign workers who built our beautiful buildings and HDB pigeonholes are Indians, but from India and Bangladesh.

In America, Microsoft and Google CEO are also Indians.

Indians working with the Japanese Kempetai? Why not?

Anonymous said...

It must be noted that all the time when Singapore and Malaya were under British colonial rule
Chinese schools and education had never been supported by the British. Chinese schools were supported and financed by philantropic Chinese business leaders like Tan Kah Kee, Lee Kong China, Tan Lark Sye and the Chinese guilds, clans and associasions. Even when Singapore got self government or independence the Chinese schools were left to fan for themselves without government support, not until the 1960s when some financial support was given for the government's partial payment of Chinese teachers salaries.

The Nantah or Nanyang University was founded when the Hokkien Association under the chairmanship of Mr Tan Lark Sye donated 500 acres of the association's land as a site for building the Nantah. Then Chinese from all over Singapore and Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah donated generously to the fund for building Nantah. It was a great success. But the university was nearly destroyed by its first appointed chancellor Lin Yu Tang a greedy and avaricious man who wanted to scroun as much money from Nantah for his personal benefits. He was eventually sacked and dismissed after the Hokkien Association paid him a huge sum of money for terminating his service before the end of the contract of service he signed with Nantah.

Sad to say Nantah was eventually hijacked by the government and lost its original aim of helping and promoting Chinese education, culture and civilization. When it was changed to Nanyang Technical University the soul and pride of all the Chinese people were trampled, desecrated and destroyed. The insult to Nantah and the Chinese never stop and continues to this day. Can Singaporeans sleep in peace now.

The spirit of Nantah need to be brought back to reflect the spirit, pride and honour of the Nanyang Chinese diaspora.

A cultured Chinese gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say Nantah was eventually hijacked by the government and lost its original aim of helping and promoting Chinese education, culture and civilization.
11:21 am

But problem is many Nantah graduates could not find suitable jobs to earn a living lah, because many of them could not even write or speak English properly. Also a lot of not so good students joined Nantah.

So what is more important, rice bowl or promoting Chinese education, culture and civilization?

Anonymous said...

But the university was nearly destroyed by its first appointed chancellor Lin Yu Tang a greedy and avaricious man who wanted to scroun as much money from Nantah for his personal benefits.
11:21 am

Because those in charge of Nantah at that time thought American Chinese people are very good mah. They went to America to recruit chancellor, u know. Lin Yu Tang was an American Chinese.

In fact they had wanted to recruit Yang Chen-Ning, an American Chinese Nobel laureate as chancellor but as expected, Yang declined.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.07

Time still on Oppo side. I reckon that GE be in March 2020. One week school holidays in March after CNY in Feb. New cycle.

After Mpackage full swing, what's Bonus of $300 credited year end the Grand celebration still in the mind..

Now, this year too risky.Too many cock ups and lases. Goldfish Eye not settled.yet. This year sweeteners not appetizing enough.

Also, they gave false indication to Opps now going full swing.

They want to wear them down till 2020. Punctured and the masses wary of them.

So, don't fall into their traps.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

LKY admitted he was slapped by a Jap soldier for not knowing how to kowtow properly. It did not stop him from working for the Japs. PM Abe even came to pay his last respect to LKY, an obedient servant of Imperial Japan. NTU students probably thought that it was ok to suck up to the Japs since LKY did the same. Betraying the victims of Jap atrocities brings bad consequences. They can never RIP.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.29

Cannot speak English, cannot earned a living and be economically useful ?

In the early 70s, most of our Superintendents of Customs,senior Officers like ASCs are from Nantah. They are considered as Commissioned Officers. Whereas we Eng Kok speaking,only Customs Officers, Senior or Higher to Chief Customs Officers.Considered as only NCOs.

So, who cannot find suitable jobs?

Think LKY blind to have these Nantah grads as Top Civil Servants.

It's only when Singapore started her industralistation programme that they change to Nanyang Techno Uni.

Anonymous said...

Is the appointment of an Indian as chancellor of NTU a deliberate act to prevent the revival of the Nantah spirit?

At least the Indian government was smart enough to make George Yeo a figure head when they made him chancellor of the Indian Buddhist University,not for real. How could they tolerate a Chinese, a catholic to head a buddhist university?

Anonymous said...

Is the appointment of an Indian as chancellor of NTU a deliberate act to prevent the revival of the Nantah spirit?
12:03 pm

This Indian is from America, so must be good lah. He was formerly Professor of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), u know.

So it is the spirit of making and keeping NTU being top ranking lah, just like MIT, and not so much as Nantah or what not spirit.

Anonymous said...

So it is the spirit of making and keeping NTU being top ranking lah, just like MIT,...
12:19 pm


Wondering why still need so many engineering graduates from 3rd world universities to come here to work.

By the way, NTU now has more arts faculties and students than those in engineering, u know.

Anonymous said...

We should make Singapore great by removing all the useless politicians and CEOs and perm secs and replace them by the best in the world.

We could also replace all the IBs and PLPs by the best in the world.

Anonymous said...

In the earlier years of NTU (no, not nantah) a lot of collaboration with Nippon companies you know. Millions of dollars spent by both Sinkies & Japs.

Btw for many decades, Japs also partnered with & donated millions to S'pore Poly too.

Now is modern times. Alliances & loyalty go with the flow of $$$$$$$$$. What is culture?? Can culture feed you or cure your mother if she kena cancer?!?

Sinkies have learnt from PAPies & the ways of the world ... to be pragmatic. Even Virgo has abandoned Sinkieland and RWS and MBS to go Matland & Genting becoz easier to win $$$$$$$$ and the $$$$$$$$$$ can go a much looooonger way.

Anonymous said...

NTU students probably thought that it was ok to suck up to the Japs since LKY did the same.
Titiana Ann Xavier 11:40 am

LKY did it for a reason lah. Maybe a life and death reason.

NTU students did it for what? No better things to do? Therein lies the inappropriateness and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies have learnt from PAPies & the ways of the world ... to be pragmatic.
12:38 pm

Correct lah.

That's why Sinkies are pragmatic by voting for PAP to be govt because opposition is not ready, even till now.

Not pragmatic to vote for opposition or worse Chee Soon Juan as MP because Sinkies will suffer if PAP is the govt. Hope Chee Soon Juan read this.

b said...

There is always karma. Japs population is declining at a level that is non precedential. Very soon, japs will be extinct just like the dodo. Live and let live. Sit back and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Japs population is declining at a level that is non precedential.
b 12:57 pm

But Sinkies, I mean real Sinkies lah, even worse, u know.

Maybe Sinkies will be like the dodo before the Japs. So what did Sinkies do to deserve this karma?

Virgo49 said...

Anyone noticed that now Foreign Shows or Documentaries, you have A choice of substitles.

Previously straightaway English.But now, for example Japan Hour.First choice is Tamil, followed by Malay,English and lastly Chinese.

Wow real Indie Land now.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Happy Godless Sunday

Great stuff! Since we're on a roll for "insensitivity", I'll make a contribution:

>> Thousands of Singaporeans died in the purge. While Japan officially said that fewer than 5,000 deaths occurred, Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew has said that “verifiable numbers would be about 70,000”. <<

Although it was a good effort, they were not thorough enough. Sigh, only 70,000? C'mon Japan, you can do better than that. Next time, try harder...put a bit more effort into your work. After all, you guys have a reputation of being precise and exacting to uphold. 😜

Yes, it is important to know one's history. It is also important not to live in the past.

Fucking get over it already, crybaby motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

And one ended up as head of state for 12 years, unelected?

Anonymous said...


///And one ended up as head of state for 12 years, unelected?///

Correct. So who win?!?

The $40M prata man or the CPF-less no-money work-until-drop-dead sinkies??!?

Better to be smart & uncultured, than to be cultured but stupid!

b said...

Sinkieland will still be part of uk or matland if not for lky cunningness. blame him if you are not doing well - cannot have big landed house, cannot have car, cannot have pensions etc.

"Maybe Sinkies will be like the dodo before the Japs. "- sinkies do not even exist one hundred years ago. its a project created by lky. sine that man already mati, so will this project.

Anonymous said...

Get the facts right. The Chancellor of NTU is none other than President Halimah Yacob, a very special type of Transformers - Indian-Transformed-To-Malay. Must fully respect. Don't anyhow say Indian from America is NTU Chancellor.

If you can't even fact-check and got this wrong, whatever you talked about the Indian cannot pakai already.

Anonymous said...

Bananas has no affinity even for their ancestor and root.
Singaporeans only have affinity with materialism.
They are most pragmatic.

Anonymous said...

So, chancellor is Indian or Malay?

Vice chancellor or is it called President also,Indian from America or Indian from India?

I know Indian from America is called Red India, not black Indian.

Anonymous said...

9.01 pm u very funny is it. In India, it's call black Indian nothing wrong so why u need to call black Indian as red Indiana.we black Indian like to sodomize u

Anonymous said...

Agree with b. Sinkies did not exist one hundred years ago. It was a personal over-ambitious project created by LKY, to satisfy his personal ego. Nothing else.

Since LKY is already dead, nobody else (not even his Dishonorable Son) is able to sustain the existence of the project. As such, Sinkies will fade away together with the demise of the over-ambitious project.

Singapore will have to revert back to be either part of Malaysia or Indonesia (Srivijaya Empire), whether the PAP millionaires like it or not. It is only a matter of time.

Your Soul And Conscience Crying said...

A People Cheated Themselves!

NSF and NSmen, and a few pieces of military hardware from USA (does not matter they are F35s or F53s) can never defend the indefensible Little Red Dot, now invaded by White Termites and Black Cobras. And while the self-glorifying ruling elites are earnestly and shamelessly amassing wealth by the $billions, those who are directly involved in keeping the Red Dot afloat are facing daily problems struggling to make ends meet; those who have saved, by compulsion of law, for their whole working lives, find themselves unable to retire; those PMETs replaced by foreign fakes are unable to find decent- paying jobs.

How can a country, boasting of outstanding leadership, be unable to plan properly and provide adequately for its hardworking citizens to have a decent job, to live a better life, to retire early? Instead, it has extended retirement age and cpf withdrawal age from 55 to 65, and now in the process of extending it to 70 and 75 years old. What absurdity!

What kind of treacherous thinkers are up there plotting, always under the pretext of helping the people, to suck more and more money out of the ordinary hardworking commoners, especially their hard-earned blood, tears and sweat life-long savings?

When the multiple bubbles, that have been created over the years, one day explode simultaneously together in the face of the heartless and shameless plotters, hell will break loose.

There will probably be instant retributions, severe repercussions and extreme consequences.

All the cupboards hiding skeletons are bound to be opened and exposed.

Some greedy crocodiles and poisonous snakes may find themselves skinned alive without mercy.

Some old swaggy wolves and cunning foxes may be trapped and put in the Night Safari for tourists' entertainment.

Some rotting deadwoods and useless rusty deadweights may be cast into the cauldron to burn and smelt forever.

Beware! Be afraid! Think of the probable consequences. Don't take the people for granted. Don't take the people's kindness and respect as weakness and stupidity with your contempt, arrogance and impunity!

Cunning political pundits might have amassed a lifetime of wealth through legalised corruption but when the tide turns, legalised corruption, at the expense of the people, can still be reviewed by a military tribunal and charged under emergency laws, when the Constitution is being suspended for the good of the people and country.

Be afraid and repent. Change your wayward ways while you still can.

Alas! Absolute power always lulls one into absolute arrogance and total complacency. So much so, he does not see the need for remedy and repentance and therefore slides deeper and deeper into the quicksand of no return. Such has been the fate of many and numerous corrupt dictatorship, no matter how glorified they might at one time be.

Think of Sadam Hussein and Gadaffi. Keep the vivid pictures of their last days in your mind, everyone.

No one can rule forever. Time and TIME alone shall be the Ultimate Ruler, Judge and Executioner!

Mortals are born and die by the thousands every single day. Leaders come and go. Empires rise and fall. Nothing remains forever. Your folly about life thinks you are invincible at the pinnacle of your power. The fact remains and reminds that you are not! You can't even last 100 years.

Wake up now! Repent. Make amends, not to the Constitution, but to the trust, honour and dignity of the people you have trampled upon for so long, too long.......

Anonymous said...

5.48am anon, it must have really trouble you to write such a Long and threatening post so early in the morning. But under sg law they can charge you as self redicalised to incite violence and you may be invited to lim Kopi and undergo extensive interrogation. Largi worst of course is what await you after. Likely detained with tuakee that Kena sodomized till your ass peechai. To get up at this hour, likely you are already elderly so I just want to caution you to better enjoy your retirement rather than suffer the indignity of Kena sodomy at your age. God bless.😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ “uncontrolled sobbing and wailing” --- Your Soul And Conscience Crying:

>> No one can rule forever. <<

They don’t have to. Like you, they have one life. They only have to rule and ammasss power for as long as they can do it, or for as long as they need to. For you, as long as you’re alive, you’ll be the recipient of the “experience” 🤣 and there’s little you can do about it except take your own measure to minimise the impact, but only to yourself.

To ever hope that the rest of the masses are going to change just because you’re “not happy” is wishful thinking and I wish you well in your “hope”. 😆

>> ! Absolute power always lulls one into absolute arrogance and total complacency. <<

If you’ve observe what is really happening, without your BIASES, you will see that you are completely wrong.

Absolute Power in the Singapore case is far form complacent. Arrogant? Yes. However complacent? Absolutely NOT.

Absolute Power in our case is more “on-the-ball” that it ever was. It is grabbing more and more!

However, it is not due to “evil” or “corruption”. Every govt in every cuntry faced with demographic problems --- i.e. aging society --- is doing the same tinkering with their healthcare, retirement and pension, and social insurance systems. They know if they don’t, they will eventually experience deep shit in the cuntries’ finances, where millenials, Gens Y & Z will be taxed to their eyeballs to support the aging and longer-living segments of their population.

IMO, it doesn’t matter who or which party ends up governing Singapore. The politics is determined by the underlying CULTURE, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. as the culture changes (evolution or devolution), the politics will too.

Observe the cultural change in certain cuntries: people are increasingly skeptical of globalization, immigration and the role of Big Finance and Big Corporations. The CULTURE is becoming more nationalistic and inward looking. People want PROTECTION and SECURITY from the aforementioned “threats” to their existential selves.

Therefore we observe the rise of politicians whose agendas address these issues: Trump with the “make america great” and Bernie Sanders with “fuck capitalism!”, the yellow vests in France with “fuck everyone and fuck Macron who’s pandering to everyone at the expense of the French people”, and the Brexit movement.

It doesn’t matter if the politics swing left or right...those are not driving issues anymore. The CULTURE has swung toward issues of security (especially job and financial security) and protection, and thus the POLITICS follows the culture and changes accordingly.

go out and enjoy yourself lah. If you can't change something beyond your control, don't worry about it!!

Anonymous said...

This is what stupidity has no cure would parrot everyday, 'Almost all foreign workers who built our beautiful buildings and HDB pigeonholes are Indians, but from India and Bangladesh.'

Just because some idiots said the foreign workers built Singapore, all the unthinking would just repeat without thinking, like the idiot who said this.

The building of Singapore happened many decades before these foreign workers came. and when they came, they only provide manual labour and nothing else. Building a city is done by the architects, designers, engineers, the planners and the people that pay for it. The manual labour part, the unthinking part, is not more than 10% of the whole process. Without the thinking parts and the money, all the manual labour would be useless.

Get it? So stop making a fool of yourself by saying that Singapore is built by brainless Indian labourers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ local building history

>> So stop making a fool of yourself by saying that Singapore is built by brainless Indian labourers. <<

Indan workers, Malaysian workers, Thai workers, ....and in case everyone forgot (shame on you all)

SAM SUI WOMEN. Before y'all fuckers talk any more cock about "hardship", suka-suka blame the PAP for your shitty life, you'd better have a look at the lives of the Sam Sui women labourers.

>> The manual labour part, the unthinking part, <<

Mate, that's a bit harsh d'ya reckon? 🤣

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Apologies, the manual labour part is also important. But people must not get carried away to think that manual labour is all there is to building a city and homes and infrastructure.

The working condition of the samsui women were much harsher than now, and got paid very little with little regulations to protect them. What safety rules, safety first, safety officers?

Lye Khuen Way said...

Let me offer a possible reason for that insensitive date of NTU Event.

Apparently, some decades ago our schools stopped teaching History as most of us Seniors here would detest.
Detest because of the numerous Names, places Dates and Events.

History of the British Commonwealth which will include WWII.

Think further and we should now realize why our newer leaders both in politics and the Civil Service seems detached and honestly unaware of the possible consequences of many of the Policies made.

I could have been told the incomplete Truth but just as English Grammar was once not emphasised I would not rule what I heard outright!