Singapore China relations

Finally, after avoiding making any comments directly on the strained relations between Singapore and China, Wang Gungwu, the Confucianist gentleman, wrote a piece in the ST on 18 Dec highlighted the 4 major events that were the roots of the problems. What he said were nothing new but a repeat of everything that had been said about the tedious and unnecessary souring of a relationship built and cultivated earnestly by Lee Kuan Yew. Lee Kuan Yew must be turning in his grave seeing his good work being dismantled and dumped as trash into the dustbin by silly politicians with egos bigger than a coconut but intellect the size of a pea.

With all the cock advice to put all the eggs in the American basket and thinking that it was alright to poke at the eyes of China and China would not dare to do anything, things finally came to a rude ending and Hsien Loong had no choice but to make a trip to Beijing in September to make amends. This was a serious effort at the highest level on the Singapore side and everyone hoped that relations would be back to normal. At least that was the picture painted by the Singapore side and the Singapore media. Sino Singapore relations are on the mend and everything will be warm and rosy going forward after Hsien Loong's return.

Even Wang Gungwu also has the same impression that things could only be better as the trip by Hsien Loong must have been made with great sincerity to bring relations to an even keel. Apparently from what I have observed, things are getting worst and not better. After relations had hit rock bottom, it could not return to normal just because Hsien Loong made that trip and had a meeting with Xi Jinping. The sincerity to improve relations must be seen to be so and Singapore would have to backup with more friendly gestures towards China. There were some signs of the media publishing more China friendly reports for a while, but somehow, the anti China articles kept coming in greater frequency as before. China could not fail to notice this lack of sincerity to get the relations back to normal, or the back to normal is to continue as before, with more anti China articles by silly academics and foreigners and dumb locals as the norm. Any China watcher could not miss the tone, nuances and the choice of articles and authors that are unfriendly to China being given greater exposure all over again.

Not only words but deeds would be telling of the state of Sino China relations. If my reading is correct, Singapore has taken a hardened path to move away from China and there is no turning back. The biggest pain in the arse in the geopolitical equation in the region is India, the pretentious superpower to be and its hostile and aggressive stance towards anything China. India has been flirting with the Americans, Japan and even Vietnam to be a spoiler in the region against China's interests. India had been involved in bi lateral and multi lateral war games with them around China’s coasts and the enemy is clear as daylight.

Though India is inconsequential to China, it is still an irritant and any country thinking that it was a good idea to invite the Indians to be more involved in the region cannot be seen as being innocent and naive and could not see the part India is playing against China. For Singapore to openly invite India to park its warships in Changi at a time like this is too obvious on the stand of Singapore and its relations with China. No amount of pleas of ignorance would be accepted and forgiven.

The trip by Hsien Loong to Beijing in September is as good as a bad dream, wasted, unnecessary and should not have taken. Singapore's relations with China is far from being on the mend and is fast deteriorating. Well, if that is the intent of Singapore, then there is nothing to cry about. It might as well go that way, quicker, faster and more direct. There is no need to wayang to pretend that Singapore desires to improve its relations with China.

Has Singapore decided to just do it and so be it? The new future of Singapore is to get closer with the pretentious power to be, India. As for the USA, Trump is unpredictable but would not turn away from American supremacy and primacy in this part of the world. In fact Trump has no interest in Singapore and probably Singapore has read this correctly and is not cosying up to Trump. Singapore would never receive the same kind of attention that Obama gave and Hsien Loong would never be able to have the same kind of rapport with Obama in Trump.

Looks like Singapore is going to put all its eggs in the Indian basket. This is my observation. Clever or muddy thinking?


Anonymous said...

Lao hero //This is my observation.//

Chiak Ba Tang Si lah?

Chiak Ba Tang GST Kee?

Chiu Kee or Kee Chiu GST Tiam Tiam Kee?

(Lang Min Aye) Ku Li Kang Are Boh Kee?

Oldies Sio Liao Jiu Kee Si?

(Collect observation?)

Anonymous said...

Trump is the President of America, not Singapore.
So what is wrong with Trump saying "America first" and "Let's make America great again."

Only a stupid leader will implement "Pro Alien Policies" and destroy his own country and loyal citizens.

Anonymous said...

There are many u tubes videos on the bad relationship between China and sg. In fact there was one hour video that demonstrate that China is now determine to make sg becoming an irrelevant entity. The one belt one road to Europe, Middle East and Africa will bypass Singaoore so is the Pakistan port that ship stuff from Europe Middle East and Africa then by land route to China and finally the development of 4 ports in Malaysia including three on west and one in East Coast at Kelantan. The development of Shanghai port also mean there is no longer for ships to transship in Singapore to break bulk shipment as the Shanghai port which is now larger than sg can take in large ships.

Sg is done and China strategy is to isolate sg and make it an irrelevant entity as once shipments are gone, they will be followed by trade finance, commodities trading and banking and financial services. All these could have been avoided if sg can closed her big mouth and avoid telling jokes that even the Americans did not laugh when the bad jokes were told,😰😰😰😰😰😰😌

Anonymous said...

Indians will be nice to Singapore because there are advantages to this relationship. For a start, its people can come to Singapore to work. Although they say Singaporeans can go to India too but with low pay, who will go? So at the end, this is an one way street. Indians win, Singaporeans lose.

Anonymous said...

PAP Minister Grace Fu: You must apologise for insulting our state media Mediacorp


Why should a PAP Minister demand for an apology on SPH's behalf?

If SPH feels they have been wronged, why can't SPH stand on its own feet and defend themselves?
Everything also must spoon-feed is it?

But when it comes to Singaporeans, do you see any PAP Minister fighting for Singaporeans?
Remember what PAP Minister Bala said about Singaporeans who needed help?

"How much do you want? Do you want 3 meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?"
- Minister for MCYS Dr Vivian Balakrishnan in replying to a request by MP Dr Lily Neo's "Is it too much to ask for just 3 meals a day as an entitlement for the PA recipients?" (25 April 2007)


Anonymous said...


China got OBOR!

Sg oso got OBOR!

Sg's OBOR.........Own Belt Own Road........

Our leaders are very very very SMART!

So......worry not worry not!

Anonymous said...

(Lao) Ah Pek //Clever or muddy thinking?//

Are yew referring to Laogoanomics or Botaknomics?

Under Botaknomics "TLLM", students have become more "kong cum"?

Under Loagoanomics "Liberally loose legs open big big (prostitution) policy, now many places infested with vice & stds?

Clever policies or muddled (botak)heads?

Pinokio: "what do yew think"?

Anonymous said...

So many molest cases on the MRT trains by the u-know-who. Sometimes, reading just the headline, we can guess already from which country !

Anonymous said...

//Clever or muddy thinking?//

Ay chose to "rr"?

Lsw also followed suit?

Clever or muddy thinking?

Time will tell?

Anonymous said...

/// All these could have been avoided if sg can closed her big mouth and avoid telling jokes that even the Americans did not laugh when the bad jokes were told, ///
January 04, 2018 9:18 am

Singapore cannot speak.
Only people ... Singaporeans ... can speak on behalf of Singapore.
So which Singaporean open big mouth and tell jokes?

It's definitely not all Singaporeans.
It's definitely not me.
So who?

Anonymous said...

New alliance of 4 powers they call quad is forming. India, its best friend Japan, Australia n US. Singapore want in already?

Anonymous said...

“The hard work done by our founding fathers has been squandered." - Kishore Mahbubani, TODAYonline.com July 3 2017

Anonymous said...

OBOR will make Sinkieland irrelevant. That is China's way of using soft power instead of using threats, inciting riots and invasion using its military power.

Sinkieland can do nothing about the OBOR. This is a move that the UN, The Hague or whatever kangaoo court can do nothing about.

Anonymous said...

No worry, India will soon come out with its own OBOR. Singapore can provide the capital.

The only problem, no ship will call. All Chinese ships calling at Chinese OBOR ports. NOL no longer own by Singapore, may not call at India Singapore OBOR ports.

Anonymous said...

Kishore is right Looney is wrong though he still in bubble land. Nothing unexpected for Paper generals who whole life in bubble closetted environment. Old man did wrong to create bubble for Looney from school days to army days to Pappy days till now. Grew n managed in non competitive army n political environment. So in competitive environment like global politics, global economy & global markets Looney failed miserably. Totally expected.

The Grace Fool is making a mountain out of mole speck. Whats much more impt is to question on GLCs major corruption cases eg Keepel n Smrt n incompetence n gross over compensation growing culture taking root in Sinkieland.
Again another yes eunuch without strategic thinking of well being of Sang Nila Utama.

Anonymous said...

The author is absolutely correct: sinkieland is moving away from China. In reality it s China is moving away from a small city. Chinese tourists reached 8.8millions for the first 10 months (2017) to Thailand. How many were streaming to this small city? The total figure in chiangi airport cannot beat the total chinese tourists landed at bangkok.

That is the indication of current situation. HK has signed with china to develop the Daiwang district. This huge project part of 1r1b consist of Guangdong, Shenzheng, Zuhai, Macau, Fushang, Donguan. The first 2 named cities GDP have exceed sinkieland GDP each. This project will benefit HK tremendously in employment for the young. HK has signed free trade agreement with Asean. There is no advantage to buy/sell from/ or through sinkieland to china.
Be honest sinkies, is this elites good performance ? Why still continue to vote for a bunch of losers?

What these people have in mind is political stands to please someones like Hillary, whose chance to be president is nil by now. Trump is withdrawing in nature. Will Trump lay hands to chase away invaders to sinkieland? Sinkies can watch this when china PLA take taiwan probably in 2020. US will back off.

Year when Lao handed over chairmanship to phillipines, the ending statement stated with "concern" in SEA. One small country was warned by China s deputy FM, one who said he was an arbitrator in ocean laws court which pinoys avoided. He pointed name and asked this country which had no issue with SEA to stay out. The following time when phillippines ended chairmanship, the ending statement say nothing about SEA. No issue from phillippines. How can sinkieland come back with issue on SEA?

Asean is useless when sinkieland is the chair if the elites want to talk about claims. China now deal one to one with each asean state, rendering the asean as a group non existence in reality.

Therefore, sinkie elites ride on asean chairmanship profile to deal with china on issues will be almost nil. In fact the elites influence is negligible on HK and China media. The media do not or hardly report about their movement or issues in the small city.

China has great opportunities and good buying power consumers. Huawei phone had 17% market shares while samsung had 3% in china in 2017.
This is chinese s consumption pattern. Anti china will not get deals.

Sinkies should pray for the dragon son to go fast to replace with a new face. One old politician said best to be 6 to 9 months. There is time wasted when he is still sitting there. Empty spinning time. Not even welfare for the needy was discussed.
There was a temple giving $20 angpau. Some 80s year old pioneers started to queue a day before at 3pm in order to collect the ang pau following morning at 7am with a cup of milo. Queuing over night in the rain at lowest temperature 23c that night.

When can sinkie folks learn about their destiny will be worst when these elites wasted their chances and time? They will still vote for the silly faces in 2019. Too bad for the minority 40%.

Virgo49 said...

Yesterday morning, Groups of Indian construction workers came on China Construction vehicles to take over the site from previous contractor who advance partied to clear the necessary layouts of the KTM rail platforms and let them begin the Circle Line MRT construction.

Wah piang, thought maybe no more "dead bodies" on our void decks during their lunch breaks.
China Construction should be Ah Tiongs construction workers.

Damned Nehs in groups behaved as though they own the country and hogged and stared down at you.

Loudly proclaimed in front of them. The China Men whether they are too magnanimous or stupid to employ these jokers. Should let them starve as they flexed their muscles to fight China.

Worked one hour and sleep two.hours. Unproductive lots. The whole gang stared at me wanting to slaughter the old man.

Chinese are too calculating in their costs or are they too damned stupid or magnanimous in their souls not to differentiate friends and foes.

Anonymous said...

/// The author is absolutely correct: sinkieland is moving away from China.
In reality it s China is moving away from a small city.
Chinese tourists reached 8.8millions for the first 10 months (2017) to Thailand.
How many were streaming to this small city?
The total figure in chiangi airport cannot beat the total chinese tourists landed at bangkok.///
- January 04, 2018 10:43 am

Mathematics for stupid Mathematicians

Build a giant Jewel in Changi Airport
Chinese tourists because you keep talking bad about China
One giant white elephant.

Where is the money going to come from to pay for the operating deficits?
ANSWER: From higher taxes lah.

Anonymous said...

PAP Minister Grace Fu: You must apologise for insulting our state media Mediacorp


Why not Grace Fool ask Keppel to apologize for affecting Singapore's reputation and brand?
This type of standard also can be Minister meh?

Chio see lang.

Rocket said...

The Writing Has Been Embedded Into The Wall

Very clear indicators, as clear as daylight with one million sunlight focus upon them are:

1. Signing of CECA with India and import of more and more Indians to become citizens to counter the local Chinese majority and to reduce the ratio of Chinese Singaporeans vs the Rest but increase the Ratio of Indian Singaporeans.

2. Creating and providing for Indians from India and enabling them to hold high posts, especially in the HR Management area and CEOs, in order to deprive local Chinese Singaporean Executives, Professionals and Top Management of the lucrative and powerful jobs.

3. Signing of Security Cooperation (Alliance) Treaty with India and conducting Joint Naval Exercises with India and Japan increasingly and more frequently in the South CHINA Sea, as good as showing the middle finger to China.

4. Allowing India's Navy, in conjunction with US Navy, to visit and berth at Changi Naval Base, but not offering the same to China's Navy, plus taking the Joint Naval Exercises and Patrolling of the South CHINA Sea together, is a direct military CONFRONTATION AGAINST CHINA.

5. Visiting Xi Jinping in China and brought along Indians and openly repeating about Multiculturalism in the FACE of the Chinese People and China's Top Leadership, is actually to show to China and the Chinese People in the World, including ALL Chinese Singaporeans, that no matter how China and the Chinese People of the whole World feel, Singapore under the leadership of a Cancerous Man does not care a damn!

6. Cunningly and defiantly engineered an Indian Woman to masquerade as a Malay to usurp the position of the highest office of the land, while depriving All Singaporeans of their right to elect their President as guaranteed in the Constitution, is tantamount to pointing the middle finger to All Singapore Voters and towards China and the Chinese People.

7. Putting another Indian as the Chief Justice plus positioning many Indians in the Judiciary and the Legal Profession, and Law Society, is a direct transfer of trust into the hands of Indian Singaporeans.

8. Givinvg a long-time backbencher during his father's reign, the critical and powerful positions of Minister of Law and Minister of Home Affairs, is the direct transfer of Power to the local Indians.

9. Giving another Indian as Deputy Prime Minister, who pretended he has no ambition to be Prime Minister, while actively and quietly mastering support base, to monitor and control economic and financial matters, is another strong indicator of transferring financial control into the hands of Indian Singaporeans.

10. The prolonged appointment of an Indian as a Foreign Minister, who gave wrong assessment about Hillary Clinton's probability of becoming the 45th US President and wrong advice about punching above the weight of Singapore against China, is a sure sign of Total Abdication of Foreign Policy Determination in the hands of Indian Singaporeans.

11. The deliberate defiance of aceding to the Last Will of his father and mother, the subtle indirect "expulsion" of his younger brother and sister-in-law from the country, the persecution of his nephew by questionable underhand techniques and means, the appointment of personal private lawyer as AG, the dismantling of his father's trusted policy advisors and Think-Tank are extremely strong signals of a Total Reversal of ALL Singapore stood for in the past 40 years.

12. Last but no least, the expulsion of a Chinese US national by accusing him of espionage but never dare to say as such, and never charge him in court, and never reveal which country he was working for, is an indrect message to China and the Chinese People of the World that Singapore has no qualms to show that Non-Chinese are in charge of Singapoe.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Mr Rocket, Great Observations and same sentiments. Are you the Rocket Man as mentioned by Dotard Trump.

This Traitor Boh Lean Chor must be held by the Balls by the Curry Men and Women to relinquish our Sovereignty to them.

These hyenas are dangerous and daft Sinkies still not aware of the dangers.

Also, Chinkee Eunuchs DONT gave a Damn of their own kind as long as they are doing fine.

Many do not dared openly stated what you said in forums as there is a Hatchet Man who is so powerful that he can ask you for lim kopi.

The Eunuchs and the Sick Emperor will also closed their eyes as they used others knives to kill dissent.

Salute your keen observations.

Sinkies deserved to be screwed by them.

In Matland, they used to harp the losing the Majority will be the end of them and yet in Sinkieland the Majority are in dream land.

Not knowing their disastrous Fate.

Anonymous said...

Point 4. Indian has war ship? Can it sail that far to use changi base?
What can changi base do to deserve docking there?

US ship crashed with a commercial ship and found a big hole at middle. It when to changi. After 1 month the US ship was sitting on top of a China commercial transport ship, leaving changi with the hole covered by a big metal sheet. The US ship was sleeping on deck of the China ship to Japan dock.

Changi has no repair technology for war ships.

U can predict, India war ship will not dock at changi for repair. The signing of such document is not bright: the cost for losing china s business is more than the gain from India visits, which can hardly happen.

Anonymous said...

@ January 04, 2018 12:35 pm
"Changi has no repair technology for war ships."

Do you think SMRT got repair technology for trains?
Do you think Ministry of Foreign Affairs got repair technology for broken diplomatic relations?

Do you think General Kee Chiu got repair technology for a broken PAP?

Anonymous said...

(Lao) Ah Pek: //Apparently from what I have observed, things are getting worst and not better.//

Under Laogoanomics, GST was implemented on 1 Apr 1994?

Under Botaknomics, it went up twice till 7%?

Yewr observation probably is correct lah that things are getting worst ...?

Wait till next month during cny one "big red heavier albatross likely will be hung on oldies necks" ... (as one of the final "presents" in yewr last days, months, years on earth)?

Will it be surprising if many's eyelids cannot close ...?

All thanks to Laogoanomics which started the ball running & Botaknomics which proudly (& publicly) proclaimed that gst benefits the poor?

Rocket said...

India's Navy Power

The Indian Navy is one of the largest navies in the world, and as of 2017 possesses:

1 aircraft carrier,
1 amphibious transport dock,
8 Landing ship tanks,
11 destroyers,
14 frigates,
1 nuclear-powered attack submarine,
1 Ballistic Nuclear Missile submarine,
14 conventionally-powered attack submarines,
4 old submarine hunters,
6 advanced submarine hunters (under construction)
24 corvettes,
4 mine sweepers

Anonymous said...

Virgo 12.09pm //These hyenas are dangerous and daft Sinkies still not aware of the dangers.//

Both Laogoanomics & Botaknomics (developed by) "Economics First Class Honours" .....?

Chio see lang ...?

Can only grow economy by leg open big big increase population policy?

And also gst up up up?

Bc many botaknomics policies (think pic etc ...) squandered billions ...?

Chio see lang (1st class economics that "choke oldies till cannot breathe" with so many tax schemes till oldies can no longer have enough fingers and toes to count with on their hands & feet)?

Rocket said...

It is not true that Changi Naval Base has no repair capabilities. How are RSN ships repaired or maintained?

The damaged US Destroyer was sent back to US Base in Japan for the purpose of a thorough investigation into the mishap. The US Navy does not want any evidence to be removed or covered up by any repair. That explains why it was not towed but piggyback on another bigger ship.

The US Repair Facilities are in Sembawang Naval Base. If need to the repairs of the damaged US Navy's ship can be done in Sembawang Naval Base or Shipyard.

Anonymous said...

Smrt hire experts from mumbai chennai to fix. The problems will vanish in no time.
Foreign affair ministry should hire masters from mumbai university similar to information authority hired one with master and queried in parliament, toothpick said good degree. Botak said later ignore the qualifications, can do the job, hire from foreigners.
Kee chiu can fix wp problems in same way as loony using day and night to think to fix wp. Fix wp will fix pap problems: pap problems vanish in think air. kee chui needs xo chai tao kway to nurish his brain 10 times brighter than ordinary folks. The price difference for 2 types of chai tao kway, and he eats xo type will tell his intelligence.

Anonymous said...

1.35pm //Botak said later ignore the qualifications, can do the job, hire from foreigners.//

Chio see lang ...?

Botaknomics' TLLM started 2003/ 2004?

At that time many still in primary schs?

2017 many graduated with honours degrees ...?

What happened?

2017 latest flash estimate economy grew at almost double 2016 pace ...?

But many graduated honours degree in May 2017 no jobs for many months then finally take up temp job at $6 - $8 an hour?

2017 graduates not by-products of Botaknomics TLLM policy implemented in 2003/ 2004?

Go google for yewrself ...?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say that what Rocket posted in 11:41 are facts and are good for the interests of Singapore or else the govt would not have done it. As for the many Indians in high places, they are there on merit. They are better than the rest and therefore appointed to those positions.

If they expand CECA and bring in more Indian talents, Singapore would prosper more. What's wrong with having more Indian chiefs in charge? This is meritocracy regardless of race or nationality.

You may disagree with me or with the govt. But this is what they think is good and the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Chua Chin Leng //You may disagree with me or with the govt.//

At least such policies have uncle's (& many oldies') blessings?

That's great?

According to a bank's demographic report in 2017, the 15-yo and below this year (2018) will be lesser than the 65-yo & above (young oldies and old oldies {75 & abive}) ...

So thats great cos the (young & old) oldies can definitely outvote the young generation for many years to come given that baby boomers year each cohort 50,000 to 60,000 whereas millenial cohort babies no enuf?

Uncles, the garment should be graceful to yew all for your unequivocal and categorical affirmative support & blessings ....?

Anonymous said...

Many times 3 Indian & Bengal construction workers; 1 work & 2 watch. Just looked at the uneven road patches works in recent years all over Spore. From top to bottom, Jiak Lug.

Anonymous said...

2.27pm //Just looked at the uneven road patches works in recent years all over Spore. From top to bottom, Jiak Lug.//

Many areas such as Outram area alone got more than 1 stretch bug hump like unviversal galactestical roller coaster in middle of road?

"Very FUN & exciting" driving across such "hump-ful" roads especially big vehicles carrying small children or oldies (unwitting) going over at normal speed (50 km / h) cos such stretches appear out of no where so no time to slow down to a crawl lah to slowly pass such (big roller coaster) hump ...

Heard many oldies supposedly enjoy such "qi gek (aka excitment)" they reportedly suggested to the bus drivers to u turn and go over such humps a few times cos foc no need pay $76 to go inside yew s s to "enjoy" such ride?

So again must be thankful & graceful to such people lah (for creating roads to be bumpy or have roller coaster effects ...)?




Open all the remaining floodgates or build more (to crate tidal wave or tsunami-like effect? More "qi gek"?)

Anonymous said...

241pm hahaha...yes sir..you have the logic of our paper generals...majullah.

Anonymous said...

Uncle CCB //As for the many Indians in high places, they are there on merit.//

Tiok lah ...?

Look at the peace after they replaced bug nose?

No more riot (since Dec 2013)?

The elephant in the room is the top post?

Put one there and "GDP GROWTH will go through the roof"?

Like what Cantonese say about "prosper" ...?

"Fa toh hmm cheng hmm chor" ...?

Uncles & oldies will be very "thankful & graceful" ...?

"Mai Tan" Liao ...?

Anonymous said...

Oops .... typo ...

Should be "Uncle CCL" ...

Pai seh ... Pai seh ...

Anonymous said...

Some bro noticed it and msg ...

Din realise initially ...

Thks bro for your msg (abt the typo error) ...

Anonymous said...

Uncle Rb(Safer to use this initial ...? Won't make the earlier typo) //Finally, after avoiding making any comments directly on the strained relations between Singapore and China, Wang Gungwu, the Confucianist gentleman, wrote a piece in the ST on 18 Dec highlighted the 4 major events that were the roots of the problems.//

According to the logic of one, ....., ahhem ... ex-PM, those who "fled" the cuntry to adopt foreign citizenship are "QUITTERS" ...?

Some wise men once said, "Look at what the sayers did, not what the sayers said?"

"Gentleman" (but) which cuntry citizenship?

Virgo49 said...

Singaporeans into Foreign Countries are Quitters.

Foreign Traahes into Singapore are Talents.

You think migrated into other Countries easy? ??

Unless you go to people's DONT want Shits countries.

Must at least have some qualifications in Talents or Dough before they granted you citizenships or unless as Refugees.

Ask Lau Goh where are his children and the Papies Elites.

In Sinkieland? ?

Anonymous said...

Virgo 4.16pm //You think migrated into other Countries easy? ??//

Ya lah ... not easy?

So how to classify those get angmo citizenship but work in Asian cuntries for past 40 years (& suck daft pple taxpayers $$$? {thru tkss/ miving of the lips up & down? Asian taxpaeyrs suckers?)

Rocket said...

Immigrants are NOT QUITTERS. Since time immorial, human beings have been migrating and inter-marrying without stopping.

The REAL QUITTERS are those who betrayed their own Cultural, Historical and/or Ancestral ROOTS!

Anonymous said...

Having said that, doesnt mean this cha tao was rt lah ...?

Yew also know some gal went for angmo (tua kee?), si bor?

This cha tao tawked only lah but after that kena karma liao cos means he also "cursed" some (of his own) pple who chose (more) tua kee xxxxx as quitters ..... or now becum squitters (cos ang mo tua kee, tak boleh tahan? Call bed until whore neighbpurhood can hear ...)?

Anonymous said...

Oops, typo

Should b3 "whole neighbourhood" ....

Not "WHORE ..."

Anonymous said...

Virgo 4.16pm //Must at least have some qualifications in Talents or Dough before they granted you citizenships or unless as Refugees. //

Ya hor?

This keng Wang qualification so big liao can get angmo citizenship ao easily ....?

But hor must still crawl back to suckersland to earn gis dough?

Angmo cuntries see his big qualification paper no up?

Or easy to pian chak in suckerlands?

Anonymous said...

] As of 2015, the population of the Singaporean diaspora stands at 212,000,[1] with Australia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom having the largest communities of overseas Singaporeans.[2]wiki

At this rate what will happen?

Anonymous said...

Virgo 4.16pm //Unless you go to people's DONT want Shits countries.//

R yew saying not atas to migrate China?

XiDaDa wont be furious if he hear that?

Call China "Shit countries"?

Yew bor jing chor?

Yewr ancestor countries not China?

Think 1st choice to migrate to is China!

The (DEAR GREAT) MOTHERLAND? (There are so many nice songs in youtube etc abt the endearing motherland zhongguo, zhuguo ...)

And not some quitters (or squitters) preferred angmo (tuakee) cuntries?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 04, 2018 4:48 pm
//As of 2015, the population of the Singaporean diaspora stands at 212,000,//

As of 4 Jan 2018, must at least add a few more lah ...?

Ay, rn, lsw, lsy, ls.......?

In 2013, this tcj called those who were against Pinoy holding their Independ3nce celebration in orchard or padang "BIGOTS"?

So why u worry?

Sinkies run road, tcj can get pinoy replace mah?

Pinoy got abt 100 millions population?


Anonymous said...

According to tcj logic, PRC should allow foreigners (including Japenise) to hold their National day celebration in say TianAnMen Sq?

Can see the logic?

These type of pple water enter the brain liao?

Some more labelled those patriotic sinkies who (vehemently) opposed this (crazy) idea "BIGOTS" ...?

So no choice lor like ay & lsw need run road?

Anonymous said...

Its a one year job of US220millions and what u mentioned local ship\yard didnt get it. Was it because of quality?

"USS John S. McCain has returned to her home port at Fleet Activities Yokosuka, where she will undergo a $220 million, one-year repair period at the navy's Ship Repair Facility-Japan (SRF)."

The decision for USS repair depends alot on quality of welding involving mig weld and flux core wire etc. The quality of the welding is super critical. The US navy trust the Japanese workmanship more, than the sinkieland workmanship, whose workers are foreigners migrants.

Mccain s damage was not structural, yet US shipped the ship to Yokosuka for repair. Knowing the quality of welding workmanship is critical for war ship.

b said...

Is Lee a manchurian? Why he likes to oppress han chinese. Is Xi also a manchurian? China is quite diverse. Why OBOR to europe not SEA? Why make the europe rich? THey armed jap and killed many han chinese. Did china say anything when overseas chinese kena bullied? Can china be trusted? No one can be trusted.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 4.51

You think easy to be Chinese Nationals??

DONT understand the Hong Kongers.

Instant PRC with access to all of China and they want independence.

Wars also big chance of surviving in mountains.

Nuclear or no no clear.

b said...

China has no freedom of speech but white people give the people this freedom. You can say bad things about the queen but cannnot say bad things about xi or lee. Amos yee very good example. Yellow people still have a lot to learn from white people. Holding on to power is fruitless without doing it right.

Anonymous said...

It is very scaring one can be become irrelevant because of OBOR, just like seegate and westendigital have to move out of malaysia due to new memory storage medium use in computer. Another example is the CRT TV replaced by LED TV.

Anonymous said...

@ January 04, 2018 8:46 pm

Do you think it's even more scary that PAP can never become irrelevant (and get voted out) because "stupidity has no cure"?
And since Singaporeans are stupid people, do you think they will be PAP slaves forever?

Anonymous said...

Why OBOR to europe not SEA?
January 04, 2018 8:16 pm

This one must be another "clever" Singaporean.
Answer: Because Europeans have the money to buy things from China.

OBOR to Singapore for what?
Singaporeans everyday " I pee, I chee, I tua lup nee"

Singaporeans got no money lah.
All the money taxed away or locked up in CPF.

Only PAP Millionaires got money to spend.
But how many pairs of shoes can they buy?

Anonymous said...

Lao Virgin 8.20pm //Wars also big chance of surviving in mountains.//


Then get the oldies living in cities to live in mountains lor?

1st world survival skills in mountainous terrain/ jungle?

Winter time at nite temp falls to minus 20?

Easy to survive mountains?

Now Xi Jin Ping need economic growth cannot rely on export reliant model to angmo countries especially after 2008/ 2009 GFC?

So how?

One is OBOR?

But realistically how many countries along OBOR import demand need to add together to even make up 10% of mainland's gross GDP of USD12.8 billion (in 2017)?

So what other (economic) option(s) does Xin Jin Ping has to sustain GDP growth?

It is URBANISATION, (stupid)?

So now yew hv 1st tier, 2nd tier, 3rd tier, 4th tier (& probably in forseeable future 5th & 6th) CITIES to engender sustainable economic growth in the middle & long run?

So now more than 60% mainlanders reside in cities?

Nuclear war can survive for years in mountains?

Now millenial city kids survive one hiking trip in small mountain or hill oso got problems?

Urban pple survive long term in mountains (in a nuclear war)?


Bluff who?

Who is the kongcumkia or agong?

Anonymous said...

Oops, typo

Should be USD12.8 trillions ...

Anonymous said...

China has about 1,350,000,000 people?

How to house them all in the mountains?

Build 50-storey HDB flats? (Lol)

Assumming each mountain holds 10,000 people, to house all the people could take up to more than 1,000,000 mountains ...?

Even in China, how many mountains do they have?

Mathematically, it doesn't add up ...?

Virgo, yewr math what happened?

Time to brush up?

No need introduction who to learn from ...?

There are two world famous (mathematicians) in peesai ...?

One of them should be "quite free" (cos his term was "not renewed" last year and retired from his ceremonial though highly-paid post?) and some more holds a PhD (Math). Means his name got a Dr in front ... yew know ... Dr ... but not the same Dr as Datuk Abdullah Tanah Merah Ayer Rajah lah ... that one is not PhD but practises medicine ... but if yew ask him he should know who this mathematician is lah ... if not ask Ah Say or Ah Lian, together these 4 are quite famous lah (in 2011) ...?

Having said all these, just realised the place virgo frequents regularly is also mountain almost 2,000m above ground & has plenty of high rise buildings (hotels) ...?

So the next projects is for China to build them in the mountains ...?

Make sense?

Can become tourist attractions or integrate some casinos during peace time?

Build a Dubai type 800m structure on a mountain and the tip could be in the sky or outside?

At nite, when residents cannot sleep, can take the elevator to the rooftop and look at the cosmic stars?

Such tourist attractions sure sell liao?

Sounds good?

Virgo49 said...

Hello Bro, even if China were to be in WWIII, not all of China will be at War. You think they want to waste their bombs on those irrelevant locations in Inner China??

So, chances of Survivals are greater than the Little Red Dot. No need WWIII, Sea levels rising will sink Sinkieland.

What I refered to Shits Countries are India etc. Now you want to be China National, they also DONT want you.

Too westernized to create Shits in their Nation.

Fine example our PeeAyam.

Also, traitors lot like OYK, whose father is a Barisan Socialist Top Man with LSC and now for the sake of glory and wealth became a turncoat.

Can be PeeAyam meh??

People also wary of you.

China one lake can be hundred times bigger than Red Dot. Pop no problem.

Whether you want to suit your lifestyle in the mountains.

There is Woo Tang and Shaolin Temple.


Anonymous said...

Virgo 7.02pm //Whether you want to suit your lifestyle in the mountains.//

Oldies so adaptable meh?

No electricity, no internet, no tap water, no nutc, no kopitiam, no aircon, no heater, no atm, no refrigerator, no robinhood deparmental store to buy clothes...., (lifestyle) can suit meh?

Wrap banana leaf around groin area & chase after wild boar like cavemen?

How to find food & water?

And keep warm at night with freezing temp?

Then thunderstorm how?

Build attap hse?

Also boring already men, women get together then after 9 months how?

No hospital mid wives & gynae to help those in labour?

Also how to register the new born?

One father, how many mothers?

Or one mother, how many fathers?

Wu Tang, Shaolin?

Back to ancient pugilist world?

Mb outside the time at roulette tables, u read too many sword fighting books le?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.37

You must not have visited China much.

Ever been to the Mountains?? Only Genting Highland.

You be surprised how much amenities they have in the Mountains. Better than Resorts with their Clouds like living in Heavens.

When you are surviving in WWIII, you still want to have Seven Virgins at your side? ?

With masks 24/7 in cities where you cannot even breathe? ?

The old folks of China and Koreas been living in the mountains till over 100 years old and city folks die at aged 48.


Anonymous said...

Virgo 7.51pm //Ever been to the Mountains?? Only Genting Highland.//

Tell yew the mountains climbed before xia si ni ...?

100 Yr old virgovirgin: ///You be surprised how much amenities they have in the Mountains. Better than Resorts with their Clouds like living in Heavens.///

Even if 1% of city folks in China swarmed the mountains, it will be tens of millions?

Tens of thousands in Syrian border refugee camps already so much sanitation problem & disease spreading around?

With tens of millions refugees in mountainous areas, within days the diseases could spread faster than any nuclear bomb radioactive emission?

Unfortunately no GP clinic, then Dr Abdullah Tanah (Curry) Boke have to operate a makeshift table under a tree but also no medical supply & must take queue numbers made of fallen leaves & twigs?

How many (patients) can Dr Andullah treat per day & without medical supplies (before he himself fall sick from fatigue amidst trying conditions)?

Lao Virgin: //The old folks of China and Koreas been living in the mountains till over 100 years old and city folks die at aged 48.//

Where did they get their daily needs & supplies?

Oso from cities mah?

Mountains swarmed by tens of millions or hundreds of millions of refugees how to live till 100 yo?

Many may not survive beyond weeks or months given poor sanitation and spread of diseases under such conditions?

Food, water, tents, blankets, heating tools etc etc would be among many problems?

Still hope to live till 100+ yo?


Virgo49 said...

You does not live in these regions b4 thereof you do not really of their self substaning living.

Sinkieland with her 10 millions chiap Cheng POP will have Zero survival chance.

Honkies are more daft than Sinkies when they can go to the mountains and at least a chance of Survival rather than cooked alive like the Sinkies.

Daft Human creatures. Even animals have the instinct to survive better.

b said...

Sinkies will go and live in oz n nz in future. There will only be foreigners and oldies living in smalland. Communistic china is very anti assets that why so many prc move their money outside the country. If country is good, the people will stay and no need to move and live in other countries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In China all lands belong to the state. Residential property lease is 70 years. Business used 50 years. In this way, property prices cannot be spiralled out of control. Speculation of property prices would not last long and mainly in highly urban areas.

Living cost would be relatively lower than other countries when property prices can go stratospheric.

b said...

January 04, 2018 10:12 pm>>
OBOR seems to benefit europe more not asean or asia. You sell people stuff you also must buy. Thats the logic of the train route. Asean completely cut off if useless to them. Why china must benefit angmo? who owns china? that is the problem.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, my Ding Dong with this interesting Anon is on when there is a Nuclear Holocaust.

Not mistakenly for migration to China.

What I Said is that China is so vast that the chance of surviving a Nuclear Holocaust by Dotard Trump or Handsome Boy Kim is greater in China than other places.

The inner China had environment that Humans and animals could survive in the event of WWIII with Nuclear Bombardments.

Rather than living 24/7 in gas masks. Rather die than these living conditions.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My advice, engage only when you think the other person's reasoning is based on logic and not on belief or temperament or some hangovers.

When someone chooses to say black is white, let it be.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, I am also guilty of saying black is white or white is black at times.

There are times when one just cannot say black is black or white is white.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 05, 2018 8:01 pm
//Mr RB, my Ding Dong with this interesting Anon ...//

Uncle Virgo,

Pee Pee Pee Pee Peeeeeeeee ..... Pee Pee!

Qiu SYN liao ...

(Half time BREAK ...)