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Tharman has the making of a PM

We need strong and tough leaders who dare to tell the brutal truth even if it hurts. It is bad if leaders say all the nice things to gain popularity. Leaders must say the right thing and do the right thing. And Tharman has just done it. He said the most unpopular thing, but good for Singapore. He has warned employers against giving pay rise to workers to offset inflation. And the best judge of his wisdom is that the union leaders also support this view. And not only the union leaders, 2/3 of the people also voiced out in support of his position. I have read 6 comments in the ST and 4 were in agreement with him. Only two were slightly in disagreement. This only shows that the people are reasonable and thinking and will support hard policies as long as the reasons are sound. And in this case, 2/3 of them support Tharman. That is a good sign of Tharman's potential as the next PM.


Anonymous said...

That is similar to saying that 66.66% support the PAP, but 66.66% out of all Singaporeans or just a small segment. Moreover, you believe they did not reject more of those in disagreement with Tharman? Do you honestly, sincerely, morally think so?

Anonymous said...

You read 6 comments in ST and only 2 were slightly in agreement?

Had you considered the fact that ST had been notorious for rejecting most comments that are critical of anything PAP said? They didn't get their world 154th rank for nothing you know?

You seriously need to stop reading ST and start thinking, it is numbing your mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree Tharman has the makings of a PM perhaps due to his appeal which seems to connect well with the ordinary folks.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, what would matilah say?

Anonymous said...

Ah Loong: You people think I'm dead is it? My old man is still around!

redbean said...

hahaha, one of the purpose of this blog is to set people thinking, to question the tooth. there are often times when i deliberately take on positions that call on one to read in between the lines, to figure out the meaning of my posts.

in particular with regards to statistics and opinion polls that were often used to justify an action, or give the impression that it is the view of the whole population.

question and think when the numbers are ridiculously small. when i used 6, i would expect my readers to read it with a lump of salt and be choked to death.

never believe in numbers as they are often misused for the wrong reasons. if i say i conducted a poll and everyone agrees that singapore is the best place to live in the world, can you take it seriously? what i did not disclose is that i conducted a poll with 2 persons. similarly i can conduct a poll with 200 people who all agrees that singapore is a shit place. all these 200 people have an axe to grind against the govt. so is the finding sound?

Anonymous said...

Matilah will say: you sheepies deserve the Government you elected!

redbean said...

yes, we deserve the govt we elected. or to be more specific, the govt we get, since many did not get to vote.