Sergei Skripal – The Russians did it?

The evidence is crystal clear, beyond any doubt. The Russians did it. This is just like the sinking of the Choeonan, the killing of Kim Jong Nam, the sarin gas used by Assad. It is like the murderer deliberately left behind the murder weapon with his name carved on it.

The clearer and more obvious the evidence, the more smelly is the plot. Are the Russian intelligent agents so amateurish, fumbling and did not know how to wipe their mouths after eating? These are professionals, highly trained killers. Only the West, in this case the British, would want the world to believe the Russians are fools and committed a murder in broad daylight with evidence to tell the whole world they did it.

How many of you really believe that the Russians did it? How many of you believe Kim Jong Nam was murdered by the North Koreans? How many of you believe Assad would use sarin gas to attack his own people when the Americans and the West are putting him under a microscope? How many of you believe the Choeonan was sunk by the North Koreans and not by the Americans?

This is standard black ops 1.0. But not to worry, many of the unthinking would jump to conclusion without knowing that the ideas were planted in their simple minds to believe in what they read in the reputable media, with clear cut evidence that the Russians did it, the North Koreans did it, Assad did it. The reputable main media never print fake news, only the truth after many rounds of checks and confirmations!

Talking about fake news? Who is producing fake news? Remember WMD in Iraq, with information from the world’s top intelligent services in the USA and UK and France. And with their Presidents and PMs all believing in them and telling the whole world to believe in them. Then what was the truth eventually? Many dafts still insisting that Saddam Hussein had WMD and would not believe in this American and western lie. They refused to talk about it.

Who fabricated the false information on WMD? No, it is true? Saddam Hussein had WMD!
Sergei Skripal was a double agent that was exchanged for other Russian agents caught by the British. His score was settled, many decades back. There is no reason for the Russians to want to kill him any more. The plot was to kill him, after all he is no longer useful to the British anymore, oops, at least for one last time, to be killed and to put the blame on the Russians.

Strange, not true? What is benefiting from this wicked hoax and who is the victim? Russia or Britain? Did the British lose anything other than a useless Russian double agent? What has the Russians to gain from this killing of a historical non entity and with their names carved on the murder weapon?

Think, don't take things at face value, especially fake news from the main media and govt sources.


Anonymous said...

Lao hero //Think, don't take things at face value, especially fake news from the main media and govt sources.//

If agongkia and matilar say "for you and with you", cannot believe them meh?

Cannot take it at face value meh?

They will takeover others' wives and daugthers and treat them like sex machines meh?

Anonymous said...

This double snake head Russian agent us of no use to the British so they finish him off, simple. Don't believe what the white men British said that Russian spy on them. All r spying each other as long as the balancing r right else the other would just finish the double headed snake off. Like in Sinkieland, old fart played the right balancing act of East vs West powers therefore his reign was alrite until his son took over who played the white men record he became offended the other party so much so that his own cuntry r going down the drain, it will be in no time that that son cuntry gonna to sink further & many would force to leave the cuntry in droves.

Anonymous said...

When the cats say they will take care of your fish tanks for u and with u, cannot believe them meh?

Cannot take it at face value?

Later on the fishes in the tank all will be MISSING or disappear meh?

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.13am

The fish might be a piranhas, the cat will be eaten up.
That 's why people must trust the gahmen or else the cats will perished! & all will mati Lah Sinkjiabolah!

Anonymous said...

"How many of you believe Assad would use sarin gas to attack"

There is an article at twitter ghouta written by an Oxford associate regarding Syria chemical weapon. The lines said when Syrian army showed the Al Queda had its Chemical weapon lab, no foreign journalist appeared there to write about it.
During UN session, Powell presented voice recorded saying Iraqi soldiers were burying mass killing weapons, the voice said "hurry hurry". BBC commentator said "that was unbelievable". Indeed, UK s own Chilcok report clearly indicated Tony Blair was lying about Iraq had mass killing weapon. The entire Iraq war was a lie to snatch oil fields in real effects. There was a small country participated in it. Wasnt this a dangerous trend? One created a lie, and act on it in war.

There was talk about fake news. Be very alert. Fakes news always as a purpose, and it should be in disguise of some authoritative source. Twitter s war reports are full of fake news. That s a good training place to spot what are fake, like those with dead bodies to gain sympathy, obviously are fake propaganda.

The Sergeis is in critical conditions. That put UK again in war if UK fire missiles to Putin s roof. UK has the habit to collect known traitors. It is an dangerous policy. UK provided ex Iraq deputy president ie sadam s number 2 with a passport. UK provided Thai ex pm with a passport. That pm was convicted. These Russian spies being poisoned should not be big news. But the UK PM thought Trump will make it big when she gave UK 24 hours to respond. Trump instead, fired Tellison who responded to May s allegation. No one knew how the spies got poison to kill another. Another old Russian rich man was said to be strangled. This man had escaped with 87 millions pound from Russia airline. Got killed last week or died at 69, and UK blamed Russian spies did it. UK s standard in using information is far less reliable than common men on sinkieland would want to believe.

The main reason for sinkieland s minds being independent is: most sinkieland men and women read 2 languages. This ability makes the mind more able to differentiate fake news. Like one report said, one idian complained he was unfairly treated when during interview, he was asked if he spoke Mandarin. Was this unfair? Most non Indian will not go for interview at shops around serangoon road as there will need to use Tamil. So India want to have a job which deals with mandarin speaking aunties, will the boss pay for him? This is the same logic applies to UK which is fond of collecting big cheat escaping from India (run away borrowers), criminal (bank robber in sinkieland), spies (betrayers and cheats), ex pm (escape with lots of money).

The western media s reporting standard is as low as 154th in ranking. Go read those UK news sites. One must use their brains, similar to reading the 154th, and china news sites.

Anonymous said...

'she gave UK 24 hours to respond'
Correction: when she gave Russia 24 hours to respond.

Anonymous said...

War coming.

US President Donald Trump on Friday signed the so-called "Taiwan Travel Act" that encourages the United States to send senior officials to Taiwan to meet Taiwanese counterparts and vice versa, angering China, which views Taiwan as a wayward province.

The Taiwan Travel Act allows all high-level officials from the two sides to exchange visits, which will mark a radical change in interactions and challenges the bottom line of the Sino-US relationship, heavily undermining the one-China policy and the three Sino-US joint communiquΓ©s.

If any US high-level official pays an official visit to Taiwan, Beijing will treat it as severe provocation and adopt all possible countermeasures, including uniting Taiwan by military force.

Anonymous said...

China has told the UK to back off after British foreign secretary Boris Johnson warns of Beijing's increasing influence over Hong Kong.

Beijing’s foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Friday that Hong Kong affairs were purely China’s affairs. “Since July 1, 1997, Hong Kong affairs have been China’s internal affairs,” Lu said. “Britain has no power to intervene. There is no room for interference."

Britain handed Hong Kong back to Chinese rule in 1997 after 150 years.

In October, the Chinese ambassador to the UK was summoned by the British Foreign Office after Benedict Rogers, a British activist known for raising concerns about political freedom and human rights in Hong Kong, was refused entry to the city.

Deception Is Dishourable said...

If Temasek is accountable to citizens, the least it could have done was disclose the hundreds of millions paid to senior management from our reserves. Instead, Temasek has only disclosed a complicated remuneration formula which could be easily abused as meaningful factual figures continue to be concealed. (is this not deliberately adulterated, deceptive, diversion news, ie fake news/report)

Selective disclosure of investments should not be mistaken for transparency. Selective disclosure to conceal vital public information is criminal in a court of law.

Although Temasek had always been non transparent, it became less so in 2012 by concealing information which it had disclosed in prior years. (“Why did Temasek stop disclosing salaries, benefits and annual cash bonuses after 2012?“)

On a personal level, I have engaged Temasek and the PMO with regard to remuneration matters more than 3 years ago. (“20140710 Good corporate governance at Temasek Holdings?“)

This was met with complete silence from Temasek and the PMO and has only served to confirm – again – the absence of good corporate governance.

Good governance breeds trust and how could Temasek be a trusted steward in the absence of good governance?

Chairman Lim is therefore in no position to “emphasised the importance for companies to uphold the principles of good governance and integrity ..” when Temasek does not practice what it preaches.

Until Temasek practices good governance, we should expect lines of any colour drawn by Chairman Lim to be crossed at will and at whims and fancies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Of course fake news lah. Do you think anyone outside of the secret few in the secret business of international state-sponsored espionage knows the whole story, or even the important parts. Do you think that the mainstream media knows/ Do you think that some Jack Schitt who has a blog or writes in a forum knows?

(Chanelling Samuel L Jackson): Nigger please...Motherfucker, cut the shit!

Any way since you all hatam gasak buta, I'll do the same.

This is Spy Vs Spy shit. Fit for MAD Magazine!

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 March 17, 2018 8:38 am
//By next GE, if the Dafts still NOT wake up, which is likely not happening and many have to skip three meals into one.//

Uncle Virgo49,

U may be quite right! Just to share some anecdotal empirical data on students and undergraduates even from middle income families surviving and making ends meet on less than shoestring budget:

If you drop by some of the varsities, students from low-income and low-middle income families generally survive on $300 to $400 monthly pocket allowance inclusive meals, transportation, clothing, books, study materials, stationary, entertainment, etc.

Generally, their results are not good enough to get a scholarship for obvious reason that they lose out to their far richer compatriots who can afford the few thousand $$$ private tuition in their JC years?

Secondly, their parents income may marginally exceed the threshold and thus disqualify them from the various assistant schemes?

So how do they make ends meet?

For example, in NTU South Spine KouFu food court, which stall has the longest q from 10am to 6pm?

No prize for the correct answer ...

Obviously the cheapest stall that also comes with food that can last the undergraduates the entire sch day till they get back home during dinner time, sad right?

Some students stay as far as Bedok and travel back and forth every sch day.

The meagre $300 budget has to pay for mrt & bus fares over 30 days, meals on campus and sometimes outside campus hawker ctrs, food courts etc, photocopy materials, books, clothing, entertainment ... etc

How to even eat more than a meal in campus without resorting to selling their backsides or front sides (which is not unheard of)?

In this world's most expensive cities, many are quietly bearing the brunt and sacrificing so that the millionaire elites can drive big luxurious cars, stay in atas landed districts, gargle with birdnests and shark fins (& shallow down subsequently) etc etc?

The amazing things are that all these youths are still very cheerful, polite, well-behaved, get their work done etc etc ...

Without their parents wages being so badly depressed, many need not subject themselves to eating the same cheapest food every sch day in campus, no?

In the campus North Spine eateries, the rich and elite kids often can be seen making a beeline for the more expensive food like ljs where on average a set meal costs about $6.20 + another $2.50 for add-on, no?

Their poorer compatriots just take one meal per sch day at the cheapest stall in the fdct that is not even half of the ljs $6.20 set meal price, so that their meagre monthly $300 to $400 allowance can last them the entire month, havent the elites noticed or they pretending their eyes pasted stamps and ears inserted ear plugs?

If one were to observe all these poorer families youngsters, they are a frugal and discipline lot. Without fail, they just eat the same cheapest food day in day out so that the miniscule limited budget their parents scrapped together to provide them can be stretched over one entire month including all other expenses such as transportation etc etc.

Frankly, how to subsist on $300 to $400 in this world's most expensive city?

To rub salt (vinegar, chilli padi, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, cooking wine, curry powder, tumeric, kumin, etc) into the wound, many foreign students from dirt poor 3rd world countries are gobbling down the more expensive campus food that our students from poorer families dun even consume once during an entire month, courtesy of the 69.9% daft from taxpayers sweat blood $$$? Many of these foreign students arguably have far less academic credentials from their own countries compared to many of our studenta yet free everything to the tune of billions and billions over the past 20 years are just handed to them on platters but our students have to eat same cheap food from same food stall everyday on shoestring budget?

And the millionaire minionsters can bring themselves to sleep soundly and snore loudly every night (in this world's most EXPENSIVE city) ?

Anonymous said...

Think, don't take things at face value, especially fake news from the main media and govt sources.

U can think for all u want, but that will not stop the main media and govt sources from creating fake news, or rather one sided and pro govt news, to hoodwink the very Sinkies that gave them the mandate to do so.

Yes, although u may be able to think, but some Sinkies may not, and so got hoodwinked, that's why they voted for PAP and this is one of the many factors that contributes to PAP's winning every election.

Anonymous said...

How to even eat more than a meal in campus without resorting to selling their backsides or front sides (which is not unheard of)?
11:47 am

Selling their backsides? So be it lor, why would PAP care when PAP can get 70% votes?

U sell your backside your business, u suffer money no enough your business, u die your business.

Money no enough? Eat cheap food lah, or just bread and water.

Money no enough but want to have quick money to eat better or best? Sell backside lor.

Why do u think there are so many street walkers in Geylang etc?

Even PAP police catch them every now and then also still there. They even play cat and mouse with police.

Anonymous said...

The amazing things are that all these youths are still very cheerful, polite, well-behaved, get their work done etc etc ...
11:47 am

What so amazing? U want them to cry, shout or even be violent? For what use?

And why don't they gather at Hong Lim Park in large numbers to protest and to gain publicity? At least with publicity got some use right? But why they did not?

Anonymous said...

If you drop by some of the varsities, students from low-income and low-middle income families generally survive on $300 to $400 monthly pocket allowance inclusive meals, transportation, clothing, books, study materials, stationary, entertainment, etc.
11:47 am

Too bad lah, even if they and their families did not vote for PAP, they are only minority, 30% or less. Or maybe they even voted for PAP? Then very bad lah, they deserve to suffer money no enough.

Anonymous said...

Many of these foreign students arguably have far less academic credentials from their own countries compared to many of our studenta yet free everything to the tune of billions and billions over the past 20 years......
11:47 am

Not really lah.

These foreign students are there to fill up the places in NTU due to not enough as good or better Sinkie students than them to fill up these places available.

Because if NTU don't get these foreign students, these places will be left vacant which is also not desirable. And PAP also don't want to fill them up with less than deserving Sinkie students just for the sake of getting it filled. PAP would rather a proportion of these places be given to, maybe not the best, but the best available foreign students. For obvious reasons, the best foreign students may not want to come to Sinkieland to study. PAP knows this and so should Sinkies and so kpkb no use.

Anonymous said...

New York by law required fast foods chain to pay usd 15 per hour by 2018 december.

Sinkieland has politicians required pay far exceeded all world leaders.
They should justify their salary by requiring fast foods chains to pay S$15 per hour. Then students working for these temp jobs will be having justifiable income.

Students need to vote for alternative because the politicians instead of helping to improve students income, they allow foreigners to flood into the job market to lower the native students incomes. They have themselves to blame for voting in the politicians that do harm to their income.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 1147

>> If one were to observe all these poorer families youngsters, they are a frugal and discipline lot. Without fail, they just eat the same cheapest food day in day out so that the miniscule limited budget their parents scrapped together to provide them can be stretched over one entire month including all other expenses such as transportation etc etc. <<

And you can almost be certain they don't have the luxury of wasting times writing silly nonsense on blogs like us, the more fortunate.

Most kids in tertiary ed in western cuntries, like Australia where I am, have part-time jobs. I used to intern during my holidays. Talk about being poor!! Try instant noodles and riding a bicycle, and fucking being cold cos' no money for heat! You are forced into a discipline of frugality. Everything counts...as it should.

As I told Virgo49 in a separate post: everything of value requires some level of discomfort, and failure and shit...then more shit.

But oh no, not in Singapore. In Singapore if you are hurtin', then it's the govts fault.


Anonymous said...

They have themselves to blame for voting in the politicians that do harm to their income.
12:56 pm

Maybe they did not vote for these politicians that do harm to their income lah.

But then maybe they are a minority, perhaps 30% or less.

So even though they did not vote for these politicians, these politicians can still win.

So blame not themselves but blame their bad luck lah. Being a minority is something they or even their parents cannot control, right or not?

Or maybe blame their parents for not being smart in making more money so as to give them more pocket money and a better life.

Anonymous said...


To repeat again, those want better income should not vote for the politicians who flooded foreigners in, to lower their asking salary.

There is no 70% any more in future. Voters are at 60% vs 40% from the recent by election. Therefore, if voters are bold and not timid, they will rewrite history for their children. Their children has limited future to get good income if the parents continue to vote for the current team for the flooding foreigner policy. There will be a day when the overall security is threatened similar to Little India riot if voters continue to vote for the 60%.

Anonymous said...

Voters are at 60% vs 40% from the recent by election.
1:43 pm

This kind of by election standard (actually 38.8% only, not even 40%) is very bad for opposition lah. Some more PAP fielded a minority candidate in a straight fight against SDP Chee Soon Juan in a Chinese majority SMC.

If even for straight fight and by election already no hope, where got hope for general election, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u don't talk nobody says you are dumb. Yiu don't write no one says u are blind lar. What the fuck, just shut the fuck up lar motherfucker botakπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

"PAP fielded a minority candidate"
Pap pulled the candidate from one grc to fight SDP. This minority candidate had had 12 working on the ground.

This way of fighting SDP by pulling from other GRC showed Pap was frightened of the newbie at that smc.

U tell me lah, when in general election, Pap is not frightened at 60% win with 12 years working at the same smc?

Anonymous said...

Pap pulled the candidate from one grc to fight SDP...,.Pap is not frightened at 60% win with 12 years working at the same smc?
2:17 pm

Whether from GRC or not, 12 years working SMC or not, or what not, is still a minority candidate. 60% win is still a win, and may I add, a comfortable win.

Pap frightened? Please lah, unless Chee Soon Juan announce SDP is ready to be govt. And for that u wait long long lah.

Anonymous said...

"12 years working SMC or not, or what not, is still a minority candidate. "

Minority dont get enough vote, please lah, unless u r the same minority crying minority disadvantage. Jurong GRC has highest 79% votes, was led by the same minority race, u tell me lah, minority what disadvantage?
SDP has no ground experience against someone of 12 ground experience, yet scored 40%. U tell me lah, the general vote trend is titled for which side?
Pap not frightened, please lah. No need to announce SDP ready or not, u wait for the outcome, SDP will whisper to your ears. U dont need to wait too long, next year general election, u will hear the SDP whisper to your ears.

Head I Win, Tail You Lose! Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair! said...

Ten reasons why the PAP wiil win elections after elections:

1. The Prime Minister, who is also the Secretary-General of PAP, controls the Elections Department.

2. The Prime Minister, who is also the Chairman of the People's Association, controls all the Grassroots Organizations.

3. There is at least one PAP Minister in every Ministry to command and control the Ministry.

4. All Statutory Boards and Organs of State are headed by a PAP Cadre or Staunch supporter.

5. All Intelligence Organisations of the State supply information to the Prime Minister, therefore also to the PAP.

6. All Security Forces, CID, Police and the SAF are under the direct control of the PAP.

7. All Mass Media for Psychological Warfare are at the beck and call of the PAP through the link of the selected editors and the Chairman of SPH, and the Chief of Communications and Media Development Authority.

8. All outdoor activities, political or otherwise, are controlled by the PAP through the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of National Development, the Ministry of Social Services, the Ministry of Community Development, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Police, and the People's Association.

9. The PAP has the power, means, resources to harrass and interfere with ALL Opposition Political Activities and Activism, while the Opposition Political Parties have NONE!

10. The PAP has the Financial Muscles - from the donors, from the party itself and from tax coffers - to buy voters hearts, mind and greed.

Anonymous said...

The PAP has the power, means, resources to harrass and interfere with ALL Opposition Political Activities and Activism, while the Opposition Political Parties have NONE!
4:09 pm

Please lah, if the Opposition Political Parties really want to be united and strong, can PAP stop them?

If not, why the Opposition Political Parties is not united and strong?

Why LTK and GMS not on speaking terms?

Why KJ s/o JBJ like to attack his fellow opposition WP?

Why TJS left SDP to form his own SFP?

Why GMS left NSP to form his own PPP?

Why NSP changed leaders so many times?

Why Ah Chiam and CSJ still not on speaking terms after more than 20 years?

Why need so many opposition parties in tiny Sinkieland of 700 sq km?

Why WP so stupid and say they will not form coalition with other opposition parties before WP can even win?

Why opposition want to contest 100% seats but not ready to be govt?

Like that u expect Sinkies to vote for opposition? Whose fault for the above? PAP? Cannot be, right or not?

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.09pm & anon 4.24pm

There is no need anymore argue.
The problem is still come from the 69.9% voters of dafts Sinkies with the newly converts. This group r most easily convinced & the white people knew their psychology during election & can be easily bought over or frightened them a bit & the white people will just win oppo pants down, some bloggers here already speculated a more than 70% win in next election on top of pre-announced Gst, all taxes r gonna sky high yet these dafts still vote them in to be screwed by them, its what RB called them Stupidity is no cure Lah.

Anonymous said...

There are at best 2 opposition parties only. Other brands are not qualified as parties. They are individuals claiming themselves to be party members. Look at GMS. His hobby is not serving but attacking parties he had joined like WP in particular. No serious voters will vote for him. Look at his total votes was so small.

The only opposition party that has good future is WP. SDP has lots of weaknesses because it cannot win one single seat yet. WP has one smc and one grc to allow new members to learn the ways to serve residents.
This is crucial to winning constituents.

Therefore in coming election, the additional wins for WP will decide the opposition s future. SDP is not likely, and other opposition parties are individuals joining together to use the vehicles only for that general election. After the election, these individuals are real individuals, including GMS, and other names often being brought up. These individuals have no future in opposition because they will do badly even they are elected. Look at the SDP previously elected candidates, readers will know this is the fact. They cannot manage properly TC and parliament tasks. They need WP to guide them if they are elected.

Anonymous said...

PAP votes will go down.
More pain has been felt by Sinkies in past few years since 2015.
2015 of 69.9% is not reflective. It was a tear-jerk reaction to LKY death that PAP fully exploited. Its a once-off event.
2011 was more reflective of general trend abit a slow one.
Next election PAP will lose a few more seats but not many. Sinkies are wiser n will vote more WP candidates but some of these votes will be offset by new citizens imported from 3rd world India & emerging China. More GRCs n SMCs for WP mean less tax hikes n tariffs & less arrogance from PAP.
Silence majority pulse is key to any accurate prediction. This majority is kaisu n kaisi but more n more of their self interests have been adversely affected by PAP policies. Too obvious to ignore.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6.59pm

Do not underestimate or over-guesstimate these bunch of 69.9% of Dafts Sinkies & the newly converts. The PeeAm Pee gonna float their test balloons again prior to the next election. It seems like the grounds were so nice & sweet when PeeAm visited the oppo ward last week, nobody dare to ask him bout the GST taxes increase. Probably next yr celebrate the 200yrs of British Colonialism & when the grounds r still happy and sweet most probably PeeAm will held a snap erection & mayb a 60-79.9% of Dafts Sinkies together with the new immigrants baptised again by money-come and give the PeeAddPee another term to rule, As wat KJ said Sinkies deserves the garblemen that they deserves so kpkb no use already.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, no use kpkb lah. What above koncum said is correct one. Next erection, Piss-And-Poo sure get more than 70% one lah. Because of new import of new citizens, all adults with voting rights, by next election new citizens' votes will increase to 500,000. That is 20% of previous total eligible votes.

Anonymous said...

CORRECT1 I already saw this sickening trend long long ago. Sinkies will always be Sinkies - meaning

kiasi, kiasu, kia chenghu, kpkb, kaypoh, kay kiang, kay si kay wah, koncum, kian png and kay bo pian - meaning:

1. Afraid to die
2. Afraid to lose
3. Afraid of government
4. Complain King
5. Busy body (Meddling with other people's affairs)
6. Pretending to be smart (especially leaders punching above their weights)
7. Pretending to suffer (clutch mentality)
8. Crazily stupid
9. Greedy like scavengers, and
10, Refuse to change (stubborn).

Those are the TEN "K's" (characteristics) of Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Published on 2018-03-17 by The Online Citizen:

Below is a letter written by one of the commuters involved in the collision at Joo Koon MRT station on 15 Nov 2017, which describes his experience of claiming reimbursement from SMRT:

Firstly, I am not writing this to shame SMRT. And overall, I got a resolution. But it certainly could have gone a lot better though.

I was one of the passengers of the front cabin of the train in the Joo Koon MRT collision on November 15th 2017. During that incident, I fell on my backside. I walked out of the station, feeling lucky that I only got a bump on my backside, without any other injury. However, later that afternoon, my left arm felt completely devoid of strength, and my left ankle started to hurt. The following day, I went to see a clinic doctor. I then proceeded to emailed the smrt staff with my medical bills for claims.

Anonymous said...


It took them one and a half months for them to contact me again. The SMRT staff told me the claim is approved. However, they will need me to sign a "discharge voucher" before the amount of $31.70 can be reinbursed.

A few days later, they mailed the "discharge voucher" to me. When I read the "discharge voucher", I got a rude shock. They mailed me a bloody contract and expected me to sign it.

This contract demanded 3 terms:

1) The payment is final, no further amounts can be claimed.

2) No further responsibility can be held on the SMRT.

3) Terms of the agreement are to be kept entirely confidential.

Angrily, I told the staff, there was no way in hell that I would sign such a contract. I told them in no uncertain terms, that even if I was agreeable to the first 2 conditions, there was no way that I would sign away my rights to disclosure.

This whole back-and-forth went on for more than 1 week, with the staff transferring the case to her manager, whom I have had to explain all over, that I will under no circumstances surrender my rights to disclose anything that I want to disclose. The manager explained to me that this was simply their company policy, and every claimant had to go through the same things. I told her promptly, her company policies are none of my concern, and they are the ones who caused the problem in the first place. The compensation should have been UNCONDITIONAL.

Finally at the end, I told her to stop making me repeat myself. Under no circumstances would I sign a something that would allow SMRT to use against me. I will not sign away my rights to full disclosure, end of discussion. I told her, if SMRT refuses to pay the reimbursement, that's fine. I was already prepared to either: a) I forfeit the compensation, b) I go to the small claims tribunal.

Finally, the SMRT manager relented. She said she would reimburse the amount into my EZ-Link card, WITHOUT HAVING TO SIGN ANY CONTRACT. I said, okay then.

A week after that, 15th January 2018, exactly 2 months after the incident, the amount of SGD $31.70 was approved and ready for collection.

Well, yes, not the most pleasant experience. But at least a resolution was met without having to conform to SMRT's strict procedures. If they chose to, they could have done this better, without having to demand claimants follow their terms unilaterally.


Anonymous said...

Another Big Bully Tactic being put in its place:

After the States Times Review published two articles proving that the Singapore government has indeed issued “test balloons” prior to the GST increase announcement, the 5 PAP Ministers – Law Minister K Shanmugam, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, Culture Minister Grace Fu, Minister Indranee Rajah and Minister Chee Hong Tat – have since kept silent and are no longer asking WP MP Sylvia to apologise.

Goh said...

You forgot to add...
Kay angmo:-)

Anonymous said...

Western countries have been quite freewheeling in imposing sanctions on Russia, as they don't see much cost in doing so.

Any non-Western competitor, including China, could become their shared target, which is part of the current world order.

This new round of "bullying" of Russia by the US and its European allies is designed to target the upcoming Russian presidential election on March 18, hoping to drain Putin's votes or undermine his authority via a new round of sanctions that may pressure the Russian public.

Anonymous said...

Russia turns off the gas pipe to UK Germany, their electricity generators will stop. From this point, U known Putin has been generous to these enemies of Russia. Now is Winter in Europe.

Goh said...

Dun be naive .It could be the manager transfer his own money to you to stop you from disturbing him often.
I done that too,sacrifice own money than to waste time over such matter.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Putin dun like people kwai lan with him. He's turned off the gas to the Ukraine before.

He is the smartest politician in the world today---even though he is a bit of an egotist and like to take off shirt to show his old man tetek to people of the world. (Seriously Vlad, bro, put the shirt back on...you're embarrassing! You have the tits of a schoolgirl lah. Have you had your first period yet?? πŸ˜‚)

Dun kwai lan with Putin!

b said...

The wolves will not leave him alone because they are very jealous of him. The wolves can bully anyone in this world. They can buy stuff from anyone and then bombed them to take back their monies. They did that to china and mid east. The rest of world must like one another and work together to stop the wolves from bullying others.