Stupidity of Asean leaders is unlimited

The recent Asean Summit Meeting with a little country like Australia, big only in land mass, speaks for itself, that Asean leaders are still wearing blinkers and could not tell the difference between a dwarf and a giant. But this is not the most stupid part of this meeting. In the concluding message, Turnbull had this to say as he assumed the role of big brother of the little coloured people.

‘Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the conclusion of an Asean-Australia special summit. Mr Turnbull said Asean and Australia reaffirmed their commitment to respond strongly and resolutely in the face of the reclusive state’s “reckless and illegal nuclear-missile programmes”.’ CNA

What is so reckless about North Korea having nuclear weapons to protect themselves and prevent themselves from the same fate as Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi people when the USA is going to make its nuclear arsenal more deadly? What grave concerns? When have the North Koreans used nuclear weapons on any country? When have the North Koreans threaten to nuke any Asean country or want to conduct a preemptive strike into any of these silly countries? Is there any reason for the North Koreans to want to do so? The grave concern is the USA threatening to conduct a preemptive strike against North Korea. Can the stupid Asean leaders see the difference?

Which evil country has been threatening to nuke other countries by accusing other countries as a threat to them? Which evil country had actually nuked another country? Which evil country has been conducting wars of invasion, regime change everyday for the last seven decades? Which evil country has been stoking war, provoking and instigating for war?

Isn’t such a country more reckless and dangerous instead of North Korea? Asean was formed to foster closer economic ties among its member countries and with other countries. Why is Asean now behaving like an American lackey singing the American lies and demonising countries that the Americans want them to demonise? Why allowed the Americans and Australia to set the agenda?

While North Korea is repeatedly being bashed by silly Asean leaders, the smarter European countries are having their own friendly negotiations with the North Koreans without having any fear of a ‘reckless’ nuclear North Korea. Why are European countries feeling so safe and secure and why are some silly Asean countries feeling so unsafe and unsecure of North Korea? The Swedes and Finns are very comfortable talking to the North Koreans and making friends with the North Koreans. And if I am not mistaken, some Asean countries are also quietly trading with the North Koreans except those semi colonised non independent countries that are controlled by the Americans.

What have Asean countries got to fear North Korea about when all its neighbours are not uttering a word except those allied with the evil Empire and wanting to invade that country? Why waste time talking about a non problem just because the Americans and the Australians want to make it a problem?

When would Asean leaders grow up and think independently, that North Korea is not the concern of Asean, and to tell the Americans that it would not want to be dragged around by the ears by the Americans?

Angmoh tua kee is it?

PS. If the sillies had their ways, in 30 years time Singapore would have a bigger population than Australia. Would Asean then hold a summit as a group with Singapore?


Anonymous said...

Angmoh tua kee is it?

Of course lah.

Who has aircraft carriers which can serve as deterrent against PAP and Sinkies from being attacked by larger neighbours? America, China or North Korea?

Aircraft carrier not tua kee meh?

Anonymous said...

America got investments in Sinkieland.

America also got cutting edge technology and IT.

PM Lee sent his son to MIT to study. Even PM Lee's nephew who is against PM Lee also work at Harvard.

The most talented foreigners from China, India and even Sinkieland go to America to study and work. They also go to Australia.

Why they did not study in North Korea or work there? Or why not in China?

So who is tua kee, u tell me lah?

Why 70% voted for PAP? Why not opposition? So who is more tua kee, PAP or opposition?

Anonymous said...

Lee has no vision. Now is the time to revive the NON-ALIGNED MOVEMENT, if he wants to punch above his tiny weight lah & stay out of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Actually Asean leaders are far from stupid, or else how can they become leaders, correct or not?

U scold Asean leaders stupid, u are also scolding Asean people u know, and that include Sinkies.

Only more stupid people allow stupid leaders to lead them, correct or not?

And Asean people, including Sinkies, who can make lots of money and have good life cannot be stupid, right?

Anonymous said...

Ang Mo Tua Kee?

Huh? Not really Lah. The Supreme One Up there is.

In not so distant future, Ang Mo No More Tua Kee. It will b China Tua Kee, they will called the shots & economically, militarily & social in many areas they gonna take the lead.
Americans r very Scared Lah, in the past the East tend to go West for learning their skills, technology & knowledge, the tide will change when the West will come to East to learn, its wat the China says 风水轮流转.

Anonymous said...

Lee has no vision.
8:56 am

I strongly disagree.

Lee has great vision, or rather inherited great vision from his father the late LKY, to ensure PAP continue to win elections, and even after his father had died.

And this vision alone is good enough for him to continue to rule Sinkies and to make some Sinkies suffer, never mind he got vision or no vision in other areas.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.09am

Hah? Ah Long got vision?
..me tot he admitted he lack 4 sights & begged people to put him hindsights & give him a chance to rule? Luckily, 69.9% dafts Sinkies with new citizens gave him the mandate, & he wanto give gst taxes a lift in 2021 but not 2018,or 2020?

Anonymous said...

An orchestra trained to play for many years would continue to play for a while even if you put a dud as a conductor. When a dud is in charge, the orchestra would not improve anymore and would only get bad over time as the dud could not make the orchestra play any better.

Lee Kuan Yes said one.

Anonymous said...

Asean has 600m consumers. Os has 22m consumers.

600m to negotiate with a 22m economy? What is the consumption power of 22m people compares to 600m?

Stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

Turnbull came back from Whitehouse talking with Trump not long, the asean summit was timely probably to impose his image as number two after Trump in asian countries. Leader of asean has one, currently is from a small country. No Indonesian want to speak like asean leader. Not for Malaysian leader. Asean is just a loose setup. Turnbull and Trump are goondu in geographic politics. So what Turnbull has summit with these leaders? Cambodia will go back to support taikor. Myannmar will go back to rely on the army junta. Ang sun asked for help on refugees problems, who had promised help? U tell me lah.

It was nothing on offer from australia to asean, will the latter leaders heel what australia wanted to impose on them? Only one small country might keenly promised to join those exercise in the sea to show off. These rest will want to save money. Like the exercise told to hold at indian ocean, its cost money for cambodia to pay for petrol to the ocean it has nothing to do with it. Hun Sen will have no problem to cut US off. Cambodia has foreign investment raised by 75% against last year. U can guess who is behind the money well.

In Trump s US job first policy, he is all out to cut deficit with China. Trump cannot stop half way and goes on "pivot asia" to spend money on these asian countries whose main concerns is not to spend money to stir up issues. Deep inside Trump, he would want to cut South Korea off saving money is more important than poking Kim s ass. Trump s big mouth was mean to distract investigation into his russia linkage. But now it seems his sex story was written by an ex uk spy hired by democrats and then investigated by the cia chief. The cia deputy chief s wife got huge sums from hillary fundation and this deputy chief hide hillary s deleted email for one month. These new facts put Trump on better seat to deal with economy problems. Trump will strike North Korea if it can get away from it without a prolong war. Putin has stomped off this idea by warning, any strikes on ally will have instant response. Trump will not dare to bet on Putin s words. Putin s dealing in syria hs eliminated IsIs supported by US. Twitter said US helicoptered out 4 isis leaders. Isis at the center pocket of ghouta called hasta are either to surrender on green bus or be wiped out. Assad drove himself at ghouta to meet the release crowds and army personnel on the ground. It meant the areas were recovered. Not only left duma to be taken by tiger force. US is seen losing in battles supported by saudi and the jews.

From this angle, australia cannot do anything to help usa on north korea s issue. Once peace agreement signed, and Trump agrees to withdraw from South Korea, asean will have to face a new power that is the Koreans, more powerful because the north has powerful arsenals.
Asean leaders like Jokowi will not want to be enemy of koreans, will some small countries want to ignore the potential big market again by helping to bark for the usa?

Ah! Sian! Very Sian! said...

No, Asean leaders are not stupid. They are greedy and without spine.

Like horses, they need a spur to prick their hides.

Like dogs, they need a master to tell them to fetch the bone.

Like monkeys, they are only good at imitating humans.

Like elephants, they can only trample upon the grass.

Like honey bees, they look for flowers in big neighboring gardens.

Like white ants, they devour their own habitat until it rots and disintegrates.

Those are the characteristics if Asean leadership and its members.

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!?!?!

You ALL deserve it!!!! Hahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

The jepunkias n Beekokia armee are eager to contain the rise n rise of China. isn't that the reason they why they together with Australia, India r forming a alliance. Indonesia wants to add Australia into Asean? Wats happening,? Hope Taiwan independent media 关健时刻 can provide some insight for sg audience .

A Company in Need Is a Friend Indeed! said...

Australian telco, TPG won the fourth telco license in Singapore in Dec 2016. It the only Non-Temasek Holdings' Telecommunication Company in Singapore.

TPG’s executive chairman Australian David Teoh said he wants to help the Singaporean elderly:

“We have chosen to focus on assisting senior citizens as our first initiative to demonstrate our commitment in improving what is available for the community.”

Though Temasek Holdings' CEO, Ho Ching, talks about businesses must have social responsibility recently, all this while Singtel, M1 and Starhub have never once offered free services to the elderly in Singapore, who are often poor and struggling with the cost of living in Singapore daily.

TPG’s 4G services will be ready from June 2018 onward.

Well done, TGP! Singaporean oldies welcome and accept your generosity.

Anonymous said...

Singapore, as the ASEAN chair for 2018, noted that Timor-Leste's membership will be tackled during the year, but its accession as a member state would not be approved, pushing the possible approval of Timor-Leste's bid to 2019, where Thailand will be chair.[21]wiki

Anonymous said...

Singapore again named Asia's most liveable city for foreigners, according to human resources consulting firm Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living survey.

Anonymous said...

Oz telco is generous?

What price for the 4G? It offer 3G data only. U got the price?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

ASEAN is really crazy to admit Australia. And Australia is really nuts to join ASEAN.

The size of the Aussie economy shits on every ASEAN cuntry, even though Aust has only ~23 million FAT, mostly drunk or stoned, always horny party-loving people. 🇦🇺

I give the relationship about a year before Australia starts "bullying" the other ASEAN states, and the cries from criers like Redbean scream "Racist! White Supremicists!" on their blogs every fucking day.

Australia is like the little brother of a bigger, oafish, autistic elder brother---the USA. In the Pac-Rim, Aust is "America's bulldog"....but not so fierce, quite friendly actually.

Then there is the "reverse bullying". Australian govt like to tax the fuck out of their people for many silly spending programs---welfare, Abos (a huge "victim" industry), women's rights, LGBT rights, and "Foreign Aid"---aka welfare for overseas cunts who don't pay any tax.. Like any type of bribe, the benefits accrued (back) to Australia are mixed.

The Victim Industry is well entrenched in the Australian economy. It seems there are "victims" all over the place who need "help", so to give a nation of fat wealthy lazy and horny drunks a "purpose in life", just fucking tax them and re-distribute to some "victim".

And that's whats going to happen with ASEAN. Poor cunts in the poorer cuntries like Myanmar and Laos will be coming to Aust "tolong tolong".

Other fabulously rich ASEAN members like Singapore and Brunei will tell these faking cocksuckers to go fuck themselves, but dumb, easily conned matsalehs will eventually fall for this fake "tolong tolong" and fork out the "Foreign Aid" money.

Lee Kuan Yew was right: don't give foreign aid, because if you do, every motherfucker will claim to be a "victim" and go after your money. If you like giving to charity, do it privately; not politically.

IMO, both the Aussie leaders and the ASEAN leaders are going to be wrong on this one. They are going to create one giant cluster-fuck, out of the desire to build a huge trading block.

This idea of economic and financial "warfare" between large trading blocks of the world is pure insanity. The only cuntry laughing is China, because they sell to everyone and own property everywhere, because of one simple fact: they outsmarted EVERYONE.

And now everyone is scared of them---most of all their NEIGHBOURS...they all don't trust China. 🤣

Does the world need more love to conquer hate? Most of you will say yes, and I'll have to disagree with you.

Love is very boring lah. HATE brings uncertainty, hostility, excitement....all high energy stuff. Hate brings out the human creativity for strategy and tactics, and of course FEAR which is probably the most "motivating emotion" of them all.

Forget "carrot and stick". Just use the stick lah. More fun. 🤖

Virgo49 said...

Ah Sian,Very Sian is correct. WHAT'S ASEAN SOLIDARITY? ?

Loads of Rubbish. The Leaders as elected by their equally Daft Citizens are as stupid and daft as Sinkies.

Face to Face linked arms in hypocrisy. Simple Haze fires for decades even cannot solve.

A Bank robber from Sinkieland ran to their country also cannot be extradited back to SingPore.

You call that SOLIDARITY? ?

The Indonesians can elected a Blind Man dripping with salvia asleep in Presidential Meetings.

Pinoys erecting past JLBs Presidents who only dance and wine while the people scavenged for food.

Sinkieland ejected the misfits where many are dishonurable to their own parents and spouses.

Either divorced or frustrated need a Fark badly women who only talked cock and Chee in Parliament.

CANNOT even hold a family unit together, how to run an organisation and country??

As for the Americans who blew HotAir and worshipped by so many Anons that they are invincible and can protect their Arses, the whites will not die for you pygmies.

Aircraft carrier and warships also collide in peace time.How to fight in wars??

Just one kamiKaze ready to die Fighter Pilot can sink an aircrAft carrier.

Down in the Oceans still lie the Prince of Wales warships etc.You think the American 10th Fleet is also Invincible? ?

Nowadays, one accurate torpedo or Missle can sink the whole lot of them.

So, Ah Sian, TuA Sian. Worse than NATO.

Anonymous said...

South Korea and US is resuming the military drill on 1 April. It is known Kim Jung Un had said he "understands" the drill is to go on. So it is likely the resumed drill will scale down the field troops.
If it happens and Kim meets with Moon, then the likelihood will be Kim demanded Moon or Moon himself also demand US troops to withdraw from South s bases eventually. If this happens, the meeting with Trump will be fruitful when Trump also wants to save money to cut off South Korean s bases. It may end up a small base similar to Philippines.

Australia and Japan has no military power. Asean s indonesia is the strongest. Indon is likely to team up with Malaysia when at war with non muslim country. Therefore, small countries in Asean are not important force to US. In recent take over bid of an US electronic firm, Trump cut it off. US is not keen to let Asia firms taking over its security sensitive manufacturers. The rivalry is on 5G. Koreans are doing its models and China are doing its own, while US is keeping to itself. So US trust no one in asia as far as high technology is concerned. Dont talk about military allies and US Trump will spend money to save South Korea under attack or Japan under attack.

Taiwan is a testing ground. US allows Taiwan s mayor Kiku to visit officially. Kiku will meet US high officials in US. Taiwan President might visit US any time to give talk, but unlikely Trump will meet her. US is not afraid Taiwan is invaded after observing China s reactions. Therefore, no one will clash with South Korea or Japan except North Korea alone, may be assisted by Russia.

In time of war, US will not engage in direct war, similar to China. Only regional war among themselves, which Trump will love to see, and sell weapons. Marawi was one. Vietnam vs China will make Trump happy to sell lots of weapons. Trump will not spend to protect Taiwan. Certainly no Asean country will make him come out money at war. Australia will lagi not to spend any. Turnbull may not make it in next year s election.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think you gotta get outta the casino more and see how the world of legal-killing (war) has changed.

>> Just one kamiKaze ready to die Fighter Pilot can sink an aircrAft carrier. <<

In the past, yes. Nowadays...not so easy.

Enter Raytheon's Phalanx CIWS (Close-In Weapons System, aka "Sea Wiz") See wiz is American, but nearly every modern navy uses them now. There are versions from Germany, Russia, Italy, Sweden etc. You can bet . The Chinese will have their stuff too...probably made by OnePlus or Huawei and can be controlled from one of their smartphones or thru WeChat. 🤡

Seriously though, the Chinese are especially good at weapons using "hypersonic" technology. Don't fuck around...no wonder ASEAN is shitting their pants. 😹

A ship is a sitting duck given the advances in missile and fighter tech. And so now, brilliant defence boffins have invented awesome automatic canons (Gatling guns) which spew out tungsten (armour piercing) rounds at a fearsome rate, with precise tracking. Watch CIWS systems in action on YouTube.

The China-designed and made CIWS uses larger calibre ammo, has a higher rate of fire and good range. I can't wait for some Pinoy or Vietnamese admiral try to challenge the Chinese Navy in the ongoing territorial disputes. Sure kena "chin chang"---i.e. they'll end up like pork-floss. 🤓

Anonymous said...

Correction. The story of deputy director being fired was on fbi and not cia.

Anonymous said...

“Only those who in the habit of threatening others will see everyone else as a threat,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping, alluding to the US.

Anonymous said...

states times review:
" Australian telecommunication company TPG has offered free 2-year mobile phone plans to Singaporean elderly aged 65 and above"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 228

Yah, I know. I bang balls because I'm 3 years too young 😎. TPG is owned by ex-Malaysian David Teoh and his Taiwanese wife, so you know, they know about how to make money...which is why they can afford to give away free shit to uncles and aunties.

Dave and his wife are definitely one of the immigrant "success stories". Anyone who can make a pile of dough in Australia given the "business-UNfriendly/ welfare state/ hi tax / over-regulated environment, deserves respect.

Anonymous said...

Dave should take change of GIC. His wife should take charge of Temasek!

b said...

Politics are dirty. Maybe leaders should poison one another if they do not see eye to eye? Its better than a world war involving innocent people and killing millions.

Anonymous said...

According to Millionairess Minister Indranee, daughter of Rajah, male police officers or immigration officers can now strip search women who are suspected to be linked to a terrorist plot.

The new police powers will supersede the existing regulation where a female officer would be required before any search or pat down can be performed.

Millionairess Minister Indranee d/o Rajah said that there have been a number of female terrorists around the world in a 23-year period citing terrorist attacks in India, Africa and Iraq:

“There is a well-recorded history of the use of women in terror attacks. Some have been coerced into this role but others have volunteered. Between 1985 and 2008, female suicide bombers carried out more than 230 attacks – about a quarter of all such acts, King Indra knee noted. She highlighted the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was killed by a 17-year-old girl in a suicide bomb attack in 1991. The suicide bomber was a member of the Tamil Tigers. Female suicide bombers deployed by Boko Haram have killed more than 1,225 people. Research suggests that terror groups use female attackers to gain specific tactical advantages. This includes a perceived unwillingness on the part of security officers to search women. In Iraq, Al-Qaeda repeatedly exploited a cultural taboo against the searching of women, allowing their female suicide bombers to pass through checkpoints without being searched.”

However, Millionairess Minister Indranee d/o Rajah did not explain how allowing male officers to search female suspects would have prevented these terrorist attacks.

Nonetheless, the Millionairess Minister then threatened that lives would be lost and gave a watered-down version of the new legislation claiming that this would only be done with “strict regard to decency.”

What is the meaning of "strict regard to decency", when a man is allowed to legally molest a woman just because he is a customs officer or a policeman?

Does a policeman or customs officer stripping a woman naked in full public view, exposing her breasts and vagina to the public at large, possibly videoed and uploaded on Youtube, considered strict regard to decency?

Does a policeman or customs officer stripping a girl in a private room, away from public view, and then make her spread her legs to dig into her vagina and search for any "devices" considered as strict regard to decency?

If decency is strictly adhered to, how then can a man strip and molest a woman be allowed legally?

Anonymous said...

Chinese President Xi Jinping has delivered a fervently nationalistic closing speech to parliament, painting China as the rising global power.

Mr Xi said "achieving total unity" was the "collective hope of all Chinese people" and any attempts to divide it were "doomed to fail".

The speech was a strong warning against any attempt at separatism from places like Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Mr Xi also warned China could not be complacent about its development.

Meanwhile, Premier Li Keqiang used his once-a-year news conference to say China was committed to global co-operation on trade.

He said China would further open up its economy and "ensure that both domestic and foreign firms" were "able to compete on fair terms in China's large market". Chinese officials have made similar pledges in the past.

The premier's comments are a marked contrast to the recent protectionist rhetoric and threats of tariffs from the Trump administration in the US.

'Punished by history'

Xi Jinping became president in 2013 and now looks likely to lead China indefinitely, after the National People's Congress (NPC) voted to remove a two-term limit on the presidency from the constitution.

He is now considered the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong, and has further cemented his position by moving many of his key allies in to leadership roles during the NPC.

What will Singapore Chinese benefit from a strong China?

Will the Singapore's Indian dominated pro-India and pro-Western White Supremacy Powers screw up their Chinese Singaporean by adopting a Anti-China Policy similar to the one in the 1950's, 60's and 70's?

Virgo49 said...

That's why I said. You must not gave them unlimited powers to intimidate you.

All the while, these duds on their prejudiced minds will pick those innocent ones to intimidate.

Real culprits DONT dare to even go near.Have anybody seen the video clips of our Fast Response Security Elites on M/cycles? ?

Stop at Traffic Junctions also fall down from bikes. Overtaking also fall down. Aiyo, how to tame the terrorists? ??

Opposition MPs must have equal numbers in Parliament to stop any Stupid Bills passing into Laws for intimidation of the citizens.

Whether they are from one party or various parties. Must be voted in to stop these nonsense.

Anonymous said...

//..What will Singapore Chinese benefit from a strong China?//

Sinkieland Papies has got nothing to offer China. SomeBolee offer banking but China banks even stronger & also offer legal but China no need & in the end offer building Sci-eco park but China also no need la, in the end got nothing to offer China & somebolee bo bian go cooperate with Sri Lanka, India, Bangla & Paki, also supported the land of Why-Yudunno in admitting Aussie to Ah-Xian cooperation, it look like Somebolee has been ditched big times & he still dunno or act blur, seems like every where somebolee goes is not welcome except BullTurn wan him cos of TeePeePee, somebolee is right now a tissue paper just like he treated the elderly that way.

Anonymous said...

Indranee Rajah cited examples of female suicide bombers in India to justify allowing male officers to search female suspects.

But Singapore is not India. Singapore is majority Chinese.

b said...

Asean also big enough. Can just work together and focus on making aseans living better. China only wants to trade with angmo europe and obor to them but do not know that the whites called the chinese poo behind their backs. So thick skin for what. Even pour so much money into their economy. China thinks asean low class, only have eyes for angmo. So sad.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.18pm

Tiok..wat u said r correct Sinkieland isn't India. But u need to know there r couple of Tua Kee Indian in Ah Long cabinet, that why, one think this way everbolee think that way. Some more when u go see at Changi Business Park u see many 'dark people' ( pardon me mo racist) & weekend enclaves of Indian Bangla at Little India, it thus make sense that Raja Minionster r also right.

b said...


Your enemy enemy is my friend. Ah Long enemy is very obvious. He thinks commie cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Beijing changed its UN rep far too late. Kim has totally ignored Beijing and went direct to Trump keeping chinese diplomats in the dark.
Trump will not need china to take care of Kim any more.

Abe realize this point wants to catch up. He agreed to meet Kim.

What can Asean do? Kim will not need Asean. Trump will not need Asean. Certainly Kim and Trump will not need Turnbull on Korean s affairs. US can shift its efforts to concentrate direct talks with Kim and Moon. Asean will have less importance, same as chinese diplomats.

After Moon and Kim talk, the world will not focus on Asean or Oz.

Anonymous said...

Trump and Kim can make love until their anuses bleed, but in the end still likely no deal lah !

Anonymous said...

Dear Indranee Rajah,

With due respect to your intelligence, we also expect you to reciprocally respect our intelligence.

Singapore is not India, Africa or Iraq.

Singapore has no Tamil Tigers, Malay Tigers, Chinese Tigers or European Tigers.

Singapore has no Al-Qaeda or sub-branch of Al-Qaeda.

Singapore has no Boko Haram, Poko Haram, of Torok Haram.

Singapore has no female terrorist assassinated any of our Prime Minister. We still have two living Prime Minister, one ex-Prime Minister retired but still politically and socially active, alive and kicking asses. We have one ex-Prime Minister died of old age. By quoting such examples, I hope you have not harboured any ill-will to wish them be assassinated by a would-be terrorist. Touch wood, we do not wish our Prime Ministers to be assassinated by a female Tamil Tiger. Anyway, the Tamil Tigers are history, don't you know that?

It is not true that there is a well recorded history on only 23 years of female terrorists. In fact, females have been used as assassins, fighters and terrorists in the Chinese History for the last 6,000 years. The recent record of 23 years of female terrorists is due to the US's indiscriminate bombings and killings of innocent civilians in those countries and invasion of Iraq using the Weapons of Mass Destruction excuse, which has been proven as a big blatant lie. In addition, the US's active Regime Change programs and CIA covert operations have aroused hatred and revenge. Most of those labelled as terrorists are labelled by the US government and CIA. Most are not terrorists but revenge seekers, bringing terror back to the US and US troops and citizens around the world.

Whatever you have stated to support the introduction of the new law to allow policeman and immigration male officials to strip and touch the body of a woman or girl terrorist "suspect" are not justifiable within the Singapore context.

b said...

When in AhLong land must listen to AhLong. AhLong knows best. That is the way.

Anonymous said...

China Leader Xi Jing Ping used the speech to espouse his vision of realising the "rejuvenation of the Chinese nation" - the "greatest dream" of the world's second-largest economy.

"The Chinese people have been indomitable and persistent, we have the spirit of fighting the bloody battle against our enemies to the bitter end," he said.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/empowered-xi-says-china-ready-to-fight-bloody-battle-10058750

Anonymous said...

Why are Sinkieland's Chinese so weak, docile, subservient, cowardly and spineless?

Anonymous said...

Where is Singapore heading? Down Under?

Anonymous said...

President Xi Jinping delivered a blistering nationalist speech on Tuesday (Mar 20), warning against any attempts to split China and touting the country's readiness to fight "the bloody battle" to regain its rightful place in the world.

Xi's address capped an annual session of the National People's Congress that paved the way for him to rule for life, as China's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong pushes through his vision of guiding the country through a "new era" of unrivalled global military and economic supremacy.

Days after President Donald Trump signed new rules allowing top-level US officials to travel to Taiwan, Xi warned that Beijing would defend its "one China principle", which sees the self-ruling island as its territory awaiting reunification.

"All acts and tricks to separate the country are doomed to fail and will be condemned by the people and punished by history," Xi said.

But he also sought to address concerns about ambitious Chinese development projects abroad, saying they "will not pose a threat to any country."

"Only those who are accustomed to threatening others will see everyone as a threat," he added.

Xi used the speech to espouse his vision of realising the "rejuvenation of the Chinese nation" - the "greatest dream" of the world's second-largest economy.

"The Chinese people have been indomitable and persistent, we have the spirit of fighting the bloody battle against our enemies to the bitter end," he said.

But his speech was also a reminder that the Communist Party, more than ever, reigns over the country's affairs.

"History has already proven and will continue to prove that only socialism can save China," he said.

"The Communist Party is the supreme political leadership of the country and the fundamental guarantee to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation."



Anonymous said...

A self-driving test car from Uber Technologies Inc. hit and killed a woman pedestrian in Arizona.

That's why driver-less SMRT trains must have drivers.

Anonymous said...

In Oct 2016, more than 400 SPH employees were retrenched after paper general Ng Yat Chung took over as CEO.

The New Paper was shut down, and a year later TodayOnline terminated circulation.

SPH editorial are facing rapidly declining readership due to it’s lack of independence and constant publication of government propaganda.

In Oct 2017, 40 reporters were fired.

SPH’s CEO paper general Ng Yat Chung was the CEO of Neptune OrienIn Oct 2016, more than 400 SPH employees were retrenched after former army general Ng Yat Chung took over as CEO. The New Paper was shut down, and a year later TodayOnline terminated circulation. SPH editorial are facing rapidly declining readership due to it’s lack of independence and constant publication of government propaganda. In Oct 2017, 40 reporters were fired.

SPH’s CEO Ng Yat Chung is the former CEO of Neptune Orient Line, which lost the country’s national shipping company after running it into billions of losses. Interestingly, NOL became profitable within a year after a French company took over.t Line (NOL), Singapore's leading shipping company, once a star performer that Singaporeans have been proud of.

After the paper general took over NOL and run it into billions of dollars losses, he sold it for a song to a French company and was re-deployed as SPH CEO.

Curiously, NOL became profitable within a year after the French company took over.

Anonymous said...

Again, today (20 Mar 2018), 13 reporters from the Singapore Press Holdings’ Magazine Department has been fired due to declining sales.

The total headcount of the 151st-ranking SPH has now been reduced by 20% from 379 at 7 months ago in August 2017, to only the present 300.

According to SPH's grapevine, more will be retrenched soon.

In addition, SPH is also closing down it’s Genting Lane operations and Outram Road Office and relocating them to the old headquarters in Toa Payoh:

Such is the specialty and fortune of paper general NG Yat Chung who seems to be growing fatter and fatter.

Fake generals make real headline news!

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018 07:38 AM

BEIJING — Voicing hopes that Beijing and the United States could avoid a trade war, Premier Li Keqiang told the close of the annual parliament session that China would open its economy further, so that foreign and Chinese firms can compete on an equal footing.

Fears of a global trade war mounted after U.S. President Donald Trump's imposed hefty import tariffs on steel and aluminium earlier this month and, according to sources in Washington, the United States is set to unveil new tariffs specifically targeting China by the end of this week.

"No one will emerge a winner from a trade war," Li told reporters in a televised news conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. "What we hope is for us to act rationally instead of being led by emotions."

That hope would be damaged if, as sources say, Washington goes ahead with plans for new tariffs on up to $60 billion worth of Chinese technology and consumer goods annually, in a move to fulfil Trump's campaign promises to get tough on China and its trade practices.

But for the world, the potential fall out from any trade conflict between its two biggest economies posed the more pressing danger.

Goh said...

//Singapore has no female terrorist..//
Please lah.Dun be shallow minded.Becos we think no female terrorist doesn't mean there's none.
Terrorist will tend to deploy more female if they think sinkies are shallow minded.
I will join immigration or police if they allow male officials to strip and touch the body of a woman.
Maybe should oso vested security guard with the power too.Can retain and a good selling point to attract many new ah pehs or applicants like me.
Every time see those with big big one ,suspicious but cannot touch.I feel so insecure boarding the flight.
The lady security from matland can touch my two dindong at changi airport holding room entrance why can I oso touch touch.
If what you wrote is true ,it shows that indranee has no discrimination but has our country's security interest at heart.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't talk so much, Starhub and Singtel should match offer, if ever they are sincere. All the years of talk can't beat the case of immediate competition. So competition is the key, in parliament, in politics and in any place.

Anonymous said...

With one and only big ego looney Long around and his foul mouth offending all the lesser mortals from superpowers, the benefits of rising China to Singapore is near ZERO. Looney Long has already be branded as an untrustworthy opportunist by other great leaders and there will be no salvation for Singapore until he kicks the pail.

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" Empire on the Rampage

The Empire on the Rampage: World War 4 Heats Up in Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ukraine and Beyond

The Empire of Chaos never gives up if it suffers defeat in one place it ignites a war someplace else. If it signs a peace deal it is only to give it self breathing space to plan more treachery. All this was proven yet again by recent events. In revenge for the victory of Syria and it's allies the 4 + 2 in Palmyra (see My March 2016 Victory in Palmyra) the empire launched a massive counter-offensive in Aleppo.
The point is that Empire of Chaos is waging a war on many levels Military, Covert, Political, economic, media, intelligence in a desperate attempt to stop the steady erosion of it's power and influence. War, Chaos, and poverty are the results........."

The link,
Anti- Imperialist U: June 2016 - Blogspot

Anti- Imperialist U: June 2016 - Blogspot

Iran/Contra Pt 2: World War 3 - Anti- Imperialist U - Blogspot

Anonymous said...

amendment for @Anonymous March 21, 2018 10:15 am


" Empire on the Rampage

The Empire on the Rampage: World War 4 Heats Up in Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ukraine and Beyond

The Empire of Chaos never gives up if it suffers defeat in one place it ignites a war someplace else. If it signs a peace deal it is only to give it self breathing space to plan more treachery. All this was proven yet again by recent events. In revenge for the victory of Syria and it's allies the 4 + 2 in Palmyra (see My March 2016 Victory in Palmyra) the empire launched a massive counter-offensive in Aleppo.
The point is that Empire of Chaos is waging a war on many levels Military, Covert, Political, economic, media, intelligence in a desperate attempt to stop the steady erosion of it's power and influence. War, Chaos, and poverty are the results........."

The link,
Anti- Imperialist U: Empire on the Rampage

Anti- Imperialist U: June 2016 - Blogspot

Iran/Contra Pt 2: World War 3 - Anti- Imperialist U - Blogspot


Epistemology - My Webspace files

Thank you.

b said...

The problem is asean leaders got their power from their fathers. They did not actually fight for it like Gang-his-khan and thus not so smart.
The next problem is they are actually afraid and jealous of smarter common people and prefer to get rid of them or lock them up instead of using them and thus less smarter people in asean gene pool.
On the contrary, the wolves are much smarter. They are very social, knighted the smarter common people so they plunder and share the loot together.