Australia – Silly white woman and her white lies

Samoan PM Tuilaepa Sailele said the comments by Concetta Fierravanti Wells, a junior Australian minister, were ‘”insulting” to Pacific leaders and could “destroy” ties between Canberra and the region.’ “To me, the comments seem to question the integrity, wisdom and intelligence of the leaders of the Pacific Islands.’ He told ABC News. A China expert from Australia National University, Dr Graeme Smith said, ‘Whatever is built is a host country request,…The road goes where the Pacific side wants it to go, not where China wants it to go…The one thing the Pacific needs is roads. It is good for accessing healthcare, it can mean a kid going to school or it can mean the difference for a farmer getting his goods to market.’

Unfortunately what Dr Smith said and the simple logic would fail to sink into the simple minds of descendants of convicts, which is quite natural knowing their low intellect. How could convicts think rationally except to utter their vibes of nonsense? This is exactly what is happening and said in Jonathan Pearlman’s article in the ST on 18 Jan. The Australians, after robbing the natives of their land, are acting like the colonial masters of yesterday to condemn not only China but also to insult the intelligence of the Pacific Islanders, that they did not know what they were doing. Only the white gods in Australia know what is good for them and can help them.

China has been accused of building roads to nowhere and useless buildings for the Pacific Islands. Chinese aids are condemned and questioned by the white gods. They want the Pacific Islanders to remain as poor natives, lack modern roads and facilities unless the white gods come and provide them but not before robbing them of their land. They robbed the continent of Australia, the islands of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and all the islands in the Pacific Oceans for centuries, not forgetting the whole of Asia, Africa and North and South America. This is a major part of history that they would not tell.

Today, the Pacific Islands, after being robbed and kept as poor nations by the white gods, are seeking assistance from China. China came with aids, to help build their countries. The white gods are envious and pouring scorns and trying to throw discords among the Pacific Islanders with China. The white gods forgot their past colonization of the Pacific Islands and still holding on to their loot from colonialism, Australia and New Zealand, that don’t belong to them but the natives of the two pieces of land.

They can continue to sow discord, but the Pacific Islanders are not daft. They know what they want. They know what had been stolen from them. Don’t be surprise one day the white gods would be driven out of their occupied land by the natives they conquered and subdued.

The tide is turning against the white gods and their supremacy and rule over the natives of the Pacific Ocean.


Anonymous said...

The white gods are envious and pouring scorns and trying to throw discords among the Pacific Islanders with China.


But China also do a lot of business and have lots of investments with the white gods, u know.

And a lot of PRC nationals, and maybe also Sinkies, if they can, also want to be residents in white god land.

So China will just let the white gods be envious for all they want, no issue lah.

PAP will also let Sinkies kpkb lah, lagi no issue. And Sinkies not happy with PAP, they will just go to white god land to settle down, provided they can.

Virgo49 said...

China used their wealth to build, why you also beh siong? ?

Never used your single cent and you also no shiok??

You White Trashes better jaga your own backyards or backsides.

Big big fires and no roads then you know. You later ask China Men to bail you out.

Better, To die (today) go to the hospital to die (today ) to die.

Cannot even speak proper EngKok.

Anonymous said...

China economy grow in modern days r the hard work & diligent culture that keep the PRC great again. Many white people r envious of China growth & couldn't stand that they being lord over by the people that once being ruled & robbed of their land & treasures. Yes its now or never that the tides is changing or Chinese says '风水轮流转', this tide now is belong to China now. As wat a British Historian 汤米比 said in his book on the rise of China as China is going to be a leader that leads the world in thru the 21st Century the world has a lot to learn & gain from this tide. Sadly Sinkieland has missed this tide & its leaders unable to catch & ride on this tide is akin to a opportunity lost cause.

Anonymous said...

But no one can beat the Daft of sinkies leeders, preferring Fts than the blues. Moneyside same same; squeezed sinkies n give to Fts. Eg uncomfortdelgro tummysick give money to uber, give drivers to uber, give mkt to uber. Japan just legislate n uber cannot operate well n eat shit in Japan. Our daft leeders know how to legislate n bully sinkies but freak out with jelly legs as eunuchs to ang mo tua kee. "Stupidity has no cure" moving to the truth for jinx n eunuchs.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Opposition Parties and Singaporeans are like the Pacific islanders?
Do you think PAP is just like the Australian government?

Anonymous said...

The supreme white god now is Donald Trump. Many want to please him.

Apple's Tim Cook plans investment about US$350 billion in its domestic operations over the next five years and will create about 20,000 new jobs in US. Trump said on Thursday (Jan 18) that he called Cook to thank him.

Singapore's Loong went to Washington last October to witness signing of an agreement between Singapore Airlines and aircraft manufacturer Boeing to buy 39 aeroplanes, worth close to US$14 billion, which Trump said would create some 70,000 American jobs.

Anonymous said...

Pacific islands are no big nations in them. The whites influences are limited by their money. Most of the islands buildings are low rise. The white oz and nz could not spare their breads wide enough. Indonesia, Japan, India have been involved in these island s affairs. The whites oz are particular about Indonesia in the past. Now the Turnbull and cronies in nz pick on chinese s aid to these islands. The amount of money threw on these islands is not significant at all. Not like Forest City lah. Who will throw money on islands that do not have airport good enough or sea ports? These angmor are making noise probably bc Trump asked them to jaga "pacific islands", so these guards are doing their duties.

The recent signed agreement between Abe and Turnbull on defending the pacific sea waters with military exercises did not get response from china. Harry Harris having defense conference in India days ago said China is a stability problem in India ocean. All these encircling can be concluded by India s announcement that its missile called Agni V can launch nuke heads to any part of china.

China is helping Nepal or Nepal turns to china for aid. These small sums here and there are mainly for traders to penetrate the markets to sell chinese goods. China has done well in Africa on the similar model to help Africans to stand up against the whites exploitation.

If readers bother to read oz s lowy something will know these whites spreading fake news. Like the south china sea islands, the ang mor wrote those islands are covered under sea water when tides rise. How could china claim exclusive economic zone? Lowy said, the only island exists is Taiping island own by Taiwan not China. Such fake news are well respected by oz whites as real. What these whites do not see are the islands are occupied by chinese troops, vietnamese, pinoys, and not sea water.

While US is broke for keeping the 7th fleets running and Harry is not pleased when his guns are useless, Abe has the money to help Trump to fight Chinese influence.

The trouble with Chinese is money takes priority because china s public debt is world top, even more than Japan. The Chinese will avoid unproductive war at all cost, even to the extend of strangling its neighbor koreans. For that it has one more worry when the koreans are combined with one side holding nuclear arsenals. If this combination works out, it will be Trumps great worry, and may be 20% for the chinese, and Putin has 80% to laugh at.

Turnbull and Abe is putting a new TPP, while Canada is not keen. Canada might lose Nafta. Still want to start TPP with oz and japan to isolate China?
Sinkieland is one main caller on TPP. Why it is not helping Abe now?

Whoever is TPP means NO China. That was the impression TPP gave when Obama was on "pivot asia" to encircle china. Now it is India Japan Oz to encircle china. Will sinkieland be part of the game? Those whites noises about pacific islands are just noises. No real money value as far as chinese investments are concerned. May be to compete with Taiwan on diplomat cause. Its waste of money, if Taiwanese value money vs diplomatic "ties".

Rocket said...

SMRT CEO, A-Level Paper General, with not an iota of business acumen nor political experience, is rumored to have been told to resign.

He should not have accepted the post in the first place and pretended to have "volunteered". After so many unresolved serious problems in SMRT, he should have resigned on his own accord if he had any pride and integrity. Behaving like a robot, waiting for instructions from its master to switch on or off, makes him look pathetic and lack of initiatives. No wonder the SMRT's serious problems not only unsolved but escalated further. A CEO without initiative can never pro-actively look out for problems and check them before they arise. Such people, be they generals, lawyers, doctors or unionists, are only good at taking and obeying orders. They do not make good leaders or managers.

Moral of the story: Stooges placed in certain positions, likenthe Samoan PM Tuilaepa Sailele, are just that: Stooges.

Anonymous said...

Behaving like a robot, waiting for instructions from its master to switch on or off, makes him look pathetic and lack of initiatives.
10:38 am

Jialat man, he was formerly a SAF Chief of Defence Force (CDF), u know. That means the leader and highest ranking uniformed staff in the SAF.

Like that means SAF at that time under him also jialat lah? He sia-sway (disgrace) as SMRT CEO he also sia-sway as SAF CDF.

Dunno how SAF now under different CDF, or is it also jialat, just that not yet tested?

Virgo49 said...

Mr Rocket, besides this CEO, they have also another Top Brass in charge of what's Security and later to cover What's communication.

Aiyo, just a simple break in of vandalism in Bishan Depot and they have to have a what's Director or Chief of Security. Understand at that time under Saw, security outsourced and the guards not allowed in this area.

What for have Security and they cannot patrol that area. Anyway, Bishan Depot particularly most staff switched off.

Also, security in what's engineering operations and he do not even detail a watchman to jaga and waved waved red flags signifying dangers. Two poor souls lost their lives. Now then He resigned.

These bullshits Security dont need a High paying guy to be in charge.Even a bo tah chay ex Provost Man or Police Constable can do the job better.

Our time, even Annexes Two to Three separate camps or Ordinances need only a Provost Sergeant with ten to twenty men drawing $60.00/90.00 and 120.00 NSFs RPs to guard.

Before they have the first few batches of Provost or now MPs/RPs for camp duties, they have from the regular servicemen from other chiap chye vocations for these duties.

That time mainly Malay regulars as Provost and Camp Security. Not even PLSE.

So the SMRT is having the square pegs with high paying tax payers monies for round hole jobs.Most had leeched enough to retire.

Anonymous said...

U are correct. Pity the two guys who got knocked at sengkang.

Normal security to prevent accident was to barricade the work area. For trains should put barricade at least 50 meters away from work site, with guards to wave red flags before the barricade.

This kind of security was not done. This guy was security man, he was not sacked that time. The ceo did not check if real security was done. He went off with a press conference that security sop was complied. This ceo should have gone too.

These events reflected how huge amount of salaries are paid to staff without doing the jobs on the ground. Accidents happened, these big guns did not check what happened on the ground.
Look at the train crashed train at tuas. No big guns show up at the scene. Took hours for the press statement to iron out called " train in contact with another train".

These men are enjoying good salaries. Pity the tax payers. Voters should learn not to get addicted to voting some most foolish party putting their generals to do nothing. Its Hai si nan literally.

Anonymous said...

That time mainly Malay regulars as Provost and Camp Security. Not even PLSE.
11:50 am

You are right.

I still remember when I was a A level batch recruit in Tekong donkey years ago, our Malay RSM Encik even frankly tell us in broken English he got no PSLE, and so he expected us recruits to be smarter than him and not blur blur!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 1.20

How can they said we do not realise that the Security deactivation stoo train apps lapsed.

Alamak Snr said the driver no way can stop in time. They took for granted that there is no programme glitch.

Driver’s job is to watch out for unusual happenings. You see a stalled train in front is not a norm. Prepared to hit Emergency button.

Kim got button on his desk.DT got button on his navel.


Anonymous said...

Majority of sinkies are also dead poor --- cannot retire but must work until drop dead & die.

How come china didn't come in to build buildings & roads?!?!?!

Many sinkies want to be like the cheenas --- can retire happily before 60 without a care in the world --- look after grandkids, exercise in parks, walk here walk there, makan this makan that, go buffet high tea every day.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Red Bean 1/19/2018 POST/ TOPIC:
//Australia – Silly white woman and her white lies//

Comment by:
Rocket January 19, 2018 10:38 am
//SMRT CEO, A-Level Paper General, with not an iota of business acumen nor political experience, is rumored to have been told to resign.//

Anonymous January 17, 2018 10:28 pm
>>>>Anon 9.47 pm, Knn u can not sleep is it? Why post all these Song Dynasty thingi? Any relevance to the discussion topic or not?<<<<

Anonymous January 18, 2018 7:05 am
>>>>>>1.06 am wow what an interllect. Look like its the same guy posting things that are totally irrelevant but try to look very smart. Your posting at 1.06 am gave u away. Likely an old fart that can't sleep at night turning from right to left and left to right on bed. Keep things simple and relevance as this is not the place to show that You are a good historian that you are not. Sorry to hurt your feeling lar. There are many good historians that are better than you and can engage in focus discussion. Don't waste people time. ... so anon 10.28 pm do not be discourage by dumb guy like this.<<<<<<

Anonymous said...

U are right. Drivers are to look out for unusual happening and press brake.
In the tuas accident, they said the train stopped could move again. Got such thing? The trains are moved by high voltage power, how could it be.
On the case involved death, the on coming drivers were not alerted so the crash was serious.
In fact the procedure for alerting drivers should start at the station b4. The train should not go at normal speed when in front has stalled train and a moving trained should be stopped 50 meters ahead of a emergency site.

Look at people repair aircon. The barricate fence up the place under neath to prevent people from walking pass, even repair is at top floor.

These people dare not to ask the ground staff to do things. Generals scare to tell ground people directly. This is called leadershit.

Anonymous said...

Corporal Goh Keng Swee walked the ground of SAFTI, Jurong n MOE used his eyes to see any cock up n within short span issues solved. Bloody scholars are GENERALS and so much costlier but useless...chia liao bee.

b said...

Its not about colors but power and wealth. China strong is better than Japan strong. Oz people should know.

b said...

China strong will help so many aspects of oz. Japan will only treat oz as playground and exploit it. Oz people can retire at 60 if they help china to be stronger than japan. Japan is the threat of asia.

b said...

Naturally european or descents will not learn. They lost most of their territories because of japan in ww2. They will lost everything if they continue working with them.

Anonymous said...

The whites have forgotten that they were attacked by the Japs in WW2 and their women, killed, raped or turned into comfort women, their men imprisoned in Changi.

They forgot the Japs attacked Pearl Harbour and killed thousands of their sailors.

Virgo49 said...

Aussie forget that one of their pillar of economy is Education.

Asians still contributed enormous wealth into their Unis.

Now this Harris still harped that China is a Pain in the Ass.

Wait till one day, Mandarin became the Commerce Language and nobody goes there anymore. Aust dollar 3 to 1 like Matland RM.

DT's grand children also speak Mandarin.

Aussie can only conned the Dafts to survey and look for lost planes. Mats had been conned billions by them.

Look everywhere but all bullshits talks.

China Leaders just gave an.order no more study in Auss Land by our students.

Go to SINKIE land and study under Mr Chua aka Redbean

English more precise and clear than the Aussie.

Whats what's to die, to die.

Some more some may became like Matilah.

Anonymous said...

Dying North Koreans a sign US diplomatic strategy works, Tillerson says

Signs of starvation and death in North Korea indicate that US diplomatic strategy works fine, says the secretary of state. The objective now is not to let Pyongyang evoke sympathy around the world for its sanctions-induced woes.
The unexpectedly-revealing description of what Rex Tillerson apparently considers successful diplomacy came from his own mouth on Wednesday as he was speaking at Stanford University with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

“The Japanese… have had over a 100 North Korean fishing boats that have drifted into Japanese waters. Two-thirds of the people on those boats have died,” Tillerson said, citing the Japanese delegation that attended a conference in Vancouver, Canada, earlier this week.

He was referring to the regular phenomenon of so-called ‘ghost ships’ from North Korea, which have become stranded on the Japanese coast for years. Last year, a record 104 such cases were reported by Japanese authorities, with some 30 fishermen found dead on arrival. Any survivors usually ask to be returned to their home country, and Japan obliges.

So why are dozens of dead North Koreans a good sign?

“[The fishermen] are being sent in the wintertime to fish because there are food shortages. And they are being sent out to fish with inadequate fuel to get back. So we are getting a lot of evidence that these [sanctions] are really starting to hurt.”

Tillerson claims that the leadership in Pyongyang will be willing to negotiate in the face of starvation and fuel shortages. The same leadership that, according to some US officials, does not value the lives of ordinary North Koreans and has a record of enjoying lavish lifestyle as the county lost an estimated hundreds of thousands to the famine in the mid-1990s.

What will Pyongyang do now? Tillerson believes that, “The playbook is: OK, we’re going to start our charm offensive to the rest of the world and let them see we are just like normal people like everybody else. We are going to stir some sympathy. We are going to drive a wedge between South Korea and their allies.”

read more at: https://www.rt.com/usa/416354-tillerson-un-sanctions-north-korea/

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean

Actually Concetta is one of the most straight-shooting mouths in the very-expensive-waste-of-time-and-money Parliament House.

She might be mistaken, but she's always been honest about her feelings and opinions, which she (being of Italian culture originally) expresses without any filters.

I don't know why people are quick to defend China or on the other side, attack China. China as a Sovereign State is doing what every rich and growing in power sovereign state in all of history has done since apes shed their fur and tails and decided to walk upright to become the modern "hairless African apes"---who decided it was a good idea to elevate their social nature to include politics, religion, ethnicity and CULTURE---all massive group activities where our social nature divides us into TRIBES!😂💀👽

Like it or not, China is going to grow in power and influence. I'm perfectly ok with that. They will do bad things, they will do good things...they will behave like humans and do stuff humans do because they are humans, and not because they are Chinese. 🤔

So relac lah. The Chinese are going to be everywhere. And so are the Indians. Even if your math knowledge is marginal, 30% of the world's population are either Chinese or Indian, which means they will be everywhere, they will be the owners of most things...and for us horny men, one in 3 fuckable women will be Chinese or Indian...which is a helluva lotta fucking

Anonymous said...

Based on latest observations, possibly one long xiao lang keng resident has been "released" from captivity for the next few days. Known to be highly "unstable, volatile and foul-mouthed".

Anonymous said...

Matilar double is back!😀😀😀

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually Concetta is one of the most straight-shooting mouths in the very-expensive-waste-of-time-and-money Parliament House. Matilah

A straight talking idiot is still an idiot. A straight talking racist is still a racist.

Tillerson, Matthis, Rice, Hillary, Harry Harris and company are all very evil people. Period.

Rocket said...

Is selective claiming of credit Fake News or not?

I think not giving the full balanced report of both winnings and losses is purposeful disinformation and misinformation.

Disinformation and misinformation are both categorized under Fake News.

The following report from the States Times Review demonstrated clearly the Fake News that Grace Goo had created:

"Mnister for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) Grace Fu took credit for the Olympic gold achievement of Joseph Schooling and other medal-winning athletes at a press conference on Wednesday (Jan 19). The PAP Minister said that both the art and sports scene in the ministry’s reorganisation under her charge “grew strength to strength”:

“At that time, the arts and sports communities raised concerns about being sidelined, as the words “arts” and “sports” were dropped from the new ministry’s name. Some were also worried about how the arts and sports could be potentially reduced to tools for building social cohesion. I took over the portfolio in October 2015,and both communities have instead gone from strength to strength. In 2016, for instance, swimmers Joseph Schooling and Yip Pin Xiu set new sporting milestones for Singapore at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics. Schooling, in particular, clinched Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold medal in the 100m butterfly. That same year, Singaporean conductor Wong Kah Chun won the prestigious Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition for young conductors. It brings tremendous pride when we see one of our own excelling internationally… It brings us together as a people to celebrate, give us a cause to celebrate and I think it’s important part to building a narrative of our national heroes.”

Minister Grace Fu however conveniently left out the fact about Singapore football, which reached it’s lowest FIFA ranking of 173th in 2017 under her watch. The table tennis team also went home without any medal during the Rio Olympics. The PAP Minister was also selective of her facts: Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling revealed that he did not receive adequate funding from the government and instead relied on his parents’ savings to enrol in training courses. In an interview with Joseph Schooling’s mother, the lady revealed that she and her husband spent US$100,000 a year over 8 years just on his swimming training:

““I was told, ‘Why you so stupid? If Singapore wants your son to swim for them, they should pay.’ I said, ‘Tan ku ku’ (a Hokkien phrase for “it won’t happen”).”

Along with another Olympic contestant Quah Zheng Wen, Joseph Schooling also opted to train in United States and refused the government’s offer to remain in Singapore.

Other athletes like sailors Denise Lim and Justin Liu had to self-fund themselves. The duo ended up qualifying for Rio Olympics.

The art scene was similarly poorly managed by Minister Grace Fu. Eisner Award winner Sonny Liew had government funding of his award-winning book, the Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, withdrawn because the Minister was unhappy that the book did not portray the government positively."

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@Virgo & redbean:

As time goes on I'm thinking that Singaporeans don't have the monopoly on being retards and imbeciles where the polity is concerned.

Group stupidity is a human trait. It is an "externatility", a "negative conswquence" of the social aspect of HUMAN NATURE. At the fundamental, human nature is 100% attributable to human biology --- specifically the biology of the human brain, and our genetic makeup.

So relac lah. WE're all fucked up....varying individually only by degree

So whether you like the gorgeous artificiality of Marina Bay or the cheap-and-nasty look of Genting Highlands...up to you lah.

I like Singapore, the cuntry. Singaporeans...ahh...that's a mixed bag. Some are cool, but mostly they're the world's biggest cunt-arseholes.

Got personality? \^**^/

Virgo49 said...

This Matilah using FREE Wifi at the MBS overlooking the Esplande.

Wa piang, can relac at MBS but capitalised on their Free Wong Wi Fi.

At least we pay for Matland Data using our own monies on WI-FI at Genting.