Fantasy story – The elusive secret of winning in sports

Singapore wants to be in the World Cup final. Singapore wants to win Olympic gold medals. Finally one came in the last Olympic Game by courtesy of Joseph Schooling, trained in the USA with the USA claiming the credit. Oops, Singapore is also claiming the credit. Other than this flash in the pan moment, no more golds, no World Cup finals, while other smaller and poorer countries are flashing their Olympic gold medals on their chests and being in the World Cup finals.

What went wrong? Every few years Singapore would brag about hiring the best coaches that would bring in the golds but the story always ended with duck eggs. What is this secret of all secrets that Singapore is unable to decipher, with all the money in its pocket, to win some glories for glory hunger Singapore?

It is reported that Singapore has engaged another great coach in a Stephan Widmer for the swimmers. Hope he will concentrate on training the coaches. He is not supposed to train the swimmers. Hope he would not be involved in political fightings among the athletes and coaches and do the things he is paid for, ie coaching. Better remind him before he starts work or else he would think it is part of his job, to play with local sports politics.

Yes, this new coach has many secret strategies for success, eg, ‘He is someone who has to learn how to travel, how to go through time zones, how to adapt to different conditions as quickly as possible’ or ‘So we sent him to some (Fina) World Cup events last August because the only way to gain this experience is to go through it. You can’t read this stuff out of a book’. Wow, revealing great secrets for success. KNN how come our daft coaches did not know of such great stuff that I also know?

Widmer came with a five pronged strategy, to include athletes, competitions, support staff, parents and coaches. I think this will guarantee to bring in more golds. Privately I know that it would end up just like before, more duck eggs. Oops, oops, should not have said such negative things.

Seriously, what we need is a miracle or a miracle coach. Is this Widmer a miracle coach, someone that can produce miracles? But he is telling so many things that our coaches did not know or previous international hires did not know.

PS. Without the right material, without the willingness and commitment to do three times more than what other athletes are doing, you can only dream of gold medals, even with the most expensive coaches.


Anonymous said...

About the gold fish JS, one KFc guy got the cheek to claim credit & even wear the gold medal , why busy sia ah? KFC doesn't know what embarrassing means to him, even a Disgracefu & Dishonourable AhGua man also wanto to take photo with JS, so wat if JS won't win any medals or never win any medal in next or even future Olympics games ( not to curse him) probably JS would be caste aside & told to go back Sinkieland to serve his National Slavery, Sin city sports & arts scene r very pragmatic & partisan in nature, whoever against it will be condemn 4ever, think that JS won't come back to Sinkieland & better to stay in Uass as his future & career r all there .

Anonymous said...

Lao hero //Widmer came with a five pronged strategy, to include athletes, competitions, support staff, parents and coaches.//

Knn, this "strategy" any 3-yo or pri sch teacher or coach also can spout leh?

Some JLB is getting "more despicable" in their "depth" of "blind blanket shooting of arrows"?

If yew cant understand that, yew are on the rt track ...???

Anonymous said...

Without the right material, without the willingness and commitment to do three times more than what other athletes are doing, you can only dream of gold medals, even with the most expensive coaches.

I think the problem is without the right material.

Because without the right material, got willingness and commitment also no use.

For example the chef is willing, committed and knows his job, but if his ingredients (materials) are of poor quality or worse even stale, how can he cook a good and delicious meal?

Good chicken rice sellers will tell you that the quality of not only the chicken but also the rice is very critical. For example, you cannot use frozen chicken to cook good quality chicken rice, u know.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland cannot produce good material coaches to help Sinkies win Olympic Gold Medals.

USA can produce good material coaches to help even Sinkies who are willing and committed like JS to win Olympic Gold Medals.

It all boils down to the environment. In fact JS himself said it as much that it is very hard to train in Sinkieland.

If the soil is poor, u cannot produce good quality crops.

If you try to grow pineapple in Singapore soil, u will get pineapples the size of hand grenades, let alone sweet.

That's why people say Sarawak pineapples are good, because the soil there is good.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland environment under PAP cannot produce good food and talented people.

Sinkieland PAP govt can import good food, but may not be able to import talented people.

So Sinkieland will have to settle for second or even 3rd or 4th best talents available to come to Sinkieland to develop and grow the GDP to peg to minister bonuses.

Sinkies will have to settle for less bad PAP to govern them, because the opposition is worse by not being even ready to govern, let alone govern better than PAP.

Anonymous said...

@10.09am & 10.18am

That's why the minion white woman DisGraceFu is cutting Sporting budget, see the Sinkies footballers now many local born soccer players r migrating to Matland or overseas as they know no future for them when they r over 23 yo & garmen cutting budget on footballers, more cut corners to come for those sports that doesn't make the grade.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are lousy because their PAP govt is lousy, and their opposition even worse.

Lousy Sinkies deserve lousy govt, because they don't want to become better than PAP to govern them.

So Sinkies have to blame themselves if they are daft and suffer from money no enough under PAP.

Smart Sinkies will make money so they won't suffer under the lousy PAP govt.

And if they cannot make money here, they will go elsewhere to make money, or to have a better life.

Smart Sinkies joining opposition to become better than PAP to govern is the last thing they want to do. This one PAP knows, that's why PAP is confident they will win again next GE, and PAP ministers will continue to have million dollar salaries and doing a lousy job.

Anonymous said...

Our ex-president also did put on the O gold medal won by Schooling.

He looked very very nice with it!


Anonymous said...

Our ex-president also did put on the O gold medal won by Schooling.
10:39 am

He said JS put it on him, and not he put it on himself.

So out of courtesy, he also cannot reject JS putting it on him, even though he might feel embarrassed. And I think JS by his act, indeed embarrassed the KFC lookalike President, for those who thought KFC put it on himself.

Virgo49 said...

The PAP like Hokkien said: Ai pee Ai chee koo Ai Tua Liap Nee. Literally translated as Want cheap, want fresh and want Big big ahem.

Lamented that no Singaporeans want to take up Construction and other blue collared tough professions but only willingly to pay a pittance.

Likewise, the Athletes. Conned them to take up these professions but not willingly to look after their REAL welfare and long term future security.

Only favoured them when they can perform and after run out date will find many reasons and faults to fire them.

Likewise the local or even foreign coaches. Too many
of the Managing Parasites fighting for Credits and Honours.

Putting too many of their square hole Kakis in The Sporting Councils and Associations without a ounce of experience in that line of professions.

Only good to leech on the sporting events locally and overseas just to cheer them.

Athletes demanded that a portion of their winnings be given back to their Associations or affiliates as part of their trainings.

Already without security of providing themselves in old age, how to be 100% committed totraining? ?

Also, those who are in the sporting professions now as What's instructors or so called coaches in the Sports Circle are been paid as pittance when they were been lured by them promising them as what's Sports Champions on their T-shirts.

The PAP runs all functions as businesses with profits on their minds so no way could sacrifice benefits for the Singaporeans to be talented. Only profits and benefits for their self enriching.

Just look at Mr Tan Howe Liang who won a Sliver for Singapore in the early days when we do not even have proper coaching and resources. Yet he won an Olympic Silver.

The main reason is his own motivation and challenge for him. Did they reward him.adequately? ?

Poor man even getting Glory for Singapore, forgotten and work as a Gym caretaker with a pittance salary.

Also, old generation Sinkie parents been cajoled by LKY that there is No Place for Sports in Singapore as we are not a First World Nation to afford these activities.

So SINKIE parents only wants their children to have lots of "A"s and most are Nerds when they take up Sports.

Now, the Current PAP Elites think that we have arrived and in order to be a First World Nation to be recognised not only in Wealth but also must be good in Sports to complement the Title.

So they push for Honours but still calculative in selfish agenda for our Athletes.

With this type of Self imposed obstacles no way Singapore will be Good in All Sporting Events.

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong.

So many austerity measures and taxes raised this past 1-2 years, as if Singapore in dire financial straits.

Even above-60 seniors' $40-travel card also abolished.

Suppression of real news is also fake news!

Goh said...

Please lag Laochek.
Hokkien say jia lao huan xiong.
Sports are just a hobby for individual and one can spent whatever he want to get whatever metal one hope for but garmen spending too much money on sports is a waste.

So what one manage to get a gold metal?Who cares? Not as if gold metal can turn my country into hold island.Whats there to gain or profit from these so imaginary achievements?
I dun even know any so call medalist except one who ask deferment of NS becos of sport and it's a very wrong move to set precedent.No one should be exempted from NS except medical condition.
Having some games among like Sea games with neighbouring countries is a good way to built good rapport with them and winning should not be the motive or priority.
They are right not to squander money unnecessary and I am proud of them.At least they dun squander just becos it's ah Kong money.Wasting money on sports is a phuakay to me.Money should be use to help bringing down medical cost for sinkies Or helping the poor and not help the rich or lazy type .
If sport need sponsor then why not oso ask for sponsor for those who won 4D often.
They oso talented to know what number to bet weekly mah.
Same logic.It's a personal hobby.Stop having entitlement mentality.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add. Athletes also must have some athletic genetic genes of tough and tumble in their body and mind.

From small, they were not just closeted in just study, study and study.

They must be in an environment where they are released as free souls to be in the rough and tumble world of physical activities.

Not cosorted in tame environment.

Why Matland kampong boys can be even better athletes than Sinkies?
Also eat ikan bilis where as Sinkies athletes have the best facilities in training and vitamins.

It's because they have the early built up athletic strengths in their youths being rough and tumble thru the years.

So, in a way they have an early athletic rough training.

Our Sinkies children went into sports without these conditioning and thus have no athletic instinct

Most are Nerds when they are thrown into these world.

Likewise tough rough kampong guys made good soldiers rather than Scholars.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia just proved my point with his mentality as cajoled by LKY.

Sports can never put food on your tables in Sinkies Land.


Goh said...

And about construction....
Khongcum PGs those days really stop at 2 when told to do so.Many have 2 children so concentrate on study so these children think too highly and reluctant to do construction work,resulting in need to get FWs.
Construction workers are not paid peanut but are asking for more .
Contractors are helping Sinkies to have affordable flat so tender at low profit so salary have budget and paid only according of workers contribution .
If anyhow pay them well mean your pigeon hole can cost 70 k instead of 7 k.You think that time you can get a 7k flat if not becos of these employers who try hardly to meet your budget meh.You must instead
grateful to these past contractors .

Goh said...

This one I fully agree.
How many sinkies can run bare footed on uneven kampong road?
Sinkies must put on sports shoes,expensive type then can run,now grumbling not enough financial support from ah Kong.
Now you know why penangites never complain so much despite flooding.They can adapt to all kind of environment.

Anonymous said...

Every few years Singapore would brag about getting the best ministers that would bring in the Swiss standards but the story always ended with duck eggs. What is this secret of all secrets that Singapore is unable to decipher, with all the reserves in its pocket, to win good returns for Singaporean? 
What we getting is pay tax, pay tax and pay more tax.

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang, Govt shut down still wants to stir shits.

U.S. destroyer at the disputed islands.

China said DONT caused troubles.

I let LHL know then you know.

Anonymous said...

Must ask Lao Goh what has happened to the 'goal 2010' that our soccer team is expected to achieve? It is almost eight years past the target date and we are not even ranked above many of our neighbours. We are even ranked below Cambodia and just above Laos. How to get to the world cup? Maybe learn from Keppel?

Once in a while they talked about hiring this and that special coach that always ended with a whimper and wasting lots of money without any sign of improvement in our rankings. We used to beat Vietnam and Myanmar on the trot, but now they are perfectly capable of beating us instead. In time, we may not even be able to beat Cambodia and Laos.

When others are late in taking off, we can brag about our No. 1 status. When they do take off, we are always rooted and just enjoying past glory that have faded from most memories.

Anonymous said...

Is this real or another Fantasy Story ?

There once was an old man who withdrew all his CPF money when he reached 55 years old.
Spent all his CPF money on Batam women.
Returned back to Singapore with no money.
And expected the PAP government to look after him for the rest of his life.

And that's why the PAP government has to increase the CPF withdrawal age as well as the CPF Minimum Sum .... for men AND women.

Anonymous said...

2. Is this real or another Fantasy Story ?

There once was a PAP MP.
Her little baby brother was almost abandoned and left to die because of Fake News.
And that is why the PAP government must ban all Fake News in Singapore.

If we don't ban the Fake News, then all Singaporean families will have to abandon our little baby brothers to die.

Anonymous said...

3. Is this real or another Fantasy Story ?

According to one PAP Minister, floods only occur once every 50 years in Singapore.
The PAP Education Minister will be including this fact in all future textbooks.

Anonymous said...

4. Is this real or another Fantasy Story ?

According to another PAP Minister.
There is an elderly person who goes around collecting cardboard to sell.
Even though this elderly person has a 6 figure sum of money in his bank account.
But this is an exceptional example.

All other elderly Singaporean cardboard collectors are doing it for the exercise.

Anonymous said...

5. Is this real or another Fantasy Story ?

According to a recently deceased PAP Minister, he will rise up from the dead if he feels that something is going wrong in Singapore.

And since we have not yet seen the reappearance of this PAP Minister, then this means that everything is alright in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

13 On the great men he met:

“I would say the greatest was Deng Xiaoping. At his age, to admit that he was wrong, that all these ideas, Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, they are just not working and have to be abandoned, you need a great man to do that…” Tom Plate’s Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew


"To know and not do, is to not yet know."
- Confucius

Anonymous said...

The Ministry of Finance said the Instagram campaign is part of its overall public communications for Budget 2018, adding that it wanted to "encourage youth participation in the overall Budget process" - ST

What does it mean "encourage youth participation in the overall Budget process" ????

They already worked out what to tax, who to tax, how much to tax. What can the youth do ?????

Rocket said...

Be in the World but not of the world.

Be in Singapore But not of Singapore.

Be in PAP but not of PAP, who is in the people but not of the People.

So, help yourself. Because God only helps those who helped themselves to the coffers of Taxpayers.

Truth is always strangers than fiction. Therefore, Truth has always been taken as Fake News, while deliberately deceptive propaganda has always been pushed forth as facts and truth, by the self-serving, self-enriching and self-praising hypocritical politicians with no Conscionable Compassion.

Anonymous said...

One "Mad" ("Man") View of the "Whore" (World):

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️January 19, 2018 6:43 pm
//AS I write this, I am using the free WiFi at The Esplanade, looking across the bay on a rainy Friday to my favourite city...rocking in awesomeness and getting better and better.
The influx of foreigners is just fucking marvellous. This is now truly an international city. Unfortunately many local ASSHOLES are still behind the times and refuse to march lock-step to progress, a better life and more art, culture and science because of capitalism, open borders and the culture of MERITOCRACY.//

@ Rocket January 21, 2018 7:20 pm
//Be in the World but not of the world.
Be in Singapore But not of Singapore.
Be in PAP but not of PAP, who is in the people but not of the People.
So, help yourself. Because God only helps those who helped themselves to the coffers of Taxpayers.
Truth is always strangers than fiction. Therefore, Truth has always been taken as Fake News, while deliberately deceptive propaganda has always been pushed forth as facts and truth, by the self-serving, self-enriching and self-praising hypocritical politicians with no Conscionable Compassion.//

Anonymous January 15, 2018 12:32 am
//Basically, all the Paper Generals reached their rank and status (and having spent millions of dollars of Taxpayers' money) were simply based on their "A" Level results, scoring at least 4 or 5 Asses. From then onwards, having given Overseas Scholarships, they were sent to the best Universities in UK or US. Then having got their degrees, with sure pass guaranteed, they returned to Sinkieland to be predestined Paper Generals through fast-track incubator environment with acceleration in promotion, protected and monitored by a "special" Mentor in the SAF whose rice bowl is inseparable from ensuring that the White Horse that he nurtures gets promoted according to a fixed schedule, baring any untowards circumstances. So, within a predetermined time-table of 10 years, they should attain their 1st Star (Brigadier General). That was how these Paper Generals basically gone through. Plain Sailing, with the blessings of the Unfair Elitist System curved out by Amos Yee's Horrible Man.//

Anonymous said...

The American Supreme Court Is Finally Tackling Gerrymandering
- Academics give SCOTUS cover to rule on extreme cases of redistricting.


Anonymous said...

Fantasy story – The elusive secret of winning in sports

True Story - The elusive secret of losing in sports

Anonymous said...

6. Is this real or another Fantasy Story ?

“Singaporeans take this for granted.I grew up in England. I was mugged twice. A friend of mine was killed in a nightclub incident, so I don’t take things for granted."
- Ang Moh Tua Kee, Neil Humphreys, from UK London.


Singaporeans should therefore be grateful to our PAP government because Neil Humphreys got mugged twice in the U.K.

Anonymous said...

UK govt ministers are paid S$200,000 per year & no bonus.
UK govt ministers almost non were on public money on scholarship or in army.
UK govt ministers do not brag they are the best elite team.
UK govt PeeM do have a PeeMO office with ministers without portfolio & running a country 300 times the size of Spore & 12 times population size.

Neil Humphrey forgot the relevant differences. Its about gov't not his angmo experiences; wait until his CPF get freezed as a citizen maybe he then understand.

Virgo49 said...

To sum it up, the Sporting Associations and Sports Councils must have the Total Support from the Ministry of Vultures oops Culture and Sports to have a long term Liviehood Plan for future promising athletes

Not on Contracts or Ad Hoc basis where behind their minds the worrying of their future's.

Overhaul sporting activities in schools from primary onwards. Competent coaches in their respective area of professionalism not chiap Chye knows all lose all coaches.

The young be conditioned to the sporting environment of endurance, discipline, fighting spirits and challenges to their self.

Just like military training with periodically in camp Outbound Camps during School breaks.

Parents must also take these activities in the right mind and supports.

Now with more challenging and competitive environment in having these foreign talents chasing the diminishing available jobs, most would want their children better in studies than sports.

Only those who are wealthy enough to provide their children might support their careers.

But unfortunately, they would want them to be in those classy sports like Golf or Tennis where the prestige and rewards are there.

Not those field athletics that are deemed poor man sports with little rewards and nothing else than the medals.

Also, unfortunately these well of families been corseted since young are not Athletics materials.

In time, we might have a bigger pool of talents to select for the National Team.

Like in China, from young many are already channelled to these Sports Camps to be trained in their respective disclipines.

From there, they have a big pool to select for their Representations for the Country.

But maybe these are Better careers than the rest of their other careers in their country.

Sinkieland sports is considered still a hobby not a profession.

Anonymous said...

SP govt minister basic pay $1.1mln to $2.2mln, excluding bonuses up to 9 mths and other stuff, eg $200k mp allowance......of course much better performance expected with such pay for running a tiny city with kwai kwai citizens.

Goh said...

Can swim mean can swim.Since these are individual hobbies,why must the ministry give support .
Oredi a waste of money getting so call talent here to coach or represent us to me.
You another Ooluibotaekhai.
I say save the money help our poor and lesser privilege citizen more realistic.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, Ahgongkia, your parents gave you the correct name.

Till now still gong, gong.

Must have wasted lots of monies and time to educate you.

GKS would be very sad. In his speech he said you are are like raw diamonds to be cut and polished to be Gems of the Nation.

Think Evey body born already Geniuses? ?

No need to study and learn? ?Can swim means can swim. But how far?

You still have the First Generation Blind Mentality of prejudiced mindset that are stagnant in their thoughts.

Thought that time, they gave you unpleasant names to make you pleasant.

Looks like they failed in their superstitions.


Goh said...

Lao Chek.
I better then gks.He got loctor phua.
I got more meimeis.
Bottom line is not to waste money on sports.It's just another hobby.

Virgo49 said...

Poor Ahgongkia, two or three jobs to pay taxes to the Pay And Pay and also blood MONIES to his Meis Meis that sponged on him.

Have no time even to enjoy a single magical moment in Sports. That's why waste of time to him.

Anyway, to each his own. Different philosophies in life.

Some spend theirs normally whereas some like to spend theirs in filth. After working so hard to stuff dollars into their panties.

These creatures will never understand the Beauty of Sports.

How Lin Dan thrashed the how Lian whites and his female Compatriots trashed the loud mouthed and foul mouthed Indians and Spanish.

Hoepfully Next life will be the Tee Kooh going round to fertilize all the pigs.

b said...

Sg is only a stopover. The only sports for sinkies should be emigration. Why waste time and money with people that need the honour more? Sinkies need is to emigrate.

Virgo49 said...

A guy was having dinner at the Food Street:-
In an oversight, he swallows a coin and chokes. His wife tries hitting his back, slapping his neck, and shaking him hard with out any success to make him spit the coin. The guy begins to show signs of choking - turning blue. The desperate wife starts screaming for help.

A man gets up from a nearby table, and without saying a word, he lowers the guy's pants, squeezes his testicles and pulls them down violently. Naturally, the guy with irresistible pain spits out the coin.

The gentleman with the same astonishing ease & tranquility returns to his table without a word.He was in long-sleeves, , thick sunglasses, expensive watch n his Mercedes parked nearby. Soon the wife calms down & approaches the gentleman to thank him for saving her husband's life.

She asks: Sir are you a doctor? No, madam, I am from PAP. We are trained to squeeze the balls of the public to make them cough up every last cent

Joke on PAP

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the PAP Joke Virgo49

I thot I was the only joker in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Next life the Tee Kooh may be rebaorn as a sow and sodomised by all the other Tee Koohs.

Karma works in obvious ways as well. You will always be paid back in your own coins.

Goh said...

Only khongcum or losers will think of migration elsewhere .
This is the place our forefathers chose to settle down.
If you feel bandits were to rob you and your boat, you must try to defend your boat n fellow mates and kick out the bandits, not to give up your boat , charboe and surrender the boat to them.
Allowing more bandits and grant their wish only make your love one staying behind suffer more.
So stop thinking of quitting.