The people of the world survived a nuclear holocaust

13 Jan 2018 must be deeply etched into the minds of every living bean that it was a day they survived a nuclear holocaust. All it needed in those 30 minutes or less than 20 minutes, was for a panicky and unsteady American nuclear missile commander or a hot head hillbilly to jump the gun and push that button, and all hell broke loose. This was how close the world came to a nuclear war.

A nuclear threat, real or imagined, has been hyped by the Americans for so long and so loud that many people really believed in it with good reasons, and so do many American commanders. And when the message said, ‘This is not a drill’, you can expect everyone to take it seriously. It is a matter of life and death. And the military commanders of nuclear weapons knew exactly how long they have to react, less than 20 minutes before all is gone. The time for retaliation is only a few minutes. Thank God that no one behaved like a rogue commander despite the nerve racking minutes to let hell loose.

What happened? According to Vern Miyagi, reported in Fox News,

‘Vern Miyagi, who oversees the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (EMA), said at a news conference late Saturday that to trigger the alert, there is a two-step process involving only one employee — who both triggers the alarm, then also confirms it.
“There is a screen that says, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’” Miyagi said. The employee confirmed the alert, inadvertently causing a panic in a state already on edge over saber-rattling missile threats from North Korea.

Miyagi, a retired Army major general, said about the employee late Saturday: “This guy feels bad, right. He’s not doing this on purpose — it was a mistake on his part and he feels terrible about it.”’

The commentators interviewed on Fox News did not believe a wee bit that this was a simple mistake. They are demanding that the truth be unearth to make sure that nothing of this nature should ever come close again.

The decision or authority to push that button to alert a nation of a missile attack cannot be left to a solitary individual. The USA is not a third world half baked country, born yesterday. Can anyone believe that the Americans are so amateurish in such a grave matter of a nuclear attack? And they have experienced senior military officers that were working on a system that were not better than those designed by boy scouts. Everyone believes and expects that the Americans must have very sophisticated failed safe systems installed. For such an important and life threatening situation, the action must be authenticated and by at least two or three persons. And the people involved in pushing such a button must be of very senior position, even the commander Miyagi himself. It cannot be done a single toy soldier. Can you believe it, can you believe what they told you, imbeciles operating a national disaster system? And can you believe it that they have a system to inform the people of a nuclear attack but did not have a system to cancel the announcement if necessary? My God, this is pure ruckus!

What is the truth Miyagi? Who was involved, what rank, what nationality, why no authentication? What was Miyagi’s part? Was he involved, was he present when the button was pushed? It would be difficult to explain away this mistake if the guy that pushed the button was another Japanese. Could it be a conspiracy, two Japanese started this serious alarm and a Japanese American Fleet Commander ready to issue an order to attack North Korea? The combination is deadly. Were the Americans still sleeping just like in Hawaii in 1941?

How can such a major decision be so flimsily executed? How many people suffered and went through extreme mental hell during the 38 minutes of agony? Oh, the person was just removed to another position?

Is Miyagi trying to cover and protect this person? Why refused to identify this person? Is there any reason why this person is let off so leniently as if it was just spilling a cup of tea? The world needs answers, not just the Hawaiians, not just the Americans. The Americans must be responsible and tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth. No cover ups can be accepted. The Americans must come clean.

How many commanders were at the verge of pressing the button? How close was the world to a nuclear war? Was there an order from the Pacific Fleet Commander to fire at North Korea but order disobeyed?

The world demands an answer. Did someone try to create a false attack on Hawaii to trigger a nuclear war? What would happen if the North Koreans read this as another false flag incident created by the Americans to attack them and therefore let their missiles fly?


Anonymous said...

At the end we may realize what the Mayor said was truth. The system was badly designed that one person is allowed to triggered the alarm. Maybe the Nuclear Button in front of Trump allows him to command an attack without any check and balance. This is indeed a frightening thought!

Rocket said...

To be precise, it was 38 nerves-wrecking minutes. You can imagine the extreme tensions and nervousness the residents of the Hawaiian islands must have gone through those crucial 38 minutes.

Goh said...

This incident shows that our leaders do not take the first flight out of here when danger lurk like what many thought so.
They are with you n for you.
I started to have faith.

Virgo49 said...

Thirty eight mins the missiles still not reach Hawaii.

Hello Mr Kim, please upgrade to make them faster.

Also, 38 mins, the Americans still not sure can track or not the missile.

So must also upgrade. Thought The President got HOT LINE on this type of Emergency.

See the HOT LINE between the two Koreas. One Blue, One RED.

Blue is for casual calls:Hello chiak pak beh? ?

RED: Hello Moon, my stupid man pressed wrong button for the Atomic missle for America but keyed wrongly to you.

Please take cover. Bye bye good.

See you in Heaven be Mr Sun not Moon.

Rocket said...

@ 8:56 am: "This incident shows that our leaders do not take the first flight out of here when danger lurk like what many thought so."

1. Their intelligence service is so bad that they misread the US Presidential Election in 2016. Banking on the female candid-date Hellary Rotten Clit-on instead of the pussy-grabing loud-mouth egoistic Trumpet. I doubt they even knew there was a Nuclear Alert in Hawaii.

2. First fligjt out to where? Where is safe from a global Nuclear War? If the US were to fire a nuke onto any country, I bet the other countries with nuclear weapons would fire back in response. That means the whole world would not be safe.

3. In such a Nuclear Attack, it is better to hide underground with sufficient food and water to last 7 to 14 days. Taking a flight on an aeroplane is the most stupid way to escape a Nuclear War because firstly all electronic devices on the plane would not function and the plane would crash. Secondly, the nuclear fallout would not spare any aircraft in the air.


Rocket said...

Conclusion: The Ministers most probably were either sleeping soundly without even aware there was a Nuclear Alert in Hawaii. Or, they were hidding underground somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Excerpts from The States Times Review:

Full background checks for suggestions on Censorship
January 17, 2018

The Select Committee on censorship yesterday (Jan 16) called for suggestions from members of the public, however, with an open threat. Singaporeans who submit their proposals must give a complete presentation including providing evidence, attending public hearings and standing before the Select Committee including Law Minister K Shanmugam to present their proposals. No remuneration or reward will be given, and the proposer is subject to full background checks, and may face prosecution if he did not declare any conflict of interests.

“These representations can be made in English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil and should include the author’s name, occupation, address, contact number, email address and NRIC/passport number; a brief description of the organisation (if any) that the representation is made on behalf of; any financial or other interest that the author (and the organisation he represents) has in the subject matter of the Select Committee’s inquires and whether the author is willing to appear before the committee to give evidence if required.”

This is the first time a public proposal is subjected to full background checks and stringent requirements.

The closing date for the proposal is Feb 28, 4.30pm.

Anonymous said...

In Oct 2016, US fired missile from a ship to Yemen, claiming it was attacked. It was later suspected none of this happened other than radar malfunction.
"Last week, the Pentagon began a new military campaign in Yemen, ostensibly in retaliation for attempted attacks on the USS Mason in the Red Sea. But new reports suggest that the American naval vessel may have suffered from a radar malfunction."

There were reports far earlier during cold war that 6 Russia missiles were attacking US. But some local commanders delayed immediate retaliation. It was proven to be software glitch.

Late last year, US bombers B1b B2b flew passed NK no flight zone. NK did not react. SK was curious and stories said it could be Kim was deep in sleep could not react. U believe such stories?

From these stories, commanders like Kim could not make mistakes. Trump might want to press the nuclear big buttons, but local commanders might refuse to fire. This was made clear by commander in charge of nuclear launchers.

From the B12B test, Kim was waiting for bombs to land to decide if to retaliate. He could not be sleeping, correct?

What is the mistake of pressing "this is no a drill"? It was did it on purpose or the person could be drugged or drunk. The US system is not easy to launch nuclear arsenals, the president has the final order, but the local commanders should verify the cause and the risk, from what had happened in several "glitch" in misinformation.

Yemen s incidence had shown that US s radar system reflecting someone had fired missile, and the delayed missile launching had shown, these action and reaction are not simultaneous. And at the end, US found it was their radar and not the Yemen militias, who denied it had fired.

What is the big deal for pressing the "not drill" button? It only could put the commanders such as 7th fleets to verify if there is missile launch. Nothing will trigger further action. NK missiles can be seen on satellites and 7 fleets can detect from their radars. There are hot lines between Trump and Moon and Xi. They can double check.

The trouble with US is the hawks are so keen to start a war with Kim. Now US is training its so called sea leopard 6 troops and preemptive strike forces at home to attack NK Kim. Mattis said it is a backup for diplomatic efforts. But the signs are pointing to an attack to be carried out suddenly without informing Moon SK. If this is implemented. The chance of Kim firing missiles to US bases at SK and Japan is almost certain. Abe is talking about withdrawing 60000 Japanese from SK.

The US hawks want a war. Trump also want a war but he might not be able to continue the second term. That what the hawks want: they can put Hillary into picture.

If US dare to start a war with NK, why didnt it start earlier when NK was half way towards nuclear and ICBM? Now NK is certain to have launcher could sent chemical weapons and nuclear war heads to US then to have war?

Bear in mind, there is no need to shoot the nuclear war head to the space and re enter into atmosphere.
SK said Kim does not have the re entry technology. Was it true? Kim can fire at US s bases: Tokyo, Yokohama, Guam, Changi, to avoid causing nuclear cloud to Russia and China. No need the re entry phase. Further trials like aiming low at any US cities and just press the button. The nuclear warhead will reach any part of US main land.

So US should talk to Kim similar to facing China and Russia s nuclear war heads. If US want to attack NK, who s fault if US gets the nuclear bomb?

Virgo 49 said...

Mr Rocket, you are right.

The Central Singapore where they excavated for what underground storage mainly of Granite is for Sinkies elite to hide inside.

After they managed to survive, they find aiyo better to die.

No fresh food and servants even to hold their penis when they pissed.

Let me die better. Once and for all don't know anything.

Anonymous said...

The only evil people that still think of war, want to have war are the Americans. These Americans are evil to the core when the risk of a nuclear holocaust is so high and so certain, they are still planning to attack NK.

Anonymous said...

US s intention on NK is not NK itself: its northern border. US has command of SK troops. SK discussed with Trump to change to SK general, Moon got slap on face: no deal. Thaad s not for short range missile defense against NK. Who is US aiming at? US and Japan are sharing military data. Whatever the radar the US gathers from SK Thaad will be also used by Japanese. Hawaii had nuclear alert. Yesterday NHK also had the same nuclear alert but correction was done minutes later, after causing panic. US lawyer led pinoy tribunal to present conclusions that china illegally owned sea islands at south china sea.
Trump asked Modi to white house, and India staged a border problem with china.
US laws makers passed laws to harbor fleets at Taiwan and to legalize all levels official visits to Taiwan.
Trump keep praising china for helping US to tackle NK issues.

Where is US s real target?

U watch this model in middle east: Trump support Kurds at Syria. These Kurds were used to fight IsIs. Now IsIs is no longer a threat, what the Kurds for? Use to attack the muslims that US does not support. Not saudi type of muslims. And Kurdish militias have been attacking Turkey. US always use locals to attack locals.
Use SK to attack NK. The aim is not NK.
Use Kurds to attack syria, the aim is not just syria.
Hopefully sinkies are not used to attack somebodies for US.
Sinkies must be smart or else, they will be tied to the amoy cars on front lines used by US.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 January 17, 2018 8:34 am
//We have lots of cash to throw and burn. DONT worry. The very most we increased taxes and print more COE papers.//

AnonymousJanuary 16, 2018 11:53 am
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Googirl translate:
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Bing translate:
"The real reason for the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty was that there were serious problems in the upper echelons of the regency. In addition to the improper diplomatic measures (the Southern Song Dynasty and the Mongol alliance to extinguish the Jin Dynasty, the loss of defensive barriers, and their own strength exposed to the Mongolian aristocracy, is a major blunder), resulting in strife. Like Jia-Dao in the political corruption, the decline of the Southern Song Dynasty, by a prodigal son quickly climbed to the right prime Minister and Senator High, fully embodies the Southern Song Dynasty ruling group's decadent decline. When the Yuan Army attacked the song in a big way, as a front-line conductor, he blocked military intelligence and blame to the enemy, such two-faced style can not be long. The monarch and the upper and lower, do not think enterprising, neither North set the ambition of the central Plains, there is no active defense of the plan, just blindly imperialism Minzhimingao, greedy for luxurious life, the so-called "warm wind smoked visitors drunk, straight to Hangzhou as Zhongzhou" is the portrayal of the image."

Rocket said...

Have you noticed that most of the food courts and supermarkets are now underground?

All the underground hideouts at present are meant for the VIP Ministers to hide during a standard conventional war between Singapore and Malaysia or Indonesia. Not for a Nuclear War. But they can be easily converted for this purpose within a short period of time.

Nevertheless, if it is going to be a full-fledged Nuclear World War, there is no where safe on Earth. The only safe place is away from Planet Earth. That is why there is now a Mad Race to colonize Mars. They have found water under the Martian Surface.

Anonymous said...

++++ Fake News - Political Parody +++++

Por Lam Par who oversees TummySick Holdings (Ah Kong's Money) said at a news conference;
that to trigger any investment, there is a two-step process involving only one employee
— who both triggers the buy order alarm, then also confirms it.

“There is a screen that says, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’” Por Lam Par said.
The employee then confirms the Buy order.

Anonymous said...

Thank yew for the comedy ... oops ... parody ...

Very witty of u, anon 2.23pm

So far yewr parodies very "insightful" ....

"Fake news" ..... yet "so real" ...?

Not far from truth ...?


See below (from one anon yesterday?):

///// AnonymousJanuary 16, 2018 9:19 am
Our greatest Sinkie Sang Nila Utama TOP fun manager Jinx history of buy high, sell low ex-pratasidant paper scholar track record:
1. Micropolis
2. Nat Steel
3. ABC Learning
4. Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
6. Standard Chartered
7. Singapore Power
8. NOL
9. Spinster Saw pui to SMRT
10.Nat Gas investments right at top of market And many others.
2009 lost a whopping 30% over percent. In 2016 bull market lost $24 bln. How amazing for a long-only manager in a bull market. No sound, no sight. Indeed another amazing feat.
Indeed an unbeatable track record sponsored by cheapo transferred hisktoric pubic assets, earnings, etc from Ah Kong n sons, the blood sweat and tears money of pubic funds from squeeezked citizons. What a money game for a Jinx and a wretch to the tax payers! Dhalan Balan, must have hated Sinkies to recommend this top placement to Sinking pore. What's the name of the game...continue to buy high sell low...bery bery cheap./////

Anonymous said...

When US China sanctions or military attacks by one of them while the other hands off, watch who is the loser.
The local elites beef up some groups under ceca for jobs at banking and silver service, pushed out NS men to do hawkers and taxi plus other businesses. Many minorities end up working in fastfood chains and super mar. Watch who are the losers in future GE.

Anonymous said...

Below similar parody ... oops comedy ... oops TRAGEDY ... in history ... the decline of Southern Song Dynasty ...

///史弥远两朝擅权长达26年之久,权倾朝野,把国家一步步拖向绝境。他以宣缯、薛极为肺腑,王愈为耳目,盛章、李知孝为鹰犬,冯 为爪牙,专擅朝政,权倾内外。薛极与胡榘、聂子述、赵汝述,依附史弥远,人谓之为“四木”;李知孝与梁成大、莫泽,为史弥远排斥异己,不遗余力,人谓之为 “三凶”。廷臣真德秀、魏了翁、洪咨夔、胡梦昱等官员因为反对他的专权,皆遭窜逐。史弥远等人,对金一贯采取屈服妥协的政策,对南宋人民则疯狂掠夺。他招权纳贿,贪污公行。还大量印造新纸币,不再以金、银、铜钱兑换,而只以新币兑换旧币,并且把旧币折价一半。致使纸币充斥,币值跌落,物价飞涨,民不聊生。史弥远一直得到宋宁宗、理宗的信任,封官加爵不已,甚至到绍定六年(1233年)病死,还被追封为卫王,谥忠献。///

Googirl translate:
"Shi Miyuan and the two countries have enjoyed the right of as long as 26 years and exercised their power to rule the country and step by step. He declared Xuan, Xue extremely heartfelt, Wang Yu eyes and ears, Sheng Zhang, Li Zhixiao for the eagle dog, Feng for the minions, specializing in government, right dumping both inside and outside. Xue Ji and Hu Xuan, Nie Zishu, Zhao Rushu, adhere to the history of Mi far, people call it the "Si Mu"; Li Zhixiao and Liang Cheng Da, Mo Ze, Shi Miyuan far from exclusion, spare no effort, people call it "the three fierce." Tingchen true moral show, Wei Weng, Hong Zongtao, Hu Mengyu and other officials because of his opposition to his right, were channeling. Shi Miyuan et al. Have always taken the policy of yielding to compromise and are desperately plundering the people in the Southern Song Dynasty. He recruited bribes, corruption and publicity. A large number of new notes were also printed, no longer exchanged for gold, silver and copper coins, but only the old currency was exchanged for old ones and the old currency was discounted in half. As a result, banknotes flooded, currency values ​​dropped, prices skyrocketed, and people were overheated. Shi Miyuan has been Song Ningzong, Li Zong's trust, Feng Guan Jiajue endless, and even to Shaodin six years (1233) died of illness, but also been chased as Wei Wang, Zhi Zhong offer."

Bing translate:
//Smilian Two dynasties power for 26 years, the power of the government, the country a step-by-step dragged to the impasse. He to Xuang, Xue extremely heart, Wang Yu for eyes and ears, Shengzhang, Li Chixiao for Bird, von for the pawn, accustomed regency, right dumping inside and outside. Xue Pole and Hu Yu, Nie Zishu, Choshu, attached to Smilian, people called it "four Wood", Li Chixiao and Beams, Moser, Smilian, spare no effort, people that is "three fierce." The courtiers really de, Wei Weng, Hong, Hu Mengxiang and other officials because of opposition to his autocratic, all were fleeing. Smilian and other people, the King has always adopted a compromise policy, the Southern Song Dynasty people are wild plunder. He Shangana and corrupt the public line. A large number of new banknotes, no longer in gold, silver, copper coins to exchange, but only to exchange the old currency, and the old currency discount half. Causes the banknotes to flood, the value falls, the price soaring, the hardship. Smilian has been Song Ningzong, Rizong Trust, seal the crown, and even to Shaoxing six years (1233) died, also be chased seal for the Guardian King, posthumous dedication.//

Goh said...

Aiyo Laochek Virgo
Want die faster might as well let me be your son in law,call you papa n pass all your money to me first.
We should not be so paranoid of nuclear and maybe should start making contingency plan and train sinkies in advance for such emergency.
Granite underground no use one.
I have an idea.No need pay me millions.
Consider to built smoking room in your unit with thick glass doors with 2,3 or 4 doors type where no air can penetrate.
Or standby think polythene transparent bag to cover your whole body.
When many collapse you still safe.
Now,use your money to produce these bags or be a glass contractor.
It will be in demand.No need waste time on your roulette in boleh land.

Anonymous said...

Van approached girl to get into it.

Sinkieland s security is getting bad. Tell your kids to be careful.
"Similarly, a female student from Tanglin Trust School at Portsdown Road was walking to school on 16 January when a white van stopped near her and two people tried to persuade her to enter the vehicle."

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, Ahgongkia, such a wretched and miserable life you also want to live.

Aiyo, got hands, no legs, got backside no front side.

Better die. Worse than leprosy.

Only those who arw afraid to see the Maker will want to lead these types of lives.

Better get yourself saved and get a Christian Name before the Nuclear Bomb come.

Always disturbing those who are saved. He who laugh last laugh best.

Anonymous said...

Rb Knn sleepless night man!

Goh said...

Please lah.Two men possibly are just trying to give a lift as the road is too far to school and worry about her safety .
They did not force but little rich man daughter could just be another attention seeker ,too imaginative and trying to catch attention.
I did that too but it's in good faith.Never look down on those kind people .
Have faith in our security.

b said...

Luckily Trump so smart did not activate the nuclear button. Maybe he forgot the password. Anyway, the world should thank him for being so smart and not taken in by the false alarm. China strong is better for the world than Japan strong. Learn from history.

Rocket said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocket said...

Everyone has to die one day. So, don't have to worry so much until you have sleepless nights.

In an All-Out Nuclear War on Earth, which will probably be the case once any country fires off a Nuclear Warhead (from land air or sea) to attack another country. Countries with Nuclear Weapons will respond in kind, even though they are not being attacked, because they cannot afford to wait and see. The cunning and evil hearts of some pretentiously dishonourable "leaders" cannot be fathomed.

In such a situation, every living creature on Earth will die. Either you die instantly or later (more agonizing).

If you survived the first day, you will have to deal with the nuclear fallout and subsequent developments. The air and water will be poisoned. The sky will be dark because the Sun will be blocked off by super-thick clouds. There will be extreme cold everywhere. Plants cannot grow. Animals all dead. Fishes either dead or poisoned. NO FOOD. NO WATER. NO HEAT. Hiding underground, cannot come out to the surface. How long can you last?


So, it is better to die instantly! No agonizing prolonged sufferings. Some more, you can meet your God or Allah or Buddha or Shiva early.

Anonymous said...

rocket man , alamak why u using the name. Knn I hate to be vaporised so soon leh.

Anonymous said...

Southern Song Dynasty: The Road to Sampan Capsize - Part 2


Googirl translate:
"Reason to indulge beauty, lax political affairs. It is also the case of a good religious situation that led to another culprit who climbed to the pinnacle of power and actually ended the fate of the Southern Song Dynasty in advance. This privilege is Jia Sidao.

Murderous Murderous (1)

Jia Sidao, Taizhou (now Zhejiang Linhai) people, he was still young, his father Jia involved in the Huai-dong set to make any sudden died. Because of falling in the family, but also no one discipline, Jia Sidao gradually failed due diligence, often drunk gambling, contaminated with a vice. Jia Sidu Road, the fate of change because of half-sister Jiasi was elected to the palace. Jia's looks beautiful, won the righteous love, into the palace was soon sealed as a royal concubine. Jia Sidao take this nepotism relations, have been promoted to Tian Tian, ​​too often Cheng, military surveillance, the bulk of Chengguan officials. Jia Sidao a rogue habit, Lin'an in the capital have nothing to fear, behavior unrestrained. He often flirt with the prostitutes at home during the night and spend the night swimming on the West Lake."

Anonymous said...

Bing Translate:
"Rizong indulged in beauty and was idle in politics. It is Rizong erotic good, leading to another rape phase high-ranking climbed the peak of power, in fact, the fate of the Southern Song Dynasty in advance of the period. This high-ranking is Jia Tao.
奸佞 Mourning State (1)
Jia-like road, Taizhou (today, Zhejiang Linhai) People, he was still young, Father Jia in Huai East system to make a sudden death. Because the coming of the way, and no one to discipline, Jia seems to gradually do the wrong, often drunk gambling, contaminated with a bad habit. The fate of Jia-Dao changed because his half-brother, Creutzfeldt, was elected to the palace. Creutzfeldt long Beautiful, won the affection of Rizong, entered the palace soon was canonized for the Imperial concubine. Jia like this nepotism, was successively promoted to Tianling, too Chang, military device supervisor, large is Cheng and other mandarins. A rogue habit of Jia like Road, in the capital Lin ' an fearless, behavior bohemian. He used to fool around at prostitutes ' houses during the day, and went boating in the West Lake overnight."

Anonymous said...

Part 3: Southern Song Dynasty - The Road to DoDo Distinction


Googirl Translate:
"In the late Southern Song Dynasty, the politics could be summarized by imperial power, the minister's right to be in charge, the Empress Dowager's political power, the chaos in the government and the public resentment. Since then the state has not perished? Therefore, when the Southern Song rulers chose to evade and even surrender their policies, they actually chose a path destined to perish!"

Bing Translate:
"In the late Southern Song Dynasty, the political power passed, Minister Power, Empress interference, Regency chaos and resentment to generalize. Since then, does the state have the reason to not perish? Therefore, when the Southern Song Dynasty rulers chose to escape or even surrender policy, actually means to choose a doomed road!"

Anonymous said...

Part 4 - The Cause of the Fall of Southern Song Dynasty - The JLB Paper General Scum Jia Shi Dao

"蒙古内乱本来是南宋的好机会,可是南宋这几年都干了些什么?奸臣贾似道本是市井一混混,凭借外戚身份,竟位极人臣,专横跋扈.在鄂州前线,本来忽必烈急于回蒙古争汗位,南宋是掌握主动权的,而贾似道竟私自与忽必烈签定对南宋极其不利的和约.回临安后,其又编造打败忽必烈的谎言,更博得皇帝的信任.贾似道此人外强中干,表面嚣张,内心非常惧怕蒙古人.其残害正直的大臣,尤其是一些抗蒙将领都被他关进了监狱,抗蒙名将向士璧,曹世雄更是被贾似道害死在狱中.在迫害忠良的同时,贾似道又大肆提拔那些只会阿谀奉承的所谓心腹,用这些庸才来代替被害忠良的位置,从而完成了对南宋军政各界一次致命的大换血. 趁蒙古内乱和贾似道营造的太平气氛,杭州的君臣又过起了醉生梦死的生活,岂料大难即将来临,南宋之亡,始于贾似道."

Gugirl translate:
"Mongolian civil strife was originally a good opportunity for the Southern Song Dynasty, but the Southern Song Dynasty in recent years have done something? Traitor Chen Jia Sidao this is a mixed city, by virtue of the status of outsiders, actually extremely ministers, domineering domineering. In the rush to return to Mongolia for sweat, the Southern Song Dynasty was in charge of the initiative, and Jiao Sidao secretly signed an extremely unfavorable peace treaty with Kublai Khan against the Southern Song Dynasty. The emperor's trust.Jia Sidao this person is strong in the dry, arrogant, very afraid of the Inner Mongol.The minister of integrity, especially some resistance to the generals have been locked in prison, anti-Mengming to Bi Bi, Cao Shixiong even more At the same time of persecuting his loyalty and goodness, Jia Sidao vigorously promoted those so-called confidants who only flatter themselves and used these mediocre to replace the loyal and benevolent positions of the victims and thus accomplished a deadly attack on the military and government in the Southern Song Dynasty The big shake-up.

Taking advantage of the peaceful atmosphere created by the civil strife in Mongolia and Jia Sidao, the monarch in Hangzhou has lived a drowsy life. Unexpectedly, the disaster will soon come to an end. The death of the Southern Song Dynasty began with Jia Sidao."

Anonymous said...

Bing translate:
"Mongolian civil strife was originally a good opportunity in Southern Song Dynasty, but what has been done in Southern Song Dynasty in the past few years? Traitor Jia Like Road is a street bully, by virtue of Waiqi identity, unexpectedly extremely people, Bossy. In the Ezhou front, originally Kublai Khan was anxious to return to Mongolia, the Southern song is to seize the initiative, and Jia like Tao unexpectedly secretly and Kublai Khan signed to the Southern Song Dynasty extremely unfavorable peace. After returning to Lin ' an, he concocted a lie to defeat Kublai Khan, even more to win the Emperor's trust. Jia-like road this person forcible, the surface arrogant, the heart is very afraid of Mongolian people. Its mutilation of upright ministers, especially some of the anti-Mongolian generals, were He was imprisoned, Shang, Cao was killed in prison. In the persecution of Liang at the same time, Jia seems to promote those who will only flatter the so-called confidant, with these mediocrity to replace the location of the victims Liang, thus completing the Southern Song Dynasty military and military circles a fatal big transfusion. While Mongolia's civil strife and Jia-like road to create a peaceful atmosphere, Hangzhou's monarch and his life has been a living, the disaster is imminent, the death of the Southern Song Dynasty, began in Jia-like road."

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.47 pm, Knn u can not sleep is it? Why post all these Song Dynasty thingi? Any relevance to the discussion topic or not?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.47, don't bother about those who cannot see beyond the tip of their noses. When a holocaust, whether nuclear or not, is at the doorstep, everything will be too late! Don't bother about those who are too dumb or daft to understand or learn anything from history. Their vocab may be limited to just "knn" and not many more other words ... if some dumb cannot see the relevance, no need to waste your breath to explain. It is good enough if those more intellectual beans can see the deeper meaning and relevance. Many readers can see the "reflections" often repeated in history but not all. Anyway, in the end, it is up to Red Bean to decide and not some dumb, bortakchay blind ox or low life vulgar hooligan who ownself cannot add value but belittle others painstaking efforts. How are they different from the villains like Jia Si Dao who are the real reasons why such a well endowed state like the Southern Song with unparalleled genious and gallant generals like Yue Fei and Wen Tian Xiang cannot survive the cancerous effect inflicted by those treacherous and parasitic scums who are out to suck the blood of its people and no ability at all except to lead the entire nation to inevitable demise! Many lessons and reflections can be learned from history. At the very least, writers won't be sued till their pants dropped by the very villains in history by exposing their grotesque and innumerable misdeeds. Hopefully those alive anywhere in this world can glean the lessons from such tragic endings and see the reflections and similarities in their own societies and prevent such recurrences as far as possible. Having said that, when a dynasty is heading for a crash, no efforts by the righteous are anywhere sufficient to thwart the pernicious intents of the selfish and self-centred pariahs in the society who ultimately are the causes of the disintegration of their societies. Keep it up anon 9.47pm in what you believed in and don't be affected or derailed at any point in time by dubious or shallow comments of those who can't contribute much but make cheap comments at those who spent abd sacrificed precious times and efforts to pen insightful ideas, lessons etc to awaken some people who are often in their slumber in their couch even when fire has reached their doorsteps. As far as liberty is concerned at this point in time in social media, Red Bean is free to delete any comment including this one as he deems fit. The Chinese said: "此处不留人,自有留人处." If "到处不留人,就当个体户" bah. Ha ha ha. Good night and goodbye! Sayonara! Don't want and don't intend to see people like anon 10.28pm again. Bu yao zai jian! The daft deserved the garment they voted. Stupidity has no cure. No medicine can save the daft who are too deeply poisoned to stand any chance of recovery. The stone are cast and the fate sealed. Let the villains trample over the daft bah.

Anonymous said...

1.06 am wow what an interllect. Look like its the same guy posting things that are totally irrelevant but try to look very smart. Your posting at 1.06 am gave u away. Likely an old fart that can't sleep at night turning from right to left and left to right on bed. Keep things simple and relevance as this is not the place to show that You are a good historian that you are not. Sorry to hurt your feeling lar. There are many good historians that are better than you and can engage in focus discussion. Don't waste people time. 😰😰😰so anon 10.28 pm do not be discourage by dumb guy like this.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the objective of the comments about some historical examples have been achieved given the reaction of some ... ha ha ha ...lol

To Uncle Virgo49, pls persevere in your ritual of walking your dog to Pee & Poo at her favourite spots ...

Human beans can be sued till pants & panties dropped but would go to the extend to sue dogs, plants, flowers, shadows, sounds in the background etc ??? ... ha ha ha

Way to go for peesai ...???

As old fart said in 2013, the "golden age" is yet to come ... slowly but surely?

Anonymous said...

For the daft, when they are asked to eat shit, they eat shit?

To sit, they sit?

To bark, they bark?

Any wonder the pattern is so hopeless?

Seriously (unless yewr eyes pasted stamps?)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately some puppets are much more dumb than others when they are not paid anywhere in the millions but controlled and manipulated through the strings pulled by the puppet masters?

Anonymous said...

Even their hands are controlled by the strings of the puppet masters to write what they are told ...?

So must write only the "right" things lor ...?

"Fake" or "Real" ...?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Unfortunately there are many Yeh Feis in Sin City, not for the good of the country though. Yeh Fei is like those obedient, follow order, never question order type. Orders must be obeyed in a way, go with the tide.

In the story, Yeh Fei knew that the orders were fake and bad for the country. But he blindly chose to follow the orders and ended with the fall of the Song Dynasty. Many people still worship this kind of blind loyalty and obedience to power.

To me, when there is a 'hoon jun' or stupid despot in charge, the good and righteous must stand up to overthrow the 'hoon jun' and not to let the country fall by the bad policies of a 'hoon jun'.

This is a very precious lesson of the Story of Yeh Fei that many people failed to understand. Look around and identify the Yeh Feis of the present time. With the Yeh Feis, you don't need enemies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the story of Yeh Fei, the dying Song Dynasty, the fatuous emperor,昏君,was surrounded with many 奸臣, villian officials and 太监, eunuchs. These were the signs that the empire was about to fall. All the villain officials and eunuchs will be flattering the fatuous emperor that all his bad policies and decisions were good. They even added more bad policies to make things even worse, alienating the people, robbing the people with high taxes, and corruption all over the place, corruption of power and money.

And the hapless people suffered in silence. Boh bian and kia si.

And the foreigners waiting to invade and take over the country. And villian officials spying and working traitoriously with the foreigners to hand the country to the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Red Bean 8.53am: //This is a very precious lesson of the Story of Yeh Fei that many people failed to understand. Look around and identify the Yeh Feis of the present time. With the Yeh Feis, you don't need enemies.//

Uncle RB,

Well said!

As history shown, one by one the able officials were back-stabbed and in the end either killed, imprisoned or stripped of their posts and exiled or fallen sick & died of anguish ...

It is a losing and thankless endeavour?Best is to act blur or run road (like lsw, lsy ... etc?) ?

Otherwise, the fate could be "walking around without pants or panties" ...?

Nonetheless, Uncle Chua, your persistence and gallant efforts are highly admirable and rather rare umder present circumstances.

As for the younger generations, many are not interested in politics and would probably choose to stay out not withstanding occasional kpkb ...