American Banditry, Terrorism and Hegemony need to be stopped.

The white caucasian Americans have been so used to deal with with the native Americans in whatever savage, wanton and brutal ways they like and got away with impunity that they think in this modern time they can subject other countries and people in the similar pattern of savage aggression and hegemony. They are animals and like wild beasts they only know how to use brute force to attack and kill.

For over 400 years since 1603 white men from Europe had invaded and occupied the north and south American continents including Central America. While the ruthless Spanish and Portuguese Catholic christians were dominating and killing the natives in South and Central America , the even more ruthless Anglo-Saxon British protestant Christians were on the rampage in North America where they attacked, occupied and killed, murdered and genocided the unarmed natives with savage cruelty.

The United States as head of the western carbal of blood thirsty countries are now doing the same to many non European or non white countries which refuse to bow to American domination and control. Countries with rich natural resources like minerals, oil and gas are always marked for attack, domination and control. The evil white Americans and their counter parts Britain, France, Germany and some other west Europeans have no qualms in attacking defenseless countries and killing their people by the hundred of thousands or even millions without betting an eyelid. This is what happened to Afghanistan, Iraq, libya, Syria and Yemen to just quote a few examples.

The people of these countries have been subjected to mass bombings by missiles, jet bombers and drone bombers resulting in countless deaths and untold disasters and great painful suffering of the masses. What do the whitemen care? They see no blood in their mass killings by their missiles and bombers. They have totally no feelings, compassion and sympathy for their victims. They are totally devoid of reason and human morals. All they want and focus is to bring the whole world on earth under their absolute control and hegemony. They are inhuman but great mongrel monsters.

Is there a way to stop America and its western cabal of doing further harm to this world? There must be a way. North Korea has shown the way. But DPRK alone cannot do much. More countries must be armed with nuclear weapons and unite against the Evil Empire and its mafia of evil aggressors
. American aggression and hegemony must be stopped whatever the cost. Russia and China must lead the way without fear.


Wednesday, 24th January, 2018


Anonymous said...

The author is absolutely correct: DPRK shows the way.
When Kim Jong Un s father knew china recognized SK in 1992, he went back to NK without taking dinner at Beijing. He changed NK policy to be pro military. He focused on developing nuclear weapon.
There was a recent picture showing Kim Jong Un visited an institute on nuclear stuff. On the wall picture, Kim s father was looking at the warhead exactly similar to what Kim Jong Un was pictured to have discussed about. People deducted that Kim s father time, such nuclear stuff was oredi ready for trial.

Therefore US and China are the main pushers to urge DPRK to produce nuclear weapons on its own. It is a rare success by yellow skin scientists as China s scientist Chiang was from US.

The remaining problem is US s ability to engage war with DPRK.

DPRK s FM seems to encourage US to open fire at it, to save time for talk. IN UN, Ri gave that speech clear. Trump was hesitant. His fire and fury ended up as book title. He put military assets near DPRK. But that only escalate cost to US. Trump has no will to engage war.

No will to have war but keep talking about war. The world like sinkieland is getting so used to it that the stock exchange is booming. Its similar to South China sea. Indonesia change part of SCS to North Naturnal Sea. Mattis approved it and re mentioned it at closing speech. China said no words about the change.

Conclusion is clear cut. Regional warfare needs human sacrifice. US marines are precious lives, while SK marines are like dirt and dust.
But SK is unwilling to die so simply. DPRK are willing to die in war, but US marines avoid the triggering on them.

US is scared of having war with DPRK. From the sheer number of above 1 millions, and trained for 7 years in camps, any NS man will agree, DPRK soldiers are no newbie in warfare, they are pro and ready to die. The last condition is the most important of all conditions in war: die. How many NS men are : "si swar lah". U me are not lah bcos there are so many foreigners should die first. DPRK has only one race. If US ready to invade, who can guarantee US marines safety?

Dont waste time on US s threatening talk. Even they send in marines passing 38 degree, they might withdraw overnight. They dont wan to die there.

b said...

Without europe, us will not go into a war with nkrussiachina. If it happens, they are asking to be hit very hard. Europe at this moment needs china money to make them great again.

b said...

President Trump is doing a good job making everyone angry with usofa. This is the way to prevent any war.

Anonymous said...

The USA already made it clear that it is attempting to gather support of all those countries surrounding China and Russia, now including Indonesia and Vietnam, to counter the Russian and Chinese power projection.

Now, why should China and Russia do anything about N.Korea in the face of this US direct threat and intention to go head to head against them? It makes no sense to listen anymore to the US. I think China and Russia should, in fact, remove all sanctions against N. Korea to make N Korea even stronger militarily and as an ally agains the US. It is the most sensible thing to do.

Virgo49 said...

South Korea lifted some sanctions and give a lifeline to North Koreans on the pretext that they are participating in the Winter Olympics.

China and Russia should do likewise. China is trying to behave that they are a responsible Community in following the U.N. Resolutions.

Russia, still gave the North Koreans a lifeline by no hui what's resolutions.

Why follow the Resolutions when these scoundrels are ganging against you.

This is the weakness of the Chinese world wide been too magnanimous alwaysg to the wrong parties just to be upright.

Why give a Damn to these Whites when they are dead set to divide and harm you? ?

The farking Americans in their sick minds always thinks that they are Heros and Patriots in conquering other weak nations.

The recent shut down of Government
they kept harping our Brave and Patriotic Men and Women in uniforms are everywhere protecting our Nation's from harm and they are doing their duties now without pays.

If you are Patriotic, What's the Hell you are screaming that you are now without pay??

This shut down is just a wayang squabble and they will have it going in time to function as a Government.

So anon is right to said that Russia and China should ignored that unreasonable sanctions and help North Korea be stronger.

China is selfish in thinking of too much their Safety and Standing in the International Community.

They tried to portray as a Non Aggressive and Responsible Compliant Nation to the World by following all the Rules.

If the Americans and the other Whites played dirty, why play fair to them??

They kept provoking you.

Anonymous said...

U must be crazy to advocate many more countries to have nuclear weapons. That being the case earth and vivilisation will be destroyed. Now the key is balance of power among the 7 nuclear power so no one will dare to activate to cause the mutual destruction. If very small country also have nuclear weapon, their crazy leaders may not mind mutual destruction.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, yes you off in this...more countries to have nuclear weapons. No, No. Exposed the US but don't encourage mutual destruction. Peace, not war.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The above post is by Southernglory.

I also agree with him. The risk of war is higher with the Americans having a monopoly of nuclear weapons and thinking that they can hit others and others cannot hit back.

When others can hit back, the Americans would have to think real hard to hit at others. Which is a better balance, America having all the nuclear weapons or other countries also have weapons to defend against the reckless and warmongering Americans that always threaten to nuke other countries?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I also agree that China should not defer to the Americans and let the Americans set the agenda, calling for sanctions against any country they treated as enemy. This must be stopped.

The Americans would always regard China and Russia as enemies. There is no point trying to play nice to the Americans. They would screw China and Russia whenever they can. It is time to play hard ball with the rogues in America.

Anonymous said...

Without N. Korea figuring in the equation, I think the Americans would have been more confrontational towards China. And Japan would have again set their eyes on building up their military to try their luck with China. How is that for a balance of power and peace in this world?

With N. Korea playing the role of the rogue against the US and Kim keeping them guessing, the US response towards China and Russia have been more measured to say the least.

It would be madness if the US were to remain the sole nuclear nation. They would step on everyone in this world and do as they like.