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New measures to boost fertility

'SINGAPORE: A new package of measures to raise Singapore's baby count will be introduced next month, said Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng. Speaking at the 150th anniversary celebrations of the KK Women's & Children's Hospital on Sunday, Mr Wong warned that Singapore's population could be hard hit if its total fertility rate is not boosted....' ST. Let me offer a few suggestions. 1. Sack the whole Film Censorship Board. 2. Stop checking and arresting people bringing in VCDs and DVDs at the causeway. 3. Free prescription of Tongkat Ali and friends. 4. Generous buffet dinner of prawns and oysters huh. 5. No one allows to stay in office after 7pm. 6. No night ERP charges. This one a bit tricky. No ERP charges may slow down traffic and delay reaching home early. 7. Lights off at 10pm to save electricity. Video watching permitted. 8. Media Corp needs a new programming team. Too many comedies and laughters may drive away the urge. What else? Money not enough if the small stuff refuse to work.


Anonymous said...

sceen desparate housewives and fetish sex daily.

Mockingbird said...

If pornography is legalised and spread all over Singapore, sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancies and abortions would go up too.

Mockingbird said...

Legalised pornography may not necessarily help to directly increase the birth rates.

Anonymous said...

In olden days people have lots of children. In those days:

They do not have to watch uncensored movies.

They do not have VCDs.

They probably cannot afford prawns or oysters.

People in China or India probably have not heard of Tongkat Ali.

But the other suggestions may help.

redbean said...

maybe hungry people who works more with their brawns than brains are more fertile.

Anonymous said...

such problems do not exist in polygamous societies.

redbean said...

one third of singaporeans are monks or priests. one third are eunuchs or gays, and another one third working like crazy and got no more energy to make babies.

we need more foreign talents to do the job.

Lost4ever said...

If you need a carrot to have children, please don't have any, u will only create future problems for yourself and for society.