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More fare hikes coming

Look at it positively, this is another measure to curb inflation. The people are having too much disposable income. Take a bit away then they will spend less, and travel less. All in all, there will be less demand for goods and services. So inflation pressure will weaken. Good for everyone. And lesser congestion in MRTs and buses. Just hope the motorists don't go back to driving.


Anonymous said...

Fare hikes are now a right not a neccesity, conferred by the PTC on transport operators. So good or bad times, be prepared to pay more, or should I say just continue to 'pay and pay'.

Mockingbird said...

Regardless how much bus and MRT hike their fares, it will never cost as much to drive and own a car in Singapore. It's even cheaper to take a cab everywhere you go than to buy a car. No need to pay COE, road tax, motor insurance, petrol, parking fines, traffic offence fines, etc.

redbean said...

just read in the paper about how passengers at the tanah merah ferry terminal were literally robbed by the taxi drivers. a $12 trip becomes $40 to $50!

redbean said...

oops, actually the taxi drivers are providing an essential service that no one wants to provide. for their effort to be there to fetch the passengers, they must be paid a premium.

it is all a supply and demand issue.