The next PM controversies

Chok Tong is worried that there is not enough time to appoint a PM designate to learn the ropes and tricks of the trade to be the next PM. His time frame is a few months and nothing more or it would be too late and too little. On the other hand, from statements made by Hsien Loong, what is the farce all about? In good time the problem, if there is one, would sort out itself.  What is there to worry about?

And in his latest public statement from New Delhi Hsien Loong talked about a cabinet reshuffle after the budget reading in Parliament but categorically confirmed that the PM designate would not be assigned, or there would be no appointment of a new DPM for this purpose. Hsien Loong is in charge and he is comfortable or not unduly worried that there will not be enough time for the new PM to learn and to settle in for the new job.

The ding dong going on at the top may have come to an abrupt end and nothing more would come from Chok Tong again on this matter. But there are signs that things are getting hot and people are rattled. The young Turks, the group where the next PM would come from or would in a way decide the next PM, not Hsien Loong if you believe in the PAP's official statements, that is what the public is made to believe, has came up with a joint statement on the succession issue as reported in CNA.

''In the statement issued on Jan 4, the office holders said they were "keenly aware" that leadership succession is "a pressing issue", given that PM Lee has said he intends to step down after the next General Election.

"We are conscious of our responsibility, are working closely together as a team, and will settle on a leader from amongst us in good time," they added.

The statement was signed by 16 of the younger office holders - comprising Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin, 10 ministers and five senior ministers of state. The names of Senior Ministers of State Maliki Osman, Lam Pin Min and Amy Khor were absent from the list.''

The 16 seem to agree with Chok Tong that the succession is a pressing issue but also agree with Hsien Loong that there is nothing to worry about the timing to name a PM designate. Brilliant statement! The loophole exposed by this statement speaks of a hurried decision to say something resulting in a few, or 3 ministers of state were inadvertently left out from the list. This may seem to be a slip of mind and Hsien Loong has told the people not to make too much of those that were left out.

"I think a lot was made of the fact that they left out (some of the Senior Ministers of State's) names there. I think they didn't intend to do that, and I don't think you should put a lot of weight on that."

There are only a few ministers of state and they knew each other very well. To miss out one minister of state could be a slip of the mind. To miss out two ministers of statement is unusual. To miss out three ministers of statement cannot be anything but not normal. The PAP is not a slipshod party, or is it, was it, that 3 ministers of state could be left out in an important joint statement on the succession issue to show unity and seen as normal? This situation would definitely send tongues awagging, that something is sorely amiss.

What is the missing jigsaw piece that let to the 3 ministers of state being left out? How many people would accept Hsien Loong's explanation that there is nothing to it? I think many people would be asking themselves why and what to make out of it. At the very least, they would think PAP is now capable to making such a simple mistake that is unnecessary and should not have happened at all.

What do you think? Were the 3 ministers of statement intentionally left out and if so, what could be the reason? If not, then is this ok, or is this slipshod acceptable?  What is the message?

Back to the issue of  a PM designate. Chok Tong may have his reasons why time is running out. Hsien Loong thinks he has all the time and even planned for his stepping down after the next GE. This is all good and pretty. Given his medical condition and the unpredictability of nature, would it be prudent to appoint a PM designate quick and fast or be prepared for a power struggle when there is a power vacuum due to an unfortunate event? Should things come to this state, the 4G PM hopefuls can kiss their chances goodbye as the two DPMs would then become the real contenders while they continue to muddle around not knowing who is the crown prince.

When Hsien Loong is still in charge, everyone would tow the line and accept the 4G scheme. When Hsien Loong is not in charge, everything goes and the strongest contenders would be the two DPMs. The boys would not stand a chance as they did not have anything good to show except being told that they are next in line for PM like a birth right, bypassing the DPMs. Their ground is weak and slippery.


Anonymous said...

Once in power it's difficult to let go unless it's prohibited by the law like two terms in USA or one term in Philippines

Anonymous said...

There is no need a PeeAyam select Lah..the handover of Ah Long Premiership is very simple, just hand over to his kaki Lang like a dynasty mah, or Ah Long will handover to anyone of his minions who promise to handover premiership to his Red Yee Son who not interested in politics. Sinkieland future will be doom & groom when it's going be a dynasty rule cos it will sooner or later taken over by another dynasty or regime jus like the China dynasty till its communism party..

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what will happen to PM successor lah, or who will succeed as PM, or what missing names etc etc,

most important is whether majority Sinkies will still vote for PAP if the opposition is not ready to be govt?

If yes, then Sinkies should understand why Hsien Loong is saying what he said about PM succession. No worry one, for him and PAP.

Indeed from what Hsien Loong said, I think he got no worry, and has good reasons not to. So why should RB or whichever Sinkies worry?

Sinkies, for those who have not, should worry about how to make lots of money to have good life in high cost Sinkieland. Or else they will suffer under whoever become PM.

Anonymous said...

The episode is similar to Korean drama previously shown on channel 8. There was right candidate for ceo. His chance derive from visions and ideas to bring in more sales to expand business. There was another group leads by a power grab senior. Her objective was to put herself as ceo, to enrich her ownership of the chairman s assets.
The difference between the 2 was: at the end, the senior lost her mind bc of dementia.

The pee yam has oredi made so clear that there is no departure date in 6 to 9 months set by someone. He will REIGN pass next GE.

Make it plain, the 4 G can wait for him and not for him to be handed over to the pleasure of those "watching" things to happen.

If readers have observed what the seat warmer did. He denied he was seat warmer in the drama. But he had to GO.
The same drama script is replaying. One can only see probably well after next next next GE, who is the real MAN comes into play as leeder. The next seat warmer will have to be carefully crafted.

Like watching a ceo handing over, an employee does feel the chill if that ceo is one that will lead the company to shit. All die together? The situation is no rosy with trillions of cash reserves, but debts size is top in the list of this world in terms of GDP. Former Greece was seen as rich when conducted the Olympic. The son of a former PM of Greece took the reign. He went into the depth and declared Greece was unable to furnish the debts, and those past budgets that enable Greece to enter EU was falsified, but stamped by Goldwomen Sach. Walua eh, who want to be in Greece situation? Unemployment was so high.

Sinkieland still have to face up to the reality. Sinkies can observe the sluggishness on streets. FB Shops open a few months to a year shut down. Cheap foods like hawker centers filled with cars at car park in evening. The purchasing power is derived from salary. Once the cash position is tight, saving on foods occurs. This is the result of the loony s reign. Voter s hope is on the next on to see if they are heng ah. If voters want stagnation? ask them to keechui. No one will put up the hand.
Sinkies fear is not who is the pee yam. They fear another one duplicates the stagnation for them. si liao low. Tiobor ahair?

Rocket said...

Which President or Vice President has the luxury to run in for their highly responsible position as the Head of State I'm Chief Executive of the USA?

Anonymous said...


the ground is not only slippery,

it is now very very oily

be very very careful

all the best

Anonymous said...

Worry not! All the 3 are sama sama

Why? If someone out of the 3 becomes PM you can HUAT AH?

Otherwise sama sama lah.


jjgg said...

What's the point of having esm if the pm can tell him to go fuck spider? Will ah loon be told to fuck spider when he gives up pm's job.. hehe

jjgg said...

I know solution to standoff.. we have presidential advisers council..we also can have pm advisers council set up on same guidelines but to be chaired by immediate past pm.. that way any mf can be PM .. Will anyone say my idea merit overwhelming support ? Lol LOL

Anonymous said...

The country’s fourth generation leadership team need not be constrained by an “artificial deadline” to select a new leader among themselves, said Education Minister (Higher Education and Skills) Ong Ye Kung.

Why is he defending this, no need, no hurry to appoint a trainee PM?

Rocket said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually, who is in control and has the final decision on the next PM, the 4G or Loong ??? Can the 4G override Loong ???

Anonymous said...

1016 am

Don't play play!

Lucky at least a powderless ESM job!

If PM not happy, nothing for him!

So be a powderless ESM with monthly $$$$$$$$$$$$$ not bad!


Rocket said...

Old Thinking - must have a reasonable period of time to understudy the job of PM in order to become an effective and acceptable PM.

New Thinking - no need to have a certain period of time to understudy or overstudy the job of a PM. If he is worth his salt, he should be able to hold the reign as PM, without having to understudy or overstudy the PM.

It has been proven many times in the past that none of the Deputy PMs were fit to become PM (other than the two designated ones).

Even the present two DPMs are not fit to be PM, despite holding the position of DPM for donkey years. One of them even openly asserted and reasserted that he is not ready to be PM, or he is not of PM material, or words to that effect.

Moreover, it has also been proven that the two MPs who had the opportunity to understudy the PM job, had overstudy to the extent that they became over-dependent upon the first PM, to the detriment of the country and people.

While the first PM had brought Singapore from Third World to First World, the 2nd PM had led Singapore from 1st World to 2nd World, and the Third PM has brought Singapore from Second World to Third World. They had to operate with a Minister Mentor holding their hands and constantly giving advice and direction. Always under an umbrella and in the shade. Yet drawing the World's highest obscene salary.

Moral of the story:

Better not to understudy than to overstudy!

Anonymous said...

I fear CT will be out by next elections for the following reasons: 1. Too old and 2. Not strong in getting votes.

Anonymous said...

The point this man missed shows he is not the ONE.
The key point old man s idea was actually a good political move, if that loony is smart. Or he tries to avoid it. The Key point is: if the loony makes it clear to show the steps who is the next selected ONE, the loony would have won due respect.
What are the steps to select the ONE? The loony avoided it. The ambiguity is the main point many people find, probably has something untold.
What this new man said was to reinforce the value of unclear steps to select the ONE. It is not a good value to delay a problems to later time. The problems accumulated in mrt is the result of such delay attitude.

The key required in the whole question put to the rulers are: what are the steps?
Example: a clear contest. The contest men say 3, must spell out what they want to do for sinkieland in next 5 years. The vote by the 16, make it very clear who gets how many votes after the contest.

Now the loony avoided the question. He can put his own steps to pick one? Then forever, sinkieland is stuck with the old fart s way. China found the flaws on such way, and Deng corrected it, and refining was done further.

Sinkieland must have the system to elect someone, not by hand picking someone. That way can lead sinkieland to shit, as the coffers does not seem to have trillions cash to do without earning more from exports or internal consumption. A lot of work is waiting. What works? the new pee yam needs to pick up in order to CATCH UP the lost time.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Mr Rocket, you are absolutely right.

What's there to understudy and even have Senior/Mental And What's Emeritus Minsters ???What's a waste of MONIES.

The truth of if you are a born Leader, you are Leader.No Leader worth his salts will still hold hands and gets instructions or advice from Mental Advisers.

He lead by his own decisions.

An able sheep dog will just do his/her duties with no understudy from the Master or their parents.

It's inborn abilities.

If a Minister were to be in the Ministries all round and in their course of governance still need to be tutored then he or she is a washout VOVO.

You do not employed a Manager to understudy the Department he is managing.

Might as well get a clerk.

Anonymous said...

"“It is good that Singapore leaders are not constrained by an artificial deadline when choosing the next prime minister from among the country’s younger ministers. PM has said that it will need a while longer. I think it’s useful. As our younger-generation ministers have said, we would select somebody to be the leader among us in good time. So I think it’s good not to be constrained by six or nine months. We still need time to work together, know each other well and, among us, I’m sure a leader will emerge.”

If 9 months is too short, then it will not be 2018 decision.
2019 will be likely a GE? There was no musical chair play out. So its after the budget accordingly: March or later.
How long they want to know each other? Oredi worked for 2 years, plus one more is 3 years. In army it is run out date time, plus reservist one year.

The whole speech is: NO commitment, NO enthusiasm . NO priority. Just said who is right WITHOUT suggesting alternative. Is this the best choice?

So when GE 2020, another musical chair play out. Earn few more millions dollars then let someone to crack his head. "Gar chao liao" some will say. Some will say " Good luck", made enough to take care of "family liao". "the old man is still around, why worry?"

Anonymous said...


Lets reveal the real fear in voters minds after hearing these delay tactical mover s comments.

Sinkies do not want to be locked inside a self made political system to hand picked some man who has no accomplishment history to bring in jobs for sinkies.

It is not a make or break contributing factor to have a stable team "working together". It is the quietness in voicing out what the potentials want to do that voters curious about. There was no NDP speech except talking about healthy life style. What these new faces want to do for our children s future?

The earlier voters notice the person who articulate the future tasks and gaining support from his peers, the better. Why spending time with the current one who has no energy to take on new vision?

His white papers: will he finish his jobs by taking in 2 more millions foreigners to fill up the empties buildings? He should start it now to open the flood gates as he is going off after another 5 year term after the next GE. That will be 2027 on loony ROD date: by then he will be 75 after "delays". The new team should be in place to follow up with the chaos, as similarly happened in the past when 2.5 millions were ushered into this island.

Unknown said...

Let me attempt to make an un-educated guess, based on intuition and gut feeling rather than mental masturbation.

The Baba Ah Lee obviously is trying very hard to not commit himself to any definite projection one way or the other. Why? This is the 100 million dollars question. Why does he wants to keep everybody, the whole nation and the world at large, in the dark - in the darkest recess of his mind? Yes, he has the prerogative to decide because he holds all the power. In fact, he knows, and everybody else knows, that Baba Ah Lee is now in the Zenith of Power. Nobody, not even the Extra Salary Mental, has the slightest doubt as to WHO is in charge. Every single poor soul, even millionaire ministers, has to tow the line. You get out of line at your own peril and your families too.

So, come back to the question: Why the delaying tactic?

There must be a conflict of opinions as to who should be The Chosen One. The majority in the Cabinet must be in favour of selecting The Chosen One amongst themselves by putting it to a secret vote. While Baba Ah Lee must have someone in his Cupboard (as opposed to Cabinet, because the Cupboard is bigger than the Cabinet) whom he wants to put up as The Chosen One, or rather, whom HE has already CHOSEN, and made CROWN PRINCE, through the constant and persistent pestering and pestering of none other than his Good Wife, the well-known Holey Jinx.

So, in the course of time, there seems to be only three Mini-stars of Statements willing to vie for The Crown Prince, while the other 16 are against. Therefore, Baba Ah Lee has no choice but to play the delaying tactics, hoping that time will buy him votes, by hook or by crook. He is now cracking his brain trying to come up with something that will be able to sway at least another seven or eight votes to his side, to champion the cause and course for his Crown Prince.

He has to put the Crown Prince into the next General Election and be elected "by the People". Once the Crown Prince becomes an MP, he will immediately make him to be a Mini-star of Statements for six months, then a Full Minister and rotate him in double quick time, every six-monthly, through the various key ministries. And finally, the DPM post.

That means, the next GE will be hasten rather than delayed - most likely in middle of 2018 or, at the latest, early 2019, rather than in 2020.

After the GE, the Crown Prince will, within 3 years move up from Mini-star of Statements to DPM.

In the mean time, from now till the next GE, there will be Cabinet Reshuffles, and Cupboard Reshuffles too. There will be a series of purging, reorientation of power, and realigning of gears and oiling of machineries within the Papa Party and the Grass Looters Organisation.

How can this be done? Very simple - through the Peoples' Ass-ociation.

The Silver Serpents and Non-Trade-Unions-Conglomerate too will see some purging and re-orientation done in due course. Those for the Crown Prince will be replace those who are against. QED.

b said...

Its just a puppet anyway. Same theme will be in place - only expensive rental flats and bikes for the people. The people are screwed to the core in this small island.

Anonymous said...

All of you missing the point.

There's in-fighting within PAP, mainly 2 groups ... pro-LHL versus anti-LHL.

Those in anti-LHL group are not necessarily blindly against LHL --- just that they believe in the logical & pragmatic approach, which may be disruptive to LHL framework & long-term plans.

Unfortunately for LHL, those younger people who are more capable & relevant experience belong to the "logical & pragmatic" camp.

Those pro-LHL younger people are mostly ex-military guys ... they know they need to carry leader's balls to maintain their status. As leader who doesn't feel good being surrounded by yes-sir yes-sir yes-men? Especially after dick kena whalloped jialat jialat by prostate operation.

Anonymous said...

Its likely all about planning what is best for Loongsis, HuliselfJinx & ClownsploitYi prince...everything will be sacrified for their own gains. But again the schemes will fail for "man plan, God disposes".