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Authoritarianism is good

The new mantra that everyone is singing is that authoritarianism is good. At least it is good for Singapore. And China and Russia are coming here to learn our new authoritarianism. I think this could be our national day message. Singaporeans prosper under authoritarian rule and Singaporeans love it. Long live authoritarianism. We are going to teach the world about this new authoritarianism.


Mockingbird said...

Authoritarianism is good if it works. Just becos it has worked well for Singapore since the 1950s until now, it doesn't mean it will always work in the 21st century. There is never a forever thing.

redbean said...

authoritarianism can be good or bad, depending on the authority. but to sanction it or institutionalise it is too risky a proposition. once done, very difficult and bloody to change.

Anonymous said...

Authoritarianism is good, dictatorship is even better!

Lost4ever said...

You will get alot of YES man.. and they will be the first to run when trouble strikes.

Companies can break apart, so can countries... wait till "lau li" kapuk and see what happens.

redbean said...

look at it from a movie director's perspectiv. every movie director will think that his movie is the best. then look at the number of flops when they are screened.

the flower seller will also say his flowers smell good.

Anonymous said...

So does the fruit seller. You ask the fruit seller whether his oranges are sweet and he will tell you they are, even though the oranges are, in fact, sour. Some questions are best left unasked, because the answer is obvious.