Daft complaining about not getting CPF savings back

There is another article posted in the TRE by a JW complaining that the ever caring and kind hearted people in charge of the CPF are rationing her withdrawal of her savings till the age of 95. And for so stretching the time span, she is getting $16 a day for the next 30 years.

Here are some of her comments.

‘First excuse: “Increasing life expectancy ”. This is just a rubbish excuse not to return our sweat and blood savings and pretend to act as good guy to look after us till age of 95 (Of course there are people who can live up to this age but is rare). Even our SM don’t even live up to age of 95 despite of having the best medical team to attend to him. For me, an ordinary working class auntie, I might not even last for another 15 years with this kind of pathetic payout. Ridiculously, without knowing me or my medical condition, they can speculate I can last for another 30 years to receive the payouts. HaHa!

Second excuse: “Extra Interest”- another rubbish excuse. I have indicated many times that I am not interested in their extra interest. I might not be alive any more to enjoy. I am not begging for any handouts but only getting back my rightful savings which I had worked so hard for the past forty years. Initially we were being told that these savings will be released to us when we reached 55 years of age….

CPF Board has been very inconsiderate and very cruel in giving this kind of treatment to senior citizen. I am not sure whether I am the only unlucky one or there are other brothers and sisters in the same situation. We are the ones who had struggled very hard to build up today’s nation. Instead of showing appreciation, we are being treated like old dirt with such low respect. Where is justice?

I have copied my mails to the Labour Minister who oversee the CPF Board. As expected, the betterer guy is acting blind and deaf to my concerns. Lastly, I have to thank my MP’s effort who has helped me along.’

She is asking for respect and justice! Did she really believe that she will get justice and respect at the way they held on to her savings and finding all kinds of reasons to delay returning to her? Did she not condone this act by voting for the people who made these rulings to be the govt? She should be very grateful and thankful that she had made the right choice. And yes, she is very grateful that her MP is trying to help and very helpful. See how daft it is? Who does she think the MP is working for and when come to the issue of the CPF, what is the stand of the MP, what did the MP voted for?

These daft deserved the govt they voted for. And they will keep voting for the same govt over and over again to show their appreciation. Maybe this is their way of showing how happy they are with the govt for caring for them and planning their retirement with their life savings. Why are they complaining when they voted for all these policies that are for their own good?

PS. Just accept the fact that CPF is not their money and everything will fall in place, and all will be fine.


Anonymous said...

She lucky her MP never tell her CPF is not her money.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, unless the MP helping her is the WP MP.

Also, not much he/she can do. Do they ever bring up the CPF matter in Parliament? ?

Or for that matter, any other REAL Liviehoods concerns in Parliament?

The only REAL SOLUTION is a COMPLETE change of Government.

Or Emigrate.

Are Sinkies prepare to do it? ?

With their Kaisoo, Kasi, Kia Cheng Hoo Kia Every thing Altitude.

So confident that they ruled forever that they can even talked of their Succession and future Celebrations.

Anonymous said...

Knn Rb, reading your article really spoil my day to be reminded of my money being locked in. But I must say that the propaganda is very powerful that my Wife even put in extra money to earn higher interest despite me trying to stop her that once the money is in, you lost control over it as rules kept changing. But I must admit that this is a very smart move to delay withdrawal. I thought the tricks are just minimum sum and changes in withdrawal age from 55 to 60, 62, 65 and later 67 or 70. This move to change the payout from 20 years to 30 is a brilliant move. They can think of all sorts of delaying tactics.

Anonymous said...

When they forced you to buy CPF life, it means that your CPF savings has been effectively turned into a tax . . .

Anonymous said...

The CPF should be returned to members everything at the age of 55 yrs old.

It shuld be optional to leave in CPF for earning interests.

Anyway 70% are very very very happy with the current arrangements.

So no point kpkb and kpkb again.

What can you do now?

Opposition can u turn this?

Very very very difficult!

Many many many already vested!


Anonymous said...

Serve them well and serve them right!

They already knew what have been happening for many election rounds, yet they continue to behave like a dog!

A dog Once eaten shit, will continue to eat shits - all kinds of shits (small shit, big shit, smelly shit, stnking shit, bitter shit and even poisonous shit). That is a dog's behaviour.

Sinkies have been trained to be dogs and horses by the Old Dart and now treated like dog's and horses by his more ruthless Prince.

Anonymous said...

Savings - money you put aside and can get back.

Tax - money you put aside and cannot get back.

CPF money cannot get back means that money has been converted into a tax !

Clear now ??

Anonymous said...

Does CPF ever declare how much money is in their hands? Trillions by now if no losses made.

Anonymous said...

too BIG to fail now

too BIG to fail now


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans love the idea of higher interest rate, money growing and would put more money into the CPF. Never mind if they can or cannot get their money back. They will be very happy just looking at their CPF statements.

Anonymous said...

One paika mp said in parliament cpf is not belonged to people. That paika mp is kept there to maintain the credibility. Its the elitist group s gambling money. The elitist group lost at least reported US4 billions on just one single transaction, sold. How much was lost is big question mark. No one can know it. The activities buysell tells alot if the elitist group still have money. U can do own statistic, correct?
Withdraw cpf means withdraw gambling capital from the elitist group. This will or may collapse the entire elitist group s "strategies". The group might have to sell at loss to pay for withdrawal.

The most important cpf members group to pay is the PR. This group must take their 100% out of sinkieland when they submit the demand. U can see this group is growing big to bigger. Cpf must pay cash to this group when at crisis. Let say this group has 600k. Each own cpf 600k. On crisis like riots or war, the overnight withdrawal is: 6billions. U think the elitist has 60billions cash now aday overnight? If that sum is taken, the entire cpf members will have higher minimum sum.
Bear in mind, many will know many PR work for 20 years on sinkieland while keeping their NS sons on sunny land ready to collect the cpf on behalf of their father. CECA the newly signed/renewed will enforce payment. This external debt of PR cpf is huge, should be more than 60 billions. It cannot be small as the minimum sum is set to increase "according to inflation".

Sinkie being mentioned to draw $16 a month, it is not a typical case without details like what other properties he or she owns.

However, there is one red line very clear. Cpf must honor the payment, even it is at installments. U will cry when they raise the minimum sum from time to time to reduce the payments. This red line is very critical for cpf members to watch.

Fighting for the lump sum withdrawal is cpf member s rights, sinkies should not ignore their rights to have jobs to earn cpf for the future.

If sinkies do not fight for jobs to increase their cpf "stock", the future for them is DEAD.

The elites continue to give jobs to foreigners to create more PR. This bigger and bigger group of PR will one day implode the CPF SYSTEM. One go, to rush home with 100% cpf might collapse the credibility of sinkieland: cannot pay all of them. These people from the north and sunny land will make noise and the whole world will know: boh lui liao.

Therefore, to fight cpf payment, u must vote for opposition like wp. Wp will curb immigration to ensure jobs are given to citizens, while Pap has already passed white papers, and will increase population to 7 millions in 10 years time.

If PR are to increase, good jobs will roll to foreigners. Young and old citizens will get into driving taxi Uber/Grab. No cpf: thats what the elites want/or boh chap. No cpf no payment in future. How about medical? flat installments?
Sinkies must vote for alternative population policy to solve their cpf problem. This is the better alternative solution. This loony is spending time daynight to fight opposition, his ideas are not working for sinkies benefits, except kakinan.

Anonymous said...

All PAP ideas, strategies, policies and schemes, and deployment of talents are for one single purpose only. That is TO ENSURE IT STAYS IN POWER FOREVER! Period.

Anonymous said...

One old lady at 70 yrs age got citizenship. Housewife no income. Hahaha. 1127am is right. Our ministers n Pappies are all about staying in power n milking for themselves as a team as comfortable n as long as possible as a self serving monoploy under the deception as pubic service. Wake up Sinkies. Its late but never too late to change your votes.

Anonymous said...

CPF? CPF? Who you think is the next PM?

Anonymous said...

It seems some group want xo chaitaukway. This xo has limited experience on finance and education, and did nothing noticeable in revamping workers rights in laws or raining workers wages. If this xo is given the job, the result indicates he has someone pulling his left and right hands. Cannot last long because the one pulling his hands may be called to serve with the lord as pm. It will be chaos for pap when policies one day this and one day that under xo.

Anonymous said...

ESM Goh Chok Tong says settling 4G leadership an urgent challenge, hopes next PM can be designated 'before 2018 ends'



Do you think this is proof that it is PAP and not Singaporeans who will be choosing the next Prime Minister?

So if the next Prime Minister is still a Chinese ....
- is it because PAP is still not ready to choose a non-Chinese Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

Anyway 70% are very very very happy with the current arrangements.
9:38 am

If the 70% have lots of money in their bank a/c,

then they will very likely leave their money in their CPF to earn the extra interest,

even though they are eligible to withdraw from their CPF.

Maybe 70% indeed have lots of money in their bank a/c, and happy to vote for PAP!!!

The kpkb ones are a minority, maybe 30% or less, so no worry for PAP even if they don't vote for PAP.

And PAP, from their IRAS records, know exactly how many % of Sinkies are having good income, assets and rich of course.

Anonymous said...

Therefore, to fight cpf payment, u must vote for opposition like wp. Wp will curb immigration...
11:10 am

WP not ready to be govt, and if cannot become govt, how to curb immigration?

And even if WP can become govt, what make u so sure they will not become like PAP?

Anonymous said...

Annon 2:39. This is the silly excuse all these while. The purpose of voting opposition is not about changing government. Voters are sophisticated these days. If the opposition won, so be it but we know the choice for PAP is strong and this is unlikely. But regardless, if people start to vote those credible opposition candidates in, the result is reduce seats for PAP. This may not be enough to remove PAP from governing but would have sent a loud wake-up call to PAP that future policies cannot be suka suka push to the people. That itself is good for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

U should vote for Pap. U dont have choice, that is your message. Others may not want to be u.

U go to restaurant outside put "not ready" or in chinese "zuin pei zhong". U starts to claim restaurants are not doing business. Its not doing business for u. its doing business for all others except u, when they are ready and put the "open" sign.

U cannot stop others going to other restaurants after they found your restaurant sells toxic foods. U like to take toxic foods by telling others that other restaurants are not ready. ie Wp is not ready but Pap is toxic is better. That is u. Others are not like u. If Pap is not taking away your jobs, your cpf, u must be those in 80s oredy. Its ok you vote for pap as your generations are fewer each GE passes.

The younger generations want jobs to build up cpf and want cpf to retire, they cannot vote for Pap to open to and cater jobs for 4 millions foreigners on sinkieland, in 10 years time, ie 2 GE away.

No jobs= no cpf= no retirement. its about survival. U in 80s, are going to heaven or hell. Vote for Pap, like eating in the toxic restaurant. U r not looking for jobs. Others will still vote for Wp. They cannot take toxic foods, they want jobs and cpf. The will go for other restaurants to feed themselves.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2.39pm

When all Sinkies think of not voting oppo party due to can't form govt, then the white men party will become more daring & more arrogant next time in making policies. When the voting result of next GE, the white men party votes win by 0.000001% this will indicate to them bziness as usual & nothing gonna change or nothing gonna happen to improve the lives of Sinkies. But if the votes reduce by 4-10%, this may indicate 'something is not right' is enough to send a msg to these white men, if still nothing improves then the voices might be even lauder, r Sinkies really Dafts? or Stupidity has no cure? Lets wait n see for the next GE & beyond...

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, the citizens don't have a chance to vote to choose their President.

The citizens also don't have a chance to vote to choose their Prime Minister! That choice is decided by the so-called PAP 4G elite leaders.

b said...

Gov these days are ponzi scheme operators. They want people to put money into this scheme but do want to give people back the money. Citizens are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Saw the ST headline: Peeping Tom gets 4 weeks' jail for criminal trespass and insulting a woman's modesty

Guessed India national.

True enough, the report went on to say: "While she was relieving herself, Mathivanan Manikandan, 24, an Indian national, turned his head and peeped." !!!

Virgo49 said...

Read Today Online of a Mr Tan Teck Kim appealing to the Government to allow him to use his CPF's funds to buy a wheelchair.

Just imagine. Have to beg the Ones holding your monies to release some MONIES to buy a necessity.

If the MONIES were returned to him he do not have to appeal or begged to buy his own wheelchair.

Same time, his balance MONIES can be used to live a more comfortable life before he pass on.

How the hell you know when you are going to die without even spending your own MONIES and now have to live a miserable life by having to plan for your future years when you cannot even stay alive now.

Just because the PAP does not want to care for your welfare if any.

They does not appreciate that the citizens also had contributed their part to the Nation whilst they are gainfully employed and paid taxes to them.

So it's the duty of state to care their welfare when they are disabled.

Worst than the Ah Longs who held your monies without you borrow from them.

Anonymous said...

The irony of absurdity in the PAP's Government (not pur government) is that it (stands for a nom-himan) does not only refused to care about you, it mindlessly, ruthlessly and atrociously makes you cannot take care of yourself by cunningly depleting and withholding your own life-long hard-earned savings which they conditionally promised to return by age 55. These two atrocious acts alone speaks volumes about their dishonesty, untrustwortinss, manipulativeness, cunningness and irresponsible behaviour..

Anonymous said...

The heartless and ruthless from the Ministry of Hell are forcing women in labour at KK Hospital to suffer even more pain and agony by selfishly forcing them to go cashless in refusing to accept cash, a lawful legal tender instrument guaranteed by the Constitution, Law of the Land.

Legally, anyone who refused to accept the Legal Tender Status of any Cash Monies (notes or shillings) is deemed to have committed an offence punishable with a $2000 fine or imprisonment of not more than 1 year or both. This law has not changed.

So, rightfully the Police should be investigating into this matter and bring those who committed the offence to task.

Anonymous said...

Loondu PeeAmm said go cashless just becos of a China experience you got a string of bootlickers going extreme without thinking. Even unconstitutional. No wonder we are less n less competitive. We used to compete n compare to HK now we have to compete with Bangkok. If this trend continue we will be competing with JB soon.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 1.26

Below is your Answer:-

According to a source close with the ruling party PAP, a fierce behind-closed-doors infighting is the real reason why the next Prime Minister is not yet decided. Two of the three front runners, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat and Minister of State Chan Chun Sing refused to give up their bids for the next PM post, while Education Minister Ong Ye Kung is just a distraction added by the state media to cover up the intense infighting between the two.A key reason infighting between the 2 Ministers is over Minister Chan Chun Sing's military profile. Most PAP cadres prefer Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat to be the next Prime Minister due to his better credentials over Chan Chun Sing, but PM Lee Hsien Loong personally prefers Minister Chan Chun Sing.

Many PAP members object to Chan Chun Sing because they are worried that the country may be perceived as a military junta, considering the number of army generals holding key appointments like Education Minister Ng Chee Meng and Speaker Tan Chuan Jin. Chan Chun Sing is Lee Hsien Loong's favorite as Minister Heng Swee Keat does not agree as readily as the military yes-man. During Cabinet meetings, the Finance Minister has expressed reservations over รข mega-projects costing billions in spending like Project Jewel and Airport Terminal 5 dampening the mood of the dictator Prime Minister.

Minister Heng Swee Keat also did not performed as well as Minister Chan Chun Sing, when the latter poured praises for the Prime Minister during the earlier Oxley Road saga saying this shows nobody is above the laws . Minister Heng Swee Keat merely commented let s go back to serving the people , much to the disapproval of Lee Hsien Loong.

Lee Hsien Loong is also worried that Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat may dismantle his Lee family s legacy and not pave the way for his son Li Hongyi,who is currently a director with the propaganda ministry, Ministry of Communications and Information. Minister Chan Chun Sing, who used to serve Lee Kuan Yew in the same constituency is "more loyal" compared to Heng Swee Keat

According to State Media, the next PM should be announced by September 2018.

The End

Goh said...

I will not repeat that seepeef is a tax to me and it should ideally be cheongkong to allow free medical for all,rich or poor.
Today I have got a betterer idea.Chenghoo should make use of seepeef to win more votes.
Give a bit of seepeef to these PGs when they go to visit their engpee in the meet people session.
Make them happy and release a bit more,bit by bit, to them especially for those PGs complaining no money to buy wheelchair and one can be assured that they will be grateful and will continue to vote for You.
Happy PGs,happy engpee,every erection sure vote ppp,erection can poonpeepee.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, you very Smart. Must be having lessons from the PAP Propaganda Lectures Meeting RC/CCCC Committee.

This is Exactly the Tactics used by the PAP. Begging for your own monies.

And later grateful to them for giving back your own monies.

The poor souls thought that the PAP are Father Christmas.

So vote fro them.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia u are very cunning just like them

Goh said...

Laochek Virgo
Luckily it's not me else i would have grant citizen like Mr.Tan TK that you mentioned above ,to have their wheelchair by deducting from their seepeef account.
Order bulk from China,cost maybe one for 20 dollar nia but deduct 120 or more from their seepeef.They dun feel the pain cos cannot see physical money .One wheelchair can make 100.Grant 10,000 can easily make million.
To hit target can actually encourage them drink kopi kaokao.
Citizen happy,engpee happy poon peepee.
But Chenghoo got conscience one.They care for citizen.
They tell you take lesser sugar shows that they care for you.Not giving money easily for you to buy wheelchair is to discourage you to limkopi kaokao and stay healthy lah.

Anonymous said...

Yes, agreed. Agongkia is extremely cunning and slimy. Very smart to twist and turn. Very unscrupulous too. Basically a shit stirer with a hidden agenda.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia n Cynical investor are 2 sophisticated pappies.

Anonymous said...

You called these sophisticated?

Anonymous said...

When the apple in your hand has gone bad, don't hesitate to throw it away to pick another one. The outcome can only be better and no worse. This is simple common sense.

Anonymous said...

Last time you dumb, so they gave you chance to vote. Now they know many dumbasses have become smarter, they took away your rights to choose and vote, so as to keep themselves in perpetual power. They will be taking your rights to vote for oppositions soon by removing all oppositions. You can see this coming.