A deep distrust with the PAP government – and the time to think, act and vote differently

“We have a greedy and insecure Govt that hoards, amasses wealth for its own good. And with a deluded and deceptive syndrome (like a bee in your bonnet) that “there is never enough”, backing reasons like “country with no natural resources” and citing policies “to benefit the poor and marginalised”.
Really! We have gone pass that years ago!

As long as we have our uncles and aunties cleaning toilets, floors and tables in the food centres when they should be enjoying the twilight years, and the complete contrast of high ministerial/public servants salaries, how do you account for that or even justify? Where is the improved livelihood?....

There is now a deep distrust with the pap Govt. It’s time for us to think, act and courageously vote differently at the ballot box.

We must stop the self-deluded and self-destructive excuse that there ain’t enough talent in Singapore, or in other political parties other than the People’s Action Party (PAP). 
We are Singaporeans, all the same, no different from the other.

Observe closely. We have a Law/Home Affairs minister who continues to conjure up every conceivable law to police our country with its intention to police our minds. Where is this directive from or is he acting on his own?...”
James Martin Aruldoss

The above appeared in TRE. This sense of distrust is growing while those in power are oblivious to it. They did not see anything wrong with what they are doing. They cannot see anything wrong with their compulsory schemes to rob the people of their CPF savings in ‘profit making’ insurance schemes. I will continue to say that the compulsory schemes are ‘profit making’ until the govt comes out to state categorically that they are not and all cumulated funds collected that were not paid out would be returned to the contributors to the compulsory schemes. It is morally unacceptable and wrong to use the law to compel the citizens to buy compulsory insurance policies that are ‘profit making’ in nature.

These are not the only things they could not see wrong. The flooding of the island with millions of foreigners to steal the jobs of Singaporeans and forcing many Singaporeans out of job is good for the people, provide jobs for the Singaporeans, so they claimed. They don’t care. To them the PMETs losing their jobs is normal, acceptable and they are to be blamed. To those who lost their jobs, their families suffered with them.

The wasting of tax payers’ money to fund foreign students in our tertiary institutions is robbing the people’s hard earned money, paid as taxes, to benefit foreigners that have nothing to do with us. This too they could not see anything wrong with it. The sum spent is not just hundreds of millions.

The bullying of opposition politicians to them is being very clever, listen to their clever arguments. The people are saying you know what to such childish antics. They could not see anything wrong with it.

And some jokers even asked how to regain trust of the people! The jokers that cannot understand what is wrong with what they are doing to the country and people would surely not find the answer. Please forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Ignorance is an excuse and good reason to forgive.

The thing is that the trust will get thinner and thinner if they refuse to look at themselves and the big hole they are digging for themselves. I have read in the social media saying that some day some may be put behind bars when a new govt comes to power. How true would this be would depend on how the new govt uses or abuses their power to deal with their political enemies. What goes around would come around. The govt must not set bad precedence for future govt to follow. Future govts can behave like thugs if they think they could get away with it.


Anonymous said...

The problem comes from 69.9% dafts Sinkies themselves & the new immigrants converts. KJ already said u got the garblemen u deserves so kpkb also no use Liao.

Anonymous said...

They don’t care. To them the PMETs losing their jobs is normal, acceptable and they are to be blamed. To those who lost their jobs, their families suffered with them.

They will only care when these Sinkies become a majority and will not vote for them.

If majority, say 70%, are OK and have jobs and good life and hence voted for PAP, why would PAP care for the minority who suffer?

Which country don't have people who are jobless, money no enough and suffering, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

All you have written in this posting, you have said before, many many times. What is there left to say? The PAP government will not listen to you ar all the grumbles in the kopi shops. You and all those who kpkb all these years have not made the slightest difference to the way the MIW have dished out to the Singaporeans. Before the 2015 GE there were many who predicted a change. After the election, to the surprise of many hopefuls there was a 70% mandate for the government. Just goes to show how a few carrots can con the sheeples of Singapore.

The next GE will be the same. Just before the next GE there will be a few sweets dished out and maybe 80 - 90% will put the X against the MIW.

So Uncle RB, stop your pipe dreams and give up. Resign to accept the current situation and be happy. No use banging your head against a brick wall. No one will listen to you.

Anonymous said...

Actually I don't believe 70% are OK and have jobs and good life lah.

It's just that some Sinkies who are suffering also voted for PAP.

U may think they are suffering but maybe they themselves don't think so and think it is OK. And if it's OK, then vote PAP lor. Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Those hoping PAP votes of 69.9% will be down at next GE will be disappointed.

You wait n see!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The slave mentality is raising its head here. The slaves would be slaves forever if they are willing, just like the slaves in the US cotton fields. Do not resist, resistance is futile.

Anonymous said...

Looking at comments of this title distrust, there are pee add pee supporters worried about distrust revealing on their comments. Of course, the author s posts were not known to spread distrust among readers. The issues were often well known well spread among readers.
On distrust, its an attitude developed from accumulated experienced. If one needed to meet someone without mistake, he would be advise to set off early and avoid mrt. Because once trapped in train, he cannot get out. This is distrust on mrt can deliver on time.
Distrust could be seen too. One new citizen mr lan (not vulgar real name) arrested in china. He was able to escape without sinkie passport to vietnam. He bought a new passport for 11k. He was able to enter sinkieland undisturbed. That case was widely observed. He was charged for immigration issue when he was at ICA, probably trying to get a new passport. Prior to that, he was reported to have tried to obtain a new passport at veitnam claiming lost it.
Wonderful right? Fake passport could enter sinkieland and could live inside it, if he did not bother to go ICA to stir up a check.

Mr lan was lagi best story of dog year. He was found to have submitted fake documents to obtain citizenship. So readers want to trust the highly paid silver servants to carry out their work? In war time, how many of these foreigners are in as trouble makers, no body can assure it was the last case. That kind of feeling causes distrust on border security men women s ability. Distrust comes from real facts. Not from the author s posts or comments.

On how money was handled in TC. One GM of TC was an employee of the same contractor contracted by the same TC. This GM was charged by cpib for corrupting money. Was that conflict of interest raised on opposition tc? It was a worst case as there was actual corruption brought into court s criminal case. The distrust on pee add pee s handling of money has valid reason. TC official corrupts money has nothing to do with voters. Not very smart to think that. That case was caused by one voters found the TC s quotation to residents there far too high. He made a report to public auditor. The auditor referred to cpib. Then there was a long period of waiting till it re surfaced as criminal case. It meant real faults were found. How much trust voters have on pee add pee s handling of silver servants? Its up to individuals. Some would believe to be unchanged trust. Some would be smarter to think the world has changed. The current politicians are not up to the quality standard. The budget s debate also showed the quality was poor. There was only one impression when they debated: say sorry. One side insisted for days, the other side just ignored. Say sorry is so important. No wander the other issues like fake documents, fake passport entries, tc conflict of interest and no strong control, were problems until they were caught.
Can trust such petty sorry that has no financial impact to be a national issue? Voters need to adjust. Lower their expectation of politicians, and continue the support for pee add pee. Dont ask for jobs or poor and rich distribution to be addressed. Want sure win, follow old way. Go start a salabat stall, sell tea with milk at street side. No rental, might survive.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I have to laugh everytime I come across this sort of rubbish.

Out of sheer desperation, there are people---bereft of ideas and intellectually fucking lazy---who think that just because there are problems with the incumbent govt, voting in another govt is somehow going to "change things for the better".

How in the fuck could this be "different"?

* Politics is DOWNSTREAM from CULTURE

* The people you choose to represent you in govt are people from the same big kampung as you. They went to the same schools as you, shopped in the shopping centers, ate in the same food-courts, went to the same military...as ==>> Y O U <<==

* The Sheeple Get The Tyrants They Deserve.
Rational and reasonable people will get a govt made up of rational and reasonable people.
"Kiasu kiasi you die your business" people will get a govt made up of the same types.

Until the CULTURE changes, the type of govt you will get won't change. The people you choose to represent you in govt will reflect the same culture as you do.

Anyway, if you want to waste your time and breath flogging a very dead horse, go for it. I'm in it for the selfish entertainment opportunities it presents! :-)

Idiots Of THE System said...

Daft Sinkies continue to be daft. Just like dogs. When dogs have tasted shit before, they will continue to eat shit. Even when shit is not available, the shit-eating dogs will search and hunt for shits to eat. Daft Sinkies are exactly the same.

Daft Sinkies only see things at the surface; only read things that are given to them; only hear things they love to hear; and only eat shits! As a result, they have shit-brains, or shits in their brains. Drinking Old Sewage-treatment Centres' RECYCLED WATER cunningly named as NEWATER is proof that Daft Sinkies have shits in their brains, herats, livers, kidneys, stomachs, intestines, skins, flesh, bones and blood.

Daft Sinkies keep blaming and harping on the 70% voters whom they think voted for the PAPigs. They are unable to see and think beyond that 69.9% result.

For years, how come the PAPigs could be elected in absolute majority to infest the Parliament and turned it into Pa-Lee-Men? Think deeper!

It is the SYSTEM! Idiots!

Anonymous said...

ST: Social Studies guidebook causes controversy online; MOE says book not on approved textbook list

Book suggested that Sinkies of a lower socio-economic status would use "Singlish or different dialects", while those of a higher status would use "formal English".

The author Rowan Luc.

Who is he ? Where he from ?

Anonymous said...

Do not underestimate the minds of these 70% dafts Sinkies. PeeAm has visited the oppo ward recently & no one dare to sound any alarm to him, probably he take as the ground was so sound and sweet & there is a 99.99% chance that he wud win back the the oppo ward in the next election. PeeAm may even announced a snap election next year to catch the sweet moment of the 200yrs of British colonial rule & probably the white part might even win a resoundingly 80-90% of votes, & by 2021 the gst & all taxes will be raised as plan, & many of Sinkies issues will b swept under the carpets for ever.

Anonymous said...

When they are practically buried under $$$$$$$ how to know what is happening around them? All they can see, smell, feel, taste and think is $$$$$$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

Complain so much for fuck?!?!?!

You all deserve it!!! Hahaha!!!

Idiots Of THE System said...


To further enhance the CCES, all organs of State are headed by a PAPig high-ranking Pig from Napoleon's Farm.

To make sure Daft Sinkies continue to be Daft, the Mass Media controlled by the PAPigs would play the Psychological Music of "obey or you shall be punished", the imaginary terrorists lurk8my in the dark and waiting to pounce on the cuntry, the economy will go bust, the wife and daughter go foreign land and become maids, the HDB flats will have no value, etc.... And to top it off, a tiny casrrot is hung over your heads and dangling around your nose come elections time. And Daft Sinkies, like robots as usual, will flock to the Voting Stations and vote the PAPigs!

QED (Quite Easily Done)!

Virgo 49 said...

Just one sentence : "NOT ENOUGH PAINS YET"

Till the day when the so-called 70% gainfully employed as according to some Anons here became hopelessly no more grains to bring home UNEMPLOYED.

Then the Real Revolution of Pains and REAL CHANGE will happen.

See Mr Lim Tean On YOUTube speeches better. Ig what's he said is not true, the parties DONT even make a whimper and sue him

They are notorious for silencing the lambs.

Maybe they see a Lion in him. Hopefully he gets in next GE and with SL and Pritram have more bites to tame the Pariahs.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a great country for scams, con-jobs and pyramid business.

There is no shortage of stupid people around. Look at their parliament debates. Even MPs and Ministers have no shortage of stupidity.

And when stupidity is coupled with greed, the ground must be very sweet for con-men and con-women go flourish!

Anonymous said...

Government researcher from Institute of Policy Studies Carol Soon told the Law Minister that fake news is like alcohol and sex, and the Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam agreed with her!

What do fake news and alcohol and sex have in common? Orgasm?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49:

Wah, REVOLUTION...in Singapore ah..

Wishful Thinking lah! πŸ˜‚

Revolutions happen when people are starving, poor and jobless. Singaporeans are putting on weight (eating too much), definitely not poor (even by western standards), and only a few percent are jobless (better than all the 1st world western cuntries).

Revolution in Singapore is impossible. No time lah. People are busy shopping, eating and visiting Malaysia to spend their "big money" over there, and remind Malaysia that they deserve to be a "shithole cuntry" for kicking Singapore out of the federation over 50 years ago.

πŸ€‘ Show me the money lah. Singapore dollar, power lah. Small cunty, big, hard cock!

Anonymous said...

Trust or distrust to a third person is not easy to differentiate from the facts. So past experience counts alot.
Look at this statement:
"Singapore’s deterrence and defence capabilities are “second to none” in the region. But countries with inferior military might could weaken Singapore by exploiting issues that cause tensions among groups, said Assistant Professor Michael Raska from Nanyang Technological University on Wednesday (Mar 14)." cna.

How can a foreigner never had military training said second to none defense capability? And enemy needed to "disinformation" to attack sinkieland?

By examining the extreme of such statement, the testimony of this highly paid man had discounted his own belief. In layman s word, subjective element is stronger than objective element. Which words do you trust?

This one is far more difficult. There was no scientific sample of proof of a crime. Whose words do u trust if u are to see whose words can trust?
"Judicial Commissioner Foo Chee Hock said the case raised two disturbing questions: whether a mother would falsely and cynically accuse her son of raping her, and whether a son would sexually assault his mother."

Therefore, politicians will want to ban other sources of information that are not in favor of them.
However, voters cannot be reading politically correct information and articles and feeling happy/enjoying good life. Voters will still have life experience in hardship: expensive foods, jobless family members, higher hdb and conservancy fees. High electricity and transport, higher education cost etc. Actual experience in hardship will drive voters to change their trust.

Trust is learned through experience, not reading articles alone can disturb the balance of trust. To trust a political party or not is on how well the voters enjoy the policies and politicians performance. Why opposition could hold the constituencies? Should be through experience voters acquired. That s the reason the ruling party tries hard to cut off the comparison. When the opposition are wiped out, all voters will live in high cost, talking down to them media, flooded foreigners asking for cheaper salary. Their children are the main victims of their votes.

Anonymous said...

Here 35% votes can b come president.

Anonymous said...

Eg trip $ 1.40 pax no coins paid a 2 dollar note.
Thiz ticket has a value of 2 dollars!...not $1.40.it
(May allow to use on further trip for the day for example.)there4
this particular $1.40 has a real value of $2.00.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how they sleep in the night ? Their Soul sold to the devil for greed power & fame? Likely or not?

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, when your Children and old parents stomachs empty empty ans you no rat never mind, you think desperation no revolt? ??

See the Hock Lee Bus Company workers fought with the Ang Chiaks.

When Times really bad, the hungry ones including the Immigrants who are here on the promised land of honey,milk and candy will cut your minis with two punctured tyres.

Virgo 49 said...

You no eat never mind but they need food.

DONT try the Lau Cheks and Lau Unkos. Pioneered old soldiers fade away but never die.

They are the Ones who gine thru the turbulent 40s/50s and 60s.

Hokkien Pengs kopi kais. See the Lau Unkos still at 60s and 70s fighting with chairs, choppers at kopi Tiams and everywhere.

Even dared taunt the chow Ang Mohs. See us NO UP.

Anonymous said...

A Sinkie who is jobless still has to pay many taxes, eg. PROPERTY TAX, PUB utility taxes, GST, Medishield premium, upcoming Eldershield premium, etc

Anonymous said...

Now you see sharing of bicycle has clearly become a problem. Do you still think sharing a country with outsider is not a problem? It could be too late when you wake up in the next morning.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a country filled with robots controlled by a few human beans of one power-hungry dictatorial family. It is worse than the animals in the Animal Farm.

b said...

IMHO regime change here is more difficult to achieve than emigrating to another country and living it well. Focus on the future not the past. WW3 coming and many gahmen investment in the north will go bust. People standard living will only get worst otherwise moses would not have to emigrate out of egypt. Understand what you can change and what you cannot is the key.

Anonymous said...

An article about Graduates jobless at toc.
The jobless rate has increased against last year.

One important figure: jobless rate below 30 was 7.8%.
Not counting the self employed uber drivers, real estate sales person, insurance sales etc. These r licensed and therefore are not jobless.

The trend is jobless men women are getting more than previous year.

Pee add pee still offer employment pass and s pass to take jobs away from these young people below 30s.

Vote for the pee add pee to make sure all the young men and women are staying at home or self employed to build a strong economy, under globalization, for the world to emulate.

b said...

IMHO the old generation was con by LKY to independence otherwise we still british subjects. So sad, God created K Marx and LKY.

b said...

Reflecting later on his experience as a POW, Marshall commented:

[The Japanese Occupation] taught me humility ... Three and a half years as a prisoner taught me humility ... I realised [as a Japanese prisoner-of-war] that mankind is capable of cold-hearted cruelty. I can be angry, and I have no doubt I can be cruel for five, ten minutes. But the Japanese cruelty was cold-blooded, permanent and eternal. Man's inhumanity to man in fact, in real life, made its presence really known to me when I became a prisoner and saw it in action. Of course, I have known cruelty before. But wide-spread, long-term, cold-blooded, permanent cruelty, I've never experienced before, not even from the British Imperialists no matter how arrogant they were. That was a major shock, the feeling that here were human beings who were not on the same wavelength as me at all, who were not even human from my point of view.

Did LKY work for Japs?

Anonymous said...

LKY worked for the Japanese Imperial Army at the Headquarters of the Kempatai (secret police most feared for its cruelty) as an Interpreter, helping the atrocious and cruel Japanese to extract information during the Interrogation of Chinese and Malay prisoners during World War 2. Is this true? Go and read his memoirs.

While SR Nathan worked as an agent (spy) for the Japanese Imperial Army. Is this true? Go and read his memoirs.

PAP-Supporters said...

PAP rocks!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks your Jobs for Foreigners!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks your CPF Savings!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks your Livelihood, from cradle to grave!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks your HDB Flat which is not yours legally!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks your Children in NS!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks your Cars with bicycles!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks your salaries with low pay!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks your Family Life!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks your money with more and higher taxes!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks with more and more Laws to control, restrict, limit and stifle your flexibility and opportunity, and freedom!
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks with more and more surveillance cameras everywhere without respite nor limits adamantly and rampantly to spy on your movements and activities.
Vote for PAP?

PAP rocks like a Dracula that needs your blood more and more, day by day!
Vote for PAP?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you can interchange the word "rocks" with "robs" as you seem fit.

Anonymous said...

EIU ranked Singapore as most expensive city in this world for 5th time.

NY basic rate for fast food chain worker is to be increased to USD15 per hour by end of 2018.

How much is Singapore fast food chain worker get per hour?
Average get $7 per hour. If lucky week ends get $10 per hour, yet living in the world most expensive place. Happy to foreigner at this rate, unhappy to Singapore citizens at this miserable sum.

Descendents of Migrants said...

Best option for smart Sinkies is to move to EU, Canada, Shanghai, HK, Hainan, Taiwan, Tienjin, Perth, Darwin, even Chile and Peru.

Anonymous said...

Move south to NZ and Latin America (Chile, Peru and Argentina) is the best. Even South Pole Antarctica.

World War 3 will destroy every country in the North, including the Middle-East, UK, EU, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, SE Asia, USA, Australia and Canada.

Korea, Hawaii, Guam and Japan will be totally obliterated for sure.

Anonymous said...

If smart Sinkies are smart enough, move early. Make haste while the Sun (Son) still shines!

Anonymous said...

Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Janil Puthucheary on Monday (Mar 12) suggested to impose the death penalty for the sharing of fake news.

This ex-Malaysian Foreigner-infiltrated-into-Singapore-Parliament, who is a committee member of the Select Committee to introduce new censorship laws boasted that US President Donald Trump praised his government for the mandatory death penalty and “zero-tolerance” policies on drugs, and said that the Singapore government can regulate fake news like drugs.

He wants all Singaporeans charged with alleged fake news to face the death penalty. In order words, he wants to kill Singaporeans through using the Law as an extension of his violent tendency to kill others by extrapolating his inner whims and fancies.

Such a dangerous and violent person can be equated to the UMNO Ultras who were bent on assassinating Singapore Ministers during the Malaysian Days.

Such a potentially violent heart and mind must not be allowed to hold any position of influence in Singapore Govt.

Whoever selected him and whoever voted for him must also be held responsible.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is humans beans will not survive another 1000yrs on EARTH! -- said Stephen Hawking ( world greatest theoretical physicist of this modern scientific era)who passed away few days ago has this warning to humanity. He urged the scientists to explore to outer space in order for humans beans survival as the world r ruled by many insane people of unsound mind holding to nuke power once these craziness of humans become infected it bcome deadly & destroy mother earth within few minutes.
Will Sinkieland survive another 50,100, 200 or 1000 years nobody knows? Probably an old fart return to undo the past leeders mistakes or maybe it's all gone to Atlantis Sinkyland.

Anonymous said...

My prediction on the demise and destruction of Sinkingland is:

One Crazy Leader will build a Nuclear Weapon on one of the smaller islands, probably Pulau Tekong. Then an accident happened and the whole of Sinkingland including part of its neighborhood sink into the sea like the Atlantis!

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.28pm

..u r spot on !
This craziness about to begin as one minionster suggested to use fake news law to 'kill' or treat the new fakers machiam like illegal druggers. Mayb he wud wanto to revenge on Sporeans who despised him never do national slavery. Or even a bai kar aunty wud suggest all skool kids go school from 7am to 5pm as according to her the kids them got time to teach one other & more cohesion but she never realize kids nowadays r different Liao..

Virgo49 said...

Just see the whole lot of the Select Committee Members. Nearly all their lap skunks.

Chia Yong Yong and the glib tongue own castes. What's you expect from this Wayang Show.

Have the cheek that the MSM Shits Times acts as buffer for rebutting the so called Fake news whereas they daily propagate the propaganda of the PAP.

Now sung less foreigners employed than local. Who are the locals???

Just because many protested and videos of their telling the Dafts of their predicaments.

They tried to smoother the discontents.

Days of the Jackals said...

Today is the second day of the public hearing for the Select Committee on Online Falsehoods. All government scholars proposed stricter censorship laws in the past two days, with no one opposing the government. Law Minister K Shanmugam, despite being only a member of the committee, leads all the discussions and kept repeating his support for censorship even though he is supposed to be neutral.

If Ministers openly showed their inability to recluse themselves from participating in an issue that by virtue of his official position should and must be neutral, how can the citizens have trust in the Ministers' integrity, competency, effectiveness and efficiency?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Hunger and suffering in Singapore? Tambi, please lah. No doubt, every society no matter how wealthy has poor at the bottom of society's hierarchy, they are a small minority, easily looked after by the rest of the relatively wealthy population.

And ask yourself this: Where would you rather be poor In a cuntry like Singapore or in a slum in India? Or Africa?

Singapore and the greater majority of Singaporeans are no where even close to being destitute and starving. And there is no indication of such dire events will occur. When a society, and then a nation starts to fall apart, you see many tell-tale signs.

Singaporeans are over-fed, and they enjoy their "good lives".

No fucking revolution lah. πŸ€‘Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

When careless and irresponsible things like this one happens, trust for government agencies and officials is eroded:

" A Singaporean family who recently lost their father are suspecting that there was a mix-up at the Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex and have refused to accept the ashes that National Environment Agency (NEA) officials have claimed are their father’s ashes.

According to the Tamil Murasu, the family of the late Mr Chidambaram Murugaiah Subramaniam, 70, were shocked to find metal door hinge pieces in the ashes that were identified as Mr Subramaniam’s as there were no hinges in the coffin he was cremated in and since Mr Subramaniam was cremated in a cover-less coffin.

Mr Subramaniam’s younger brother, 59-year-old Mr Murugaiah Ravi, told reporters that even his brother’s last rites were performed while he was in a coffin without a cover.

The family’s suspicions were further aroused when they noticed the colour of the ashes. Roses were apparently scattered in Mr Subramaniam’s coffin, according to his son, 44-year-old Mr Saravanan Subramaniam. This would typically give ashes a red or pink tint but no such tint was present in the ashes that were offered to Mr Subramaniam’s family."

(Excerpt taken from StatesTimesReview.)

b said...

Everywhere people are not happy with their gov so it may be time to reset. When they built tall towers. they should know the time is near. God really hates tall towers. They reminded him of the tower of babel.

Anonymous said...

7% average global stock return, CPeeF calculated "payout" rate at about 2.5%, with funds locked in almost indefinitely, a greedy/smart gov't Jinx fund manager will hold on to the money....the cushion for loss is 4.5% per annum.
Theoretically, if you managed $280 bln, you can lose $12.6bln a year without affecting the payout. What a great incentive to be a buy-high, sell-low investment manager aka Jinx trader.

Anonymous said...

She got the name JINX not for nothing. She already established a reputation in her early years as Chief Loser. Everything she touched, lost money or failed.

But being someone's step-wife, things have been played down, silenced or covered up.

How can an army captain become top investor without any prior business acumen or experience?

She is one of the main reasons, if not THE Reason, why your CPF savings are now being locked down and slowly siphoned off through Mafia Gangsters' modus operandi.

How not to have deep distrust by the CPF Members?

Anonymous said...

Leaders who believe in their own propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Excepts from States Times Review:

The past 2 days of the Select Committee’s public hearings are simply a farce. I nearly choked laughing when I read that fake news undermined Singapore’s democracy. Hold on, who is the one imposing the GRC system, Cooling Off day and the notorious Malay-only Presidential election? Who is the actual one undermining Singapore’s democracy?

Fake news is however the perfect excuse to solving the government’s incompetency.

Take for example the Transport Ministry, the problems of train breakdowns and delays have been taking headlines since 2010. A whopping 8 years has passed and there is still no solution in sight. Did fake news caused the trains to break down?

Then we have the infamous Oxley Road korean drama played out in Parliament, Lee Hsien Loong abused his powers to stop the demolition of his father’s estate and more importantly to over-write Lee Kuan Yew’s last will in the name of “people’s interests”. That is corruption from whichever angle one look at it. Did fake news defied Lee Kuan Yew’s will?

How about more recent events? Did fake news raise taxes, GST, 30% water prices and a S$13.30 airport charges?

Or all-time social problems: did fake news cause income inequality? Are Singaporean elderly unable to retire or withdraw their CPF because of fake news?

Did fake news create the divisive political landscape in Singapore today? Or did the ruling party’s unruly behaviour cause the divisions by spreading actual fake news about WP MP Sylvia Lim?

Did fake news disqualify the two potential Presidential candidates and give Halimah Yacob a walkover win? Did fake news turn her from Indian into a Malay?

Did fake news create so much unhappiness and bitterness in the public?

Please don’t give fake news so much credit. To beat fake news,

Singaporeans need an open platform where they conduct meaningful discussion unaffected by government-paid trolls."

By STR Editor.

Anonymous said...

They are excited that 'fake news' legislation can be their solution to curbing unhappy Sinkies' online criticism. Putu . . .

Goh said...

The Garmen is listening.
Glad that they kapo my idea.
I said before to cheongkong all cpf including mine to give free healthcare to all sinkies.
A good start to cheongkong to buy insurance.Sinkies now has lesser worry about healthcare or expensive medical bills.Kamsia chenghoo.Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Fake or not fake, best proof is scientific or rather mathematics approach?

For example, setting Trust = T and a function of variables such as hope, TFR, confidence, jobs, democrazy, meritocrazy, etc etc, so the "equation" can look sthg like this?:

T = F(H, M, J, D, TFR, Da, Sp .....)?

Where Da = Daftness?, Sp = Stupidity (Incurable disease maciam HIV or cancer)

Next, derive the function for each variable "endogenously" by:?

1) H = F(C, R, S, K, L .....)?

where H = Hope?, C = Carrot?, R = Radish?, S = Sweets?, K = Kidcats?, L = Lollipaps?, ... etc etc?

So H = x1C + x2R + x3S + x4K + x5L ...?

With the function of each endogenous variable set up, substituting each identity into the (grand) equation T, and then taking partial derivative of each factor, for example dT/ dH, dT/ dM .....?

A multivariate calculus model can be built in this process ...?

Using the First Order Condition (of derivative assuming a maxima function and thus mathematically diminishing), set the first derivative = 0 ...?

Doing so for the various factors solves the equation for each variable?

To enable easier formulation, alternatively a matrix setup can be used (linearity is assumed)?

Verification of the diminishing value of each factor can be done through taking the 2nd derivative of each factor? (It should yield a negative value?)?

As the real world condition is fluid, this multi-variate model can be made dynamic, stochastic and in general equilibrium?

Such macroeconometric modelling (DSGE) are used in policy decision in bodies such as monetary sentral bangs etc ...?

There yew have it?

A mathematical (proven) model of Trust (T)?

However, given past data (& efficiency), any "adjudication" may need 56 man years to deliberate whether such a model is accurate or fake?


Back to square one?

Chio si lang?


(1) Imagine one is living in ancient Egypt and ownself is a subject of the system (to maintain sanity) ...?

(2) RR like many have done such as ay, lsw, lsy etc etc?

Under the assumption age ∈ (0,65)?

For those age > or = 65, and near twightlight, the above computation may be invalid?

Anonymous said...

"There is now a deep distrust with the pap Govt. It’s time for us to think, act and courageously vote differently at the ballot box." James Martin Aruldoss

"It is insanity to do the same thing each time over and over again but expecting different result." Albert Einstein

Look at the indomitable ginormous "lion" JB, the never give up Aung Juan Soon Chee, etc etc ... and what happened?

Yew want to win?

Then yew must speak the (only primitive) language the (primate) daft understand, no?

It is in "carrots, radish, sweets, kidcats, lollipaps ....."?

Maciam tawking to a pre-sch 3-yo, yew know?

Yew tawk to them like an adult, chances could be what KJ got in west coast ... 21.2% ..., correct?

So how to talk Trust (T) in "radish, carrot, lollipaps ..." that "3-yo dafts" could understand?

As Bill Clinton, who got elected in 1992 as US President (after doing the "impossible" and defeating the invincible B senior) ... said "It's the economy, stupid?"

So what is in the hearts of economics (& that of the daft)?

Think ...?

Think deeply ...?

Think like an economist ...?

And a mathematician ...?

And a statistician ...?

And a political scientist ...?

And a sociologist ...?

And a psychologist ...?

And a marketing guru ...?

And a Sun Tze ...?

Etc etc ...

Now, (1), how to think like an economist?

It is scarcity, stupid?

And that leads to ...?

Think ...?

Think HARD (as hard as a rod, nothing less?) ...?

As Uncle Virgo49 said, "use your bain, use your bain" ...

Anonymous said...

PR are put together as Locals in the employment data feed to Sinkies. This is a BIG FAKE NEWS to confuse, blur & replace Sinkie in their jobs.

Anonymous said...

PR are foreigners & not locals.

Anonymous said...

The problem of JBJ and Aung Juan Soon Chee is that they think logically like intellectuals. However, the voters, majority of them, are not logical people nor intellectuals. They are commoners who are kiasu and kiasi. Kiasu of losing their miserable livelihood, even though they know it is miserable. Kiasi to get sued until pants drop or get treated like Amos Yee, etc.

PAP leaders not only know how to think like the commoners, to be illogical and irrational, but also know how to make use of their powers expeditiously, extensively and pervasively. In addition, they also know how to make use of taxpayers' money to buy voters' small greedy hearts.

The main thing, most important thing, in most voters' mind is "stability" and most feared feeling in their hearts is "insecurity".

It is not about having a voice in the Pap-Lee-Men. Any voice in the Pap-Lee-Men would be drowned in the sea of Pap-men and Lee-men (including a few attention-seeking points-scoring women).

Unknown said...

Recently i had a meal in Singapore with my friend from indonesia. He mentioned sg auntie is very active. I was like huh what do you mean. He then said he saw old auntie working in airport in taxi stand when he touched down. He then said old auntie in indonesia dont work anymore. Haha i really felt embraressed by his remarks.