Hawaii a tragicomedy, said North Korea

The North Koreans succinctly described the Hawaii missile attack a tragicomedy. This is right on the spot. The whole of Hawaii went into panic mood with many people in fear and expecting to die. Many went through agonizing moments deciding what to do in a no choice or Hobson choice situation, to kiss the mother or to kiss the children good bye. Putting a nation of people into a frantic mood was indeed a tragedy and a tragicomedy when it turned out to be a mistake by an employee, identity kept secret, cannot be disclosed. Why cannot be revealed?

The Japanese governor David Y Ige apologized only after 5 hours. The Head of Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency, Vern Miyagi, another Japanese, claimed that it was a mistake by a single employee and the system could not be cancelled immediately because there was no standby procedure to do so. The said employee was redeployed, no action taken! Was this employee another Japanese?

Why was this a tragicomedy? It is fair game if the Americans were in charge and developed this system as the Americans are definitely very capable of fouling up the whole system. But the Japanese, a people noted to be highly efficient to the point of perfection, like the way they destroyed Hawaii in WW2 Pearl Harbour attack with precision, that they messed up such a simple system and procedure and could not cancel the false alarm immediately, no provision for it?

Can you believe in this shit? The world may not, but the daft Americans would believe so, just like they believe that the attack on Pearl Harbour was not a premature attack because the ‘honourable’ Japanese would not lie or do a sneaky attack on the Americans.

The tragicomedy did not stop there. It started from the very beginning from a Cry Wolf story fabricated by the Americans themselves. Kim Jong Un is building his nuclear weapons and wanting to attack the USA. The North Koreans are a threat to the world and to the USA. Kim Jong Un is a mad dog, a mad man, an aggressive man, and threatening the Americans. The Americans are the good guys, not provocative except for conducting daily massive military exercises outside the door of North Korea practicing an invasion of North Korea, flying nuclear bombers along the borders of North Korea, so peacefully.

The Americans are ‘peaceful’ people, the North Koreans are aggressive and provocative and wanting to have war with the Americans that could wipe them out from the surface of the earth.

The Americans started this threat by provoking the North Koreans daily. The Americans then frightened their own people of a nuclear attack from North Korea. The Americans, or was it the Japanese, started a false alarm, that the North Korean missiles were flying to Hawaii, to bomb Hawaii. And the Hawaiians were terrified and with good reasons. The warning came across the air, in all forms, ‘This is not a drill’.

A few hundred thousand Hawaiians were put into a situation where they stared at death for 38 agonising minutes. No one could turn off the false alarm! No one, no, the system did not provide for such an event, to cancel a false alarm. It was not done, or could not be done, or nobody thought it should be done, to have a proviso to cancel a false alarm.

This is the Great American Empire, with the best men, the best equipment, the most advanced scientific and technological war machine. But they never think of having a procedure to cancel a false alarm. Are they all fools? And the poor Americans in Hawaii were subjected to such a terrifying moment unnecessarily.
Is this not a tragicomedy?

PS. Did anyone see a Japanese conspiracy to get the Americans, Russians and Chinese to nuke each other in a nuclear war? My hunch tells me the culprit that pressed the missile alert is another Japanese. I am waiting for the US govt to investigate this matter and reveal the identity of that person. If they don’t tell, your guess is just as good as mine.


Anonymous said...

And the poor Americans in Hawaii were subjected to such a terrifying moment unnecessarily.

Not Americans, but rather Japanese Americans. A lot of them in Hawaii u know, perhaps 70%, that's why can have a Japanese American governor and top civil servants.

So not that poor lah, since they deserve what their own kind did to them. Of course the 30% non Japanese Americans suffer the tragicomedy together lah, no choice.

Anonymous said...

Alamak, NK vs Hawaii again...nuclear war again ...for real?..Dotard won't dare to fire lah..its only fire & fury words mag..

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //This is the Great American Empire, with the best men, the best equipment, the most advanced scientific and technological war machine. But they never think of having a procedure to cancel a false alarm. Are they all fools? And the poor Americans in Hawaii were subjected to such a terrifying moment unnecessarily.
Is this not a tragicomedy?//

Peesai MRT (flooding) fiasco:
This is the Great Meritocratic Society, with the best (paper) 3* General, the best equipment, the most advanced scientific and technological transportation machinery. But they never think of having a procedure to detect falsification of (maintenance) records. Are they all fools? And the poor commuters in peesai were subjected to such a terrifying moment unnecessarily.
Is this not a tragicomedy?

Anonymous said...

Knn mean we nearly Kena vapourised

Anonymous said...

But they never think of having a procedure to detect falsification of (maintenance) records.
January 26, 2018 9:20 am

Is that why we call them PAPer Generals?
Everything go by paper only?

Anonymous said...

What is Hawaii that deserves to be stroked? Command centers do deserve nuclear bomb? Hawaii mayor was too up town, Japanese mah. On the other hand, his home will be attacked bc there are big US camps. There is no unlikeliness when war starts with NK, and Tokyo can avoid missiles attack. If changi hides US war ships, changi might/will get missiles.

It is well known, NK need not to have ICBM to shoot at US main land. Many papers said NK needs to aim low and the trajectory will meet the distance, on main land but may not on NY Trump tower. If it is a h bomb, anywhere is good enough, toibo?

Every day US news will talk about NK is a threat. When US fleets are harboring near NK, they are friends to the Kim? Therefore, all the talks will have to be pulled down to basic.

When is the time to press the button? Fire now. Its 2 minutes to Apocalypse for US, not for Russia, certainly not for sinkieland. So who is concerned?

The whole world is bias towards the theory that NK is threatening US. It started in 1953. However, the smart chap was NK s Kim Jong Il. This old Kim was upset when China confirmed to recognize SK in 1992. He declined Chinese s dinner and went back to NK. He started the nuclear program as top priority. He wanted NK Workers party to set priority for the military. Ie from 1992, NKoreans realized they will be wiped off if they maintain to be "little brother" of some "tah kee". There is no future for little brother, as Duterte showed it.

Kim s son now holds the h bomb button. No matter how few, there should be ten buttons at various places, tio bo? From CNA, some expert said NK has 60 nuclear bombs. Thats not many to US. US should test NK with its own nuke arsenals? Want the ass burst into pieces? That is the answer to the same question. In another way: can US test NK s nuclear if it works?

The UNSC is controlled by US. On the ground, Russia is no stranger to support NK. Kim s New Year congra listed Putin as first for 5th year. The war is not easy to US if Putin has a hand in it. It has proven in toppling Assad in Syria. Putin put in S400 to defend Syria.

In war with US, Putin will ask Kim to allow him to put S400 near SK border. That will put a great threat to US forces on SK. Therefore, US is scared to have war with NK. But it s sanctions will have to be broken. Kim is smart to work with SKoreans. SKoreans is on tight rope. If it does not want to flatten Seoul, it must make PEACE with Kim. No 2 way about it.
If SKoreans want to go with US to threaten Kim, the answer will be a conventional war first. That is Seoul will be scarified as test ground on frontline. Kim will receive bombs from US, and he will fire arti and missiles on US camps and Seoul. Who get hurt most?
US will dare not to move ground troops into the north with all angmor and no koreans. The angmor troops will be overwhelmed by the NKoreans, many are hiding in holes and tunnels. Vietnam war had taught the Koreans how to handle US marines. No one will expect Kim s father and Kim to neglect the weaknesses of US marines when they invade NK.
Have war with NK. It s a test on asian s resilience once more. US must open fire first. Question is when. NKeans said to cna reporter: even fighting with bear hands, they will fight: the auntie said on street.

Anonymous said...

I do believe the person who pushed the button is a Japanese. But I do not buy the idea that it is a conspiracy. It is rather a stupid system designed but never used until recently. No thoughts were given to actually deploy the system as Americans see no reason for any nuke to hit Hawaii. They are more worried about nukes hitting NY or other major cities.

Americans are rash and arrogant. Always thinking they are the best. As a matter of facts, most are rather dumb witted. All they can do is talk and talk a lot. Only certain percentage of Americans are truly gifted.

Anonymous said...

Vietnam allowed US fleets to visit DA NANG in March is a great news to China main land. US had passed a law to allow US fleet to visit Taiwan.

These Mattis s requests can be useful when US engage NK in war. Flight time will be shortened.

Rocket said...

The Japanese have been secretly preparing for revenge on the Americans for their humiliation in the WW2 and the annihilation of at least 10 million Japanese citizens as a consequence of the two Atomic Bombs dropped onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not just during the immediate aftermath of the Nuclear Explosions, but even until today because the effects of the two Atomic Bombs had far-reaching unimaginable negative results.

With their sneaky, deceptive and devastating Imperial Naval Armageddon Armada and the zero Fighters flown by kamakasi pilots, the Japanese we're able to destroy Pearl Harbour together with and the American Fleets and Air power therein, but they were unable to invade and capture Hawaii during WW2.

However, against all odds, despite the American-dictated Constitution imposed upon Japan to deny and prevent it from having the ability to launch any more attacks against any country in the world, the Japanese have been implementing their National Strategic Master Plan over the last 72 years:

1. Using emigration to subtly infiltrate and "invade" various places of strategic military, logistical and intelligence importance by occupying, manning and controlling These locations, eg Guam, Hawaii, Diego Garcia and certain locations within Continental USA.

2. Infiltrate into the US Military, Intelligence, Scientific Research and Technology Centres by becoming American citizens to avoid suspicion.

3. Overcome and destroy the American manufacturing capabilities, infrastructures and developments so as to make the US military dependent on third parties for its production of strategic military weapons and equipment.

4. Military capabilities and power wise, the Japanese were constricted to a small Defence Force (Army, Navy and Air Force) in order to limit its ability to become an atrocious aggressor with evil expansionist design again. However, this did not deter the sly and cunning Japanese leadership from building up an aggressive invader's Armed Force. Since the early 1980s, Japan's military has been secretly organised, manned, trained, equipped and maintained as a fighting machine capable of increasing its size exponentially with a very short period of 6 months to a year. Every single digit of manpower has been trained as a commander (leader). There are no troops. The troops can be trained in times of need within 6 months. Other required specialists can be trained within one year. This is how the Japanese can expand the size of their military by at least 20 times whenever they want.

5. Nuclear weapons capabilities of Japan is an open secret. Within the period of one to two years, with the present development of modern technology, Japan can produce enough nuclear weapons to attack China, Russia and USA simultaneously. Japan's storage of plutonium, uranium and thorium is so huge that any fool can guess what her intention is - what they are to be used for.

Briefly, the above five factors are only a fraction of the main gist of the Japanese Secret Intent to rise up as a Formidable Military Might to DOMINATE the World again.


Anonymous said...

Lao Hero // If they don’t tell, your guess is just as good as mine.//

Uncle RB, many readers appreciate your thankless task & efforts to awaken those retard, imbecile, daft etc who are either too stupid to be cured or hopelessly too daft to experience any salvation?

As for tragicomedy, there are many instances in history happening under various circumstances:

Take for instance the bloodshed during the Han Dynasty before and after the death of Emperor Han Gao Zu (Emperor Liu Bang).

Extract of Succession Power Struggle during the Han Dynasty:


Liu Fei is the eldest son of Emperor Liu Bang but unfortunately his mother died when Liu Fei was a child. Subsequently, he was not chosen as the crown prince (aka Tai Zi) when Liu Bang ascended the throne.

Crown Prince 刘盈 (Liu Ying) was the son of Empress Lv Zhi, and was disliked by his father and seen as a weakling ...

Before Liu Bang could replace Liu Ying, he died prematurely and Liu Ying became the Emperor.

The preferred successor of Liu Bang was Liu Ru Yi who was very bright and considered a chip off the old block by Emperor Liu Bang.

Unfortunately before Liu Bang could change the crown prince, he was severely injured in a military expedition and never recover.

Liu Fei was pitied by Emperor Liu Bang as his mother passed away when he was a baby.

After Liu Bang became Emperor, he rewarded Liu Fei lavishly.

When Liu Bang died, Dowager Lv Zhi wanted Liu Fei, the eldest son of Liu Bang dead but eventually Liu Fei through fate managed to escape certain death and live till his natural death.

b said...

The head of 50st state of usofa also very stupid to put a jap in charge of such a button. Luckily Trumpie very smart and did not fall for the misdeed and prevented a war and many casualties. Many should thank him for that.

Anonymous said...

Extract of Succession Power Struggle during the Han Dynasty:
January 26, 2018 3:57 pm

Do you think Chinese people are stupid people?
After 5,000 years of deadly power struggles for the family throne and dynasty ... do you think the modern Chinese politicians have learnt the lessons?

Anonymous said...

Tragic comedy.
Loongson: darJinx, i told the shittimes the peeM handover not so simple with motherhood mumbo jumbo to impressed the daft. At same time shoot the lauGoh who had been suaning me. What do u think?...get strokey Hengboy to warm for one term n u ensure our RedYi promoted to topcat. Then 2nd KeeHand seat warmer ready, our boyboy can come in at state level. Keehand is so cockup our boyboy sure shine. After that boy can be peeM, just nice. Heng, Keehand n Ye are all kwai n full so no problem. All grounds covered. Your ultar losses by then no sight no sound no trail. Now must fix that LauGoh down. Knn bey thar han.

Anonymous said...

There will be no new deputy prime ministers in the upcoming Cabinet reshuffle and his successor will be known after the next General Election.
After next GE, when the general support % is far below 61%, he still has command for respect?

Anonymous said...

Ah Goopy has been collecting easy money by the millions every year for the past 14 years with much ado about nothing. He has been receiving multiple streams of easy money from taxpayers sweat and blood and tears hard labour.

His conscience now pricks him because he has been having night mares over the last few years. His dead mother's spirit must have been speaking to him - just like the Loony openly told reporters in an interview that he has been hearing his dead father's voices frequently telling him what to do - similar with someone suffering from a severe mental disorder.