Crown Prince of Johore's statement to Nazri in Malaysiakini

This is a very enlightening speech by the Cown Prince of Johore, HRH brigadier general Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim in defence of his right to speak for the raykat, his people against the abuse of power and corruption by the politicians, in this case Nazri Abdul Aziz, Culture and Tourism Minister of Malaysia.

There is a role reversal in Malaysian politics, with the Royalties now being the moral authority and standing up against the politicians. It was the other way in the past that gave Mahathir the opportunity to curb the power of the Royalties. Now the Royalties are seeing the politicians as the corrupt ones and standing up to voice their displeasure and objections, to defend the rights and interest of the people.

In any country, when the politicians are corrupt and abuses the power given to them by the people, it is the right of the people to speak out either directly or through their elected representatives. Politicians are not gods and should not present themselves as gods or infallibles. Here is the speech of the Crown Prince of Johore.

You are a minister, not a god from the heavens who lord above everybody. Do not think the people of this country exist to provide you with position and wealth, but the position exists for you to serve the people.

When I voice out, I do it as the leader of my rakyat, on behalf of Johoreans and Malaysians. All I did was to remind the leaders of the country that they have a responsibility to serve the people, and for this, I am attacked.

'Speaking for the people'

In the new world order, I envision a future that every person has a right to voice their opinions. However, that is not the case in Malaysia today, where ministers think they are untouchable. I am willing to be cursed for standing up for what is right, rather than be loved for defending what is wrong.

I am not a politician. I am only answerable to Allah, my sultan and the people of Johor. I do not do the bidding of some puppet-master who pulls the strings. Johor only has place for those who want to serve the people, not for those who want to garner votes for their own interests.

There will come a time, when the Johorean people must decide what is best for us and our future generations. Decide and unite we will, as Bangsa Johor, to forge our future. United we stand strong, divided we fall. I stand for my rakyat, not to joust for power, not to topple the government, but to ensure the wellbeing of my people.

I never told anybody to step down or resign, only to remind politicians of their roles and responsibilities. If you cannot deal with that, it just shows your arrogance to the people.

Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with a comfortable life, and I could just live my own life and be oblivious to the worries of my people, but here I am, standing firm by their side.

So for those wanting to tarnish my image and make me public enemy number one, the people are smarter than that, and they can think for themselves.

Do not use me to divert attention from 1MDB and other national issues. This country needs politicians who are clean and transparent, who carry out their duties with sincerity and integrity.

- HRH brigadier general Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, the Crown Prince of Johor.


Anonymous said...

My respect to Crown Prince of Johore! A big salute to him!

The part that touch me is this:" ..i have been blessed with a comfortable life, and I could just live my own life and be oblivious to the worries of my people, but here I am, standing firm by their side."

This Crown Prince is for the people by the people & with the people.
Unlike Sinkieland politicians, once they open their mouths is all about monies, & the moment these white men/women said they wanna help u, be very very worried cos they r thinking of how to squeeze ur blood dry & u also need to thank them, come the next election they still win majority of votes pants down, they r so super confident that they will win in next election so much so that they tell u upfront they gonna increase gst another 2% & they so its an honest & responsible way to do after seeing the trends. Stupidity is no cure for the dafts Sinkies Lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is the part that impresses me.

'You are a minister, not a god from the heavens who lord above everybody. Do not think the people of this country exist to provide you with position and wealth, but the position exists for you to serve the people.

When I voice out, I do it as the leader of my rakyat, on behalf of Johoreans and Malaysians. All I did was to remind the leaders of the country that they have a responsibility to serve the people, and for this, I am attacked.'

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, am also impressed with that. But in Sinkieland when you use Johore Crown Prince words to tell the Sinkies Ministers, most probably u be visited by the men-in-blue to ransack your house & have your computer being confiscated, such is the state of fear instilled in tis little red dots with many changes on the laws to subdue any dissidents here, bo bian liow la bo yiok kyew..

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by the entire speech of the Crown Prince of Johore. Be actually does not need to go down that road to champion for the people but he did. That shows that in Malaysia there are still people who really cares and dare to call a spade a spade, not Keith Spade.

It's a pity Singapore has no such person to stand up side by side with the "Rakyat" but too many yes-men and balls-carriers, and exceedingly more cowards.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Keith Spade should read Kate Spade.

Anonymous said...

The Tunku was asking for "clean and transparent" politicians to serve with integrity. The Tunku is in young generation s cohort. His demand was in the last para in pure easy to understand english, comparing to another article built with self known jargon, making the whole idea ambiguous and slippery like an eel. No doubt the Tunku spoke with clear language in order to propel his follower to vote for the clean and transparent and not the dirty money corrupted. Its about election in malaysia. Sinkieland s election is akan datang.

If malaysians ditch the non transparent politicians, the world in sinkieland would have some expectations. Currently the oppositions parties or best to call them alternative parties, as Germany s alternative raised high upon Merkel s globalization with 1.38 mil of immigrants. Sinkieland s alternative parties are still hoping to play the borders of a skirt which is Pap. There will not be someone like Tunku who spoke with authority to tell his followers to vote for the right one ie transparent one.

This point of no change is the killer to sinkieland, whoever has long term plan to live here for life. The Tunku was able to bet on one side with hope for his followers to gain better life afterwards. Sinkieland voters will have one hope that is to see 2% gst increase in order to "help" them. "have the cake and eat it" created huge laughter when it was spoken by LTK. Increasing taxes is their main jobs as "providers" ministers and mp. That s why the laughter was so loud with hand signals.

Malaysia after the election will have at least 4 to 6% GDP growth by working closely with China on projects and trades through exporting. Sinkieland will be dwindling on GDP cause by higher taxes on general goods and services. High currency to usd, high public debts discouraging state to provide welfare to the poor, high immigrants influx to lower the salary level, sinkieland is dividing the society to rich and poor. By looking up the majority flats, one can easily pick up family with endless debts, car loans for one, flat loans for all, other loans are hand filled untold.

Like Tunku who hope his followers will live better after election because politicians will put the national money into better use for his followers. Sinkielands has little hope for change in income. The alternative parties are meek. The ruling party is also meek in seeking international investors. What they lack is what malaysia is doing: getting China money to flow into investing in IT, high tec industries. During CNY, malaysia east have cultural exchanges with China. Sinkieland china town s trades dwindled down. This is an indication of what will happen in year of dog. With the same group of politicians thinking of taxes, betting on shares by big funds, not building industries to create jobs and stemming immigrants to provide local usable human labor times to sell their time to improve overall income, the group of politicians are NOT working in the same sense as what Tunku said: serve your people. To serve the people on what? To improve their overall income, not to tax them to buy rice.
Hope voters can change their voting habit. US has done it, UK has done Brexit to stop immigration, Germany has done it to stop Merkel s immigration policy, Italy is doing it with results tomorrow, again immigration was Italy s problem. When can voters vote against the 10 millions immigrants vision? No jobs for them they still dont change, Whatever said by neighbor Tunku will be like hot air to voters. Tio bor ah hiar?

Goh said...

Right of people to speak up oso must have limit n know where we stand.
PGs can do so to atone their past sins or those Oorui type can afford as they are retiree rich elderly no need bootthintiao.
Young sinkies like me only want to earn a simple living and can't afford to be call up to limkopi.
If I clown prince , oops crown prince, I oso can say lidat.
Too bad,I am a akan datang pokkai, should be grateful not being made one,so doesn't make sense to use my terok to koto the batu.
Now you understand why I rather PLP and not kpkb like those self think smart but khongcum?
Born in influential family can always talk big, can oso be leader even how idiot I am.
Moral of story. Its lucky to be born in influential familee.

Goh said...


Anonymous said...

Reminds of PAP's Shanmu viciously attacking WP's Silvia in Parliament after she speak up for Sinkies against GST hike.

Anonymous said...

How about Malaysians voting this magnificent royalty to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Trust me, when that happens, we in Singapore will have a lot to worry about because by then, Malaysia would not be ruled by corruption and competence. It will soar high above us and we will be an island for them to grow vegetables and rear cattle for food export to them.

He and his father, truly champions of the raayat over the cock sucking big mouth useless politicians.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, you young meh? ?

With that cheeko traits that normally suited the Lau unkos cheeko pehs, you dared claim you are young.

Posted internet Sung's photo to cheat the unsuspecting young.

Staff See already now 70 plus to eighties and you one of Staff See detainees in Kranji stripped naked and dunked in Kranji Resorts Hotel swimming black pool,dared claims to be young.

Or may be you one of the Japs interpreter together with Prata man dared claimed to be young.

Prata man already enlisted to Horse Face Staff See in Hell's DB
and your term might be next, you still claim to be young.

Lastly,what's the point to speak when there a limit that cannot speak to unveil the Truths.

Might as well don't speak. My ex Boss loved to hear divisive and no por lam.pars views as he said that these are the ones who cares for the organisation and not yes men with no minds of their own who are of no value to be Management staff.

Phillip Yeo Said a Maverick is an asset to any Organisations.

Parrots can be fed in cages.

Anonymous said...

The matter was done properly by heng ah. The opposition member accepted the explanation. To ask the opposition not to raise the question was another motive. That was explained by someone else s long speech. The toc has a video on this part. Its good training for the opposition member. She should thank the speaker earlier trying to dig on her allegation.
The process can make big now. One smu profession said there could be a select committee to look into the opposition s behavior. Voters should hope this kind of job enlargement in civil service.

And the professor should be named as select committee member being "independent". Do get into such jobs good for the people to watch. They also enlarge the job. Opposition should be thankful for the free training given by these lawyers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The House of Temenggong has spoken! As a frequent visitor and occasional resident at Iskandar, I absolutely love the way the present chap cheng Sultan runs his shop.

Malaysian politics is full of fun and surprises. for e.g. The PM jailing his deputy for ass-fucking and cock-sucking, the current sitting PM being a broad daylight kleptocrat and possible accessory to murder(s), UMNO as one of the world's longest dominating/ ruling party....BUT nothing is more fun in Malaysian politics than a public stouch between the sultans and the federal govt. Mahathir had some classic battles with the sultans...fucking awesome lah.

The sultan's father and grandfather were indeed real "characters". They would actually beat up people---there are rumours of shooting too---if those asshole got in the way. This is what real "kings" do: they are the law, they can do as they please. This is probably one of the reasons why the House Of Temenggong has prevailed for so long: The don't take SHIT from anyone.

Remember how the last sultan flew a helicopter into Singapore and landed it at the Turf Club in the Mt Pleasant/ Thompson Rd area? Why not? At that time he owned huge parcels of PRIME land in Singapore. Fuck the government and the sovereignty of Singapore lah, His Royal Highness will do as they please.

Someone should make a video acknowledging the THUG LIFE of the Sultans of Johor. Certified "bassass" 😂

Anonymous said...

Singapore cannot draw more from its reserves to fund healthcare spending in the future, as this will quickly deplete its nest egg, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday (March 4).

"An ageing society and healthcare is not a rainy day. It is an 'everyday need money' day. It's a long-term trend. We will need to spend more on healthcare every year, year after year, for many years to come.

"If we use the reserves for something (which requires) money every day, soon you will find that the reserves are going down, depleted."

Still don't understand. How can using 60% instead of 50% of the returns from investment deplete the reserves?

Unless 50% of the returns are needed to plug the bleeding of the reserves somewhere??

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Proof of Thug Life and being badass:


Zero Fucks Given! 🤡

Anonymous said...

Simple maths:

Have reserve of $100 and yearly return of $10.

Spent $6 of return, still can keep $4 return.

At end of period the reserves grow from $100 to $104.

How can the $100 reserve drop below $100 when u spent only $6 of the $10 return?

Please help to solve this perplexing puzzle!

Anonymous said...

U tried to bad mouth about malaysian "loyalty". But u have no proof that he is not transparent. What this "loyalty" did was to call for clean politic. What you are alleging is more dirty. U said sinkieland will be the land to supply agricultural foods to them.

U are foreigner. U should not live with hallucination. Go take your medicine and read further. This island was given by Johor sultant on lease to some sort of UK east indian company.

There can be a day when malaysians are strong and nationalism runs high, your hallucination might have value. So NS men here are sucked in kinda breeds. What should they act? The foreigners are and should replace NS men so that they can protect this city. Reason: they dont know the history, they are the best choice. What do u think?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 1238:

The reserves are the "capital" lah. You never draw down on capital. Never. That is the money which "works" for you generating a return.

There is a moral hazard on drawing down on reserves (we have enough to last over 20 years, BTW...it's HUGE!): once you start to draw down for "healthcare", then there is nothing stopping subsequent draw downs for "education", "defence", "bread and circuses", "free money to bribe electors"...anything you can imagine under the sun. Note that the preceding examples are "consumption"---i.e. once you blow the money, it's gone forever

The reserves are the strength behind SIngapore's economic power, security and stability and you can rest assured the PAP will defend it to the hilt.

There is no argument to be made that "the reserves belong to the people" Fuck off, you dumb cunts. They don't. The State owns and controls the reserves. The State also controls you---what you can or cannot do etc etc.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, if you are a regular visitor to the Iskandar Palace, not Iskander EZ, you would not be spouting your rubbish about the royalties.

BTW, the pilot of the helicopter that landed at the Polo Club was the current Sultan, not his father. This you also dunno still want to bluff that you were a regular visitor to the Iskandar, read as the Palace.

Your next visit will see your little mushroom sliced, if you are ever invited.

Goh said...

laochek virgo
My father kept the news reported on the paper on the KDB case.
Use it to teach me not to abuse power when I grow up or intend to serve in public service.
I am very much younger .

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyoh, redbean so I made a mistake about the identity...so what? All those fucking Asians look the same anyway🤡 Anyway it is good that your are there to correct my factual errors when I occasionally make them. One day I might hire you as a proof reader and facts-checker. 😂

WTF? I have never been inside the palace lah. I visit Iskandar regularly (i.e. when I trip to Singapore, which is 4-6 months every year) Where did I say I stay at the palace? I stay at one of the gated communities where I have a "small share" in a property. I am a small-timer lah, I don't belong in a court with royalty.

However I do know which hotels the young Johor royals frequent and what they get up to when visiting Singapore with "diplomatic immunity". But those are stories for another day. Thankfully we live in an era where everyone has a killer camera on them, so there might be a few "photos"...but like I said...maybe some other time . 😗 (Maybe...never?)

virgo49 said...

Just loved the para There will come a time, when the Johorean people must decide what is best for us and our future. .....

This is in a way giving notice to the Federal Govt that we can rule ourselves. DONT kaw lan with me.

Now that Nazri quiet as mouse. Some jokers must be put in their place behaving like Gods.

That Shame guy, hope someone just as eloquent and kwa lan will lambast him until he puta face in Pang sar hole and flush down.

How lian.Mamas all like this.

S/Sgt Major wants to behave like Majors.

That why now they called what's nonsense First Sergeant.

Our time mamas staff sgts behave like that.

Never Kena dunked in KDB swimming pools yet by SSG See, my hero and mentor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

OK,OK, point taken. Let's show some respect when deserved.

The royalties in Johore have changed quite a lot and have their priorities right, care for the people, the Johore bangsa and rakyat.

Just a reminder, whether you are in the Iskandar Palace or Iskandar EZ, you are in Johore.

virgo49 said...

KLIA by Federal Govt. Checked out Immigrassi Airport at least two hours. Always have to take next coach as sure missed booked First one.

Immigrassi faces black black as though we gave them unnecessary work. DONT want to work stay at home and be Ah Gua lah.

Change shifts also ten mins early and next one comes after another ten to twenty mins.

Poor commuters stand at counters like fools looking at empty counters.

Supervisors can come and scold you some more. Whole lot of them on the take and Kena transfered out.

Now Tuas Checkpoint, faster than Shame incompetence JLBs.

They some more smiles. This is the Royalty orders to them. Service the people. They are here to spend MONIES. You get extra bonuses.

Good for the State.See how Efficient the Sultan.

Cheers, now even want to enlarge the CIQ. said rain rain, passengers get wet.

Long Live the Royalty of Johore.

Next have Senai Airport have terminal seven. Air Asia got free shuttle service from JB Central.

Let Changi Airport T1 to T5 pak bangs. Now they value old staff as retired.Want them to come back.

Young dies too arrogant just like the Young Papies cannot work one.

Hope they get back Pulau Batu.

Cheers again.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>>The royalties in Johore have changed quite a lot and have their priorities right

Please lah. These folks are sovereign...i.e. they will always have their priorities "right, from their point of view...although other people might disagree.

Ibrahim has done plenty to present a better "image" of his House, but there's no denying the facts from history: he, his successors and his forebears have descended from a linage of ruthless and bloodthirsty PIRATES. His dad and grandfather may have been a tad "extreme" in the exhibition of their might and power, and a willingness to standup to any perceived "threat", but Young Ibrahim has channeled such tendencies into grwoing Johor faster than Singapore, and the many business ventures---some successful, some not so---like Iskandar. He even got the shrewd Chinese to pump in BILLIONS into development and real estate projects.

This family is like Mafia, but "good" Mafia. One day the House of Temenggong must fight the House Of Lee. Then we can have "Game of Thrones" right here! 🤡

b said...

Wayang here and wayang there but the power still stay with us. Not very different from every kingdom. Sometimes they sacrificed the ministers to save their thrones and asses.

Anonymous said...

There will come a time when Johore would want to take back Singapore. It is only a matter of when.

When the situation is conducive and success is guaranteed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

but there's no denying the facts from history: he, his successors and his forebears have descended from a linage of ruthless and bloodthirsty PIRATES. Matilah

Are you talking about the Europeans, the Americans and the Australians?

Thanks for the reminder as the bananas did not know this fact. Singapore has stop teaching history as it is or still teaching history written by invaders, pirates, plunderers and mass murderers.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, time changed the personalities of Humans as suited to the environment of that particular ERA.

Now the Natives as deemed by the Whites at that time had become more civilised and humanely as them the barbarians till today.

The bloody White barbarians with evil genes in their BLOOD till today are the same. Only those Dafts Asians still played into their Evil hands and schemes to maim and kill their own.

At that time and ERA, the Descendants of the Sultan had to be thus in order to control the Empire.

Now they are more enlightened than even our So called Harvard and West point trained evil rulers.

They had ate their Shits and drank their urine to be like them.

Even, the Philippines once called Sick Man of Asia President is now even smarter than our still bananas Leaders.

The Chinese in a step further will help develop the Senai Airport into an International Hub and have your T1 to T5 breed mosquitoes.

With their fast moving economy they will in a MOT called you their poorer cousins.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Are you talking about the Europeans, the Americans and the Australians? <<

No dummy. I'm talking about the House of Temeggong.

What's the matter? Do you need to take a refresher course in "English as a 2nd Language?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now, who does not understand English and needs a lesson?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I'm always open to lessons, my good man.

But thankfully you are a much better PROOF READER than a writer.

Please take this in the right spirit. I know you're capable of being a petty old bastard. ;-)