Japan faces greatest danger since WW2?

This is what the lying Japanese PM is saying, that Japan is facing the greatest danger since WW2. From who, from North Korea? When have the North Koreans attacked or threatened to attack Japan? What did the North Koreans do that is posing the greatest threat to Japan? Building and testing their own weapons to protect themselves from the Americans threat of an invasion is a threat to Japan?

Which country had invaded North Korea? Which country had colonized North Korea? Which country had turned Korean women into comfort women to satisfy the sexual lust of the Japanese soldiers? The country that invaded, colonized and ruled North Korea is crying out loud that North Korea is a threat. And it is using this very excuse to remilitarize Japan, the most cruel invader of Asia and South East Asia, today pretending to be angels and a nation of peace, a nation threatened, exactly like the Americans across the Pacific Ocean.

A peaceful nation does not need to armed itself like Japan today and wanting to have bigger armed forces when it is already the second biggest armed forces in Asia. The Japanese armed forces and military capability dwarfed what the North Koreans have. A peaceful nation does not need to rewrite its pacifist constitution so that it can go to war. The pacifist constitution is already good enough for Japan to go to war when attack. Who is going to attack Japan? It was the Japanese that were attacking everyone else in Asia, wanting to conquer Asia and the world.

The slimy Japanese is following the example of the evil empire, just find some excuses, or provoke another country and then demonise that country as the provocateur or aggressor, then invade. They still believe they could run wild in Korea, butchered the Koreans, turned them into slaves, their women into sex slaves.

The Americans have divulged their private discussion with the Japanese and revealed that the Japanese have plans to invade North Korea. So by keep harping on a foreign threat, Japan would have good reasons to attack and invade North Korea again. It would be nice to see how many Japanese big cities, including Tokyo, be flattened by the North Koreans just like how the Americans flattened them. It would be nice to see a few nuclear bombs in Japan, bigger and more powerful than the two dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This is how mad the Japanese especially the likes of Abe are. The victim countries of WW2 have changed and are as strong if not stronger than the Japanese would want to believe. And the concentration of population in Japanese cities would mean the destruction would be of unacceptable proportion.

This is how devious the Japanese are, still thinking of going to war. A leopard would not change its spot. The ugly and hostile and aggressive Japanese are up to their nonsense again, to think of invading Korea and to colonise Korea, to have more Korean comfort women, to kick the Koreans around. It is a pity that the South Koreans have forgotten the Japanese colonisation and humiliation and would be on the side of the Japanese to kill their own brothers and sisters in the North.


Virgo49 said...

Wow, every day American Media lambasting and washing their dirty linen of all their Evil Deeds in Public.

One segment saying Hillary Clinton is now in shits trying to hide her evil and the Obama Administration dark secrets.

When will Sinkieland's dark secrets be revealed???

Likewise the Japs. They are too afraid of their Evil deeds been exposed and vengeance on them if they make a wrong move.

So, the Guilty Ones ought to raise their voice and innocence loudly pretending to be victims.

Karma really works in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

When the Japs r going to arm themselves & attack NK or PRC, they r going to face an all out military might of the Jedi Kim & KungFu Panda...May the forces be with the Jedi & Panda patriots.

Rocket said...

In an oblique way, this cunning, slimy and unscrupulous bastard Dotard Abbe is right.

He is right because he knows it is he who is the danger. He created the danger for Japan and for the Whole World.

His actions for the last 10 years have been to bring Japan back to its pre-WW2 situations. His moves to change the Japanese Constitution to an Aggressive Militarised Posture instead of Defensive has erased all doubts about Japan's hidden intention.

Anonymous said...

SK has big bunch of US supporters. They want to invade NK. Bear in mind, SK needs US to approve if they can delay a war game during winter Olympic Games. SK is a colony. NK is not.

SK now wants to reclaim the disadvantages such as comfort woman Japan had inflicted on its citizens.

Japan s increase in military budget has been known for a long time. It will take F35B to run on its war ship, modified to take bombers. The F35B will be in good use when US invades NK.

There is no other way out. The Punjabi woman took UNSC that US will not talk to NK if the latter does not give up nuclear weapon. Give up the sword? It means surrender to Kim and his people. He would be over thrown if he really does that.

The final decision has to be made. US refuse to stop war games at SK. This is the demand by China.
In parallel move, Kim will continue to shoot missiles. He has planned for one and ready to go, according to air photo.

Whether Japan will invade NK is no longer a question mark. Japan is US s ally, together with SK. Kim is unlikely to throw nuclear bomb at the south so close to its own people. To teach US and its politicians to stop aggression, Kim is highly likely to thrown nuclear at Tokyo s US bases. Will US want this result? The result is guaranteed success. Kim has tried many rounds of tests.

Abe is right. Japan is dangerous to be hit.

Kim is highly flexible. He talks to SK to scare Trump. SK will want Kim to be his troops commander than US 4 star commanders, if based on common sense. Of course the power play in SK is not unified. But Kim s success on nuclear weapon development is a boost to Korean race as a whole. Can Taiwanese, sinkies develop nuclear weapon? None can do it. It is a success to NK. This scared US.

US dare not to take NK because the war might trigger Russia to come into Asia, similar to middle east. Putin is ready to go. That scare China, which had rumored to have discussed with US, to allow the latter to move into 38 degree to take the Kim and nuke and move back again.

Kim will not want to be played out by China working with US. He moves towards SK, so that in war, SK will have to make its stand clear.

The NK war is dependent on Trump. But he must withdraw US citizens in SK and Japan. So it is not now. When withdrawal takes place, war is on the go.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Mr Rocket, just to add your earlier observations of sinkieland becoming a colonised state of India, not U S.

They have Little India Light up out of the blue. Before CNY Light Up. When in the world they have this additional Light Up??

Sorry out of tropic of today's tropic.

Just want to point out.

Sinkieland going to the skunks.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.09 is correct in his observations. SK with quite a number of converted Haellualh believers preferred USA rather than be United with Kim.

This Mr Moon, the current President is confidentially more willing to co-exist orev even be United with the North.

Due to restraint controls by the USA with their past administrations and lackey Presidents, SK is been in way been harnessed by the USA.

So their talks frightened the US and their lackeys allies.

ST as usual spewed SK and USA wary of the talks. USA and her cronies would want them to be divided as a United Korea posed danger to Abe and his cronies.

Handsome Kim very smart move in having talks with Moon. They may suggest reunification. Moon is trying to wean off the USA. But he might be killed as Japan and USA want none of this.

USA and Japan wants all nations to be divided and ruled to remain as the Big Bros of the World.

Also those cronies and por lam pars of USA.

Rocket said...

Once Sinkieland becomes sufficiently clear that it is going to the dogs (or black ants), Malaysia with the backing of China, would have good reasons to claim back Sinkieland. When the conditions for Independence have been broken or when Malaysia sees Sinkieland as a threat, influenced by external forces, Malaysia has the right of self-defence and regional stability.

So would be Indonesia also.

If Malaysia and Indonesia ganged up together, Sinkieland's policy of "Jobs for Foreigners, NS for Sinkies" would not be able to defend itself even for 3 days.

The ruling elites would either surrender or abscond. Citizens would not fight. Foreigners would run away as early as possible. The UN would not be in time to take any concrete action. The US would be countered by Russia and China. India would be on war-footing to defend against a strategic military move by China.

Asean is a toothless paper rabbit ( not even tiger).

Anonymous said...

Paper generals are still on fantaland with their paper fanta scenarios.

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAPer Generals are Nazis in disguise?

Anonymous said...

This anyhow cry wolf by the USA and Japan to justify military action is a very dangerous principle for small states like Singapore. Singapore must not fall into this trap and support this farce.

If not careful, Singapore's enemy can also cry foul and claim Singapore is a threat if Singapore buys bigger guns and more powerful weapons like the F35s.

The American deceit and ploy to attack another country by crying wolf is a heinous and extremely dangerous act to be allowed in international relations.

Anonymous said...

1 hardly talked about on sinkieland: China is building a naval base at a peninsula next to Gwadar port. This naval base will facilitate China navy at India Ocean, reinforcing watch on South China sea and the Gulf. US stops aid to Pakis. It is timely, China announce the naval base project after Trump cancelled all security aid to Pakis.
China PLA bombers have be encircling Taiwan. Its not news. Few days back, China flew commercial jets pass the dividing line between Taiwan and China route M503 without first informing Taiwan.

US news papers advised Trump to sail its fleet near Taiwan to threaten China. Some researchers in US however thot that China is unwilling or not confident to take back Taiwan to rule it as a province.

Both incidences told China is expanding outward, US is moving back, cutting cost.

Both China and US do not want war to hurt their economies. It can be sure, US will not defend Taiwan if Taiwan declares independence thro its coming "referendums", in which only 25% of elected population needs to agree. Referendums such as whether population want to name Taiwan passport as Taiwan Republic or ROC (as now), will bound to surface.

China will be embarrassed, if Taiwan s passport bears Taiwan republic, without the govt declaring Independence.

So do not think China has deep pockets. Its debts are world top, on GDP terms, sinkieland is also among the top ten. These top ten cannot afford to go war.

NK has not much debts, but poor, as Trump laughed at them. It will go war with Xi s motto to PLA: "pu par si, pu par ku" not afraid to die or hard work.

Japanese will not be pu par si, US marines will not be pu par si, taiwanese will not be pu par si.

Many will pray US move across the 38 degree line to fight with Kim. It is the once for all solution to Korea problems since 1953. Win or lose, Kim will have to show his ruthlessness to Japanese and US marines. It will not end with North or South after this war.
Kim will have to chan chui, bet 100%, live or die. Kim might end up winning like Ho Chi Meng.

Anonymous said...

24/7 supermarkets Don Don Donki and Mustafa, which store is your cup of tea?

According to Chairman and founder of Don Quijote Takao Yasuda, he hit on the idea of starting the chain in Singapore when he was surprised by the pricing standard in Singapore, which is twice or thrice more expensive than almost everything of Japan.


I thought NTUC FairPrice is supposed to keep prices "fair" ???!!!!!

Anonymous said...

China has a lot of debt but still got a lot of reserves and money to spend on BRI, AIIB and Bric banks. Chinese banks alone are lending more than the World Bank.

USA also got a lot of debt but depends on printing money to live but no more money for big projects like BRI. Don't have money to rebuild its ageing MRT. No more money to fund its space programme. Demanding all its allies to pay up.

Who is in deeper financial trouble?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 06, 2018 2:17 pm //According to Chairman and founder of Don Quijote Takao Yasuda, he hit on the idea of starting the chain in Singapore when he was surprised by the pricing standard in Singapore, which is twice or thrice more expensive than almost everything of Japan.//

Don-Don-Donki located @ Basement 2 of Orchard Central?

Super clever marketing (by NTF FEO/ successors)?

Above got many others Big Jap Stores like Uniqlo flagship store in SEA?

So far traffic quite good when many other parts (of Orchard) pak mang ...?

At Uniqlo, everytime go there need to wait so lo(ooooo)ng for availability of next fitting room?

Don-Don-Donki even more crowded (& almost fully automated)?

Quality of good so fresh like the salmon sashimi and big big pack so cheap nutc no fight at all???

Diagonally opp Cuppage Plz frequent haunt of Jap pumped with libido .....?

So non-stop crowd of jap and sinkies shoppers ...?

At the corner of Don-Don Donki near the underpass link to ctr pt one gigomous & atas jap wine counter but at super "Fair" nutc price (in fact much more fairer than nutc itself) with range & selection that beats nutc hands down and confirm almost all cannot find in nutc ...?

So shiok buy a few packs of sashimi, sushi, seafood, tempura & tereyaki chicken from the supermart section and enjoy/ chill out at the wine section (tug away at a quiet corner), people-watching the occassional hip youngsters or sinkies walking past ...?

Good, cheap & tln ... ?

Yew Pi, Yew Qi, cheap cheap weekday evenings finger fd cum pappy hours ...?

FEO in good hands with top rate successors...

How about peesai?

Under laogonomics & botaknomics boleh jln?

Anonymous said...

If one pays close scrutiny, one will find that FairPrice logo has a capital letter "U" added in front.

This has been there for at least the last 10 years.

The "U" represents "Un". So actually it is openly saying UNFAIR PRICE!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 06, 2018 3:08 pm
//The "U" represents "Un". So actually it is openly saying UNFAIR PRICE!//

If compare apple to apple for some similar or same products, this could be the case?

Take for example a recent popular (SPICY) cup noodles brand (UFO) among youngsters ...?

Can yew imagine Don Don Donki (non-promotional) price in the middle of peesai tourist shopping belt is cheaper than nutc price (in non-atas hdb heartland outlets)???

Jap quality really not bad ...?

The Don Don Donki supermart salmon sashimi cut & freshness are damn good and cheap some more ...?

This nutc especially outlets in orchard area like the one along killiney (certainly) has its work cut out (and wont be surprised the consumers residing around orchard areas such as those along river valley switch to Don Don Donki for some of their purchases ...)

Hope Chairman and founder of Don Quijote Takao Yasuda also take notices of the "sky high prices" in many heartland malls like Bullock, 10peeniece, Zhuloooong (& give some of the monopoly in many heartland districts a run for consumers' $$$)?

Anonymous said...

Actually already saw many maids (staying around river valley areas) buying their household stuffs from Don Don Donki supermart in recent weeks ....

Even the maids are not so daft ...?

Whose lunches are being stolen (while still in their dreamlands 9am in the morning and just started eating their breakfast dim sum at 11 am)?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 06, 2018 2:17 pm
//According to Chairman and founder of Don Quijote Takao Yasuda, he hit on the idea of starting the chain in Singapore when he was surprised by the pricing standard in Singapore, which is twice or thrice more expensive than almost everything of ....//

Chairman Takao Yasuda is not wrong?

He should also tell his other biz compatriots about many other sectors that are way over-priced (& find a way to come in ...)?

Another "over fat & sloppy" sector is the telcos?

"Ripping" users off (yet) with "lousy services" ...?

Anonymous said...

If sinkies telcos GLCs are opened to (foreign) competition like the shipping lines, they could (easily) go the way of NOL even faster?

Anonymous said...

Japanese now won't take the Korean girls as sex slaves as Korean are malnourished and thin. If u now watch the Internet, most Japanese girls with good food and nutrition are well endowed with big tits like the white girls. They are now used to big tits girls so likely not interested in North Korean women.

Anonymous said...

Parody of January 06, 2018 4:46 pm post.
Do you think PAP also won't take Singaporeans as work slaves anymore?
Do you think PAP prefer slaves from 3rd world countries like India?

Anonymous said...

Political Joke
For you.
(Never ending number of taxes).

With you.
(Never ending number of Millionaire Ministers wanting their million dollar salaries).

For Singapore.
(For Singapore means for PAP. Because Singapore is PAP).
(If PAP meant Singaporeans, they would have said Singaporeans).

True or not?
You tell me lah.

b said...

The european angmo were stupid enough to trust the jap and arm them with technology to invade china. They got their karma and lost their overseas territories as the japs betrayed them. It is history repeating itself but this time is america angmo. This time usofa will break up. Working with japs will only bring jinx luck. Learn from it.

b said...

Karma will hit pap one day for treating own people so bad. Karma will hit eu one day for bombing other people for their heating needs. Karma is real and will be around for a long long time.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //The Japanese armed forces and military capability dwarfed what the North Koreans have.//

Likewise Don Don Donki 24 Hrs Superstore SUPER DUPER fresh fruits & delicious $2 sweet potatoes DWARFED what nutc have ...?

This Sg Donki outlet really brought in the same fruits they had in Japan and the quality is so gooooooood nothing in nutc comes near ...?

The only drawback is day time the lines are very lo(ooooooo)ng but luckily it is open 24 hours ...

The best time to go there is between 1am & 5am each morning, the cooked food, fruits, sashimi, seafood etc in Basement 2 really gooooood & fresh .... can eat just gooooodness & freshness in aqualand, really shiok!

After that can shop in basement 1 where there are so many items only found in stores in Japan .....

So far already went back there several times & nvr get bored or tired ...

This Don Don Donki 24 Hrs store in Orchard Central Basement 2 (& 1) really DWARFED what nutc has to offer ...?

Thinking of going there later after midnite so as to avoid the daytime crowd ...

Any oldies cannot sleep can join there limkopi (@ nearby 24 Hours fast food outlet)

This Jap store at Orchard Central is now arguably the one and only reason to visit Orchard for some sinkies (and especially in the wee hours on a Sat/ Sun morning) ...?

What war?

The only "war" is the "wighting" to get hold of the freshly cooked sweet potatoes at $2 each (as the queues can be superlo(ooooooo)ng during daytime ...?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //A leopard would not change its spot.//

Would "Laogoqnomics" change its "spots"?

Anonymous January 06, 2018 2:17 pm //According to Chairman and founder of Don Quijote Takao Yasuda, he hit on the idea of starting the chain in Singapore when he was surprised by the pricing standard in Singapore, which is twice or thrice more expensive than almost everything of Japan.//

It is "frigthening" to hear from the Jap that //the pricing standard in Singapore, which is twice or thrice more expensive than almost everything of Japan.//

What had caused it to be so?

"Asset inflation" of Laogoanomics got nothing to do with it?

What has the "TLLM" of Botaknomics achieved for "peesai"?

"Asset inflation", "TLLM"?

Laogoanomics? Botaknomics?

Would the old guards be turning in their graves if they realised what had Laogoanomics & Botaknomics done to the "peesai" ...?

Anonymous said...

That is why it's better to buy online esp from China so as not to pay the assets inflation or gst. Example a led light bulb in sg may be $6 but from online I paid $3.20. T handle for kitchen cabinets in sg $15, from online 2.20. Good quality toothbrushes in ntuc $9.30, I paid $2.plus many other items.😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

Take for example cup noodles ...?

How much can it cost?

What is the production cost?

Why some brand of cup noodles is selling @ $2+ to $3 in nutc?

In matland, some sinkies managed to buy them for $1+?

So what accounts for the price differential?

As far as international trade is concerned, under the various FTAs (Free Trade Agreements), such goods should be tariff free when imported ...?

What accounted for the "huge" price difference?

What implications does this have on peesai?

Can it be explained via "Laogoanomics" & "Botaknomics"?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 07, 2018 7:36 am //Good quality toothbrushes in ntuc $9.30, I paid $2.plus many other items.������//

In Batam the hypermart are selling them even cheaper?

A lady sinkie Batam travel Video, shopping in a hypermart (watch from 5.25 min to 5.45 min):

Anonymous said...

Coming back to some of the expensive cup noodle in nutc ...

Wah ! So expensive (so people tend to associate with "Made in some expensive/ atas country of origin") ...?

Flip the cup noodle and read where it is manufactured ...

Omg ...

Indoland ...?

And selling close to $3 per cup (some more promotional price)?

Branded toothbrushes in a pack of 3 selling for 10,000 Rupiah or $1/= in batam in a hypermart in a modern shopping mall (sama sama those type in JB aka CS or KSL) ...

If a upmarket shopping mall hypermart can retail branded toothbrushes 3 in one pack for $1, one (miserable) cup of instant noodle made in Indoland but sold in peesai nutc for close to $3 (at promotional price)???

The Math doesn't add up, does it? (Unless yew use Laogoanomics or Botaknomics pricing formulae)?

(Remember one Laogoanomics practitioner in 2005 brushed off a $600,000 salary as peanuts?)

So the oldies & masses etc got to bear the brunt of the muddled economics of Laogoanomics?

To the extent that even rich Japanese businessman was "shellshocked" the prices for many items in peesai are 2 to 3 times those back at home in Japan?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Warren Buffett once said, when there is no real value, the inflated price must collapse. When people are paid in the millions, being unproductive, did not produce anything of value, the system would collapse eventually.

The high cost of everything would make this island irrelevant just like the US dollar.

Anonymous said...

The very high rental means higher retail prices for all products in Spore. Spore effectively got only one landlord. Its monopolistic profits structure of Garhmen. An extremely unhealthy structure when leeders become self serving n self enriching.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Bros, just go to JB-the Store and DIY in Melaka.

All the DIY accessories or now even Ready Uses items are just a fraction of what's you buy in Sinkieland.

The Toilet accessories of shower heads, basins etc are what's they sell in actual value of RM and the same price of the RM in Sin $$$.

Tesco maggi Ketchup/Chilli sauce at RM3.20 per bottle. - $1.00 plus. Their Nescafe Black at RM9.90- Sin 3 plus.

That's why thousands cross the Causeway and to Melaka everyday.

Dan Yong said...

Hi Red Bean,

Daniel Yong here. I highly recommend the book "Gold Warriors" by Sterling Seagrave. In it you will understand the secret history of post war japan and see the relationship to today's world events as it relates to Japan and the US. But the book is about the true story of the stolen gold looted from SEA countries which the US used for black ops around the world and to rebuild Japan. Read it.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Daniel, will try to take a look. There are plenty of info in the net about the evil Americans and the barbaric Japanese scheming to dominate the world.

The Americans are working on a plan to attack China in a blitzkrieg to wipe out all of China's anti ship missile capability. This is how aggressive the evil Americans are, preaching peace and planning war.

They called the plan Air Sea Battle, targetting at China.

Dan Yong said...

Hi Red Bean,

The book shows how the yankees sold out their own POWs by keeping the finds secret and destroying the dog tags, how they dug up the gold with the help of Marcos of the Philippines, remelted the gold, and off loaded them on the black market.

I think the ASB plan has evolved and it is now called the Joint Concept for Access and Maneuver in the Global Commons (JAM-GC). Essentially a more politically correct way to attack another country.

Also as you know, not too long ago, the Japanese revised the reading of their constitution. So now, the yanks can start a war, and the Japs can come and finish it. It's called "aiding your ally".

As for JAM-GC, I just saw this article. The concept sounds interesting but their methods are not revealed.


Anonymous said...

The Jap if the follow thru on a US led war in Asia, will be the one harmed & played out. When the American death bodies start increasing they will freak out. Japan is now an old older oldest aging people. It will be likely destroyed by China or Korea if it really play punk n fight a real war. Imperial days Japan is over. Abe is in fantasyland. And if his arrogance n ego persist, many Japanese will suffer greatly. Hope no war.