A simple way to guesstimate the reserves

The non transparent secret of the country’s reserves, speculated to be worth $1 trillion has been subjected to many queries as to what is really there. As it is a closely guarded state secret, no one really knows, even the President that holds the second key to guard the reserves. In a way, the reserves could be like a mirage of a mountain of gold. The people could imagine or were told that it is large and is there, but cannot feel or touch it. The big question in many people’s mind is whether this is true. It is only fair for any reasonable man to have doubts about something that is like what the salesman told them, and they have to believe his words, to trust him.

When the people are kept in the dark, it is very difficult to know the truth. The more the govt tries to hide this info, the more suspicious will be the people who want to know the truth. And the more the govt is frantically trying to raise taxes, even very unpopular measures, the more worried would be the people as to the health of this gold mountain mirage. Simple, got so much money no need to panic to raise so many taxes. The reason that the reserves cannot be touched, to be kept for the rainy day, is hogwash. It was touched many times during Nathan’s days.

Let’s see what we can extrapolate from some of the official statistics provided by Heng Swee Kiat to figure out how much is there in the reserves. The estimated NIRC for FY2018 is $15.9. I am not sure this is profit earned for the whole year prior to FY2018 or the estimated returns for FY 2018, ie not earned yet. But putting this aside let’s just use this number as a basis to extrapolate the reserves gold mountain.

The $15.9b is net return, ie after paying 2.5%/4%/5% interest to CPF members, estimated at $400b borrowed. If we use a 3% interest paid to CPF, this would work out to be $12b. The gross profit from the funds invested, less expense other than CPF interest, would be $12b + $15.9b +15.9b = $43b. Assuming NIRC is 50% of net income and balance 50% went into the reserves.

The govt has been using a 3.5% figure as the returns from investing our reserves. Thus if $43b is the gross return or 3.5%, the reserves should be $1.23 trillion. If we use just the $31b as net return, the reserves should be $886b. Could have use $32b ie 15.9 +15.9

But 3.5% return is supposed to be an average. The estimated return of $31b could be 5%, 7.5% or 10% over the years. These would give the reserves as $620b, $413b and $310b respectively. I use the different percentages to show that the higher the rate of return, the lower would be the reserves.

Alternatively if we use $43b as the gross return and 5%, 7.5% and 10% return, the reserves could be $860b, $573b and $430b respectively.

The good news, the reserves could be as high as $1.23t or $886b. The bad news, it could be as low as $310b or $430b.

If the funds are not performing that well, ie making a 3.5% return, then the reserves could be in the region of $886b to $1.23t. Someone said the interest rate for long term interest, risk free is about 3%. What is the point of paying hundreds of millions to fund managers to bring in 3.5% with high risk of losing the capital. Sack the whole bunch if they cannot bring in more than 5% returns.

Extrapolating from the rate of returns based a given NIRC of $15.9b, the paradox is that higher the percentage of returns means lower reserves and vice versa. If the funds are doing well, ie making returns of 5%, 7.5% or 10%, then the reserves could be quite scary, like a glittering golden mountain but not all gold.

What is the real thing, when would this be made known, or forever be in the unknown?

PS. MOF stats stated that GIC has a 20 year annualized return of 3.7% while Temasek’s annualized return from 2002 to 2014 is 15%.


Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, u r very talented & super brilliant, even the old fart told the then OTC that it would take the garmen 56 man years to calculate & show OTC the accounting of garmen reserves. Ah Long san has sure missed to head hunt u as the Council of Ah Long Reserves Inc senior advisor, this is the country loss & a miss talent.

Virgo49 said...

Not only Mr RB can guesstimate which is also coined by him a new New Queen's dictionary word and no need 56 man years to reconcile.

I say man, why pay the Ministry of Grimace, oops Finance millions when they can not even do it in just a few mins as Mr RB do??

But I wonder if it is kosong or not as my CPF's Life payments only credited on the 6th this month instead of the 5th Of the month.

Anonymous said...

If it is at the low end of the reserve, it means that increase gst becoming necessary as we already lost our shirts so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Pls kindly note lah...official numbers disclosed in Mas n Tm respectively are $360bln n $280bln....Gic managed by late Old man had to be much bigger than son n daughter in law...4 basic reasons : his ego is much bigger n gic stated reason n purpose of existence n its secrecy n how can father be smaller than juniors...lah.
360+280+640 (double..add up)=abt 1.3 trln.
If had been well managed n get average global stock absolute returns of 7% to 8% ...could be north of $2 trln...but with paper generals n politicians money mgt skills... $1.3trln is abt right ...after all the garhman is probably the greatest money citizons sucking machine in modern history.

Likely dont want citizons to know becos how to justify to continue to squeeze for more more more if already collected SO MUCH???

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what is the true amount of the reserves lah,

as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt

to be able to find out what is the true amount of the reserves.

Some more PAP can always raise taxes to cover any big hole in the reserves and yet

PAP can still win elections to be govt.

And with PAP as govt, Sinkies will therefore not know about the reserves

even if it is already kosong.

And smart Sinkies who have money or can make lots of money will still have good life in Sinkieland,

never mind if the reserves are kosong or in the trillions.

Anonymous said...

56 man yrs to calculate reserves means no risk management system. Really?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies should worry about the reserves in their bank account, not the nation's reserves.

Bank account got enough reserves or not, in case become jobless or cannot make more money?

Anonymous said...

If it is at the low end of the reserve, it means that increase gst becoming necessary as we already lost our shirts so to speak.
9:13 am

We? Why we? Some are still very rich you know, where got lost their shirt?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah, not bad RB. Good "guessimates" although the range is quite large between your high and low estimates.

The easiest way to find out how muchis there, is to simply ASK A PERSON who knows because they are privy to such information.

This is why you need to "network" in Singapore (anywhere, actually)---i.e. get to know and connect with on a personal level people who can help you. I'm not talking about the ner' do wells who inhabit the kopitiams or sikit-atas cafes with the free wifi and overpriced coffee.

So how large or small ar the reserves? Maybe I know? Maybe they are... substantial ?

Don't worry kids, there's lots of dough there. Be thankful. Enjoy your very strong Singapore Dollar as you vacation in places like the EU, Malaysia and Australia (indebted wankers) knowing that your hard-earned money is solidly backed. ;-)

VIrgo49 said...

This Matilah talks as though he knew many Elites in High Places. Not kopi tiams talks. In Special Reserved Lounges where monies changed hands and with Full House Vietnam, China, Pinoy Call girls. Ahgongkia also gatecrashed to have a share.

No wonder he sang Tunes for them.

Wah, you think they dared let their Kia kias know the figures??

Even so, there is an Act called OSA.

Can go Changi Resort Hotels. In other countries bury ten feet underground. This secret can cause the Fall of the Ruling Party.That's why they guarded so secretly.

Even cracked their brains how to silence the Presidency and Opposition to keep them airtight.

Matilah, DONT bill shut lah.

I, also ex Silver Serpent and we signed the IM of the OSA.

The HDB EO just leaked out some trival info also go Court.

Anonymous said...

Got to imagine when one datosocan wrote something about reserves. Laymen would thot cash in bank. When sitting on toilet bowl the bolt struck: these people are playing with mainly angmor shares. How to guess the principal from return rate? eg When they bought the UBS shares was high price, when they sold was at low price. The loss reported in reuters was USD 4 billions ie sgd 5.27 billiions. How can one guess the original sums threw inside to make 5.27 billions loss?
So the returns was market value 15.9 billions? Or based on cost value?

One point not shown was: how much of the 15.9 billions were from PR cpf? PR cpf is borrowed funds from external debts.

Therefore, there is no way to guess the original cost. This cost should be the cpf loan to these fund managers, tio bor? The possible guess is: what are the current values those equities worth now. That what happened to curious readers. What is the market price for the funds? If the returns worth so big, they just put 15.9 billions as gains, without showing from where.

Since the Lehman Brothers, US SEC has demanded hedge funds to show their positions or portfolios. Those registered with SEC got big businesses for being transparent. If that is done here, no one will bother to guess what portfolios the 2 funds are holding.

It will be bothering to citizens when they have to keep guessing the reason behind the 2% GST increase after 30% water taxes and increases in transport. Datoso said puah kang liao.

From the parliament talk, citizens know there are 500 companies never like to hire citizens. There was one hire 1000 foreigners under watched till they hire only 200 citizens, and it was off the list.

So the hiring ratio allowed was 80% foreigners, 20% citizens. If this kind of ratio is in practice, how to build up the cpf for these funds managers to play with the money? The performance for these funds are not indicative. At least show some sharpe ratios, open the portfolios to prove to citizens the money is in good hands.

The indication of 2% GST tax is a warning to the jobless citizens. ie the poor. Their foods bills, their transport bills, their education bills, their health care bills, will have to cut. Good for them.

Got the message? The funds borrow from cpf, yet the local jobs are not properly controlled to be offered to citizens to generate the cpf. Are these politicians doing their jobs well? PR s cpf is external debts. When war starts, these PR will want 100% cpf withdrawals. Only citizens cpf can be used to produce returns to budgets. Tio bor?

Therefore citizens are confused now. They must put right. 1. Get the citizens to work to produce cpf to increase the funds returns. 2. Be bold to show the real positions of the funds. Then citizens will be fine with the 2% increases if they know the real positions, good or bad, all will have to fact it together. Tio bor? Not now. Jobs are given to foreigners generously. What is the basis to keep these foreigners while GST increases? Send them home, then cpf will increase and returns will increase on the budget line because funds managers are top performers.
Voters should have alternative. They should not get stuck with the current politicians favoring foreigners working here and taxing on citizens poor on 2% gst increase. The rich will not cut their foods bills for the 2%. The poor will stop their kids to go upper secondary schools may be. The rich will still send their kids to university.
Therefore, voters must think hard, what the politicians are dividing the population. Is that necessary to a small town country? Yet they talk about defense. It will be dangerous to continue such tax policy favoring the rich.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of S$ in the pot RB, don't worry. The government will look after the Singapore reserve. You must have faith and trust. You must be grateful that you have a reserve. Unlike many other countries around the world where some are in debts of billions or even trillions. The PAP has always been good to the citizens. Be very grateful they give you your regular angpows of $300, $200 and $100.

Just believe them that the reserve is in safe hands. Now you can sleep peacefully and no bad dreams.

jjgg said...

I remember the Sunshine group who peddled encased gold wafers with the promise to redeem provided the casing not tampered with.. such is the state of our reserves. Don't ask don't feel.. the ocassional handouts of $300 can easily be managed by blips on the money supply.. no one will notice. Even imf cannot make head or tail of our submissions but if our reserves are soooo high then future infrastructure projects is sup sup water . What is spending another 100b on infrastructure projects if u indeed have 1.3t

Anonymous said...

Don't be conned into believing that "People" at high places would even fart in the presence of a self-proclaimed womanizer and a habitually, extremely foul-mouth who has no restrain whatsoever to label anybody and everybody as "MOTHERFUCKER"!

There is no way they would even associate or be seen with such a dirty scum publicly.

And if by a very slim chance, one or two hapened to unfortunately come into contact with the dirty scum, would they divulge State Secrets, punishable by the Official Secrets Act, to a smelly loose-mouth with a huge ego, staying in Australia and taking Singapore as a hotel for his occasional trists?


Anonymous said...

Typo error:,trists should be trysts.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Aiyoh, as an old timer, you should know better and not take the bait lah. :-P

You are right however, to be skeptical. I have said to people before...never trust anything you read, especially what is posted on the net. That includes ramblings from me.

I have a policy: I never offer any proof to my claims. Sometimes I'll post a link for explanation or sarcastic/ comic relief. If you think I am full of shit and goreng-ing in my posts, you are free to reject anything and everything I write.

I'm not here to "convert souls", I'm here for pure SELFISH ENTERTAINMENT. Singapore is fucking doomed, and there is no changing the course of my "prophecy". The people (not the government) will eventually succeed in thrashing their awesome cuntry to the ground.

Masturbation is shiok, but one can only do it a few times before the canon is out of ammo. So the next activity...is to visit blogs like this and wallop a few faces, and kick in a few heads. Figuratively of course. I'm far too decent and moral to do such vulgar things in real life.

Anyway, enjoy losing money gambling. I don't gamble because I consider gambling to be A TAX on the mathematically inept and the emotionally weak.

...but that's just me. I'm always willing to share an opinion. You don't even have to ask ;-))

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ The "Think!" motherfucker, aka anon 1216:

Oh please, I'm not the only one who uses "salty language". Many low class and high class people do as well...people who are more interesting that you, mainly because they don't squirm everytime they hear a
"naughty words" used in everyday speech.

You're probably right however... your fantastic bunch of elites, super high class and super well-educated will never associate themselves with a dirty uneducated beach bum like me.

Did anyone break the OSA? Who knows...who cares? ;-)

Anonymous said...

The spade of frantic rebutals are proofs enough to substantiate the thoughts and analysis of those who conclude that this "Matilah Singapura" (meaning Death To Singapore) is a hogwash bullshitter whose intention is to destroy Singapore and anything Singaporean, while at the same time exploiting the country and her people to his selfish advantage. He is an established double-headed fork-tongue who twists and turns at facts to suit each different occasion to con and deceive.

Anonymous said...

Which country has trillions reserves?

UK businessinsider in sept 2016 article listed one country among the top 19 highest level of government debt:

14. Singapore — 98.2%. The country is one of the richest in the world and it has managed to reduce its GDP to debt ratio from 103.8% last year. Meanwhile, the government is now trying to find new ways to grow the economy and raise productivity.

297 billions was GDP in 2016. Has trillions? yet owed 0.297 trillions to its debtors, like cpf members? Think about it. At least reduce the debt to 60% GDP recommended by IMF will make this country look healthy. Can it achieve 60% from 98%?

Anonymous said...

RB only neede 56 man-seconds to estimate the reserves.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ misinformed anon 105

>> "Matilah Singapura" (meaning Death To Singapore) is a hogwash bullshitter whose intention is to destroy Singapore and anything Singaporean <<

"Death to Singapore" ✔︎

"Hogwash Bullshitter" ✔︎

"intention to destroy SIngapore and anything Singaporean" ✘✘


1. "Death To Singapore" or "Die lah Singapore" is not a wish or hope, but a prediction/ prophecy. My theory is that the jewel of a cuntry, the most awesome story in the development of civilisation in the modern era is going to be completely destroyed by the BAD CHOICES of her entitled-minded, people.

2. "intention to destroy SIngapore and anything Singaporean"

Have you lost your motherfucking mind? Lil' old me, unemployed, PSLE-educated beachbum has the capacity to destroy Singapore. You are certifiably NUTS if you believe that! Whatever drugs you're on, please share lah 😜

I have said time and agin to obviously selectively deaf ears: I write purely for my own SELFISH entertainment For my working definition of "selfish" in this context, please refer to the works of Ayn Rand. 😎

Singapore needs no help from the likes of me or any "interlopers" in eventually rendering it completely fucked...from Turd Whirled, to First...and then crash and burn to the point 3rd world status would be an "upgrade". All this of course, adeptly achieved by Singapore's own local population of Entitled Cunts (ECs) who live and die believing that the whole fucking universe owes them a living.

The Singapore govt is always warning about "threats to security", completely missing the point that the whinging locals are the ones who will ultimately destroy an awesome city-state-nation-Hotel, built by the sacrifices of previous generations. And I really mean sacrifice. People were put in jail, had their freedoms taken away, tortured physically and mentally, bankrupted, banished, silenced into conformity.....Motherfuckers, pay attention: Huge sacrifices. You all eat, shop, buy yourselves the latest gizmo, which you then use to complain like spoilt kids on your blogs and forums.

So yeah, carry on. It takes a lot of concerted, collective effort to destroy something truly great...and you guys are doing just fine. Don't worry, you can always blame the govt when your life turns into a toilet.

P.S. Don't forget to flush, now. Remember, Gracious Society... 🤡

Goh said...

Only khongcum will reveal how much reserve we have.
Do you tell everyone how much you have in your bank account.

Anonymous said...

12.16 pm anon don't get upset by this fake matilar. The original matilar died last year. Many of us attended his funeral not because we like that motherfucker but as a show of support for his abused family especially his Mother, Sisters and his two teenage daughters. This fake matilar unfortunately practised the sane incest thingi and abused his love one as well.

On one hand we pity him but on the other hand as he is not willing to seek treatment, this motherfucher continued to create trouble.

Anonymous said...

RB, if the original Matilah has died last year, then perhaps you should flush this fake Matilah down the toilet for the sake of Gracious Living?

This is your perogative, of course!

Anonymous said...

If ignore the vulgarities out of Matilah, many things he observed about the weak human nature is quite true. I guess he is 59 yrs old, smart, U educated, semi retired, in banking & speculation related business, a fairly wealthy person...just for the fun of it.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if reserves got $1 or $1 Quadrillion .... no Sinkie here or their children gonna ever get 1 cent of it.... Unless overthrow PAPies and check the actual accounts & deposits...

Anyway all your HDB becoming worthless ... another 10-20 years and you'll have difficult time selling your flats ... those built in the 1990s and earlier...

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, Casinos sometimes reported that this year business is not so profitable as Punters Luck are better.

See the 24 year old young die who won nearly 7millions.

So not every gambler as what you said is inept and emotionally weak.

The poor had to take their chances out of the Poverty Traps.By what's means? ? Working hard? ?

The Billionaires and Millionaires also gambled at the Casinos.Inept and emotionally weak? ?

Business Men take chances and that why they are gamblers. You must take risks even in gambling. Fyi, gamblers are also very generous beans.

Only those who are meek and just longed for a cosy life with their papers will never take chances to do business.

Like Mr Lim Tean said how many business minded men in the PAP cabinet? ? That's whySingapore's is in doldrums.

Do they know how to run a business and know how to pay their employees monthly salaries??

We do. We are gamblers that take risks to provide jobs for fellow Singaporeans even though we are Kachang Puteh companies.

We knew how difficult to run a company when we even have to forego our own salaries for the employees first.

So DONT belittled the gamblers. You are hypocrites when you DONT do so.

b said...

If sg so fantastic and rocking, why the gahmen go and invest the people money overseas? 3.5% is below average performance leh. Any fund managers will get fire the next day. Why not invest al the money in your own country or give the money back to the people better lah? CPF returns can be 5 or 6% not pathetic 2.5%. Why sell the land, flats and condos and invest overseas? All the investments should be transparent. A lot of europe investments are fake and losing money and how many they have?

b said...

Powerful women like Merkel and HoJinx are going down in history like silly women. Are we living in exciting times?

Goh said...

Wow laochek.
Thought you retired .
Your last second para impressed me.Agree with you.My towkay at times got to borrow from the you know who to ensure his staff being paid on time.
Surprisingly you doesn't seem to speak on employers behalf and instead paint a unfair picture that they exploited workers or throw money on karaoke hostess.
That's why I langgar with you.
Yes,not easy to be successful entrepreneur other than those who are financially sound.
Many gamble not becos they r greedy but probably that's the only chance n hope to win some money to settle their medisave or delayed cpf.This time I agree with you.

b said...

No empire ever lasts. The jewel crown of the Queen is moving, most like to anz. Otherwise will lose anz to Great China if still stay in eu. No need to blame people or politicians. Its just the way it will be. People only talk cock sing song here just like they did it for ages everywhere. No one is going to go after the regime or hurt anyone. Its like outlet.

Goh said...

Walao laochek.
Thought you retired.
Your last second para impressed me.Agree with you.My towkay at times got to borrow from the you know who to ensure his staff being paid on time.
Surprisingly you doesn't seem to speak on employers behalf and instead paint a unfair picture that they exploited workers or throw money on karaoke hostess.
That's why I langgar with you.
Yes, not easy to be successful entrepreneur other than those who are financially sound.
Many gamble not becos they r greedy but probably that's the only chance n hope to win some money to settle their medisave or delayed cpf.This time I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

agongkia, i dont how much time u spending with youe sme bosses. if u go to karaoke in most countries, most customers are sme bosses and they do literally throw money at the karaoke girls

Anonymous said...

The citizens of a country has a right to know the true state of the country's reserves.

The custodians of the reserves must account to the people.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, already retired. If not can suka suka go be BabaTai and Genting.

Singapore Fellow Bosses must have a heart for own countrymen.

We are in the same boat together. They are serving NS to protect your business, your familes and your Homeland.

How can you just for the sake for a few dollars more in your pockets deprived them of jobs??

If they cannot support their families, how can they protect your welfare??

Earn less and have a clear conscience. I know some people will say we are not a charitable organisation. These are the wrong philosophies harped by the PAP for decades.

Come and go with a clear conscience that you don't take advantage of someone and short-changed them.

We, oldies in the fifties, sixties with our Chinese Towkays are like families. Even had home cooked lunches and dinners together in the Offices and Shops.

After eating Ang Mor sais and drinking their urine, became Hire And Fire. Without a thought for even their employees families.

Only thoughts of making more and more and never end. NSmen liabilities of incamp also troublesome. I have had even have ex-DRC inmates helping me. They even have to report periodically for drugs testings. If you don't give them a chance, who will give them a chance.


Anonymous said...

Virgo49 well said...right heart.

Natural Justice (NJ) said...

There are too many legitimate and important questions not forthcoming, intentionally blacked out and blocked-off from public consumption. The usual reply is that it is for security reasons. Whose security, one may ask. Again, the blanket reply is: national security.

Sometimes, due to persistent and prolonged pressure, and for self-interests, answers may be thrown out after careful deliberation and consideration, but these answers more often than not fall short of truthful revelation, but which have to be answered with factual accounts and truthful presentation by government department heads and responsible authorities. They should not be mere conjectures, quarter-truth, half-truth, three-quarter truth or a comlicated mixture of lies, deceptions, asdumptions and assertions.

The amount of revelation and transparency permitted indicate the extent to which the government trust her people and correspondingly inadvertently the people's perception of their government in terms of accountability, truthfulness, trustworthiness, evasiveness, responsiveness and moral standing.

If accountability, transparency, truthfulness and moral standing of the government have been subjected to prolonged period of continuous questioning, frustration and discontent, there will come a time when the breaking-point is reached. When that happens, all he'll will break loose. That is the point of no return. The whole government machinery will be in disarray. The function of governing will break down and those responsible will have to be sacked or put behind bars in order to allow proper and serious investigations to be carried out.

A state of uncerta3 and chaos will ensue, no doubt. But after a while, as the dusts settled, the situation will return to normalcy. And life goes on. For better or for worst. All dependent upon Divine Intervention and Collective Karma of the people. The World still goes round. The sun still shines!

Anonymous said...

We are very very grateful after Senior Minister of State for Health Chee Hong Tat announced on Wednesday that the annual Medisave withdrawal limit for chronic diseases, vaccinations and health screenings will be increased from S$400 to S$500 from June this year.

It is very generous of Chee to give us an extra $100 to help us cope with our out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatment.

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkie is grateful for getting to use an extra $100 more of his own money but thinks that it is the MOS Chee who gave him the money. See? When a Sinkie has been conditioned over a prologed period of time, he lost his mental faculty of analysis and differentiation. He simply cannot differentiate between fake pretentious generosity and reality. How sad!

KP said...

YOU, individually, are the Master of your own Fate.
YOU, individually, are the Captain of your own Soul.
YOU, individually, are the Creater of your own Dream.
YOU, individually, are the Craftsman of your own Destiny!

Anonymous said...

In Spore when you face chronic diseases if you are not wealthy:
1. Your compulsory medical insurance payouts are not sufficient, despite the insurance.....then insurance for what?
2. The medical treatments can be costly
3. The queue in public hospitals are long, long, waiting time is long, long....wait, wait and maybe sometimes come back another day despite having appointments made. With the huge national wealth why is there still a shortage of equipment & rooms or treatment facilities?
Yet Jinx POppy can just gambled away billions. It shows where their heart truly is.
Discern from their propaganda shit times talk. Meanwhile they have 6 star salaries & 6 star treatments on public money.
Vote wisely & to opposition to change for better & for POppies to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Vote which opposition? Any opposition Any good? Can they replace PAP and form a new, good government?

50 years ago, we heard the call to vote opposition. 50 years later we still hear the call to vote opposition.


Anonymous said...

outcome of toto result
Need 2b programmed.more-ed

Anonymous said...

Be the Master of your Fate.

Be the Captain of your own Soul.

And Create your own Dream.

And then Craft Out your own Destiny.

Take Responsibility NOW!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

To the doubters, I assure you I am the exact same Matilah and accusations of Biblical-style incest notwithstanding, not a fake matilar ;-)


Your vain attempt at trying to play word games with the idea of "gambling"---attempting to somehow equate engaging in commercial enterprise with out-and-out games of chance are flawed for one simple reason:


When you gamble, you are entirely led by your emotions, no matter how much you delude yourself into thinking that you're not.

Running an enterprise, and taking on risks is vastly different. How? In business, you are making hypotheses (guesses) in areas where you have some idea of risks (not exact, of course), then proceed in your commercial activities by testing those hypotheses, measuring the results, drawing conclusions, then modifying the hypotheses before taking further action. Please lah, I've been running businesses since my mid-20's. Even when I've worked for some asshole boss, I had a few "side hustles" going on which doubled or tripled my shitty wage-slave renumeration.

In gambling, you cave to superstition---praying to God, Allah, Lee Kuan Yew's ghost...who cares? You might even rub your favourite lucky charm...for e.g. a smelly pair of your dead grandma's shitty panties...who cares.

So there's the motherfucking difference lah.

@anon 505..."The Profiler"

You are way off. I'm a PSLE "graduate", my background is in tech and science, taught by mentors. I built my first amp at 13, and was fucking with the first microprocessors in my 20's. I was very lucky to have several mentors to help me along. Despite my tech background, I never made it to Bill Gates status. ;-)

Most of my earned fees comes from "consultancy". I specialise in human hacking...i.e. how to manipulate people. :-)

I am not retired, but perennially unemployed and unemployable...or as some people mistakingly call it "self employed" (a useless term). I am, in reality, a horny beach bum, because that is where I spend most my time---like now, writing this---at the beach. (Western Australia, where I live has stunning beaches).

Wealthy? Come on bro, we are ALL wealthy. Just look at the societies and civilizations we live in. Our forebears would shit if they lived in our modern world. Essentially, anyone of us can do just about ANYTHING, all we have to do is start. Barriers to entry are way down. In the past there was all sorts of bigotry and inequality built in to the cultures of the day. i.e. if you were poor, female, gay or of the "wrong race", you would have to transcend all sorts of cultural barriers before you could even hope to "pursue your happiness".

You nearly got my age. I am 62, a vegan, libertarian (anarcho-capitalist) atheist, bald, short not exactly handsome, but I still get to bang lots of chicks because I know how to make them laugh, and am also a fantastic vegan/ vegetarian cook.

The beach is a fantastic place to meet women. Especially if one is a botak-katek chee kopek uncle who is a fucking hilarious riot. Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Matilar, there is nothing to brag about when you are banging those over 65 old white women lar. Of course these types they may even pay a small botak like u������ to bang them

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Who's bragging? These days sex is as easy to get as a hamburger with coke and fries.

The only people (like you lah) who think sex a "big deal and need to brag, is because people like you can't get any and are too fucking cheapskate to pay a "professional" to help you.

Please lah, if you grew up (like I did) in a cuntry which has a district as awesome as Geyland, you'll never ever need to compromise your standards as far as banging good-looking pussy.

Geyland gals are movie-star standard, and they'll lick your asshole better than you can wipe your ass after a greasy, gassy shit from last night's curry dinner.

Unfortunately no one has paid me to bang them. But if your mum has some extra cash, and her slimy cheebye is not as smelly as all your friends say it it is, well...you know who you can call. 🤡

Anonymous said...

Matilar, as a small botak guy, very hard for people to believe in your fantasy story. Chances are as a small botak, when u open your garage door, likely we will see a small soft Canon resting on two flat tires, Tio bo? Also like Virgo said, have you thought about why u ended up as a small botak? Likely when u were in your mother's womb, another botak kept pushing in to disturb you plus spitting on you most of the time. The small botak that spat on you probably look the same like u now.

If you are the real matilar and did not die last year, u should write some books that I remembered one anon used to encourage you to write. Don't brag about screwing around cause I think besides the small soft pistol, likely there are no bullets inside as well. Don't kid yourself lar.

Most important of all, stop abusing your sisters, daughters and your old Mother. U are really one motherfucker that is wasting earth oxygen.

Anonymous said...

If MOF stated returns of GIC 3.7%, TM 15% are true.
Either GIC managers are nuts or TM managers are super traders, on the surface.
But we know Jinx is buy-high, sell-low.
So 15% likely come from cheap historical Spore assets transferred to TM books....so performance NO COUNT. Jinx pay also mystery. So both actual performance & compensation mystery....so this is top or blur blur corporate governance???? HAHAHA Chio See Lang.
GIC 3.7% is half of global average stock returns of 7% per annum. With all the paper n political brains is that what we can achieved??
Looks like Father, Son & Daughter in Law Fund management firms' results on behalf of Singapore and Singaporeans .... No so Good leh but poor, and also foggy, very foggy.

Anonymous said...

If one is 3.7% and the other is 15%, how can average be 3.5%?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 7.53

Opposition no need replace the Government.

Just checks and balances as what SL is doing.

Why No opposition in Parliament or rather less seats in Parliament? ?

It's because you Dafts think that they are no Good and DONT give them the chances.

See and hear the British Opposition Party Members speak in countering the Ruling Party Bills.
They lend support by Shouting AYE Aye and banging on their Armrests.

The Ruling Government also Lau sai.

They No Better than the PAP parrots??

Most of the time absent from Parliamentary Sessions and not a whimper from them.

Like schools children, Cat away the Mice will play.

Or Even Office Employees.Just pays correct sirs.