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Myth 184 - How much is the President and PM paid?

Officially and often quoted in theTOM, both are paid about $3.4 to $3.6 million annually, not including any other perks. It is also a well known fact that the annual bonus is between 6 mths to 9 mths, possibly 12 mths. So how much when you add both together? $3.4m or $3.6m? Or $5-$7 mil? And the life time pension of something like 75% of their basic pay could boost this amount by easily another $2 mil. So how much are their pays?


Anonymous said...

Astronomical and mind boggling, by peasant standards. Too little, by the standards of the best talents in the whole wide universe.

Same with the rise in the cost of living. The well-to-do says very affordable. The poor says 'Tak boleh tahan'

tanbl said...

The money is in the government hands. They can do whatever they want. Kpkb no use. They are not listening because they are all deaf.

Anonymous said...

That is why they got the wrong kind of feedback - only those feedback that they want to hear. Like those originating from 'young PAP' and now 'Reach'. They are obviously not deaf. Only on and off kind of deafness. Luckily I have nothing much left behind in CPF.

Mockingbird said...

Their pays are astronimical super-sky-high compared to what an ordinary Sinkie earns. Their pays magnify the income disparity between the super rich and the ultra poor.

redbean said...

hi mockingbird,

hi or lo is only relative. the more you have, the lesser they become. what is a peanut? some have bigger peanuts and some have smaller peanuts. it is all a matter of peanuts.